As the economy continues to boom and grow under President Donald Trump, people are coming to realize that voting may have less to do with the party behind the man and, instead, it may be more about just what he can do for our nation. And it’s spelling disaster for the Democratic Party.

Even residents of states that have historically been Democratic-led are showing unfailing support for Trump. In left-leaning Rust Belt states like Michigan, people are singing Trump’s praises to just about anyone who will listen, even liberal based media outlets like CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN’s election correspondent Jason Carroll asked a community in liberally held Michigan about the impeachment proceedings and what impact it would have on the election. And the natives weren’t afraid to let Carroll know that they no longer supported the left-wing.

One woman, in particular, said that the whole process was a “sham.” And she continued by saying, “the President is doing a great job.”

And another woman with her agreed. She said,” It’s horrible. It’s just horrible.” Rita Dunning, a former autoworker from the area, said, “Women in Michigan love President Trump, end of story.”

But women in the area aren’t the only ones who think our president is doing a great job and deserves their vote.

Steven Plate, a UPS worker, told Carroll that the Democrats have done the entire nation a disservice by starting the impeachment inquiry and that it only hurts the people, not helps them.

He said, “It’s the Democrats who deserve to have what’s coming to them…for undermining a president who has done well on the economy.” And he explained himself by saying, “Look at the real estate.”

“I mean, a house goes on the market, it’s gone in a week. The economy is booming.”

And he is right. It only takes a few minutes of looking around at our communities to see that instead of getting worse, as the Democrats predicted, the economy has only grown and become stronger under President Trump. Some months ago, they said we were headed straight for a recession and soon. According to them, we should have seen the beginning signs of it already, if not been completely overtaken by it.

And yet, here we are, still rising.

And it’s not just the upper one percent that is seeing either, as the liberals also claimed. It’s everyone. Every color, race, belief, and type of party membership is seeing progress. All Americans are better off.

One significant sign of this improvement is unemployment. The unemployment rate has dropped significantly in recent months, with the last quarter showing record lows not seen since the 1970s, especially in black and Hispanic communities.

And, according to a report by Forbes magazine in July, the manufacturing industry is also still growing, as it has consistently over the last three years. This is one of the major factors that is contributing to the love that states like Michigan have for Trump. For years, their communities, which were built on manufacturing plants for automobile producers like GM and Ford, have seen a decline and nearly turned into ghost towns. However, they are now more work available and a better economy as a result.

GDP has also grown for this year’s third quarter. Dow Jones economists predicted it would only expand to about 1.6 percent, and yet is significantly higher.

The residents of Michigan are not the only ones to notice such increases to our economy, either. In states like Mississippi, where Trump recently held a “Make America Great Again” rally, Americans proved that as long as Trump continues doing right by our citizens, he will have their vote.

Trump’s campaign manager Brand Parscale posted the results of a poll taken at the rally that shows a tremendous amount of all-around support for Trump, regardless of race, background, and even party affiliations.

The poll showed that of those who support Trump, 20 percent of those were of African American descent, 27 percent were Democrats, and 24 percent had only voted one or fewer times in the last four elections.

This means that people who not only are typically against a GOP president or candidate but also those who don’t usually even care enough to vote are pushing for Trump to be given another four years in the White House.

If that doesn’t tell you anything about Trump’s success, nothing will. And as Parscale says, Trump will only “continue to outperform 2016.”

72 thoughts on “Left-Leaning Michigan Residents Prove to CNN that America Loves Trump

  1. I think he should be in there until he’s ready to leave when is his son will take over being there for the next 50 years far as I’m concerned for the people by the people God bless Trump and family all Democrats suck your Muslim friends off and get out of my country so we shoot you


    2. We do not need ANY DYNASTY…we are a REPUBLIC and chose Presidents based on merrit and not family ties…that was Kennedy clan and Clintons who wanted dynasty…

      US is based on INDEPENDENCE, SELF-SUFFICIENCY and MERITOCRACY of the free markets of ideas and projects, which had been eroded under treasonous Democrat party which encourages co-dependence and irresponsibility of individuals and buys them with money of the hard working Americans…

    1. Boo the Communists who want to take Power over America away from the People. The People elected Trump to be President and, the Communists and Nazis want him out of their way. Where were these supposedly Representatives when Obama was violating every Law on the Books? Besides that, where were they when Obama gave millions to the Iranians on Pallets in the middle of the night? Seems the Democrats protect their criminal buddies like the Bidens.

  2. Democrats are cutting their own throats going against everything Pres.Trump is doing. The impeachment is a joke and if anyone should be impeached it is Shiff. Several friends and I have switched to the Republican Party. We all went to the DMV and now have voting cards that make us Republicans. I don’t understand what the democrats are thinking or maybe not thinking. Support Pres. Trump.

  3. This is the Age of Trump. Trump has made America Great Again. This has happened in less than three years, despite the Democrats preventing voting on USMCA, infrastructure, wall funding, and immigration reform. The support of the Democrats for illegal aliens, even criminal illegal aliens, is astonishing. The Democrats aim is to make the U.S. a socialist country, Americans will not tolerate such radical change. The impeachment inquisition is a sham to hurt President Trump in 2020, but the American people are smarter than the Democrat stooges in the House.

  4. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I will vote for him again in 2020! I am one of those people who the Democrats are trying to say President Trump doesn’t care about. I am on permanent disability and for the 2 years that President Trump has been in charge I received $22 and $32 per month for a 2 year total of $54 per month. In the 4 previous years, I received $3, $0, $19 and $16 for a 4 year total of $38. And I just read that SS is getting another COLA increase in 2020. All I can say is Praise the Lord for President Trump! The man who doesn’t care has cared more for me than any other President!

  5. I’m a independent voter,I’ve voted dem,and rep,and once for Bernie Sanders,and a former gov in NH Lynch,,Now now now at this point after all of this craziness I WOULDN’t vote for any democrat,,This is the worst that anyone has ever done to a country,And they should be ashamed of themselves

  6. President Trump is the first REAL President since John F. Kennedy. And if JFK were alive today, he would be a Republican.

    Donald Trump is “The JFK of Our Times.”

    JFK, MLK & Bobby would NEVER stand on the same stage with “Baby Killers’ like Granny Warren, Comrade Sanders, “Joe Blow” Biden and “Alexandria Occasional-Cortex.” -> M*

    1. I agree, JFK and Donald would be on the same page when it comes to the greatness of America. Yes, JFK would be a republican and vote for President Trump in 2020.

    2. JFK, his frother Robert and his Harvad buddies got US into Bay of Pigs and Vietnan War… He was a chief fornicator who had hookers brought into White house when Jackie was not looking…total failure who was on drugs for his Adiston disease and pain….If he were not killed (by Oswald or sme other guy) John Kenedy would have been forced to resign…

      Johnson a Democrat, who got US eveen deeper into Viatnam and Cambodia, bringing Pol Pot asinine regime… It was Nixon, a Republican who got US out of this nightmare war started by Kennedy Democrats form Harvard…US had been dismantled ever since Eisenhower legt the office in 1961…except for first term of Reagan…

      Bushes are oil men who also screwed US but nobody as much as the BIG Muslim Brother, B. Hussein Obama and his deeps tate and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. who are continuing with their destruction of US Repuclis.

  7. Watch the video Serial Brain 2.
    Donald Trump knows everything about the democrats impeachment coup and more, much more.
    Donald Trump 2020

  8. President Trump has done more for this country than any President in US History within a three year period. Wages, UP! Unemployment, DOWN. National Security, ROCK SOLID. He’s tough, no-nonsense and probably the best-negotiating businessman I’ve ever seen. Love our President! God Bless President Trump! #KAGA2020!!!! Trump for President through 2040. Then Barron can be elected. Trump Dynasty!!!!


  9. Trump rocks. He does not even take wages. The first president that takes all kind of shit and still put the people before a salary. Tell me, does Pelosi do that, or shifty sniffy Shiff. or any of those democrats in Congress. That whole disgusting bunch is acting because they know that their corrupted way of living is going to be public soon. They want to ask the courts for publicizing Trumps tax records, than so should they publicize all their records. Specially that from Pelozi. Shiff Feinstein, Maxine and others

    1. Just imagine what President Trump could do if he had the Dems cooperation….It’s mind blowing how well he has done without them…Go President Trump 2020!!!

  10. I was a democrat from North Carolina and I changed to Republican when obozo was running because I knew what he was all about (turning us into a muslim country). I had too many warnings from friends from middle eastern countries, that I have met through my work with with our Armed Forces. Some Muslim friends who came here to get away from all the scary conditions in their countries, warned me that they knew about obozo, and that he would try to destroy our way of life. All of them are citizens here for a long time and love it here and also like President Trump.

  11. In 2013, Hillary Clinton stated that Trump should run for president because he couldn’t be bought. That he was an honest man. Three years later she was calling him every name in the book including liar and a cheat.
    The left doesn’t hate Trump on the basis that he won, they hate him because they lost the power of the White House. They lost power over controlling the citizens of the US. And they’re proving a part of this power by going against everything we are for. Even though 3 or more years ago, they were for everything we were for. Especially border security. That is what is known as either being a liar or a hypocrite. Either one is the truth.

    1. What does not kill you makes you stronger…

      so it is with the INDEPENDENT President Trump who is doing great for America and American people, despite treasonous Democrats and their propaganda main stream media… I will NEVER vote for ANY democrat again!

  12. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for him again in 2020.President Trump has made our country safer by building the wall and reinforcing the military. He raised retiree checks once and one more raise starting January 1. I am paying 1.70 less per gasoline per gallon . And all that and more in spite of all the obstacles that Democrats have put in his way. 63 millions of Americans voted for him and when Democrats disrespect him , they disrespecting us. I want Democrats to stop the stupid impeachment. You are hurting our country.

  13. I know President Trump is a great leader, and has done more for America and Americans. I’m a American veteran born in Texas. And I will continue to support and vote for President Trump. Never vote for a Democrat socialist. Don’t give up our Freedom.

  14. We are blessed to have Donald Trump as our president. He is tough on domestic and international issues. Maybe the toughest in our history. He gets things done. It burns me when I hear people say President Trump is mentally ill. The only ones who are mentally ill are the ones who are running the kangaroo courts and who are running on socialist platforms. This is the greatest country with the greatest form of government. The dumocrats want to turn it into a third world country. God help us.

  15. What have the dumocrats done for America in the last three years ?? except stop or hinder Trump to help our country I served during the cold war era and in Vietnam for my country and our way of life.

  16. After President Trump won the 2016 election, I saw the Bushes, the Clinton’s, and the Obamas all together badmouthing President Trump. That told me we have been getting abused for 28 years from both GLOBAL political sides.
    President Trump is America FIRST and Americans FIRST and that is all I need to know. I’m not concerned about a phone call or a fake conspiracy.
    KAG 2020

  17. Love each comment. I would add that all his enemies be put on trial and be required to pay back to AMerica all the money given to Iran by Obama and the mineral rights given to Russia by Hilllary. Then of course, investigate the Biden’s corruption.


  19. My Whole family (My wife, me and three sons) in 2016 and will vote for him again. We voted for him because He is the most pro-american like Ronald Reagan. My wife and I are retired and my three sons got better high paying jobs under President Trump. Under Obama, all my three sons got little raise in their salary. My three sons 401K also has gone up tremendously

    We do not want him IMPEACHED. He is doing a good job and has not committed a CRIME.


  20. I am so proud of all You Americans who know and print the truth about our President. My prayers are with those who have been brainwashed into believing that he is harmful to our country. I just know that he is God-sent and we and the rest of the world so much better off with him as our leader.

  21. I amCanadian and have watched with great interest the trump phenonimum I think eventually his greatest contribution will be the draining of the swamp that includes the governments none elected burocricy finally understanding that they work for the elected president to accomplish his goals, there job is to advise but accept his decision,support them and not leak about term limits on the house and about government funding election costs with the exeption of personal contributions of $10.00 dollars per month parties accepting other contribution would be permanently bard from running for any future elected office and lose there seat if elected

  22. First, my friends, the over whelming majority, if not all, of demonrats also happen to be “Homosexual” & “Child Molesting”, perverted swine (or pigs), that suck the blood out of our great country, i.e., the U.S. of A. Second, you can I’m sure imagine, Adam Schiff, who I now call the “Serial Butt Hole Sniffer”, wearing knee pads, down on his knees sucking off Charles Schumer, or James Comey, or McCabe, Clapper or Brannan, etc., etc., where they cum in his mouth. My sources claim, the Capitol Police had to take the Butt Hole Sniffer to the DC Hospital last night to pump his stomach out, because it was plum full of 43 ounces of “Semen” or “cum” from sucking off other congressmen, in the Bathroom in the Capitol Building. Hey, don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger, it is what it is. My sources say the Butt Hole Sniffer will be ok after a couple days, but according to reliable, confirmed sources they say, “Adam Schiff will just be back in the hospital again in a couple days for the same thing, as he comes to the hospital in this condition at least twice per week. Once they brought the Butt Hole Sniffer to the hospital with his penis stuck in the butt of a 1 year old baby boy, it had swollen up so big they couldn’t get it out and had to wait until the hardness went down. I don’t know about the “Butt Hole Sniffer”, I think he may need to be tossed into a bobby hatch for the mentally ill or emotionally sick because he doesn’t seem to be right in the head!

    1. personally I think you have lost your mind if you even had a mind to lose in the first place. what proof do you have for all the idiot things you have said. YOU BELONG IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL

    2. I’m thinking you should get off whatever you have been taking 🙂 As much as I can’t stand some of these Democrats this year, you are way over the top. I did laugh at Butt Hole Sniffer, I can’t stand the guy myself. Throw away your meds 🙂
      Life is short !

  23. Thank God for President Trump. He is like the Energizer Bunny. He takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. He only wants the best for this country and its citizens. The democrats are a band of buffoons and will rue the day they started this kangaroo court. Do they ask themselves why thousands are leaving the democratic party? No they don’t because they don’t care. President Trump is going to win by a landslide in 2020. Thanks to the democrats.

  24. I think they will REJOICE when this IMPEACHMENT SHAM is over. I think some PRISON sentences are in order for Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler for SEDITION and TREASON against the POTUS.

  25. Schiff and the rest of the democrats suck. Goofy Nancy Pelosi and Schiff should be rode out of town on a rail. The democrats know they can`t beat President Trump, so they are trying to impeach him, or else ruin his image to cause voters to turn against him. They are desperate. All democrats are swine, and should be treated as such. The lousy do-nothing democrats haven`t did their jobs in over three years, now. They`ve all been to obsessed with trying to get dirt on Trump. They are all dirt balls. I despise the democrats, and can`t for the life of me figure how anyone could vote for them! They are slime. You can tell when big-eyed Adam Schiff is lying. He lies every time his pie hole utters a word. His eyes get big as a baseball. A guy I`ve worked with for more than twenty years wouldn`t even speak to me for two weeks after Trump beat Slug Hillary in 2016. He knew I voted for Trump, and he voted for `ol Hillary. And the guy is a friend of mine! Well this friend comes up to me at work the other day and says “I never thought I would be saying this, but I`m voting for Trump next election. My wife and I both are.” That really made my day, knowing that my friend has wised-up and left the party of do-nothing.

  26. My wife and I will be voting for Trump also-. The Dems have done nothing for this country for the last 3 years, NADA . They want to be dictators and that is about it. Then you got the newbies who are complete F___ing idiots. The fake Indian and old fool want to turn us into a Socialist country. It is unbelievable .

  27. The Democrats should be scared. They are just shooting themselves in the foot! They are going to lose big time! The only thing that they care about is themselves. If anyone doesn’t know that then just look at the speaker of the house. She only cares about is what can she get for herself! GOD bless America and wake up the Democratic party!!!

  28. I thought Trump was a joke when he first announced his candidacy but i saw no other choice. But i am now glad and proud that i voted for him and i will vote for him again in 2020.

  29. These are the types of comments I get when I wear my MAGA hat and my “Build the Wall” shirt. But some, who say they are voting for Trump, ask me if I am afraid to wear my hat and shirt because I may be attacked. This reaction tells me Trump will be re-elected in a landslide because there is a large SILENT MAJORITY out there. TRUMP 2020….for our children’s future!

  30. I will never vote Democrat again.
    Totally embarrassed and disappointed to the point of actually posting this comment.
    I was wrong.
    I was Fooled into believing democrats hogwash. What total Nonsense.
    The Democrats have become Evil !!!
    Everything that was once wrong has become right & everything that was once right has now become wrong. It’s MAD , Insane actually
    To support Democrats today is not logical .
    I reject what democrats push as truth because it’s just False. Fabricated, outrageous Lies.
    Perhaps some Fools still believe but less and less every day.

  31. Let’s get right down to the gist of it! The Left’s and the RINO’s “End Goal” is the destruction of America’s economy, the demolishing of America’s sovereignty, and the inclusion of all americans left alive as slaves in a one world society under the absolute rule of a one world government comprised of the elites!

    The “End Goal” of D.J.T. and his “Deplorables” is the constant strengthening of the American economy, the preservation of America’s sovereignty, and, hopefully, an American government, replete with Term Limits, in which all members work tirelessly, within the Constitution, to MAGA and KAGA (Make & Keep America Great Always)!

    Watch out for the American tax payer supported United Nations with it’s current Agenda 2030 which includes “Goals” such as a Sustainable Population of the World set at a mere 500,000,000 (meaning that 15 of every 16 people currently alive must die)!

    I will vote for the “Donald” in early November of 2020 and I urge everyone to do the same!

  32. Thank you God for sending us President Trump and sparing us the misery of hilda. May the dims reap 5 times the misery they have sewn!

    President Trump/Vice President Pence 2020!!!!

  33. You gotta be dumb to vote democrat. Dems are like you want to improve americans lives, eff you. You want to secure our borders, eff you. You want to lower taxes, eff you. You want to protect religious freedom and freedom of speech, eff you. You want people to have the right to defend themselves, eff you. Seems like the dems dont want anything good for this country. Eff dems.

  34. Theres nobody in the History of our country that has done what this one single man has achieved other Then Jesus himself..we are so free, It’s scary, President Trump will finish his tenor in 2024 and this is where the problem begins, Who can replace this man..people say his sons and daughter will do a good job and probably will but there’s no guarantee…I’m so afraid that we will fall back into that powerful lying swamp again Please America make sure you vett every person so we can stay free forever….

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