The Democrats will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump. They will stop at nothing to investigate every living soul that has ever talk with the president in an attempt to find something that they can use against him. One after one people have been taken behind closed doors and interrogated by Adam Schiff and his band of backward liberal henchmen.

No one will ever know how they were threatened and told what to say because the doors have been shut. The destructive Democrats now want to bring investigations to more people, but they want no lawyers to be involved.

No lawyers mean that the Democrats can ask any question they want to and treat the people any way that they want to. This is where the Department of Justice is stepping in and putting a stop to the mistreatment of the innocent souls that are being tortured with endless Democratic questions from the party that hates people.

The Department of Justice stated that “attempts by impeachment investigators to compel testimony from executive branch witnesses about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine are ‘legally invalid’ unless they allow for the witnesses to bring a government lawyer.”

What this means is that any testimony that is stated without a lawyer being present cannot be used at all. The DOJ has given the executive branch the power they need to fight back against the excessive questioning from the corrupt corners of the Democratic Party. Executive branch employees can now refuse to question from the Democrats by asking for a lawyer. Any refusal to provide the lawyer will result in a voided witness.

The Democrats have reasoned their way into being able to question people by declaring that they are not in a formal impeachment inquiry. The deceptive Democrats voted their path when they declared that they have not officially begun the process. The memo that the DOJ has sent will undoubtedly cause the Democrats to complain about the outcome. The memo gives people the ability to fight back. The Democrats need to be fought because what they are doing is immoral and certainly illegal.

Their attempts to impeach the president will surely be their demise. The DOJ stands between the  Democrats and the president. They are the blockade that is keeping the president from enduring harm from would-be president killers.

The Department of Justice’s memo allows the president to continue running the country and making things better for the people that call America home. Impeachment vampires of the Democratic party being led by shady Schiff have already interviewed several people that they believe have given them what they need to bring down President Trump.

But what they have is a bunch of testimonies that are illegal and cannot be used because no lawyers were present to protect the rights of those being questioned. If anything has been learned from all the witch hunts, is that the Democrats cannot be trusted. They only want to hunt the people that hold power, so they can have it all for themselves.

The Democrats are so hungry for power that they are going to end up questioning the entire Executive Branch before they get to the president. The funny thing is that the  Democrats are not getting what they want. There is nothing that they can use because it does not exist. The memo by the DOJ is a new approach to protecting the innocent. It will have to stand in court to become the new standard of how people are to be treated when being questioned by the governing authority.

The protective memo was sent out the day after the evil House passed the rules for the impeachment inquiry of which no Republicans voted for. President Trump has remained the only person able to stand against the Democrats and their witch hunt. His character and honesty have been an inspiration to everyone. He is exactly what the American people were looking for in their next president.

133 thoughts on “DOJ Insists that People be Allowed to Bring Their Lawyers

  1. Your opening paragraph intentionally withholds the fact that Republican members of the committee were free to be present and to cross-examine each and every witness Schiff’s “band of backward liberal henchmen” produced for examination. Why?

    1. It’s obvious you are not aware of the rules imposed in the so called impeachment. The Republican’s are limited to what Schiff allows to be asked. Read for yourself don’t listen to msm.
      Have a blessed day

      1. Even in the so-called public parts starting next week Schiff has limited GOP to 3 questions only. GOP was given until today to submit witness names to Schiff for his approval or disapproval with no stated reason being necessary and the biggie is that NO legal representation is being allowed by Schiff. This is a mockery of justice, Separation of powers, and due process. This is completely illegal and unconstitutional. A complete violation of rights of the accused to legal representation at every stage of prosecution. The DOJ is acting as a referee and rightly so to protect the Constitution, Bills of Rights, and separation of powers. Schiff is attempting to usurp the power of the executive branch and it cannot be nor will it be allowed. He has to play by constitutional rules or cease and desist.

        1. Schiff rejected all eight witnesses requested by the republicans! Further who is to say that Schiff won’t appoint his own lawyers instead of allowing witnesses to bring in their own lawyers. This is how Schiff works!

        2.  This is not American what he dems are doing.Sounds like something out of Soviet  Russia or the middle ages or Nazi Germany. Schiff is acting as Judge,jury and executioner. All these immigrants coming here to escape repression in their countries are going to find they came to the very thing they escaped from.

    2. WE really need to clean up Congress. Schiff holds all the cards about what and who the Republicans are allowed to do. That’s ridiculous for either party. Unfair but typical democrat fraud.
      I never realized how corrupt our government can be if not held in check. Democrats have GOT TO GO!!! Given control of the House, shows they can’t govern. 3 years of wasted time and taxpayer money.

    3. You need to read the resolution … the devil is in the details. Republicans can only do or ask what Schiff ALLOWS … which is nothing. Schiff notified REPUBLICANS they had 3 days to submit their witness list. The GOP submitted its list and Schiff has responded by signalling they will get none of their requests because they do NOT support his narrative for impeaching the President.

      The GOP cannot tell you what is going on behind closed doors, but Schiff leaks what he wants. That is one sided. Read the resolution … Schiff can veto anything that does not follow his narrative. Now, think of yourself accused of a crime under these exact conditions … answer honestly.

    4. Boy oh boy do you have it wrong. The Democrat’s had closed door interrogations and would not allow the Republicans in. Even AOC had a fit when Republicans PUSHED their way in, because they weren’t allowed.

  2. I am proud to have a president that isn’t corrupteded and screwing our country by breaking immigration, constitutional rights and steeling taxpayers money for pocketing their bank accounts out of this country.
    I am eagerly waiting for William Barr to prosicute every one of the lying, corrupted, Anti-American, anti constitutional, murdering members of Congress and Senate to be sentenced to prison for aiding ILLEGAL INVADERS, full term abortion MURDERS. Falsifying legal documents, treason, money laundering, prejury, and undermining to take over the President with lies and false evidence.

    1. Dems like MAXINE and others are in it for the MONEY. HELLERY sure got a lot of bucks for her treason and got 4 Americans killed in Bengozie in the process!

      1. And don’t forget how her “Foundation” screwed Haiti. They hate her, and in the process, made her daughter rich by being in charger. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      2. And don’t forget how her “Foundation” screwed Haiti. They hate her, and in the process, made her daughter rich by being in charge. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. Yes, Republican Committee members were present. However, they were not allowed meaningful cross-examination because Demigogue Chairman Adam Schiff made sure that he interfered with such questioning. He did so by interrupting such questions to personally coach the witnesses to provide answers that suited Schiff’s disgraceful purpose. This insight was provided by co-committee member and co-Californian Devin Nunes! I applaud and support the DOJ for upholding the Constitutional rights of individual witnesses to legal representation!!! Our Constitution works very well when it is followed by truly patriotic public servants, such as President Trump, DOJ AG Barr, and U.S. Representative Nunes!!!

    1. The former Ukrainian Ambassador has already been caught lying, but documents just released show that SHE ORDERED UKRAINE TO STOP THE CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS. But Schiff will never let any questioning or witnesses that might bring that fact out.

  4. It’s good that the DOJ has put a harness on Schiff’s impeachment inquiry. Any witness testimony without a lawyer present can’t be used to impeach the President. It’s pass time that someone put a mussle on Schiff’s unethical behavior.

  5. They have no right to bar attorneys from the hearings. EVERYONE has the right to lawyers not just the democrats who have liars for clients.

  6. Every American knows what is going on here;;some are stupid left wing ideologues who think it is legal; but real Americans know this is political theater.STOP the 666bullshitt666.

  7. Why does anything these Democrats do surprise anyone? They will do ANYTHING, up to and including MURDER to keep their status, their lifestyle, their money……they have shown time and again that not ONE of them can be trusted as dog walkers, let alone as representatives in Congress. They are LIARS, THIEVES and the biggest HYPOCRITES I have ever seen and I wouldn’t give any of them air if they were in a jug!! They are NOT Americans…they have belittled and besmirched our military and law enforcement at every turn and their attacks upon our President are unforgivable!! I despise everything they represent and I have no regard or respect for any of them. ALL of them should be in jail for their illegal acts, including their support of domestic terrorism (Antifa and Mexican drug cartels) and their constant attempts to circumvent our laws. Contrary to what they believe, they are NOT above the law and I hope to see all of them prosecuted for their actions. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”. (Edward R. Murrow)

  8. Just disappointing and disturbing at the same time. Never witnessed this over the last 50 years! Fought for freedom, worked hard every day and raised a quality family that only happens being an American! Along comes a brawler and a president of the people and the trash starts. Obama would last 5 minutes under this scrutiny

  9. MSN likes to call This type of intervention as “weaponizing the DOJ”. The MSN and Dims do not like to have to follow the law, especially when it comes to Constitutional guarantees. Eric “wingman” Holder was a perfect example of a weaponized AG. Purely crooked. Barr is turning out to be a lawyer that follows the law. He drives the Dims and their cartel to distraction. Adam’s and the Dimms inquiry is still an investigation by the Government. Constitutional ammendments 5 and 6 apply. The courts have ruled on this many times. Resulting in the ” Miranda Warnings”.
    Which brings me to General Flynn. Was he given his “Rights”.

  10. Does this mean that President Trump can also have the attorney of his choice? How about Trey Gowdy for the President and while I am at it Piss on Fox news for their two danced actions and non support of our nation and our President!

      1. funny how they scream ‘protect freedom of the Press’….unless it’s Fox New’s which no One had a problem with singling out a single Network that wasn’t in love with Obama, but Fox has been “gotten to”, so now we have to be careful what we believe from anyone.

  11. In some of these comments there is a phrase “GOD bless America” , I say, “YHWH (THE G-D of Creation of everything from the beginning of time) Bless America” There is a phrase that needs to be recognized which speaks of human’s responsibility, which is “America Bless G-D (WHO is YHWH in YESHUA HAMASHIACH, YASHAYA.”) And with the sinful nature of humankind that is happening –The contraception’s preventing the receiving of YHWH’s gifts of Children, and killing precious Children, prior to them being born, and now after they are born. And until we stand up for TRUTH, and ask for forgiveness and follow YHWH, HE will send judgment upon these evil and perverse people.

    1. Yes, & their day is coming! I look for a lot of surprises in this next election! God is the only reason that Mr Trump won this election. Soros’ money had already bought crooked people to cheat at counting the votes. But, God had other plans. IF, by some strange coincidence, Mr Trump loses next year, America is done for. ”If My people repent of their sins, and call on Me, I will heal their land.”

  12. Hope Washington DC can handle the trouble that going to be coming their way! To many people are sick and tired of these Democrats and Rino-Republican who are out to destroy our country. I for one will head there! I am a VOTER and I sit back and let Democrats and Rino-Republican hide everything about Obama and do nothing to Eric Holder for the murder of the border agent. Now they said from first day they REFUSED TO WORK WITH TRUMP! So why don’t they RE-SIGN? We the people elect Trump! That our duty as VOTER! I’m know there Hell coming to DC! And if I was Trump I would declared MARTIAL LAW! POLICE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP US FROM CLEANING UP THE CONGRESS AND PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL CELL!

  13. Finally someone who is able to inject a bit of fairness into the situation! The Democrats thought they had complete control over the entire process. The Republicans have only been able to complain but not change anything. But the Democrats have no choice but to listen to the DOJ. And the fact that all testimony made without the assistance of a lawyer is now inadmissible is perfect and fair.

  14. The DOJ says this is the end of a Soviet trial that says you are guilty before the trial begins, the end of Adam Schiff’s communist dictatorship. Put Adam Schiff behind bars for lying so many times to the American people and put Nancy Pelosi in an insane asylum where she belongs.

  15. PROVERBS 17: 13
    Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.

    PROVERBS 18:
    A fool’s mouth is his destruction,and his lips are the snare of his soul.


  17. how did a lier like Schiff ever get elected in the first place. has been able to with out providing any proof that trump is and was colluding Russia and I say Schiff is the person who set up the so called whistleblower scam. then he gets put in charge of the impeachment -whitch hunt-inquiry. give me a break. fire the lier or better yet put him in jail where he belongs

  18. I am sick and tired of this dog and pony show. Trump is doing exactly what I think he should do as the President of the US. Being a retired civil servant, I am well aware of the “country club” atmosphere in Washington, D.C.. Now we have someone who represents the “will” of the people that pay the bills of the government, and many of our current representatives do not want to change and do the work for which they were elected. They hate Trump because he is wealthy, a business man and a doer and has no personal ax to grind. He can not be bribed, is well known already and has the guts to do what needs to be done. This kind of person is extremely dangerous to the individuals who are using their positions to inflate their egos and make themselves and their families wealthy. This is a sad fact which does not represent what I always thought government service was for.

  19. With the Russian/communist tactics that the criminal Democrat Party House members are using to impeach President Trump, are they e “dumping the socialist government they want to impose for us in favor a Russian/communist government”???? The question has to asked for it sure as hell looks like it!!!!….

  20. Those who are called and show up should answer every question with a plea of 5th amendment and nothing more said other than that.

  21. I for one as an American, am so tired and worn out from out the corruption coming from lying Shifty and all the rest that I just don’t read the news or watch TV. I for one, just can not take it anymore. We have a wonderful President. Maybe he is a little brash at times, but who is to say this country doesn’t need brash. We have had so many lies and so much criminal activity in our elected officials, that we can take a lot of brash. these people need to be held accountable and put in jail and fined heavily for the wrongs they have done to we the people. We have absoluteyl no law and order except for what our President is able to do. He has done so much for we the people and mostly by himself. Just think if he had congress doing their job where we would be. It’s really not hard to understand why the Dems don’t want law and order. Their playhouse was torn down by P. Trump and their money game was taken away and now they are acting like a spoiled brat who didn’t get their way. Well as the old saying in going around at all of Trump’s rallies “LOCK THEM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. I’m telling u we have had it.

  22. All along Democrats have been trying to hide this dog and pony show from the American people. They were trying to stack the deck against our President and in favor of those who do not care about our country, but lust after the power they feel our President took from them when he was elected President in 2016. Democrats hae proven time after time, they are only about money, power, and greed, and don’t bat an eye at lying to, or deceiving the American people to suit their evil agenda

  23. Hooray for the DOJ! I think that every American, by this time, should be aware of just how extensive and deep the opposition against our President (and our country) really is. Donald Trump, is trying to stand firm against the Muslims (both, in and our of the US), the Illegal Invasion, Massive Corruption, and outright Treason within the ranks of our Government! There isn’t one President in our past, that I believe, could withstand the attacks that Trump has endured for the past three years. I, and millions of other American Patriots, will stand by my President against all the corruption and treason within our government. If that means taking up arms, than so be it!

  24. I still have faith in our country and believe the will of the people will prevail in spite of the unhinged and corrupt efforts of the Democratic party to subvert the law and create their own form of government.
    Particularly, when they start obviously lying, I get very concerned.

  25. Who the Hall (oops misspelled on letter) does this liar Schiff think he is, GOD? Or even higher in Government pecking order than his immediate job fearing boss Pillosi, the Veep and our Prez.
    Where does the Constitution give a mere committee chair power over those three and the rest of both houses; he is only one of one states misguided representatives like Omar … he has no national standing …
    DC problem is no guts to serve their constituents that gave them their cushy job and benefits. Wake up America this can turn into a Hitler take over for Soros and his minions.

  26. If I was called by shifty Schiff I would refuse to cooperate after I read a statement into the record [ which is not being kept, lest the public find out what he’s up to] Then I would refuse to cooperate and answer any of his dumb questions. He could cite me for contempt of Congress and possibly incarcerate me. At that point, I would have a good case against him using most of the first 10 Amendments to back up the fact that I had no legal representation, was not read my rights, and was forced to testify against myself with no witnesses, legal representation or due process. Once that went public the entire fiasco would be shut down, and Adam Schiff would be prosecuted for this travesty and misuse of government powers

  27. Welcome to America’s Politburo, the Democrat Party controlled House of Representatives. Orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.Those two insidious individuals and their peers, Eric Stalwell, Jerry Nadler and Chris Coons should be immediately expelled from the Congress and tried for resorting to Communist style state run government.

  28. The whole impeachment investigation looks more like a third world country military tribunal. You have Schiff saying no lawyers allowed; the President not allowed to defend himself; witnesses not allowed to have attorneys present and telling republicans which questions they are not allowed to ask. Criminals have more rights then the President. Why does Schiff not want the whistleblower to testify? Answer: The truth would come out just how much Schiff and his staffers are involved in “HELPING” the whistleblower.

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