President Trump held an incredible “Keep America Great” rally in Minneapolis, MN last week. It was a record-setting crowd at the Target Center and a sea of red MAGA hats and “Cops for Trump” T-shirts. But something even more interesting happened outside the Target Center, where the Soros-funded black-clad terrorists were assaulting Trump supporters and starting fires. Conservative activists have taken to filming these attacks on American voters and using the power of social media to ID the perpetrators. Guess who was spotted among the rioters? A man and woman who appear to be Democrat political consultant Tim Mynett and his lover, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

Rep. Omar was a major target of President Trump during the rally. This was politically savvy on President Trump’s part, of course. Ilhan Omar’s favorability rating is hovering at about 8% among voters nationally, which makes her slightly less popular than flesh-eating bacteria. Trump called Ilhan Omar an “America-hating socialist” at the rally and that is, of course, an accurate description of her.

Omar has made headlines during her first year in Congress for forcing the House of Representatives to change a 181-year-old rule regarding wearing head coverings on the House floor. Omar claimed this was “racism” against her specifically, even though the rule has applied to everyone in Congress for almost 200 years, and no Jewish Representative in House has ever complained about it.

In other stories the mainstream media avoided, Ilhan Omar called for white genocide in America while standing on stage next to a convicted cop-killer. She’s attended multiple fundraisers for terrorism-affiliated groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). She’s also praised Al Qaida as a community organizing group, and of course stated that “some people did something” on 9-11.

Ilhan Omar is most famous, however, for her hilarious marital history which has been painstakingly uncovered by Scott Johnson of Powerline Blog. Johnson’s reporting on this has been so meticulous, professional and authoritative that he no longer has to use the word “alleged” when talking about her. He’s gathered so many sources proving the allegations against Omar that he could never be sued under US libel laws for recounting them. 

If you’ve missed Johnson’s reporting, here’s the in-a-nutshell version:

The Omar family came to America as “refugees” from Somalia by using a fake name. They fled the country when the communist dictatorship that her parents and grandparents worked for collapsed in the 1990s. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s last name is not really “Omar.”

Ilhan engaged in a fake marriage to one guy and had several kids with him. Then, the “devout Muslim” Ilhan married her own brother in a Christian marriage ceremony in Minnesota in order to commit more immigration fraud. While married to her brother, she filed her taxes as “Married Filing Jointly” with the first guy. Then, she divorced her brother and married the first guy in a real marriage ceremony last year. Finally, Ilhan “Omar” abandoned her husband and kids this past summer and ran off with Democrat political consultant Tim Mynett, a guy who abandoned his own wife and child to run off with Ilhan.

Phew! It takes up a lot of internet ink just to explain this lady’s back story!

Anyway, while Trump was bashing Ilhan Omar on stage inside the Target Center, black-clad domestic terrorists were assaulting Trump supporters in the overflow crowd outside the building. A lot of people were bloodied. The domestic terrorists were snatching MAGA hats off the heads of voters and then putting the hats in a pile and burning them. As usual, we don’t have an accurate count as to how many Trump supporters were violently attacked at the rally, because the media and the liberal Minneapolis mayor’s office has no interest in that subject.

However, there’s a video clip that has emerged on social media that clearly shows the faces of two of those black-clad individuals. The man in the video clip lowers his mask for a moment before stepping off-screen, and the phone that captured the video is very close to him. It sure looks like Tim Mynett. And the burqa-clad woman who turns around and follows him sure looks like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Rep. Omar has not commented on the video yet, but the voters of Minnesota definitely deserve to know if their Congresswoman was hanging out with domestic terrorists who committed federal crimes by assaulting American voters as they were exercising their First Amendment rights.

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