President Trump held an incredible “Keep America Great” rally in Minneapolis, MN last week. It was a record-setting crowd at the Target Center and a sea of red MAGA hats and “Cops for Trump” T-shirts. But something even more interesting happened outside the Target Center, where the Soros-funded black-clad terrorists were assaulting Trump supporters and starting fires. Conservative activists have taken to filming these attacks on American voters and using the power of social media to ID the perpetrators. Guess who was spotted among the rioters? A man and woman who appear to be Democrat political consultant Tim Mynett and his lover, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

Rep. Omar was a major target of President Trump during the rally. This was politically savvy on President Trump’s part, of course. Ilhan Omar’s favorability rating is hovering at about 8% among voters nationally, which makes her slightly less popular than flesh-eating bacteria. Trump called Ilhan Omar an “America-hating socialist” at the rally and that is, of course, an accurate description of her.

Omar has made headlines during her first year in Congress for forcing the House of Representatives to change a 181-year-old rule regarding wearing head coverings on the House floor. Omar claimed this was “racism” against her specifically, even though the rule has applied to everyone in Congress for almost 200 years, and no Jewish Representative in House has ever complained about it.

In other stories the mainstream media avoided, Ilhan Omar called for white genocide in America while standing on stage next to a convicted cop-killer. She’s attended multiple fundraisers for terrorism-affiliated groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). She’s also praised Al Qaida as a community organizing group, and of course stated that “some people did something” on 9-11.

Ilhan Omar is most famous, however, for her hilarious marital history which has been painstakingly uncovered by Scott Johnson of Powerline Blog. Johnson’s reporting on this has been so meticulous, professional and authoritative that he no longer has to use the word “alleged” when talking about her. He’s gathered so many sources proving the allegations against Omar that he could never be sued under US libel laws for recounting them. 

If you’ve missed Johnson’s reporting, here’s the in-a-nutshell version:

The Omar family came to America as “refugees” from Somalia by using a fake name. They fled the country when the communist dictatorship that her parents and grandparents worked for collapsed in the 1990s. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s last name is not really “Omar.”

Ilhan engaged in a fake marriage to one guy and had several kids with him. Then, the “devout Muslim” Ilhan married her own brother in a Christian marriage ceremony in Minnesota in order to commit more immigration fraud. While married to her brother, she filed her taxes as “Married Filing Jointly” with the first guy. Then, she divorced her brother and married the first guy in a real marriage ceremony last year. Finally, Ilhan “Omar” abandoned her husband and kids this past summer and ran off with Democrat political consultant Tim Mynett, a guy who abandoned his own wife and child to run off with Ilhan.

Phew! It takes up a lot of internet ink just to explain this lady’s back story!

Anyway, while Trump was bashing Ilhan Omar on stage inside the Target Center, black-clad domestic terrorists were assaulting Trump supporters in the overflow crowd outside the building. A lot of people were bloodied. The domestic terrorists were snatching MAGA hats off the heads of voters and then putting the hats in a pile and burning them. As usual, we don’t have an accurate count as to how many Trump supporters were violently attacked at the rally, because the media and the liberal Minneapolis mayor’s office has no interest in that subject.

However, there’s a video clip that has emerged on social media that clearly shows the faces of two of those black-clad individuals. The man in the video clip lowers his mask for a moment before stepping off-screen, and the phone that captured the video is very close to him. It sure looks like Tim Mynett. And the burqa-clad woman who turns around and follows him sure looks like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Rep. Omar has not commented on the video yet, but the voters of Minnesota definitely deserve to know if their Congresswoman was hanging out with domestic terrorists who committed federal crimes by assaulting American voters as they were exercising their First Amendment rights.

93 thoughts on “Did Ilhan Omar and Lover Participate in Violent Anti-Trump Riot?

  1. Is Omar what can be Expected to be when ILLEGAL Indoctrinated in anti WHITEand JEWISH>not knowing the US Constitution INVADERS get to go to Congress???

  2. When can we expect our congress to take action to bring charges and expel her from Congress and then revoke her American citizenship and deport her?

  3. What more do we need to get rid of this moron? People have had to step down over just saying the wrong word one time and Omar gets away with breaking our laws. She is not even who she says she is and she is a member of our goverment!!!.

  4. Slightly LESS than “flesh eating bacteria” (8%)?!? Boy, that’s LOW! Ilhan DOESN’T have much of a following, does she? Someone gave a LITTLE bit better rating than to BETO, though. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America great Again).

  5. This women should not be allowed to live in the US and should be sent back to Somalia as soon as possible. to allow her to remain in the US and being a congress woman is an insult to all people living in the US.
    She is the one that should be impeached and not President Trump.

  6. She comes from a part of the world that is full of violence and mayhem, and her constituents have been of the same ilk. I can’t, however, see it as normal for a member of the United States Congress to participate in such behavior. Maybe her and her married boyfriend could go to dinner instead?

  7. She is a traitor and does not belong or deserves to be here in the USA. She wants Syria law. All who do not believe in our laws need to leave

  8. I getting tired of waiting if you have the goods on omar take her down arrest, try, jail
    it can’t really be that tough. Just do it

  9. It won’t be long and the Antifa members and anti-Trump people will be shot at and killed. When you push people so far, they react and the outcome will not be pleasant.

  10. Don’t you know only liberals have the right to freedom of speech. Conservatives have no rights at all. Why are the democrats supporting terrorists?

  11. I think she gave an oath to protect America from foregin and domestic people and to be at a rally should result in treason for her. Time to start taking a stand against her. She needs voted out. So glad God is in control and put Trump there for us. Time to take drain the swamp and get rid of them like an old worn out shoe..

  12. An abusive, shameless, immoral ingrate, a bigamist, an incestuous woman. An African refuse but was picked up by generous USA from a Kenyan dumpsite. This is a dirty woman and a legal way must be found by all means to return her to her native Somalia.

  13. Omar the hideous Traitor, needs be arrested, indicted for Treason, tried in Federal Court for Treason, and found Guilty of Treason, i.e., it is Treason to attempt to unseat a duly elected President of the United States, i.e., definition of Treason: “The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or remove the sovereign or overthrow the government.” After being found guilty of Treason Omar needs be taken to Hangman’s Gulch, and strung-up by several of the best Federal Law Enforcement Agents for committing and being found guilty of the crime of Treason! She should be dropped thru the trap door, so hard that it blows out of her skull both of her eye-ball, right out of their sockets, so she slowly strangles to death. This dying process from, being “Hanged to death”, ought to take 3 to 4 minutes, during which time she can remember all the democratic hatefulness she’s committed, and relive all of her crimes she’s committed against our country and against American’s, before she goes unconscious, dies from lack of oxygen. She will unless I’m mistaken comes to, in the very depths of the pit of Hell Fires, in her seat directly in front of the newest model of a blowtorch type flame-thrower built especially for the Devil and his own, “Burn baby burn”. I personally would love to be there at her hanging, to watch Omar dance to the tune of the “Hangman’s Jig”, twirling & whirling, kicking and flipping around and around, to watch her delightfully dance to the “Hangman’s Jig” on the bottom branch of the Hangman’s Tree down in Hangman’s Gulch, which is located exactly one step above “Hell Fires”. Ok, so she’ll be in Hell for all eternity, burning like a steak on the BBQ, frying and sizzling and being burned black, but wait…, …, she is already black, so that much is already taken care of – right? Besides all that, she’ll be in Hell with all her filthy Muslim Friends, all burning away to nothing, burn baby burn. Hahahaha FRIEND – For it has been written thousands and thousands of years ago, “Everyone shall get back exactly, heaped up, pressed down, and running over, what we’ve put into life! If you’ve put love into life all the universe can give you back is love. However, if you’ve put slop into life the only thing the universe can possibly ever give you back is slop. We can get back only what we put into life! This then is, the “Law of Matt”, Matt is one of the Ancient God’s of the Land of Egypt, Matt is the God of retribution.”

  14. To George Soros, who says a Jewish money funding Hitler like you could not exist, there are a growing number of people who are Jewish like you, we can list them from A to Z, if it wasn’t possible, then how.

  15. When all the Holocaust survivors have passed on, the last war criminal has died, leave Adolph alone, we do not know what happened to him, did he shoot himself or did he escape.

  16. Keep on voting Democrat, do not send me to the gas chambers and the ovens, do not send me to the Islamic/Moslem chopping of the head block, Jews, destroy yourselves, not me.

  17. Nothing amazes me anymore. The democrats are destroying themselves. Meghan McCain is following her fathers footsteps by stabbing the Repubs wherever she can. She is in the right place with the View gang. Gossipers with a capital G. What amazes me more is that the perpetrators and lawbreakers and coup de tat politicians are not in jail where they belong. Everybody is dragging their feet waiting for November 2020 rolling around. If the communist/liberal wins. Putin/China have won. America will be renamed in (Rusamerichina) the land that was. Is anybody out there listening or are they still listening to Brahms lullaby titled Medicare for all. How many IOU’s can you find in our Medicare/S.S. accounts. What the House (they are the law makers remember) have put there and with what purpose. Latest I heard is that Peelosi withdrew (or want too) out of our Medicare account a few million dollar to pay for the silly inquiry to impeach the President. We the people have to pay for their inquiry, that the democrats want…..!!!!!!. That is just not reality. And is that not unconstitutional? I call that stealing from the senior citizens. Yesterday I watched the “D” debate. I never heard so much garbled nonsense. The only one that made a bit of sense was Pete Butticheeks. Beto should listen a bit more instead of flapping the lips in the wind. Personally I think Beto is ready for the nut house and so is Pinochio Warren and lady Kamazaki. Those two females are true side steppers.

  18. I personally think that she as well as AOC should be kicked out of any Government involvement and both should be investigated under full extent of the LAW.

  19. I saw the video taken the night of the MN Rally. It was, in my opinion surely the two culprits so named. Omar thinks she is above the law and so far, she has been proven right. It sickens me to see her behaving so lawlessly and carelessly. Something needs to be done!

  20. Ihlan Omar should be sent back from where she came to the United States. She is a worthless individual who has no morals and it is certainly a disgrace that she represents anybody from America. Just a piece of TRASH!! Trying to make America more divisive with her lies and under-the-cover work!!

  21. The sooner we kick Omar and her lies and crimes out of Congress the better off she will be. she reminds me of woman I read about that got married young and soon found someone eelse. That marriage lasted for 3 yrs @ and now she is destroying a marriage and a child of her newest lover. I hope that the man has a SIDs test. She runs around with so many, I would be cauchos.. She mentally ever left Palestine. She has been Brought up HATING AMERICA. DOES SHE EVEN HAVE CITIZENSHIP???AND NOW ATTENDING A HATE RALLY IN MI THAT BECAME QUICKLY DANGEREOUS. RASHIDAIS MORE OF A TICKING TIME BOMB. SHE BELIEVES SHE IS ALL POWERFUL. AND THEN THE DUMB AOC WHO HASNT PAID TAXES AND IS CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT COWS AND PIG FARTS! HAVE WE FALLEN THAT FAR? If he hangs on to these ideas, he is a sure loss.

  22. Someone , once said we will defeat you within. I just can not believe that our own government is allowing this to happen. If we elect these same democrats again , then we deserve losing our country. Come on America please wake up.

  23. Omar should have already been removed from congress. Pelosi has been too busy trying to get the President impeached and not doing the job she was elected to do. Actions of the Dems in congress has made the US a laughing stock through out the world. The Dems in the house of reps. should not draw a salary during this time. They have not done the work of the people.

  24. Like a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter. Followers of what if asked they do not know and usually their leaders will tell you that you cannot talk to them anyway.

  25. It sure looks like Tim and Omar to me. I was at the rally but inside supporting our great President. I think about it and at times wish I was outside to see what a bunch of losers were protesting outside. She’s not the only Dem that was outside. THROW HER OUT!!!! TRUMP WINS 2020

  26. I believe this woman is not good to the United States, send her back to where she came from. WE don”t need another Amercan hater telling us what to do, send her back to her own country, she is no good for the U.S.

  27. Why are we beating the same drum?!!!
    Our Founding Fathers would have already hung her! She wouldn’t have been allowed in this country!!! She’s a muslim piece of garbage!!! Come on!

  28. VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  29. Does any of this really surprise anyone?? Really!!?? That is what you get allowing dirt-bags into this country and when everyone finally sees what this garbage is made of, the country does nothing to rid itself of this syphilitic piece of S*it. No matter what kind of threat to this county it becomes.

  30. Sure looks like them, and it’s no surprise! No civilized human would be acting up and being mean to others, if they act uncivilized then they are uncivilized hooligans! They should be ashamed of themselves but I guess they aren’t civilized enough to know how to behave! Lowest forms of humans you could possibly find!

  31. This woman needs to be voted Out of office,she has broken laws over and over,spending campaign money.She should be punished like a common criminal.People in Minnesota please wake up.Falsifying tax returns why aren’t DEMOCRATS demanding she should Never get away with this,they turn a blind eye.

  32. Representative Ilhan Omar and her Lover? Among ELCA Lutherans, sex-out-of-wedlock is against, the Laws of the God of Christ. Ilhan may have a right to remain in the U.S., but I wish that she wouldn’t complain so much about the U.S. Maybe she ought to “love it, or leave it.” Yes, ELCA is probably “Leftist Lutherans,” but I try not to B-I-Itch about the U.S.

  33. First of all, when she came to Congress, they should have refused her permission to wear her headscarf! She is living here in the United States. and she should follow our customs. As she was participating in the Antifa riots in Minneapolis, she should be censured and removed from Congress. Then her citizenship should be revoked and she should be returned to Somalia.

  34. Like all of her kind walking in the dark like a rat and hiding her terrorist face behind a black niqab, and that is wht some elected to be represented in Congress, really?, someone that doent even love her own children and leave them to go after another dk , what a worthless piece of shit this woman is.

  35. All those morons and imbeciles standing there who want to impeach Trump, not one of them can tell you who is the VP of the United States. Can you say stupid?

  36. This. Woman should not be allowed in a congressioñal building anywhere…..she should be prosecuted…she should not be paid.or receive any compensation for hating the American people.

  37. hmmm…. “that’s rich”

    a political law-maker collaborating, inciting, participating, and contributing too a riot….?

    I wonder how the Demonuts intend to skat this one…? censure, reprimand, or spanking…?

  38. They should get this witch out of office and out of this country. The biggest question is why do they let George Soros pay people to do this stuff. He is a traitor to this country and yet we don’t throw him OUT, I know he is friends with the Clintons is this WHY????? These troublemakers are being PAID to do this stuff against a elected PRESIDENT who is doing things FOR this country and NOT against it like Obama – that was 8 years of bashing the country he was head of – and we had people on welfare – jobs leaving the country not coming back like they are doing now. the gun fiasco – Benghazi – BILLIONS of money in CASH going out in the middle of the night – Uranium One – IRS – the list goes on and on and on. THIS MAKES ME SICK!!

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