There is no question that illegal aliens are trashing the southern border. As they move into the country they are leaving their trash and used up material behind. Their trash and the dry conditions are helping to fuel the fires that frequently plague the area. To combat these two problems President Trump has declared an environmental crisis to finish building the wall. The sections of the wall that are left unfinished have to pass through protected land.

A president is a person that thinks outside of the box to keep projects moving. He can overcome obstacles that the dumb Democrats put in his way to keep him from being successful. The dumb Democrats have been working hard to keep the border wall from being completed. But the president declared a crisis which gives him the loophole legally he needed to transfer nearly 560 acres of protected land to the Pentagon so the wall can be built. The president stated that the wall will help keep the “degradation and destruction” from the illegal aliens down.

The crazy critics that President Trump faces are trying to paint this as another attempt by the government to grab land that does not belong to them. One such person was the Acting Bureau of Land Management Director William Perry Pendley. He has spent his life and career fighting against land grabs by the federal government. But now he works with the government and for the president. He has stated that “I’ve said a lot of things over the last 30, 40 years in roles I had. I was an attorney representing private parties, or I was president of an organization, but I’m in a new position now. I work for the president. I work for the secretary of the Interior. And so my comments now reflect my new position.”

He also noted that the state of California is “overrun by illegals, and people with firearms, people bringing in drugs.” These people that are coming in illegally bring a lot of disease and trash with them that adds to the danger of fires. There is no way to determine if an illegal building a fire for sleeping at night would have caused a forest fire, but it is possible. Pendley also noted that the area in question is being destroyed because these people are killing everything in sight. They are wearing down the area. The wall will allow the land to heal by keeping the illegals out.

The President is not trying to destroy the land. He is trying to save it by building the wall to keep the source of destruction out of the country. By the people not being able to access the land for an illegal border crossing means the land will not have anyone harming it. It is a win-win situation for everyone. In some cases, large groups will try to pass through the openings, and they do a lot of damage. The wall will keep that from happening as well.

Pendley has noted that illegals want to be in an area where there is not a lot of people, so they can move undetected. What better place to do that than protected lands. Pendley has said that “Because there’s no fence, there’s no barrier, they want to find — they want to find remote access. And because of the nature of wilderness, they’re not dealing with the cattle rancher or farmers or something like that, or vineyard. They’re dealing with lands that Congress has set aside to be isolated and remain in a primitive condition.”

President Trump has been saying it for three years that the only way to keep this from being a problem is to build a wall that they cannot penetrate. In the president’s wisdom, he declared a national emergency which allowed him to build the wall on federally protected lands. This is the only way that it could be done without challenges from the stupid liberals. The push to build the wall is underway and the nation is a safer place because of the work of a caring president.

6 thoughts on “Environmental Issues Will Help Finish Wall

  1. As a Patriot, whose ancestry goes back to Fielding and Betty Washington Lewis, brother-in-law and Sister of our great Plantation owner General and First President, George Washington and who helped fund him and his Continental Army, I am happy to see a resurgeance of patriotic feelings for the nation that has survived longer than any other as a “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!” As our great Supreme Court Justice Niel Gorsuch points out in response to the TRAITOR Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her cohorts Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor, wanting to impose foreign law on America,: Justice Gorsuch says: “We’re talking about interpreting the Constitution of the United States. We have our own tradition and our own history. I don’t know why we would look to the experience of other countries rather than our own when everybody else looks to us!”

  2. Borders, language, culture. This was true in the Roman Empire: When in Rome, do what the Romans do !

    Multicultural nations do not last long. How can we keen our America identity alive with so many people from other countries just walk in to our country ?!

    Talk is about California and other parts of the USA have become communist . I hope this is not true, however how can the US maintain itself with a Federal debt of some $23 trillion. How is this working for you?

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