ICE has been seen as the evil that is trying to send “innocent” people away from their homes. However, the people ICE is going after are far from innocent. They are in the country illegally and they have broken laws since then, too. A number of Democrats are making it harder and harder for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers to get their job done. Now, John Kelly has a message for all of the Dems who are against ICE: Go to hell.

John Kelly has been quick to defend Trump when it comes to immigration. Serving as the former DHS secretary and chief of staff, he has been eager to criticize Democrats who are making it harder for ICE agents to enforce the law.

ICE isn’t something that was just created. It’s been around for quite some time – long before Trump got into office. However, Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that. Instead, they want to act against ICE as a way of acting against Donald Trump. The only thing that they are doing, however, is allowing people who have broken the law to continue breaking the law. It’s divisive and illegal – and John Kelly has had enough.

Kelly was recently on a podcast hosted by Larry O’Connor. There was a question about the long list of Senate and House members who are liberal and looking to abolish ICE. Kelly, who is also a former Marine Corps general, identified that “They can go to hell.”

He went on to explain that there are members of Congress who don’t believe what they are saying. ICE agents are good people, yet members of Congress want to turn them into animals. Kelly explains that the agents are doing what they are supposed to within the law and being humane about it. There are focusing on illegal aliens who are criminals. However, too many Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that someone being an illegal alien makes them a criminal. There is a reason why the term “illegal” is used – they have entered the country illegally and, therefore, they need to leave.

Kelly continues to talk on the podcast about the sanctuary cities that have been created to protect illegal immigrants – especially those charged with crimes. He identifies how it’s a political move. They want to make Donald Trump out to be a bad guy and everything that he does is “bad” in their book. The problem is that they want to say that he is anti-immigration when he’s not. Kelly explained that the United States let’s approximately 1.1 million immigrants into the country every year legally.

Trump is against illegal immigration. The reality is that everyone should be against illegal immigration because it is illegal. There is a legal and proper way to enter the country and those who do not follow it need to leave. These are the ones draining the resources and making it difficult for the country to have sufficient funds for other areas.

Kelly identifies that he told Congress all the time that if they don’t like what ICE is doing or what anyone else is doing, the law needs to be changed. However, it’s not fair to rant and rave about how bad the ICE agents are. They are good people doing their job.

Democrats seem to have forgotten that Obama was responsible for a significant number of deportations when he was in office. Under the Obama administration, there were more than 385,000 deportations conducted by ICE every year from 2009 through 2011. This earned him the nickname of “deporter in chief.” Why weren’t the Democrats screaming about this at the time? The reality is that they weren’t because it was Barack Obama, a fellow Democrat. Now, when Donald Trump is doing the exact same thing, they have a serious problem with it – to the point that they are willing to break the law in various cities and counties with their supposed sanctuary cities.

John Kelly has also suggested that Democrats don’t necessarily believe everything that they do. Not all of them are against ICE. Many of them understand the need to have enforcement agents. Instead, it is all about politics. They have to have a certain position in order to maintain a united front – especially when there are so many left-leaning Democrats that are looking to pull the party apart even further.

The reality is that Kelly has called the Democrats out for being anti-ICE when they know that it is necessary to keep a functioning government. Those who have entered the country illegally have broken laws and need to be dealt with – and ICE agents are getting the job done.

5 thoughts on “John Kelly: ‘Hey Anti-ICE Democrats…Go To Hell!’

  1. This is as close to being a middle of the road and sensible article that I’ve read on these so called conservative websites and I actually agree with it a hundred percent. Perhaps the President could learn a thing or two from John Kelly. John calls it like it is.

  2. Anthony Espino, President Trump tells it straight he doesnt play Politics. Please don’t get your information from the deep state globalist owned media. Rather sign up for emails direct from Washington and get real news, or download the BL and AON God bless America and God bless President Trump always and all who love God and Country

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