As a presidential candidate, the whole point of running is to prove to the nation that you have what it takes to handle the tasks of the job and show everyone that you would be the best option of that role at this particular time. And for most candidates, that means getting yourself in front of as many people as possible. You participate in interviews, appear on talk shows, take road trips to all over, hold rallies, and put out all sorts of ads on just about every media channel available to make yourself known.

It only makes sense to put yourself out there, regardless of the background, personal beliefs, race, religion, or even political preference your audience has. The whole idea is to turn as many people in your direction as possible.

So why is it then that when one such candidate does this, she gets shamed for it?

This week Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard appeared on ABC’s “The View,” where host Joy Behar criticized her for her past interviews and appearances on Fox News.

Behar said, “You’re on state TV all the time. Why do you go to Fox channel, which is a propaganda network?”

The host went on to mention that Gabbard has been on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show no less than 16 times, and called Carlson himself was “a liar and a propagandist.”

Now coming from Beher, who co-hosts a show built on three women who seem to be paid to boast the left’s agenda, this seems a little duplicitous, if not wholly so.

But Gabbard covered herself with tact. She said, “I am here to speak to every single American in this country about the unifying leadership that I want to bring as president, not just to speak to those who agree with me, but to speak to those who may disagree with me, recognizing that I’m asking for the opportunity to serve every single person in this country.” And she added, “We have to come together for our country and our country’s future.”

Now we aren’t saying Gabbard is the one for the job or anything, but she does make an excellent point here. Any president if not just the leader of his or her own party or those that agree with them. They are the leader of all. All vote to elect him or her, and all have a say in our future. To only speak to those who already love you is lazy and cowardice.

What Gabbard has done, to speak to those she knows to take a stand against her takes guts.

But Behar doesn’t see it that way. Instead, she accused Gabbard of being what Hillary Clinton has suggested, “an unwitting asset” for the Russians. It seems that Behar read every word of the New York Times article, in which Lisa Lerer mentioned that Russian state TV has given a lot of air time to Gabbard. And in the eyes of many, including Clinton, David Plouffe, and now apparently Behar this makes her some sort of third-party candidate that allows the Russians to dip their fingers into our elections.

The host did clarify, “not that that means you’re stupid, but people can be used.”

But Gabbard didn’t buy her ruse. And she even called Behar out on it.

She said, “That’s exactly what it means, though.”

And continued, “Let me start with how offensive it is to say that I am a witting or unwitting asset of a foreign country, working against the interests of our people and our country, a country that I am willing to lay my life down for.” And indeed, she is willing to do so. Gabbard has served in the Army National Guard and has been deployed to both Iraq and Kuwait, making her the first female presidential candidate to have been in combat.

But Gabbard wasn’t finished with Behar. She continued, “So if you are saying it’s not deliberately, then you are implying that I am too stupid or too naïve and lack the intelligence to know what I am doing. That is extremely offensive to me and to every woman of color.”

Once again, we aren’t singing Gabbard’s praises here. But it should be noted that she should not be dragged through the mud for merely appearing in front of a news crew that doesn’t always like her.

And neither shouldn’t be accused of being a Russian “asset” just because she doesn’t fit the mold of every other progressive running.

55 thoughts on “Gabbard Forced to Defend Her Appearance on Fox

  1. Gabbard is in the wrong political party. She belongs in the Republican arsenal of intelligent, articulate and straightforward Ladies to work on behalf of the USA. Not a Democrat, the likes of most that diligently work to undo the special fabric of the Constitution and the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE in favor of the Communist Manifesto. Switch Tulsi, switch!

      1. Tulsi has great potential. She’s forgotten what Reagan said. The party has left her. She needs to emulate Reagan, J.F.K and Truman. Modify some of her positions.

    1. As a member of the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard is a DINO, but if she while bearing unaltered political economic stances would be a member of the Republican Party, then she therein would be a RINO. It’s important to know what her interpretation of ramifications of the right of the people to keep and bear arms is. She seems problematic for the Democratic National Committee in the same way that Donald Trump was problematic for the Grand Old Party.

    2. Gabbard is not in the wrong political party, it’s just that more Democrats like her need to come forward. Look at it this way, the leadership in the Democratic party is no more than a street gang. A street gang keeps their members in line and also brings pressure on the residents in their territory. Go against the gang and there is retaliation. The fact is, a small group is exerting strong influence on the greater mass, albeit in the gang or the population. Hopefully AG Barr will be able to clean house before the next election. Tulsi Gabbard will be the Democratic asset, not the Russian asset, to bring the party back. She will make a great president, but until the the house cleaning, it will be difficult to vote for her-and she knows it.

      1. Wow josep you tell it like it is. I , as a full Trumper totally agree with your analysis. After Trump cleans up our country watch out Republicans. But she still has to prove herself. She talks a good story but can she do what Trump has done. I do not think she can in such a short time. Come back in 2024 and run a good campaign and we will see.

  2. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard seems to be an outstanding person by going on shows that she knows don’t like her. She has courage and most important she has what it takes to stand her ground when confronted. I’m proud of her and I’m not a democrat. She really told Joy Behar a thing or two!

  3. Who cares? Let the RAT’S eat their own. She dove in with them. Let her get herself out. She took a OATH to uphold the constitution. And like a typical RAT starts running her mouth about GUN CONTROL. I guess because she was in the military she thinks she’s special. She’s a meely mouth RAT. Like The rest. i hope you get F’ed in spades. I hope you all end up coming up M.I.A.

    1. We’re dealing with Americans, left and right, who do not believe that “keep and bear” extends to manufacturing, making, assembling, transporting, selling, buying, giving, receiving and inheriting, or that “arms” does not extent to semiautomatic firearms. They do not believe that medical records should be secure from unreasonable searches or seizures. Lord knows what they believe about the responsibilities of militia members. It’s seems like control advocates want the militias to obey the orders of the BATFE rather than the Constitution of the United States. The BATFE is bound to that Constitution and supposedly act like it accordingly.

    1. Gabbard is the only Democrat that makes sense… I don’t understand why she isn’t in the top three running in the polls. Is Sanders and Warren receiving funding from Soros? Hmmmmmmmmm

  4. As good gabbard is for standing up for herself and taking a fight to Hillary and Joy, she is a democract who favors socialist. I could not vote for a person in a democract no matter what , and has a background of socialist views, she wouldn’t be for this country like Trump is. As for Joy and the view they are the biggest liars on TV worse than the mainstream media, I don’t know what people see in this show to sit there and listen to these lying women

  5. Tulsi Gabbard is without a doubt One of the best Democratic candidates , the other One is Andrew Yang. The rest , as a registered Democrat , I think are a disgrace to USA! The Impeachment Stupidity is a political outrage. Schiff is going to cause a exodus of voters to Independent!

  6. I find the Ms Gabbard is a remarkable candidate. I find the View to be biased and a far cry from any open-minded institute as it should be on a network. I agree that Ms Gabbard and Mr Yang are probably the only 2 candidates that people should be listening to in the Democratic party, though a couple of Mr Yang ideas are difficult to understand/appreciate.
    And the new american political system which requires attacking other candidates instead of presenting a good platform is EXTREMELY sad.

  7. If that isn’t a sign that the left is composed of dangerous maniacal despotic, I can’t think of anything else that is a better description of evil. People like that cannot be permitted to be in control. They will attempt to punish people of dissimilar political persuasions and some of us might be forced to play Second Amendment.

  8. I do not watch the view. It is a nasty gossip show with females that have potty mouths and pretend to have an understanding how this Country should be ran. They have servants to cook and to clean so they are even to dumb to run a household leave alone a country. Ms. Gabbard had no business going on such a show. That proves to me that Gabbard is not very smart herself in that department. However she just like Mr. Buttercheeks had a great military record. Yet,….. they do not belong in that doggie dog world of politics. But I am grateful for their service to America.

  9. Before you praise Tulsi Gabbard and say she should be a Republican, make sure you check out her platform. She is still a Democrat with mostly socialist planks and would remake America into what the Founders fled Europe from. She is articulate, appreciate her service, but in the end she would not be good for our country. A wolf in sheeps clothing, similar to when Obama came from nowhere. Make sure to check out these people thoroughly. That’s what got us to this point, an uneducated electorate that does not research the candidates we vote into office at any level. I’m just as guilty as the rest, but with the internet, there really is no excuse anymore to find out the facts and record of any person running for public office. We must elect those that want to keep the country as given to us by the Lord through the Founders who gave up so much for us! This is the greatest country to ever exist, but it’s slipping out of our hands every day from the local level and up!

  10. Picky ! Picky ! Picky! Must be Democrats . . . .! They dont say anything about Republican candidates that play fair and appear on most of the “Fake News’ channels. . . .Come to think about it, Fox News is rapidly joining the Fake News Liberal wing of political rfeporting !!!

  11. I’m a Republican, However, she is the only realistic Democrats in the race. She stands on her own two-feet. If I voted for anyone other then Trump she would have my vote.
    Listen Democrats the entire party wants to beat her down, she would be the only person to appropriately represent the people.

    1. I will be voting for Pres Trump re-election, however, Gabbard is the only Democratic party candidate that makes some level of sense. Until the Democratic party reaches the level of a viable candidate who is for the US citizen and keeping America a Constitutional Republic supported by our US Constitution will I give consideration to the Democratic party.

  12. Interesting, I realized this before, but I have always been unable to comment.

    The Democrats can meet with any hardcore terrorist, defend any cop-killing thug, baby rapists, …
    Yet, appearing on Fox News and you find yourself censured just short of banishment and exile.

  13. maybe more will get back to being american again. and we can start having sane disagreements and compromise instead of this leftbat commie take over hate crap..

  14. Behar is a horrible human being. She’s full of self righteous hate. The type of person who never listens to logic or reason. She’s too consumed with the hate of Donald Trump and all pro life and pro second amendment republicans. She’s bad for Democrats and for the country. The media has lost its way. Sad

  15. Maybe in the future, she should think about how she attacks or criticizes the president. I’m sure that she knows what her party is trying to do to President Trump. Now, they are doing the same to her! Just wondering how she feels. Remember, they will do this to anyone who they deem is a threat to their globalist communist aganda. Democrat, republican, independent etc. Doesn’t matter to them they will try to crush you. Always remember she is a democrat.

  16. Ms Gabbard I applaud you for having gone on Fox as most of your opponnets are to afraid to get real questions thrown at them. I would discourage you from giving the a$$holes of view any airtime as their motives and the dep state backing they have will get up destroyed as a candidate

  17. I think Tulsi should tell them it’s part of her campaign to get to the head of the field and if they don’t like it they can just kiss her patooty. (hopefully no-one would take her up on that, then she’d have to kick theirs). What a farce politics is today. Sure would love to go back to the good old days when there were actually trustworthy politicians that wanted to help their constituency.

    1. I agree going back to the good old days where candidates and elected officials were trustworthy and really cared about their constituents. Days gone bye.

  18. It’s never too late to switch girl!! Come on over as we believe you’ll find the water calming,tranquil & more comfortable as in sooooooothing,girl! Give it a try & be part of something wonderful that is much more rewarding

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