School is a fun environment that many students enjoy every single day. They leave their homes and embark on their journey to learn not just fundamental knowledge but also how to interact with other people. They get the opportunity to develop relationships and learn how to handle themselves in a wide range of situations. Sadly the stupid liberals are flooding the school system with cultural terms and agendas that are beginning to affect students in their classrooms.

One subject, in particular, that is seeing the worst reaction to liberal agendas and stupidity is in the math class. Math is straight forward and there is not any debate as to mathematical answers. At least not until now. The Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Advisory Committee is trying to take math class and link it with the history of oppression. These stupid adults are trying to take a history class subject and mesh in together with a class based on facts. This is only going to confuse the students.

The stupid approach to teaching math is set up in four different sections. They are:

Origins, Identity, and Agency,” “Power and Oppression,” “History of Resistance and Liberation,” and “Reflection and Actions.” This laughable approach to mathematics is causing a lot of stupid problems. The entire approach that this lame committee is trying to push on everyone will tell people that math is a subjective subject. They will tell everyone that math is a racist subject.  One has stated that “Who gets to say if an answer is right. How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?”

What the committee is trying to push is a relative approach to math. They want the students to be confused and think that 2 + 2 = 5. If anyone tries to tell them that it equals 4, then they are a racist person. The next thing teachers will see are the students telling them what grade they should get in school. This line of thinking allows the student to dictate what is the truth and what is not. The problem with this approach is that in the minds of the students they are thinking that truth is relative. This means that what one holds to be true can be considered a lie by another that thinks something else to be true.

The funny part about this system is that the people responsible for setting it all up missed the point of the education system. Jason Rantz who is with the KTTH stated that the “ESAC is made up of several educators and was created due to a legislative mandate to ‘advise, assist, and make recommendations to the office of the superintendent of public instruction regarding the identification of ethnic studies materials.” However, the school board missed the purpose of this new material.

It was never intended to cause the students to cry about math being racist. The entire purpose of the material is to push another system from another part of the world on Americans. It is an attempt to change what being an American is all about. One stated that it is “used to disenfranchise people and communities of color.” What they are saying here is that the way people in the United States is being taught is not fair to the rest of the world. Not everyone can learn that way so America must change to make the world happy.

The stupid people that put all of this together really believe their propaganda when they say that students will be able to “construct & decode mathematical knowledge, truth, and beauty” which will help them all contribute to their cities. They won’t be able to do anything but flunk school because they are confused about math now. Or they will be able to pick their grades to make themselves feel better and still won’t have a clue about what is going on. All because stupid liberals believe they know what is best for society. Math is not a racist subject. The people that are trying to make it such do not have a clue as to what is going on in the real world.

138 thoughts on “School Says Math is Racist!

  1. The “MORLOCKS” are here. The perfect way to grow the “ELOI” class. Science fiction is fast becoming science fact and procedure.

    1. Gad. I haven’t read the “Time Machine” in 47 years. Thank you for the memory.
      I could agree more on how “schools” are doing. I have students (I’m a tutor in CA) that tell the teachers that they don’t have to do the work because it takes away from their “me” time.

    2. I Agree with all these comments. These people are evil..We have to stand against wherever this mess is starting.The school board… Protecting our babies from this STUPID IDIOT’S CULT.

  2. Come quickly please Lord JESUS!
    this is just EVIL! we have to pay attention to what’s being taught to our children! all of us older Americans expect things to be taught as we were taught & it’s just not happening that way! schools are being taken over by “evil” & we’ve got to STOMP it’s ugly head!
    “Lord help us JESUS!”

  3. No, zero, schools that allow more than one answer to any given math solution, should be allowed to be accredited, period.

  4. Math can not be racist. Math doesn’t care about race. Math does not have a brain (racist have a brain; they’re just not using it) and math has no emotions.

  5. Racist math ???? How stupid !!! How insane !!! Math is math. Period. But then, isn’t the United States of America allowing “stupid” to rule too often. Moms and Dads need to stand up and protest this crap being presented to their kids. Best way to stop this foolishness in its tracks is to attend Parent/Teacher events. Be a part of the school has your child during his/her developing years.

    1. This is sad. Kids today are being fed lies even in school. Without learning the Truth about what math is and how to apply it in daily life , people will be used and abused by those that want to control them . This is how communism and other totalitarian regimes have come to control the masses. It’s called drumming down of America . People like Mr Soros are using and abusing us including our children . It’s time to take our country back and stop giving into the radical , socialistic , eliteist forces that want to use and abuse the American people.

      1. Considering how math is being taught today kids will never be able to relate it to their everyday lives, with or without, the touchy-feely crap.

  6. Liberals destroy everything they attempt to fix. Just another example of stupid, incompetent, idiots trying to something that isn’t broke. Even drug pushers, pimps, and prostitutes use math to count the money. Every criminal enterprise in the world uses math for counting the money. The game of pool uses geometric angles to sink the balls in the pockets. Every culture that has ever existed has used some form of math. Even to tell time reading the clock is a form of math. Will the dumbness of liberals ever hit bottom?


  7. How about paying these school administrators 3 x $10 bills and tell them, that based on their math, this equals their salary. Let us see how they like this math. Give back to them exactly what they are attempting to teach our children.

  8. First politicians, now liberals neither of the two have any business telling legitimate schools what to teach, corrupt politicians and now mentally corrupt far righter’s want to dumb down our students enough get rid of “educators” from college down who have lost the ability to educate and instead teach what they have been brain washed with,

  9. So in their minds if I have 2 apples in my hands I may have 3 or if I have 3 cars I might have 4 or if I have 1 dollar at a store and the item I am buying is 4 dollars the store has to believe me! WOW, the liberals are so messed up I am surprised they know how to count money, how many children they have or if their paycheck is correct! I am glad I changed careers from teaching to joining the Air Force. Just think with the new math we will never know how many weapons we have, how many tanks, or how many personnel.

  10. Math also shows Correctness when RIGHT & shows that you are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT when you are totally WRONG. The left DOES NOT LIKE PROOF IN FRONT OF THEM THAT SHOWS THEM WRONG..!!!

  11. Why do we even allow liberal insanity to influence our society. The problem ( other than George Soros is still alive) is these vermin hide behind our Constitution and their “freedom of speech” right when it suits them – when something doesn’t they want it abolished. These people are mentally ill morons and will eventually be purged from society.


  13. This approach should certainly put the USA in the forefront of scientific research (sarcasm, in case you liberals didn’t notice).

  14. Funny, just a couple of days ago, I read somewhere that math was sexist. Girls couldn’t do math. So which is it? or both?
    I must have missed the sexist message in the 60’s when I was in school. I somehow managed to earn a Bachelor Degree in both Biology and Chemistry in 7 semesters by taking a maximum load of classes allowed. Saved money on tuition. Gee how did a stupid girl manage to do that? Not without a very good math background.

  15. So now we have to believe Math is racist? Why aren’t the parents ignoring this? Math and Math is not racist it is arithmetic and only that. Have people lost their marbles seems so. Sad for all the students who go along with this.

  16. 2 + 2=4 I don’t care how you doin is always 4 . Teaching it’s 5 is downright stupid and schools who teach it is 5 should automatIlly be shut down the stupid teachers all are fired along with the Super and the school board. Hold your hand up expanding your fingers and see the true answer pointing finger plus your info finger = 2. Then your ring finger + your little finger. Put them all togeather and count them. Wow it’s four, this really was for the stupid dang teachers who get 5

    1. I’m simply sick and tired of this everything and all whites are racist. This is yet just another step in the direction of communism….. These liberals aren’t just mad because Trump was elected but the fact that this country becoming first a socialist shit hole then a full blown communist mecca was stalled, the liberal elites are simply livid about this….and likely their cornflakes will be pissed on again in 2020…. thank god for miracles both great and small. This whole educational nonsense stems from pure full grown liberal idiots,remember common core? This is just another extension of that, next it will be foisted upon poor unsuspecting school kids down the left coast , Texas and then the rest of this country…… almost makes me want to puke. Me thinks President Trump should set some hard and fast rules in the Educational department and stop this dumbing down of our children.

  17. Math is so important ,it boggles the mind to call it anything other than that ! Where does “Race” enter the picture ? We can’t go through life counting on our fingers, Something is so very wrong here in so many ways !

  18. The last paragraph of the above article hits the nail on it’s head, with respect to the following observation. These liberals do not have a clue as to what is going on. That being the case, the following question comes to mind. How did they manage to obtain positions of power, which seems to be the case.

  19. I read the article and come to the only conclusion viable conclusion. The school authorities are out of touch with reality and not trying to further education, but to cripple it through their version of political correctness. In other words they are stupid and should not be allowed to research anything. Dismiss their theories, and include them in the

  20. mathematics, geometry and trigonometry have no inherent link io racism, but mastery of those subjects has a strong correlation with intelligence. therefore, grades in those subjects tenend to stratify the students, felegating the minorities to the bottom layers. that’s very unfortunate but it has nothing to do with deliberate racism. eliminiating those subjects from ths curriculum would be unbelievably stupid, because learning other subjects like physic, chemistry engineering and computer programming is impossible without competence in those fundamental tools. i’m amazed that there are people stupid enough to consider such idiotic steps as the removal of essential knowledge. the schools involved should be discredited immediately and the teachers involved should be banned from classrooms for life…

    1. They do if your a dumb ass.There gold is to keep the people stupid.I hope the country wakes ups soon.I can’t believe citizens of this country would not be outraged.We are already low on the list of smart country’s.Third world country should not be our system.

    2. I struggled with math…but kept slugging it out….i was very disapppinted when daughters FRIENDS told her, Algebra is soooo
      Some kids do not get enough encouragement….

  21. I’m simply sick and tired of this everything and all whites are racist. This is yet just another step in the direction of communism….. These liberals aren’t just mad because Trump was elected but the fact that this country becoming first a socialist shit hole then a full blown communist mecca was stalled, the liberal elites are simply livid about this….and likely their cornflakes will be pissed on again in 2020…. thank god for miracles both great and small. This whole educational nonsense stems from pure full grown liberal idiots,remember common core? This is just another extension of that, next it will be foisted upon poor unsuspecting school kids down the left coast , Texas and then the rest of this country…… almost makes me want to puke. Me thinks President Trump should set some hard and fast rules in the Educational department and stop this dumbing down of our children.

  22. Think about this people: Every day we are inundated with a myriad of advertisements about programs, appliances, tools, washing machines and dryers, telephones etc. etc, etc. Today, I decide I want to make some money. So, I’m going to advertise to sell you a bucket of shit. I’m going to ‘dress’ it up verbally or visibly by putting into a very appealing picture. I will advertise it on every media possible to reach as many as possible. I will tell of all the wonderful things it will do for you if, you take 1 tablespoon in a glass of beverage each morning. You will feel positive life changes within 60 days and thousands of users will testify as to how it has changed their lives like Mary in Indiana and John in Tennessee etc. etc etc. with a money back guarantee. MANY will see or hear my ads and curiosity will cause them to buy my bucket of shit. The more I advertise the more will buy because it is human nature to be on the bandwagon. Are you with me yet??
    This is how we have come to where we are in this country. Over many years, people have bought that very bucket only to find out that’s exactly what they have purchased because grand parents bought it, friends bought it, and even our parents bought it only they were to embarrassed to say anything for fear of ridicule or many actually felt their was a change. Indoctrination is a marvelous tool.
    Let’s be real now. Understanding what I have just described above, politicians advertise exactly the same way, with promises, promises and more promises. They want you to buy their bucket if shit. Over the years, the progressives were selling and people bought putting evil into our schools, local government and into Washington D. C. all because they failed to research the individual asking for their vote. So now, the Progressives have exactly what they have planned over the years; very slowly but surely they have arrived.. We conservatives are in a virtual war and we have no one to blame but ourselves!!!
    Our children have been and are still being indoctrinated or propagandized each and every day. The look upon their teacher as an idol of sort because they are led to believe they are all knowing intellectuals and can do no wrong. Innocence at a young age can be destructive unfortunately. Just look at the Middle East where children hear nothing but HATE. HATE AT HOME IN SCHOOL ,or on TV. Indoctrination is what this world is experiencing.
    We must resist this evil by thinking for ourselves. Researching for the truth by not being lazy and dependent upon that instrument we call a phone or computer. Our History is invaluable to our very existence. Without it, we as a viable nation will be destroyed. We MUST teach our children about out countries history;HOW AND WHY WE CAME TO BE. With the good as well as the bad. That alone will enable us to overcome the lies, deception and pure EVIL that has been put upon us.
    MAGA and KAGA.

  23. This Seattle School Ethnics Committee must be filled with IGNORANT, STUPID PEOPLE……”MATH IS RACIST”….where do they dig up people so DUMB?

  24. The old cliche “The inmates have taken over the asylum” a most apt evaluation of the liberal Communist Agenda that domiantes our elite colleges, it is time to return to common sense.

  25. Next on the target list (I’m not joking) is Almighty God. Folks this is no longer a struggle between Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats, the “left” against the “right”. It has evolved down to Good versus Evil, The forces of God against the forces of Satan. You won’t be able to set on the sidelines and watch. You won’t be able to sit safely and anonymously post on the web snarky comments. The very future of freedom as we have known it is at stake. As the sapling is twisted, so grows the oak. What you teach your children today will be the values of the leaders tomorrow. Trump may well be the last “patriot” to be elected President. When I look at the little kids , I wonder what kind of future is laying in wait for them. They will either thank us for saving it, or curse us for allowing it to be destroyed. Whether you like it or not , the responsibility and decision is yours and mine. The question is do we have the guts to do what is necessary ?

  26. That’s because they can’t do math! This is child abuse! Our schools don’t have educators, we have enablers of excuses
    to be life long dependents of government Handouts, so they have their days to be a permanent public nuisances!

  27. Why is this country not in a uproar .What is happening to this country.Dems/commies Want us to be a third world country.No one can tell me if we keep on this path that a civil war is not coming.

  28. If you can not add up your grocery receipt while standing in the store parking lot you need a lot of help, mentally. What about teaching American history, remember Valley Forge or the Alamo?

  29. REAL morons. Didn’t Greeks and Arabs have a lot to do with developing “MATH”. A civilization without math would be a very sad one. Hard to build tall buildings without it. Or fly. Make cars. Develope flush toilets that adults can’t drown in even if their head falls into it. Check it out.

  30. Every day I wanna say what they say is the stupidest. But the next day they do things even stupider than the previous day.. If we don’t wake up as a country this is a prime example we are going to be toast. We will be the laughingstock of the world.How far down do you think they’re going to drag us? Third World country is not out of sight.This kind of shit makes me fighting mad.

  31. Too ridiculous but that is what those DemocRats are doing ever since Trump got elected!
    All I like to say is please please please vote next year

  32. I earned a Ph.D. and taught business courses in three major state universities for 44 years. I held two endowed professorships, earned tenure and served 14 years as an administrator of one-third of a business school’s faculty and programs. I retired when I decided that MOST universities no longer exist primarily to create new knowledge and to disseminate it for the benefit of our society. Instead, MOST seek to attract tuition-paying students and to create programs of study that every student can succeed and earn a college degree. A large percentage of today’s university graduates have learned little of value and suffer disappointing career prospects.

    Far too many schools actively advise students to pile up debt and earn a worthless diploma. Those who clammer for free college must acknowledge that university education should be free because it is for far too many students worthless. The “bucket” of excrement comment above evoked this response. That is exactly what many institutions of higher learning are marketing these days.

  33. I think this is the greatest thing since sex and sliced bread. So for all the teachers and administrators that espouse such theory let us remind them that their salary will be judged subjectively ( the new math) ie your monthly salary of say $6000. will be either $600 or $60 or $6. It doesn’t matter what the amount is just as long as it does not amount up to be racist. So you should be satisfied with a salary around the $6000 be it $600 or $60 or $6. As math accuracy is now subjective your salary amount which you earned shouldn’t matter as to its accuracy. Any how you are not a teacher for the money but for the liberal cause.

  34. Next, they are going to say “breathing” is “racist” and being an “American” is “racist” and this can go on and on in the Demorats world of so-called logic. “RACIST” is their “favorite” by-line.

  35. This is real similar to the Oakland School Board’s solution to no children of color passing Physics…Well, children, we can’t have that…Physics must be racist…Therefore…We’ll just cancel the class…Presto, no more children of color failing Physics…Works every time!!!…Muy Stupido Bastardos…

  36. 76i am retired. i work pt at a amousment park. we hire a lot of high school students for summer and we tupe jobs. ive noticed that a lot of them really do not have a good basic knowledge of history economics and science and some are not good at math.jrs and seniors
    i have to tell them what i remember of my high school classwork. 55yrs ago.i really dont know what is being taught at school if anything . teachers are bullied hit spat upon and nothing happens to the student this is a political problem long time making

  37. I swear, there is no end in sight to the absolute stupidity running rampant by idiots in this country.
    Yeah, it’s “racist math” so therefore we can’t teach it…leaving minority kids to grow up illiterate and unable to function…JUST LIKE WHEN THE DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED THE SOUTH… Why not turn back the clock to those times…because to teach the kids math is racist?
    Some people who make decisions like this, need to be sent to an isolated island somewhere.
    Here we are, in the nation where a group of BLACK WOMEN did the math in their heads to put man in SPACE… talking about racism in numbers. It’s an idiotic as racist pumpkins. What is wrong with these people??

  38. I struggled with math…but kept slugging it out….i was very disapppinted when daughters FRIENDS told her, Algebra is soooo
    Some kids do not get enough encouragement….

  39. I taught school for a number of years, then switched careers, but after retiring did some para work at the schools. I expected some change, but was I ever shocked!! Kids just hurry up so they can play games on their laptops. Ask a 5th grader who was the 1st President of the USA…no clue. 25+6-10+25=? LESS than half of 5th graders got this right. Etc. Disgusting. I quit & found something more meaninful and less frustrating.

  40. This is all about “control” and keeping the masses managed. It is really really difficult to “control” people who know and use reason and their better judgement to discern the truth. The politicos have manipulated the voters to be satisfied with “career politicians”. Now they are working to gradually reduce your (pesky) freedoms by selling safety. But to keep this grip on power they need the masses (you) to be dependent on their leadership. So, ensure the people are ignoraant and they are unable to solve problems for themselves

  41. How have we gotten to such a point of sheer stupidity that mental midgets and just plain idiots like the members of these boards are in a position to wreak havoc on the foundations of basic knowledge and intellectual integrity.

  42. What the hell will the libtards come up with next?! I thought I`d seen it all, but every day some new off-the-wall B.S. comes our way. Man, if a democrat wins the White House, it`s all over for America! I`m glad our son is all through with school, and graduated. He didn`t go to college, (THANK GOD!). The libtards and the PC Police can all take a long hike on a short pier, as far as I`m concerned. I`ll continue believing what I`ve always believed to be right and wrong. I`ll continue to talk and use the same words I`ve always used. I`ll continue to eat meat. I`ll continue to believe in God and the Bible. I`ll continue to own and keep guns in my own private home. I`ll continue to respect law and order. I`ll continue to love my country and it`s beautiful red white and blue flag. I`ll continue to believe in free speech. I`ll continue to believe that Americans can live their lives without the government telling us how to spend our money, or telling us how to raise our children, and what to teach them. It`s time for true Americans who love our way of life to take a stand against such outrageous liberal ideas and rules. If we don`t, all hope will be lost!

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