That Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, has a dim view of the State of Israel and its relations with the Palestinians is something well known to political observers. The same is true for his rival on the far-left wing of the Democratic candidates, Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. However, where Warren has threatened to cut off aid to Israel unless it “negotiates seriously” with the Palestinians for a two-state solution, Sanders would go one unprecedented step farther.

According to The Times of Israel, “Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Monday that part of the $3.8 billion in annual US military assistance to Israel should instead go toward humanitarian relief in Gaza.”

Sanders was addressing the annual J Street national conference. He said, “It is a lot of money, and we cannot give it carte blanche to the Israeli government, or for that matter to any government at all. We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”

As the National Review suggested, Sanders’ proposal is raising eyebrows across the world. The magazine of conservative opinion notes:

“The Gaza strip is run by the terrorist organization Hamas, which in May launched nearly 300 rockets into Israel. In July, Hamas official Fathi Hamad told Palestinians that ‘there are Jews everywhere! We must attack every Jew on planet Earth — we must slaughter and kill them, with Allah’s help. Enough warming up!’”

In other words, Bernie Sanders, a candidate for president of the United States, who is Jewish, is proposing to divert military aid from an American ally and the sole democracy in the Middle East and hand over part of it to a terrorist fiefdom that is dedicated to the obliteration of not only Israel but all Jews everywhere. It is as if an American politician during the 1940s called for the diversion of aid to Great Britain to Nazi Germany. No evidence exists that Sanders gets the irony.

Nikki Haley, who until recently was the ambassador to the United Nations, took to Twitter to call Sanders out on his proposal.

“Just when you thought Bernie Sanders couldn’t get any more radical, he outdid himself. He wants to take the money we give to Israel to defend itself from terrorists and give it to Gaza, which is run by terrorists?? Unreal. Why isn’t every other Dem pres candidate saying he’s wrong?”

Speaking of the other candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg have expressed openness to using military aid to Israel to force that country to be more accommodating to the Palestinians. None of the Democrats have said what would happen if, as has been the case too frequently, either Hamas or the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank are unwilling to negotiate in good faith.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, on the other hand, has suggested that using military aid as leverage against Israel would be counter-productive.

One of the ironies concerning Sanders’ proposal, as the Washington Examiner reports, is that it constitutes a quid pro quo demand from Israel in return for aid. Sanders and other Democrats have excoriated President Trump for allegedly demanding a quid pro quo from Ukraine, in this case, an investigation of some of the alleged corrupt practices of former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter. The accusation has become the centerpiece of the current impeachment investigation being conducted by House Democrats.

It should be noted that Sanders claims that he is a supporter of the State of Israel’s right to exist, even going so far to wax nostalgic for his days of working on an Israeli kibbutz. “I spent many months on a kibbutz in Israel. I believe absolutely not only in the right of Israel to exist but the right to exist in peace and security. That’s not a question,”

However, Israel has long ago moved away from its socialist roots, It is building a market-based economy based on high technology. Israel has enjoyed considerable success becoming, what is in effect, the silicon valley of the Middle East, even though it is still obliged to maintain a large military.

Sanders remains a frequent critic of the Israeli government and its policies toward the Palestinians. He has even gone so far as to accuse Israel’s current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of racism.

52 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Wants to Cut Israel Aid and Give Part to Gaza

  1. Bernie Sanders, for a Jew, is a moron. I’m not going to go into the particulars suffice to say there has never in the history of the world been a Palestinian state anywhere. The people that Yasser Arafat dub “Palestinians” where the Syrians and Jordanians that wandered around the Levant before the ’48 Balford Accord. We have demonstrable Archaeological proof that the Hebrews, Jewish people, have been in the Levant, Canaan, since Biblical times. There is evidence to support King David as sovereign in Jerusalem coinciding with the Biblical time frame. One can research the truth anytime one wants, but you first need to want to know the truth. It appears not one democrat is interested in the truth.

      1. You are correct Keith. I am not a dem, but have done enough research to agree with you on this one.
        Wake up America, and see how we have been and are being, used to support the wrong people.


  2. Why would the Party of Racism (The Dems) want the truth ?
    It would expose them as the frauds they are.
    When will they condemn individual ant-Semites in their own party ? as opposed to ‘anti-Semitism’.
    Not only are they frauds (e.g. Adam S, Pelosi, Nadler, ……, they are liars and cheats (Hillary, Obama, ……..)
    They prefer to project their sins on the rest of humanity.
    Wake up Liberal Jews: the Bernie Titanic is sinking—-just like Hillary did.

    1. I can’t understand why the Liberal Jews are STILL Liberal Jews. Everyone can plainly see what the liberal agenda is today. They allow those radical islamic muslims that have managed to infiltrate our government to spew their hatred freely toward Israel and the United States of America both. That party has turned into a communist nazi party that wants total domination over the people and have us be totally dependent on the government for everything.

      1. Near as I can figure, there are “2”, kinds of Jews in the world. The “real ones”, that support their race/Religion…..& the American type Jews, that are jews, in name only, & care not for their fellow Jews! In Israel, those are the ‘real Jews…..The Jew’s in America, that “claim to be Jews”…..{ but, don;t care to support their blood brothers,are no better than the Libretard counterparts! { sad to say!}

  3. Mr. Walker; Thankyou for bringing to the fore the history refuting a previous “Palestinian nation. Never was, never has, and never will be. I have brought this to others’ attention previously and the only responce I received was “crickets”. I am not Jewish but even I realize that Muslims and organizations such as Hamas would burn Israel to the ground and murder every man, woman and child of the Jewish faith. For “dear, sweet old uncle Bernie” to even propose such a terrible and ultimately inhuman act tells just how unhinged and insane the left has become. I must live in a bubble as I never realized that Sanders is Jewish, which makes his proposal even more twisted. The thing that upsets me the most is the fact that Americans woiuld countenance this for even one second let alone give it due consideration. People.such as this shame us in front of the world and give every terrorist and murderer hope of continuing genocide and programs of world.domination and the destruction of western civilization. THANK YOU BERNIE AND FOLLOWERS. By your actions you continue and condone the evil done in this world.

  4. Bernie wants to be a traitor to his own people — just like his chief financial supporter and hero, Georgie Soros! These effing DemonKKKrats, I swear….

  5. Nothing’s changed. This only continues to confirm the fact that liberal, communist, sociopath dems are riddled with deranged mental illness! May GOD have mercy on their stupidity!!!


  7. The only thing I can say is Burnie is not playing with a full deck. Why would you short change aid to Israel? All the Muslim Brotherhood will do is throw it back at Isreal in missles, bombs or exploding vests. When are people gon’na figure out Burnie is a few socks short of a full sea bag. One thing the Anerican people should not stand for is funding terrorism with our tax dollars. That’s what Obama did and it didn’t turn out so good.

    1. Bernie Sanders may very well be weird…and consummately annoying…but he isn’t crazy. Sanders is a left-wing ideologue who’d time has come…for him. The country has seen an idiotic shift to the left in the confines of the Democrat Party and this guy, who had been formally and formerly a Socialist is now welcome in, and so very oddly, even not far left enough for some in this latter-day Democrat Party. In that form, Sanders can spread his leftist, anti-Israel and even anti-Jewish freak flag fly. He’s in his element and while many of us might think he’s crazy, he very effectively…even if not victoriously…tapped into and capitalized on a despicable trend. People who support Israel have to recognize that even if the Dems fail in their narrow-minded enterprise to win the presidency, as we certainly hope they will, the Sanders-types will not stop their efforts and they have to be defeated.

      1. For you to say that he “Isn’t” crazy… totally “your opinion”! If one considers our Constitution, & our Forefathers, intentions, for subsequent generations of Americans…..then…..Bernie is either a Socialist/Communist, or just plain self-serving politician, with delusions of grandeur!

    2. Bernie, needs another course in “Being an American”….101, & History of the Jewish People, & how they have been mistreated by fellow Arab Nations, throughout History! Also, how the Tribes of Isreal, have been killing each other for over 5000 years….& how the west…{ That’s us}…..Will never broker a peace between them!

    1. barry: isn’t it amazing why a jew would vote for a democrat. democrats plan to destroy israel but for some reason jews still support their own destruction. can’t figure them out.

  8. Just more proof that all democrats hate and despise Israel. Crazy Bernie thinks that Obama, the biggest hater of Israel, will endorse him if he hates Israel more than the other democrat lunatics.

    1. The socialist Jew …
      Most of the lunitics that make up the squad have endorsed the BernOUT, and you are surprised he is against Israel.

  9. It is not widely known but the N.A.Z.I.S. had detailed blue prints, found after the war, for two huge extermination Camps, in what was then Palestine, now Israel. This with the full COOPERATION Palestinian people! The only reason these were not built, and ALL the Jews in this part of the world were not exterminated, was the allies defeated the Germans before they crossed into Palestine! Palestine is NOT a ancient country, or culture, it was created, and named by the British during WW1, Laurence of a Arabia helped name it!

  10. I was once looking at some pictures taken of a Nazi concentration camp. I was amazed to see a task master wearing the star of David on his clothes instead of seeing an SS guard. I found out the Nazis used Jews as task masters to keep the other Jews in line. Bernie is the modern task master who has allied himself with the party of the KKK. Just like his idol Soros who ratted out his fellow Jews to the Nazis. Hey Israel, why haven’t you tried these two traitors for war crimes? Seems like they should’ve hung like the Nazis did.

  11. Oh Bernie My dad served in WW11 He never got the smell of burning flesh from his nose God gave the Jews their land and more God will look down on you When the second coming of Jesus happens you will have to face our King Savior and it is up to him but I do not believe he will look at you favorability You make your bed You will not be laying in it I will pray for you

  12. Bern, the “Palestinians are a figment of somebody’s imagination. Check the records of WWll and you will see that all the casualties referred to as Palestinians are Jews. And unless the “Palestinians” that you refer to want to claim the Philistines as ancestors the Hebrews were there first. And you wat to aid the same people the Iranians give aid and support to? Are you absolutely certain you’re Barack’s father?

  13. What insanity. I think these people love to hear themselves talk. If they have to talk, let it be something that will help humanity, not destroy it. As Roseanne would say, Get Real. Gruess Gott

  14. one day sanders you will have to answer to all your brethren murdered by the palestinians you old fool….you and warren will never ever be pres. of this great country….you and she are fanning the fires of anti semitism and phony hatred of america!!! the people will never ever elect either one of you misfits….president Trump will never relinquish the presidency to the evil that you to espouse!!!!! VOTE TRUMP IN 2020!!!!!

  15. THIS GUY IS A SICK PUPPY…………… He takes his views from Stalin another socialist and we already know how that ended up Lmao,\ not to mention he is prime for another heart attack….. Now he and the SQUAD think they actually have a chance Lmao, the American ppl are not that stupid, When Trump wins AGAIN in 2020 the heads are going to EXPLODE lol

  16. I guess he thinks being like George Soros will make him richer by stabbing his own people in the back, like George Soros when he collaborated with the Nazis in World War II. They both are sick evil old man and that goes for George Soros son too !

  17. Soros was 11-14 years old during WW2. He was just another Hungarian refugee child. How is that “collaborating with the Nazis”?

  18. Soros did not get rich by “stabbing his own people in the back.” He got rich with a currency trading company that bet against the British pound.

  19. Sanders is a Russian asset and has been proven. Just note where he went for his honeymoon. The man is a total disgrace and should actually be investigated for treason.

  20. It a good thing Bernie doesn’t expect Jews to vote for him. Ha, ha, ha. I mean Bernie is Jewish yet he wants to support Hamas. WoW! Talk about conflicted, the dems talk out of both sides of their mouths and often don’t get how nutty they sound to others. Ban cows, free education, health care, O.K. – sure – right. Colleges don’t want to be paid anymore they want to donate their expertise and facilities all for free. Okee dokey? I actually agree with Bernie that we should cut foreign aid to many, many regimes, and puts lots, and lots of pressure on them to become democracies or let them, fail. We can start with China. Ha, ha, ha.

  21. I am from that part of the world. I lived there long enough to see the facts and read the history of the people that lived in and around Israel.
    I remember the beautiful Lebanon and how it was destroyed when Yasser Arafat and his mob were kicked out of Jordan by King Hussein of Jordan and he and his Palestinians went to Lebanon and destroyed the beautiful country.
    Those Palestinians who claim that the land of Israel belong to them are nothing but fake people, they were nomads that traveled with the their goats around Jordan and Syria and the western desert of Iraq. The Muslim Palestinians were illiterate and could careless were they lived. But now with Israel making the area a Jewel of the middle east and a country that is an envy of many parts of the world for their success. The Palestinians now claim that the land belong to them. How greedy, unfaithful, how fake can some people be, I guess there are fake people not only living in America, like the Dems, they are everywhere, and so if we have to, we will fight them anywhere and everywhere. Good will overcome evil sooner or later.

  22. Bernie S is on borrowed time! Anytime one has a heart attack, muscles in the heart are damaged. It weakens the heart to the point it cannot pump blood completely to other parts of the body, especially to the brain. Apparently, he had a blockage in or around the heart. According to the American Heart Assn. about every 2.6 minutes in the US a heart attack survivor has another heart attack. His running for the Presidency could be a death neil or hasten another attack because of the stress associated with running for the highest office in the Land. Any major stress will increase the restriction in one’s arteries. Since he apparently had a blockage,initially, even with modern medications, he still would be subject to the calculation previously stated.
    God bless him.

  23. It is sad to see how far the Dems have gone. They will do anything at any time to try and change the out come of the 2016 election. It has been 3 years now and they are still whining and throwing their tantrums. They have not accomplished one item that they were elected to do. Not everyone can see how bad they have become because they use the government food stamps and AFDC funds to keep the people that are on assistance on it. They would never give one dime to making the lives of these people better. Since they are the party of slavery, they just found a different way to keep people as slaves by keeping them on the system and telling them all along that they are on their side. When in fact they only want them for one thing, their vote and to keep them on assistance. As for the accomplishments of the democrats, they have harassed the president and all that have worked so hard to help get this country out of the mess it has been in for decades. They don’t want you to ever have a better way of life. Government housing, how sad that is. Cramped up in what they will let you have if they say you can have it. Wake up, realize that you are being used to keep them in power and making them rich, not you.

  24. Vladimir writes of the beauty of the nation of Lebanon and as he said it was a very scenic and self supporting nation. My uncle worked in the U.S. state Dept from the 50’s til his retirement on the late 80’s. Lebanon was one of his favorite assignments as the people were primarily pro US and the culture and geography were wonderful. All it took was less than fifteen years of immigration by radicalized muslims both legal and non to destroy it. We heed the boots on the ground and eyewitness information of.some one who was there. If you want to see the democrats plan for you is exactly that of the U.K., England specifically. Roaming gangs of legal and illegal immigrants as well as homegrown gangs trying to expand and protect their turf; horrible medical and dental procedures and quality; firearms owned ONLY by the wealthy ( a citizen may own only those firearms as approved by the government and must be a gun club or shooting range membership to which is prohibitively expensive thus preventing only those but the wealthy owning firearms); British military patrolling the streets with military grade weapons be cause the police cannot control the situation because of the anti gun policy and rediculous laws and assinined policies; two tiered law for the landed gentry and peasants; government housing; government food stamps and government programs to force the balance of the citizenry to be dependant on the government; destruction of the middle class. What is left are being taxed into nonexistance; abolishing every right to free speech and freedom of expression to cater to fringe and radical minority groups; the destruction of the right to defend your self or others.let alone your property ( you will be arrested if they find even a butter knife in your possession in public). This is just the tip of the iceberg. I heartily suggest all keep tabs on and research what is going on in the U.K. and then apply what happens there to what the far left wants for you in our country.

  25. To go against Israel is to go against God. One is suppose to get wiser with age, but some the older they get, the dumber they get. Bernie Sanders will not make it along with his circus of democratic candidates for president. I am good at reading people and the way I see it the democratic party has turned into the party of liars. I am 63 years old and I was a life-long Democrat. The democratic party has turned me into a Independent/Republican.

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