The Democrats are the self-proclaimed champions for the working-class family. They have tooted their own horn as they have warned people for years to not trust the Republicans. They have told people that they will screw you up and let you down. This theme has been published for years and now it looks like they were wrong about one thing. They are the ones that will screw everyone over. The stupid Democrats have never been and never will be the champions for the working-class family. They seek to destroy families and take what does not belong to them.

When it came time for Obama to take a hike the field was wide open for a new person to come onto the scene. Donald Trump would battle Hillary Clinton in the biggest upset the Democratic Party has seen in a long time. Many states that were once blue turned red overnight. The nation cried with a loud voice that they were tired of Democratic stupidity. The nation was ready for a man that would listen to them. And that person was Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton hated Trump with a passion. All she could say about him is that he is a bad man. But she could never say why and what he did that made him a bad man.

Liberal Democrats believe if a person does not have a college education they are stupid and cannot think for themselves. They believe that such people should not be heard let alone seen. The self-praising effect of self-glorification runs deep for the stupid Democrats. They have placed themselves on a high pedestal believing themselves to be wise they have become fools in the eyes of everyone around them. They believe that they are entitled to the best that the country has to offer while everyone else is supposed to stomp into the dirt.

The demonic Democrats tell people that they will give them free healthcare and cancel all their debts but never deliver on such promises. They only want the votes that will keep them in office. Once they are secure for the next two to four years they forget what they said and dive into their agenda. Ocasio-Cortez is the perfect example of such duplicity as she spouts off growth and prosperity, she secretly runs off major job developers in her district in New York.

The Democrats hate the fact that the economy is growing at a fast pace. They hate the fact that there is private insurance. And they hate the truth that President Trump is better than they ever will be or could be. He has protected the nation from the stupidity of the Democrats and has rebuilt what they have sought to only destroy. The Democrats would have the nation dependent on foreign countries for resources. They would take the jobs that belong to Americans and give them to illegal aliens. And yet the working-class family is fully aware of their lies and will not vote for any of them in 2020.

The truth of it all is as Matt Moorhead, who works for GM, has stated “It scares me that (some Democratic candidates) don’t know working-class people. It scares me that Democrats turn people away by some things they say … My fear is they will lose votes from working-class families who are union.” Moorhead does not believe in government-run healthcare. He has told the Democrats that “There are systems that run better. There needs to be government involvement, but there also needs to be a free market as well.”

The main difference between outrageous Obama and President Trump is that Obama was scared to get his hands dirty. But President Trump loves working right beside the work-class family. Obama would allow certain things on the federal level but would run in fear when the states started to fight. President Trump has gone to the state level and set the standard of how states can work with others to grow American resources.

President Trump is a people’s president. He cannot be bought by big money. And he certainly will not be bullied into a decision by others around. He has the best interests of the people in mind when he makes his decisions that lead to a great America.

128 thoughts on “GM Warns Democrats About the Working Class

  1. LOL!! The working class is so much better off under Trump! Prices going up, wages going down, no healthcare for millions, a degraded environment, increased hurricanes , fires and tornadoes due to global warming that Trump does not believe in. Farmers unable to sell their goods, not enough immigrants to get the job done. Manufacturing is already in a recession. Our Federal deficit is increasing 1 trillion $ a year, companies going bankrupt right and left. We are at the beginning of the greatest recession since Bush caused the one in 2008. In another year, Trump will be tarred and feathered by his loyal Trumpies. BTW, I am a founder and owner of a medium size manufacturing corporation that employs over 300 workers, many of them Trumpies, and the handwriting is already on the wall, in bright red. Look at the economic indicators for September.

    1. The demoncraps have surely brain washed these people. To the guy with the manufacturing buisness , arent you glad Clinton and Obummer didnt send you buisness to China? Some of the rest of you need to learn to spell. Get your free health care and education, see what it costs you.

    2. Sir>>>> You really and truly and HONEST TO GOD cannot be as stupid as your message here would indicate….Good Lord, wise up or suffer under the consequences of your stupidity.
      And by the way….I do not for one minute believe you run any Co. of any size….you MIGHT clean the restrooms in one, that would be the extent of what anyone would trust you with.


    3. There’s so much “non-factual” stated here, I don’t know where to begin. Let’s hit 1or 2 points. Federal deficit, DOUBLED under Obama. He created more debt than ALL presidents accumulated prior to his 8 years.
      The economy is growing at a pace not seen since the late 1960’s
      Obviously the person stating above is ignorant (I didn’t say stupid). You can’t fix stupid, ignorance simply translates to “uninformed”.

    4. The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot”, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from the Consulate at Bergen, Norway.Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone.Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
      Washington Post, November 2, 1922, 97 years ago.

      1. Interesting. I just saw a presentation that states the hole in the Ozone layer was getting smaller and that “Global Warming was not true. It basically stated that our climate was more complex than previously Known. But then I’m just an Uneducated Deplorable. I only had Magna Cum Laude honors on my BSBA/ACCT. (3.864); a 3.90 on my MBA; and had to drop my DBA/Specialty in Technical Entrepreneurship 34 hours into and 6 hours shy of my Dissertation due to being rated VA 100% Total and Permanent Disability + SMC-S for greater than 60% + beyond that and SSA Disabled from my 21 year career! What have the Democrats done but complain and use violence to try and intimidate others. Always taking because they are entitled and don’t believe in the honor of keeping America free, growing, and in community.

        1. Scott, so many of us deplorables want to thank you sincerely for your service & for standing up for the American way! You are so right!!

    5. Paul listens to too much MSNBC and its LIARS/ The G M statement agrees with the point that the rubber meets thew roads that the rubber meets the road. What Paul describes as Trump is actually and documentably true of Obama, who gave $1.5 BILLION of Taxpayer money to Muslim Brotherhjood and a like amount to Iran to supposedly not build Nuclear weapons to use on the U. S. and Israel, but which much evidence reveals it actually helped fund Nuclear weapons and missileds to deliver them as far as New York! As to insurance, I do not know of any situation in which people lost valid healthcare since Trump except a few caught in a “catch 22” bcause of forced changes to Obamacare. I am 82 and on Medicare and Medicaid, which, thank God, I have only used in once 2010, under pre-Obamacare policy. But I know MANY others as well as doctors and care facilities that have ceased operation, making less services to those needing them available.

    6. I am a farmer and you are a MORON. Don’t tell me what I can or can’t sell. Just talk about what you know, like your gooberment check, your food stamps, and your free housing. Farmers are hard working taxpayers, working on solutions … you are part of the problem stirring up $hit that you know nothing about.

  2. Paul, you are quick to put President Trump down but, you say nothing about how the Democrats are working against everything that he’s trying to accomplish for US. As a retired business owner myself, I strongly suggest that you take a long hard look at the underlying circumstances for some of things that you mentioned. For example, Trump isn’t opposed to immigration, he’s opposed to people coming into the country illegally. Further, Donald Trump is systematically undoing what Obama did, that hurt our country. He’s renegotiating foreign trade deals that benefited others while hurting US workers. His goal is to put our country and the American People first and, so far he’s doing it!


      1. Carolyn, you are a true liberal, Trump has put many good plans on the line and the main problem is the do-nothing congress. They spend all their time trying to find something to impeach Trump for. He has been in office for over 2 1/2 years and the liberals haven’t done anything but try to get rid of Trump and without the House doing the business of the people, laws and bills cannot get passed. I guess the dems want Trump to do what Obama did, issue a lot of executive orders.

        1. GERALD TODD Carolyn is stark raving mad! She has dissociative disorder putting her out of touch with reality! Obama was the worst POTUS this county ever had and the list of reasons is too long to go into here, but he did nothing for the economy, instead he kept the unemployment rate in the 7 to 8% range for most of his eight Dark Years for America, and that was the fluffed up public evil mass media numbers, it was far worse, especially for Blacks and Hispanics more like 25%, which Trump has reversed making history as more Blacks and Hispanics are now working since Trump implemented his tax restructuring job creation package than ever in American History; and the unemployment rate hasn’t been this low in over 50 years!!! The GDP struggled to get over 1% under Obama which is worse than some third world economies and this is the Greatest Nation on earth so to have that going on is totally insane, and wicked to allow it! In his horrible eight years in office he ran the National Deficit up from 9.5$Trillion to just over 20$Trillion so anything that seemed to improve was only due to his taxing and spending; the same old paradigm of the evil Dems! We all know about his dumb ass sissy Red Line in the sand BS but he did nothing while Assad killed woman and children with banned Chemical Weapons in Syria a torturous horrid death for them after he promised the Free Syrian Army rebels against Assad help; but never delivered squat, and all the while Obama coddled the Muslim Brotherhood helping ISIS to flourish who built a caliphate in the Middle East like nothing seen in modern times before! The guy is evil and a complete fraud liar! Trump is the real deal and a great man who is our President because God wanted him to be; so that evil Hillary couldn’t be; because she was going to finish the wicked screw job of America that Obama started, bringing America closer to NWO, and Third World Status. Canada is well on its way because silly trustee boy Trudeau is using the plan of socialism that Hillary would have and running that nation into the ground. He invited ISIS Jihadists to live there now after fighting in Syria and Iraq! NUTS! Carolyn needs a huge reality check!

      2. Carolyn, you said a mouthful with out any specifics. Why do all of you lefties do that? You have been taken hostage by the main stream conspiracy news media that hates Trump. At least we can agree on that. S, the point is, the news media that hates Trump has put out over 500.000 conspiracies/lies about Trump, especially during the 2 years of the fraud Trump/Russia collusion fiasco, and did you not believe every word the news media said? So, in other words the news media LIED to you! The biggest lie was that the news media told all of us that Hillary was winning when the news media knew she was losing. They did that all the way up until the last minute on election night. In other words the news media LIED to you and played you for a fool. After the election the news media heads all sat back and laughed their behinds off at all of the suckers like you that believed their lies! Every thing you posted came from the conspiracy news media who LIES to you to make you look like an idiot. Wake the h*ll up, the news media knows there are people like you out there that believe everything they say, even after all of the conspiracies and lies.

        1. Allen, she did it because of the reason you said but mainly because like Dr. Michael Savage warned and said for decades, “Liberalism is a mental disorder!” These are very sick people that are like babies that want their own way and just won’t face reality even when they are dead wrong and it hurts badly! Sick! FACTS and TRUTH; until they can accept all of them they are screwed people!

      3. Your as ignorant as your spelling Carolyn! This is the best economy in 50 years but the lack of your obvious education explains it all! The democrats are the party of immorality and evil! They uphold everything God hates and that is the very definition of evil!!

      4. Carolyn, I feel so sorry for you, your shouting and ranting show you have an advanced case of TDS/Trump Derangement Syndrome, I suggest you take some of the hate out of your heart and start learning some facts and reality, treating your TDS will make your life so much truer and real.

      5. Your ignorant capitalized rant entirely false. Look up your history pal. Bill Clinton out us in the biggest economic disaster this country has ever seen. Look up the community reivestments act. That was the cause of the catastrophe in the economy. Also look up a
        Barny Frank. Clinton made the car a law. Essentially stating that if banks don’t give a housing loan to a person that doesn’t even make enough to pay for it;that the bank will be held accountable. So please look up some FACTS before you go off like a friggin loon.

      6. Carol, I can see you have the Dumpacratic Trump derangement syndrome. Obama was the worst president we have ever had. President Trump has done so much for the little people.
        How does he make money off the WH? He donates his entire pay, his daughter doesn’t even collect a paycheck either. He turned his control of his business over to his son.
        You need to stop drinking the Dumpacratic Copland.

      7. Carolyn: You really need to be sedated. Just use your middle finger on your laptop and type in Trump’s accomplishments and see the list that pops up. Then say that he’s done nothing for this country.

      8. Remember everyone: In a recent Nationwide televised interview, the National Chairman of the DNC Tom Perez stated Quote: “The New Face, The Future of the Democratic Party is Socialism.” End Quote. I ask their supporters to remember the Nat Zis were Socialists and the Ka Ka K is a Democrat founded Organization, and according to Valdimir Lenin Quote: “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” With this fact in mind I close with a quote from Mao Tse Tung whom stated: “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – This my friends is why our Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment!

      9. That’s what the Dems and the MSM are telling you but if you really care about truth check the facts and stop being a parrot for the people who are corrupt to the core. Those cages are from the OBama era and were there when Trump came on board. You talk like you care but do you really know what is happening? The economy was going downhill fast and now it is better even though OBama said the economy would tank if Trump was elected and that the jobs would never come back – it would take a magic wand. What do you see? Also, when illegals are apprehended with children (in a good percent of the time they are not the children of the illegals (child trafficking)). Should they put them in the same cell with adults? Have yuou actually been ion one of these “cages”? Have you really done your part of fact checking before raving about something that you do not know first hand? If not and if you don’t want to bother, I have a bridge to sell you.

      10. Carolyn would you quit screaming, thank you. The next thing you need to do is quit listening to the major news net work, they have been lying for 50 years. In the same 50 years the communist party has slowly taken over the Democratic party because third parties cannot win an election. After 50 years they have control of it with the help of the major news net works by not keeping the American people informed with the truth. Watch Fox for your news but take what they say with a grain of salt.
        To the climate nuts when you check out the arctic try not to get you boat frozen in like the two groups this summer.

      11. Not just a true liberal, but an idiot liberal who has spent way too much time watching or reading fake news. Her precious Obama set up the separation of kids from parents who ILLEGALLY entered the country, not Mr. Trump, and fake news forgets to publish that tidbit for this idiot to read or watch; she has NO proof that he has done any money laundering (to the contrary he donates his salary for the betterment of our country); he set in motion a way to help farmers after the tariffs were in force; farmers may now be able sell their products at a more reasonable cost to Americans; your precious liberal representatives have been known to go to the border and prompt the immigrants on what to say and do in order to be released,including lying about mistreatment. Believe what you read and hear and the results will awaken you to the dangers of socialism that is espoused by your precious democrats. You will be standing in line to buy a pound of flour at escalated prices along with the rest of us – of course, excluding the high paid and virtually danger free “representatives” you elect. BTW your all caps show what a moron you really are.

    2. Lone Wolf you are Spot-On! Paul is off the wall and another denier of the facts and truth like all lost soul Dems are! Dr. Michael Savage said it best for years, “Liberalism is a mental disorder! It’s amazing how much good Trump has accomplished with the whole Dem party fighting his Presidency like the evil ruinous savages they are! Can we imagine if they had worked in a positive fashion with him how much better off we all would be! But, those same Dems have so much dirty laundry that they fight to the death now to not be exposed and ruined! Criminals!
      Obama never held a real long term working and struggling for a living job, but by being a corrupt Dem and President he now owns four multi-million dollar mansions and many various holdings or investments! A crook is all he is, but Trump accomplished so much with hard work and ingenuity for decades, that’s the guy to lead me!

    3. Carolyn, do you know what country your talking know your in the United States not China..Trump has done more for America since Washington than any other sitting take you bulls**t and shove it because your a lying sack of Schiff….MAGA2020….

  3. Carolyn you must be a liberal and far left at that. Because YOU are full of CS.since I don’t think you are a man,.I can’t say. BS .

  4. I spent over 40 years as a blue collar worker,and never saw a
    prez bring on jobs for the blue collar folks as president trump has
    If you do not have a job today the reason is you you refuse to work
    There are no limits to the prosperity this country could achieve if
    the democrats could wise up.Who sold our uranium,who sent an
    airplane load of cash to the the Iranian Mullahs in the dead of night?President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the
    USA in 100 yrs no strike that probably ever.

  5. I lived thru eight years of Obama depression and thank GOD that Hillary lost in 2016. I voted for then and will again in 2020. Healthcare cost has damaged my American Dream. I could not afford a mortgage and health insurance anymore. I sold my home of twenty-four years and now my healthcare cost of $800 per month is a financial burden. I’ve worked 40 plus years in manufacturing and now I’m out of work. Trump is draining the swamp as fast as he can. The democrats have made it clear they do not support Trump and to hell with the AMERICAN PEOPLE until they lie, cheat and steal this power grab back. I did not quit being civil when OBAMA took the Whitehouse. I just suffered thru it all until Trump came along. I’m sticking with him in 2020. You will see the likes of a CIVIL WAR if we let the democrats impeach our President just because your hatefulness is blind.

    1. Bradley Gilles, perfectly said and you are so right we were all civil for those Dark Years for America for Obama’s two terms but all these evil Dems can do is evil; and attacking our own President and Country constantly this way! EVIL MINIONS of SATAN!

    2. I lived through the 4 years of incompetent Jimmy Carter. This country was on the verge of another great depression. Then we’re recused by Reagan. I never thought I’d see another idiotic boob in the white house again in my life time. Boy was I wrong. The lying pervert good old boy from Arkansas was bad enough but when the elephant eared tooth pick got in there, I realized that no matter how bad the last dummycrat president was, they will find one even worse. I also struggled under those 8 years of Opukeface and lost my health insurance during that time. Couldn’t afford the outrageous price of the No affordable Healthcare Act so I paid the fine. It was several times cheaper than the insurance and when I did go to the doctor I paid cash. Civil War will come if Trump doesn’t get re-elected because I wouldn’t lie down and take this crap again!

  6. I truly believe democrats just are blind and ignore anything that is actually better for the country so lets see the housing crisis was actually caused by the democrats way back in the 90’s when they mandated that banks loan to anyone and everyone if they could walk and chew gum consequently demand exploded and contractors and suppliers could not keep up and inflation ensued and the bubble finally burst but the banks didn’t care because the fed also instituted mortgage protection that paid the banks 80% of their money for default so the banks actually made money in a shorter time than they would of holding the mortgage then the fed steps in and reorganizes the banks into these giant institution and creates guidelines that make it almost impossible to get a mortgage again democrats Every city that is in democrat control is in shambles and yet the people still think life will be better When will you liberal whiners learn nothing is free and the only thing that the constitution entitles you to is opportunity The mere fact that your base is inherently lazy will be your downfall Living with mom and dad expecting the rest of society to take care of you is not going to fly At some point you have to grow up The PC world is about to implode and not soon enough for me and by the way now women you may never be able to win a contest as the gender neutral society eliminates you from the competition and as for being a kinder more tolerant society open your eyes the violence emanates from your side you see conservatives just want to be left alone to do their thing and take care of their families Nothing stops you from reaching your goals except your own self The opportunity is there you just have to go for it Remember government was not supposed to do anymore than build infrastructure and provide a army The people employ the politicians and lately the politicians think they are in charge it is time to change and go back to what the constitution actually provides us

  7. Personally if I didn’t know better I would think President Trump was originally a woman.His thinking is better than most men Gay like Obuma or not.He feels things differently.I wish the Average person was privy to all that is.Yet life doesn’t allow for this.I have Not yet seen a Democrat that I like better than him.Hopefully as we progress through life we will get better candidates than we ‘ve seen.

  8. Keep Carolyn’s message. She has just described Obama and the Democrats. Reread it if you are ever tempted to vote for a Democrat.

    1. lillian reheusser, great idea and one better make copies and hand them out or email them to anyone you can think of to make sure they see what the Dem agenda and party does to people and makes them so ill they see nothing right anymore; only left! CRAZY!

  9. Thank you for bringing it to the light ! The Dems have been screwing things up for years. I hope the People who are Dems see this and vote these idiot out !

  10. get all Dems out of office before they destroy our country and the people how love it.. it has to happen now not next year. full speed ahead.. we lose Trump we lose our country an our lives..

  11. There was another time the democrates, the angry news media and even some Republicans fought very hard against a president. That was our first republican President, Abraham Linclon and his reelection in 1864, which he won by a landslide. The democrats were at that time on the wrong side of freedom and what was right.
    The Democratic Party was in favor of continuing slavery.
    The Democratic Party was in favor of dividing our nation.
    The news media and the democratic followers were ruthless in their attacks against President Abraham Lincoln. Accusations against The president including accusing him of being a tyrant and using his office to expand his power. President Lincoln ignored court orders and proceeded to do what he knew and felt was best for our divided nation. He is now known as one of our greatest presidents.
    President Donald Trump is doing what he knows is best for the great nation of the USA, which the democrates are once again trying to destroy.
    Don’t listen to the whining and crying of their lies. The news media has its own agenda- look at the facts and not what the deceptive news producers are trying to sell us.
    Donald Trump has done more for the UNITED STATES of AMERICA than any US president since Ronald Regan- and maybe since Abraham Lincoln.

  12. The democrats promise everything and deliver nothing. There free everything is just a vote stealing sham. Donald Trump has made every attempt to keep his campaign promises despite the obstruction of congress. How ling has it been since any president did that?

    1. You are absolutely correct
      Even the “brainwashed” Europeans are beginning to see President Trump has kept promises that his predecessors failed to keep.

  13. I am a FORMER Dumbocrat, who woke up several years ago to what the evil dems were all about. Wanting to make everything free to everyone who didn’t want to work. Common sense should tell everyone that nothing is free, someone is paying. And the government does not make money, they take it from the working people and are supposed to use it for the good of everyone in the country, but NO the dems want to buy votes by promising free stuff. Talking about obamy, he is a Muslim and wanted to turn us into a Muslim country. How many saw and heard him say on live TV that the most beautiful sound in the world is the call 5 times a day for the Muslims to pray. I have several good friends who are Muslim decent but are citizens here, who have told me that this is the best place in the world to live. They don’t do that muslin prayer stuff and they are always asking me if there is anything I need, so ready to help. They confirmed to me that obama is Muslim and not good for this country. They didn’t vote for him because they said he would try to make us like the places they fled from many years ago. They are from Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Jerusalem. One young lady who married one of our Special Forces guys, from Iraq, told me that when she was 6 years old that men from their government killed their mother and father right in front of herself and one of her sisters. And she said that the American people let obama bring these same kind of people into America. She also said that when Trump was elected, one of her sisters still in Iraq called to tell her that the people of her country partied and celebrated for 3 days, because Trump promised that if he was elected he would destroy isis.

  14. Attention on Deck!! For all of my conservative friends. Relax, no matter how much logic and facts you try to give to a left wing liberal ,they will pull another free rabit out of their butt and tell you facts mean nothing. When you encounter this just take a deep breath and remember these words. “”YOU JUST CAN NOT FIX STUPID””

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