Elizabeth Warren, one of the many candidates running for the Democratic Nomination, has a long history of reshaping her past with fraudulent claims. For several decades she claimed to be of Native Indian Origin and used her claim to swindle her way into positions held for members of protected minorities. She was hailed as the First Woman of Color to ever receive a tenured Professor position at Harvard University.

Unfortunately for her, she later had to admit, after a disastrous video clip she posted, that she only has 1/1024 of Native Indian Blood and that her claims of Indian ancestry was nothing but a scam perpetrated on the American People. Of course, she blamed her Grandmother, claiming that she was told her “high cheekbones” proof that she was of Native Indian Ancestry. Her DNA test, however, conclusively proofs, that it was all a lie, perpetrated to give Elizabeth Warren an advantage over her honest competitors.

Even if the “high-cheekbones” argument was ludicrous at best Warren maintained her lies for many decades and only admitted her fraud after she was called out by the President and after the disastrous “Ancestry Reveal” video she posted. But this is not the only time Warren lied about her past.

Recently on the campaign trail, she claimed that she was fired from her position as a Speech Pathologist for Special Needs Children in New Jersey. She further insinuates that the reason she was fired was because she was “visibly pregnant” and that’s what principals did at that time (firing women because they are pregnant). But of course, that turned out to be just another lie to elicit sympathy from her clueless supporters.

As a matter of fact, the New Jersey school board actually renewed her contract in April 1971 just a few months before she claims she was terminated for “being visibly pregnant.” While we can all relate to actual victims of sexism and gender discrimination Warren isn’t one of these victims. According to the school board, Warren herself decided to not continue the contract despite being offered the renewal. But of course, the truth doesn’t match the picture of the persecuted victim Warren likes to portray of herself.

But of course, that wasn’t the last lie she told her unsuspecting supporters. Last Thursday Warren claimed that her children were going to public schools after being pressed by Sarah Carpenter, a school choice activist during a campaign event in Atlanta. Warren told Sarah Carpenter:

“My children went to public schools”

By now you are probably not surprised to hear that that was another lie. A yearbook uncovered by The Washington Free Beacon clearly shows Alex, warren’s son, as having attended Kirby Hall School in 1986/87. And in case you were wondering, Kirby Hall School is NOT a public school. Quite contrary, Kirby hall School currently charges about $15,000 in tuition annually. Just a tad more than the ZERO tuition public schools charge their students. Warren, of course, knows that her supporters can’t afford a fancy private school, which is why she claims her children went to public schools. Just like the children of Everyday Jane.

A Warren Aide scrambled over the weekend to clarify Warren’s lies and stated that the truth is more complicated than a simple sentence. According to the Aide, Warren’s son went to public school until 5th grade and then switched to a fancy Private Schools. But supporters should ignore the blatant lie as the Aide assures everyone who is still listening to Warren, that she really only cares about every child being given a great education regardless of where they live. And therefore every public school should be a great school.

We can agree with Warren that we want every child to have the best opportunities and that it is critically important to help Public School to match the high standards many charter schools have been able to achieve. However, many voters disagree with Warren’s approach which basically is to defund the further expansion of Charter Schools so they can’t outperform public schools.

At least Warren finally admitted to her ancestry in public during the Atlanta event, calling herself a “white woman, who will never fully understand the discrimination, pain, and harm that Americans of Color have been enduring.” Of course, she did not mention the fact that she herself pushed out a potential real Minority candidate from a possible Harvard tenure by claiming to be part of a protected minority.

We are holding our breath to see what lie she will tell next.


22 thoughts on “Warren Caught in Another Lie About Her Personal Life

    1. Then think about all the things she has lie about and then see if you can convince yourself that she wouldn’t lie to our faces if she is ever elected President. I can’t believe the voters of MA are dumb enough to vote for her in the first place.


  2. Its just another sad attempt to get Trump out of office in 2020 with all there stupid lies and promises they hope all the dumbocrats will use to justify voting their sorry butts in

  3. The really sad part of all of this is that the Media will continue to support Warren and the feckless Democrat voters won’t care whether she lies or not. They don’t vote sensible issues they vote gender, race and any other hot button item they’re fed by the Globalist/Communist/Democrats.

    I remember way back to the ’60s when a candidate’s honesty actually counted for something! Now? “Yeah, she’s a LIAR but she’s gonna give us free stuff!” And that’s all that counts.

    Just how much further can we as a nation sink and still survive?

  4. warren is as big a habitual liar as the witch clinton and obama. She loves to play that –oh poor me victim act– with her squeeky mouse like pity me voice. I’m waiting for her to claim her ancestors were slaves and want reparations from the American tax payers. She is a lying POS who is not worthy of leading a Brownie troop let alone this country.

  5. she’ll say she’s Queen of United States of America! she gets “loonier” every time she opens her mouth! maybe it’s time for Members of Congress to pass “lie detector” tests before they get sworn into office!

  6. Demrats don’t lie, they “creatively embellish the truth so they can tickle the ears of prospective voters 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Warren’s Aide says that ….”the truth is more complicated than a simple sentence”…..NO IT IS NOT. The Truth is the simplest and most straightforward of all comments. It might not be the easiest to make, especially if trying to mislead, but in the long run telling the TRUTH is the only way to go. Being dishonest is going to be found out eventually.

  8. If her relatives actually mentioned that crap about high cheekbones they were stupider than she is. Isn’t lying one their gripes about Trump?

    1. I agree about “high cheek bones”, I have them and my ancestry is 100% Danish on my father’s side, and English (Mayflower) Dutch, and scottish on Maternal Grandfather, French and Dutch on Maternal Grandmother, NO Indian. Now who is going to make “Lyin’ Liz” pay back all she got from the “Indian” lie?.

  9. Easy way to beat her is don’t vote for her, what has she ever done for America? She would not make America great again. TRUMP2020

  10. the worst part of our society is the news media just making up a lie and printing it . they don’t seem to care and soon congress or some one should start calling them out. the freedom of the press has become the lie of the press when they just print something without verification. the worst of the worst is cnn and msnbc that gets on t.v. and just lies about everything they report.

  11. Lying shows a lot of stupidity when you are running for anything…. because the truth about who you are, what you’ve done, how your family’s life is shaped, the schools, being poor or NOT, everything will be found out by somebody and you end up looking really STUPID for lying. Maybe Warren just isn’t very bright? Or thought she could lie her way into the White House because her lies had been working for her for so long?? Too bad elections have to be so filled with lies.

  12. Lying for a politician is like breathing for you & me. Republicans are bad & spineless but democrats like Warren, Pelosi, & Schiff are wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to turn our country into a communist government by lying to American citizens & by impeaching our President on lies & without due process. Bad news for these liars, the truth always comes out in the light!!!

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