On Veterans Day week it seems appropriate to give a shout-out, a thank you, and even a salute to our brothers and sisters in arms. It is also rather appropriate to point out something that many don’t know about the President’s commitment to our men and women in uniform.

As one story reported updating us on the President’s commitment to our armed forces, he means more than lip service. Those who defend, protect, and in particular, all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, deserve our respect. They have earned our appreciation, our gratitude, and for our freedom, we owe them our best. That is the driving force behind the President’s focus on reforming and changing the VA system, so it works for veterans and their families.

Our aforementioned story began by saying, “President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president, according to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie.”

That’s a very big number and that is the definition of “cleaning house.” According to our story, these positions ranged from the most basic to the highest levels of the VA administration. And why you ask, were there so many?

The simple answer is standards. Quoting the VA Secretary, the story reported him saying that, “the standard is if you don’t live up to your oath if you don’t live up to the standards that our veterans expect, that you will be asked to leave,” – standards. Those standards are apparently high too, and for our veterans and our military men and women, shouldn’t they be?

In his own words, as the story went on to share, the President said, “Do you remember all of the bad stories that used to be about the VA? Now you don’t see that because they have accountability. We can fire bad people. We fired a tremendous number of really bad people that should’ve been fired years ago. I don’t like firing people, but I like firing people that don’t treat our vets great, that aren’t doing their job.”

And that is exactly what has been happening, to the tune of some 8,000 people who simply weren’t getting the job done. The results have been evident, and most importantly those results are coming from the most important source, the veterans themselves. Along with touting the President’s commitment by pointing out the increased budget for the VA, as our story said, Wilkie also noted that the VA recorded their highest satisfaction rates in its history among patients. An impressive 89.7 percent.

We celebrate Veterans Day every year and hopefully, we take the time to stop for a moment, to pay respect to those who protect us, and to pay homage to those who have sacrificed – life and limb. The President, perhaps here more than anywhere else in his duties, has and is leading by example. In fact, the Commander and Chief hasn’t made it a point to stop once a year to honor our vets. Instead, he has made it a point on some 8,000 different occasions over the past three years to do just that.

That’s commitment.

Today our veterans are treated better, they get better care, and there are improvements still being made to serve those who serve us. Issues like the suicide rate among veterans are of the leading concerns but the VA system is helping. The story reported that, “… 60 percent of veterans who committed suicide were not in Veterans Affairs care,” and work is being done to reach those it hasn’t.

Today we celebrate you for wearing the uniform. Today we say thank you to those who have paid a great cost in serving and today we remember those who have paid the greatest price. We will never forget and to carry on the work of VA and to make it better is just one way we can honor your memory – your sacrifice.

To those at home and abroad, past and present who have protected freedom, have protected us, and that have made us the land of the brave – we all thank you and Happy Veteran’s Day today and every day.

61 thoughts on “Trump Fired Thousands Who Have Failed Veterans

      1. That is NOT TRUE. We can ALL defend OUR President against Satan. After all WE are Christians and potential Saints.

  1. Why is it so easy for slime balls to slip in to an organization that is supposed to take care of those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us?

    1. responsibility starts at the top who does the hiring of these bafoons who do the processing of applicants. Do they actually review the persons that fill out application to work at the VA????????????????

    2. It simple. Nepotism and cronyism abounds. People get in HR and only hire friends and family regardless of qualifications. Then there are instances where the employees who are doing the job well get recognized by the Veterans but once it’s submitted the names are changed to someone different who isn’t doing the job well. Their stock goes up while the person who is actually doing the job well gets harassed, written up, poor evaluations and even ultimately terminated because they’re not seen as a team player because they put Veterans first. Have watched it for years and it will never change until investigators go undercover to actually find the truth. They always announce when they’re coming so VAMC’s put on a dog and pony show, squirrel away the productive employees, and trot out multitudes of smiling yes ppl to stroke egos. Want to know who does the work? Who the go to person is for the providers? Ask the providers. Ask the doctors and nurses who make their lives run smooth and seamless. Guarantee it won’t be anyone the individual VA Administration’s trot out to them. It’ll be the one whose file contains write-ups and various other black marks because they prove that most others are there to get a paycheck and take up space. That doesn’t sit well with supervisors who are in charge of ppl who can do their job better than they canard while that supervisor is in charge they don’t know they first thing about the jobs they’re supervising. That means if a person is out sick or on vacation, their work has stacked up while they were gone because there’s no one else that can do it. That person then gets written up because no one covered their job while they were gone.
      Be us a dime to a donut VA won’t clean out the nepotism and cronyism at all because it’s just too hard and the union only protects the idiots and the pop who do nothing but never the ones who are productive. It goes against their nature to maintain the status quo. Why? Cause god forbid that they have to-do their job also.

  2. I agree 100%. Treatment is many times better now, but claims need to be greatly improved also. I personally have a claim that was originally filed in February 2017, and is still under appeal. According to ebenefits.com, there is no appeals pending, yet we have all the paperwork to prove claim and appeals were properly filed and received.

  3. I have a claim from August 2016 that we appealed. We got an increase but they failed to look at civilian records that justified a higher rating per their comments. My attorney filed a supplemental with copies of records again. Requested four times copies of VA records from doctors I was sent to in Jan of this year. My E files show cases closed including supplemental. Guess the President needs to fire another 8,000 handling claims.

    1. Like the IRS, no one is supposed to be able to beat them. I did, but only because I was aggressive and in the right. I finally called the supervisor and asked her if she had looked at my communication. she said “no” so I told her to go get it. That I would HOLD! when she finally got back to me, she said, now what is the problem. I explained I had mailed my income tax return CERTIFIED return receipt. I had my receipt, so therefore, they had received it.( which they claimed they had not) I told her that IRS owed ME $6,000. and I expected it in 7-10 days with a letter of apology and my interest. The government is corrupt!
      Treat the Vets well or get your butt fired!

      1. ha ha ha yeah i have been fighting the damn IRS since 2011 over my business taxes first letter sain i owed $6000 then letter said it was all cleared up nothing for 2 years i retired in the mean time then letters started again they have been everywhere on what i owe from $3000 to $16000 now i think may have it under control but who the hell knows they have no frickin clue what the hell they are doing and i bet the VA is just as bad


  5. Hope POTUS doesn’t stop there!! There’s THOUSANDS more in the State and Justice Department too! The Intel agencies also need to be looked at for Obama holdovers. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!

    1. Were I him , Every long entrenched bureaucrat would be GONE. All the new Trump appointees are ignored and his desired policy changes are ignored, waiting for them to get removed Get rid of long employed bureaucrats.

  6. I don’t know how the man keeps his morale up under pressure every day from people who “hate” him. OK, hate the person, but DO NOT hate the office. This man has done more for the USA in 3 years than the DEMS ever did throughout their history! Get over it DEMS! He won, you lost. Let’s get him in for another term. If we don’t, you know what will happen; everything will be undone and we will be run by a communist=loving government.

  7. I have seen several jobs posted online for the VA. I becomes clear they are written for only internal use, given the restrictions placed and have been made so difficult that the civilian and qualified sector could never get past the internal BS. The President has made strides. He should instruct who ever is listing these jobs to at least try to get the best and most caring people in place.

  8. So Wilkie fired 8000. 8000 out of 360,000. That’s about one years attrition, retirement rate. 2.2% to be exact. Just a drop in the bucket. There is at least one out ten that could be dismissed. Start with that number 36,000. Most positions are layered two deep. Get rid of one. That would be a warning shot across the bow of the ones that remain.
    Budgeted for 220.0 billion for FY2019. Needs to eventually cut in half. We’re not fighting any wars. What in the hell is the need. Veterans are dying every day yet the budget is the largest ever. Civilians, people who never wore the uniform are slipping in the back door. The VA is civil service. The autocrats are padding the enrolment numbers as a means of job security. Its called socialized medicine creep. The number of non-veterans receiving V A care has increased 100% in recent years. Years 2001-2014 to be exact.

  9. My son n law has been trying to get 100% for past 10 years. The VA says he more than qualified but Someone put the code in wrong do it will take 3 years to get it straight. He suffers so much with no help. They need to fire more.

    1. I phrase our President for having the ba!!!s to take out the people who do not treat our Veterans with the upmost respect. A prerequisite to being able to work in the VA health care system and getting a job serving our Veterans should be one in which all people applying should be vetted. Our government should take necessary steps to make sure no one, well you can’t get it 100% right but you can get close to it, should be hired unless they take an oath to serve our veterans and tell them that they care and love them for helping to make our country one we can call the “Land of the Free.” Thank you Mr. President for doing what it takes to make our Veterans fell they are appreciated and loved.

  10. Thank the Lord for THIS OPPORTUNITY!! I FEEL FOOLISH BECAUSE I KNOW AND see MANY VETS WITH MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS. However, as an accountant, I have had to have serious discussions of many top client management folks in their businesses. I was told by the folks at the VA in Ann Arbor that even though the very small bumps on my vocal cords were not growing, they should be removed, that the spots in my throat (vocal cords) were NOT cancer and yet they should be removed. I agreed and the VA had an EK&T Specialist from across the street at the University of Michigan Hospital, remove them. And so I complied and did. I was told that as I wrote ( communicated)nothing but notes ( for ANY and ALL communication) with paper and a ballpoint pen that in a month, I’d be able to use my vocal cords. That was over three years ago and I’ve had to give up my work and try to make a living without talking except VERY little with GREAT DIFFICULTY and I feel I’m losing my voice!

  11. My VA Clinic in Sierra Vista, AZ actually lost three full degreed Doctors some years back and NO Doctor replaced them. So my Nurse Tech Robert and the other two who are a Nurse and a LPN are GREAT. The VA Hospital in Tucson has lost the 5 year Doctors but the top surgeons like for hip replacements and foot doctors are GREAT. Now there are those in Tucson who may need more training or more say post surgery therapy but all in all they are doing very good. In other locations that I have not been to I can’t say one way or the other. BUT if a VA person were not taking care of a Vet then they should be FIRED. Vets with health needs or education about problems with their bodies as they get older NEED well trained personnel and if the hiring process hires non qualified persons then those doing the hiring do need to be FIRED. And untrained hired let go fast.

  12. Hope he cleaned out the people here in the RIP Grande Valley, harlingen texas….they are all lazy uncaring workers…many are on a waiting long list for their appointments. My husband has been fighting with them and he’s health couldn’t wait..went to a private doctor…

  13. Brief Message: VA claims department is the worst.
    Hospital Outpatient portion was better when I first visited the V A in Jackson Mississippi almost 40 years ago than it is now.
    I’m an in Country Vietnam Veteran! Not Vietnam ERA!

    1. You know Herbert, I was in the last series to be trained for Vietnam. I volunteered and because they kept us stateside is not my fault. I served honorably for four years and have injuries from service in the different units I served in.
      I appreciate your service “in country” but that does not mean my service was for nothing. So please don’t try and take away this Marines pride of service by your “Not Vietnam ERA” statement!

  14. They really need to look at the El Paso VA Health Care Facility. It takes forever to get things done. If you try to ask questions you only get to talk to the one who ans, the phone, then you act on that info. and later you are told that that person didn’t have the authority to make that decision.

  15. I have served with many men and women like the ones you see with our Commander in Chief and his lady. They all performed to the best of their ability in defense of our country. They were all highly motivated. We can be proud that we have citizens like these.

    Titan II ICBM Launch Crew Commander
    381st Strategic Missile Wing
    Top Missile Wing in Strategic Air Command

  16. To Intelligent Vet. The VA isn’t the only place that takes place. I worked for G.S.A. foe thirty years and the the last five years were Hell. I couldn’t even go on leave or sick leave because of a man who was a janitor promoted to and assistant buildings manager who didn’t like me. I ask why and was told because we need you here because you are the only mechanic we can trust to get the jobs done. This man would use the rest room and put hand towels in the water closet and shit in it and call fore some one to unplug it. For about fifteen years he did that and nobody knew who was doing it untill one day I went into a restroom and he came out of a stall without flushing it and I saw why he didn’t. Every thing you said goes on in all federal buildings and I saw it all. I was one who never went against the rules and never played games or be a team player just to make someone look good and that was the problem. But now I look back and am satisfied with my history. I didn’t get to be a supervisor but I did do my job and I know I did it well. When I left I was the only Mechanic working on the job with another person who was women that didn’t know anything about mechanics as my supervisor. When I left they turned it over to contractors, and were calling me for information on how to fix something. You know how that went!

  17. OK Vets, and thank you for your service. He stood for you. Now stand for him. Vote and tell everyone why this country needs him so bad at this time in our history. The VA is not perfect yet, but he is making progress. Give him 4 more years before the Left can stop him. He really is America First.

  18. I am glad that our President Trump fired these 8,000 Veterans employees because a lot of them are lazy. A lot of government employees especially with Veterans they don’t do anything and just awaiting for twenty or more years with the government in order to get salary for life especially those GS-11 and above are lazy.

    Let’s Vote for President Trump for his second term.

  19. My brother, a vet, has been going to the Mobile VA clinic for years. During upheavels his doctors have changed many times and for a long period of time he had no doctor assignment. Today he received a call from his doctor’s assistant that the VA was changing and in the future he would go to the clinic on his appointment dates but have a video examination by a doctor at the New Orleans facility. When he asked when that would occur he was told he had an “appointment” next May. The lady who phoned him didn’t have an answer when he said his next appointment was supposed to be in 3 months, not 7. I’m a vet as well and began my visits at the Bay Pines facility until there was an opening at the Ft Myers Clinic and then to the new Cape Coral clinic.(Ft Myers closed when he Cape Coral clinic opened). During the time I had only one provider. Upon moving to south Alabama and using the Mobile clinic I’ve had no less than 7 physicians over a 5 year time period – some for several appointment, many for only one or two. Neither of us has “free health care” – my co-pays for a visit exceed what my outside insurance costs: $15 vs $10 for primary care appointment and $50 vs $40 for specialists. The major benefit is that many medication co-pays are less.

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