The most significant statewide result of the 2019 elections was not the governor’s race in Kentucky. While the Democrats have declared a razor-thin victory, the race is still being contested. Republicans did very well in the down-ballot races. However, the Democrats did manage to flip both houses of the Virginia legislature to their control, despite scandals that had rocked the top three Democratic officeholders. NPR noted last spring, “Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to wearing blackface decades ago. Justin Fairfax, the lieutenant governor, was accused of sexual assault by two women.”

Before the 2019 election, Republicans held razor thing majorities in both the state Senate and the House of Delegates. After the election, the Democrats controlled 21 of the 40 seats in the state Senate and at least 53 of the 100 seats in the House of Delegates with two more races undecided. The results of the election have profound implications for politics in Virginia going forward, according to the National Review.

Ironically, Gov Northam managed to avoid forced resignation when the revelation occurred that he wore blackface in one yearbook photo and a KKK robe in another. He weathered another scandal when his support for abortion up to the point of delivery and even, as some suggested, afterward became public knowledge. Instead of being forced out of office, the voters of Virginia have rewarded him with a state legislature that, by all accounts, is prepared to do his bidding.

Northam’s legislative agenda includes a loosening of abortion restrictions, though perhaps not as extensive as he once seemed to favor. At the same time, Northam favors more restrictions on gun ownership, though at the time of this writing how far “common-sense gun safety laws” will go in Virginia is unclear.

Other items on the agenda of the new Democratic agenda include expanding Medicaid and increasing the state minimum wage. The previous Republican majority in the Virginia state legislature had managed to block these measures. Now, according to most pundits, the floodgates are open.

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe expressed the triumphant mood of Democrats best. “The era of Republican obstruction in the Commonwealth of Virginia is now over. While tonight we celebrate the history we have made, tomorrow we must begin rewarding voters with action.”

Understandably, Virginia Republicans were a bit gloomier about what is about to befall Virginia. More than one GOP politician expressed the fear that the state would become a high tax, severe regulation basket cases such as California or New York.

One of the oldies but goodies that Virginia will attempt to revive may be the Equal Rights Amendment, according to The Week. When the ERA was first proposed in 1972, a deadline of seven years was imposed for Congress to pass it and three-fourths of the states to ratify it. That deadline had passed with just 37 or the 38 states having ratified. If Virginia ratifies the ERA, it would be, in theory, the 38th and final state needed to make men and women equal in the eyes of the law according to the United States Constitution.

Two problems exist that may derail this move.

First, Congress would have to vote to extend the deadline for ratification for a Virginia vote to have any meaning. The Democratic House, according to the analysis in The Week, would likely vote for such an extension. The Republican Senate is not likely to.

Second, as the ERA webpage votes, five states voted to rescind their ratification of the ERA. The legality of such an action is questionable and would, no doubt, be litigated in the courts with the outcome uncertain.

Finally, as CNN notes, the Democrats will control the process of redistricting in 2020 once the census is concluded. Such power is likely to make Virginia more of a blue state that it has already become, removing it from battleground states in presidential elections, at least in theory.

Why did Virginia flip from a swing state to a Democratic one? CNN noted that most analysts believe that the issues were guns and the ire many in the suburbs feel toward President Trump. Virginia Republicans have vowed not to go down without a fight. But, as the outgoing House majority leader Todd Gilbert suggested, they have their work cut out for them.

18 thoughts on “How Democrats Seized Control of Virginia Legislature

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  2. Well when you run as a democrat what do you expect you idiots there was no telling who was who in your election we do not want democrats running Virginia but you all ran as one really it’s your fault and maybe if you helped our President instead of distancing yourself from him maybe you would have one there is nothing on this President that is true they have been trying to oust him since before he won, maybe you can finally see where he is coming from no other President since I have been alive has had to go through this!!!

  3. i’m pretty sure virgina was one of the states that helped oboma with jerrymandering i still don’t trust the voting systems the way the democrats cheat every election

  4. Career bureaucrats used to live in Maryland. As a result, it became too expensive to live in.
    To escape the mess of their own making, they began moving to Virginia. Now, because of them, it’s gone blue.
    The same thing happened in California–in that case because of silicon valley filling with idiots from Ivy League schools. Those numbers of ignorant voters changed California’s freedom-loving culture to one of big government lunacy, shifting the political power to the north. Southern California gave the nation Ronald Reagan.
    Perhaps Virginia is also filled with illegal aliens on their voting rolls, as California is.

  5. Northern VA is heavily populated with Swampers with lots of taxpayer money and Deep State only wanting job security for their overblown plantation.

    Go ahead. Be like CA. 2-class society by design of the current brood of vipers that control the state.

  6. This only happen because Soros pays so well.
    One of the poll people or someone that handled
    The votes wrote on Facebook that a whole box
    Of Republican votes was shredded by him. Then
    Wrote LOL. This happen in Kentucky.
    I’m sure Soros will do this in every state. He
    Already paid the prosecutors in Philly, NY, &
    Several others. It isn’t the people voting!


  8. The out-of-state money that POURED into Virginia was sickening! Terry McAwful was behind a lot of it, and so was Tom Steyer, who’s now running for president. This foreign interference has got to stop; I’m sick to death of it.

    The northern part of the state is a huge problem, too – solid lib, carved in stone … or is it? Congressman Morgan Griffith says it ain’t necessarily so; these people can be converted to Republicans …????

    The Chuckster

  9. The many studies out that measure performaces of past/current presidents show Trump as among the worst having done more to the prestige (and once great America) and damage the institutions of America. I read where, among the last Nostradamus Quatrains, was his prediction that a great country election (approx 2016) between a man and women will result with the man named “Trumpet” wining and he and his people, will start this country down into despair and the death of its greatness. He also said that a new great nation, in the east, will rise in its place. Trump, like dictators of past, has put in so many incompetent yes people into office who only support him and his poor judgement and many lies. Example; one of the first things in office he fired the experienced directors of Radio Free America and installed two 24 something guys (who served in his campaign) that have absolutely no radio experience (one was a leader of a religious cult) and instructed them that only his (Trump) agenda will be broadcast and to take direction from the White House. He also has sold BLM lands to to mineral companys , opened up parks (including Yellowstone) to hunting and to oil/minning companys (firing long time park directors who voiced concern),Trump always has kind words to fellow dictators.
    From a 35 year Republican – who is fed up with my fellow voting Republicans who are incapable to analyze and see through the half truths and lies of the president and his conservative supporters who are blind to what he has done to kill what trust other nations had for the US.
    This from a 35 year republican – who can no longer will accept the Republican blindness and their “right off the cliff” tatics.

    1. Sorry anyone quoting Nostrodamus ar a seer is outright ignorant. Try reading the bible if you want accurate predictions. I bet in mid-2016 Nostradamus also predicted hillary would now be running things. Fools never cease to amaze me

  10. ken: the trust other nations had in the u.s. was the money we bought them with. other nations dislike our country but put up with it as long as we send out tax money to them to buy their friend ship. this nation under trump is breaking records despite of the lying democrats and lying news media which wants to destroy america. if you look at the democratic lineup and tell me any of those candidates are better than trump then you have a mental condition. socialism will bring down this country and you with it unless you fight back at the communist news media.

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