With the impeachment inquiries taking place and the White House stonewalling Congress, President Trump is showing signs he is not going to focus on anything but “fulfilling his promises to the American people.”  The GOP is concerned as the President marches on with his efforts on governing, but his Twitter and phone lines are lighting up Capitol Hill.  He is calling on the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at least three times a day with the critical factor of stressing on how important it is for Republican unity.

Over the last two weeks, President Trump lashed out at the disloyal GOP senators, and he told McConnell the attack will be amplified on those who seek to criticize him.  Senator Mitt Romney is the worst of the bunch and has very few GOP members who see things his way.  The president lashed out after Romney attacked him publicly and stated the only good thing about the Democrats is that they stick together.  President Trump’s team is building up as Trey Gowdy, a prosecutor and former South Carolina congressman, announced he is joining the team.  Trump has a great team, but he is still skeptical as some of the GOP members will defend him behind closed doors but not publicly.

There was a push before Gowdy joined the Trump legal team. Still, the president declined the outside help until Trump and Gowdy had lunch together when Gowdy convinced him to use his allies.  The president agreed to it, and now his team is more prominent than the Democrats could ever imagine.  Gowdy was the pit bull and the chairman of the House Oversight Committee when he went after then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in the Benghazi probe.

Wednesday, Joe Biden gave a speech pushing for Trump’s impeachment.  Before the speech ended, Trump sounded off on Twitter.  While he was in the Roosevelt Room, Trump was also set to give a speech in which he began, “No American should ever face such persecution from their own government, except, perhaps, your President.”

President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will be leading the impeachment strategy efforts to combat the Democrats.  Most of the responses will be left to “Jay and Trey,” Jay Sekulow and Trey Gowdy, who is the outside legal team, sources say.  The acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, stayed under the gun while the impeachment is taking place.  Mick and Trey are close friends, and with Gowdy joining the team, Mulvaney is most likely going to be part of the strategy.

Many in the White House and those who are in charge of the Trump campaign are trying to ease the president’s mind and frustrations by getting him out on the road and the campaign trail.  Everyone knows, with his resentment toward the Democrats, he is going to go on the rampage at the upcoming rallies for other Republicans and for his own 2020 campaign.  His Twitter account is off the charts over the last several days, and who can blame him?  There are some of the Republican lawmakers who the White House would expect their defense and remain silent.  This angers Trump more than the Democrats.

The president sees the impeachment as politically helping him, others see it as he is not taking the impeachment proceedings seriously.  Chris Ruddy, a friend of the president, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, “I believe it’s a mortal threat to the presidency. He should treat it that way.  “The number of people saying the President should be impeached is increasing. Not significantly, but moving in a bad direction for the President. I think it should be treated very seriously.”  A source close to the president stated he sees the impeachment as “it’s all bull s—!”  The source also said, “He seemed in good spirits.”  President Trump says he feels the GOP allies are well in the position to fight the Democrats.

McConnell said it is nothing more than a “watch and wait” approach. Still, he reminded the president his job will be to set up the trial in the Senate if impeachment passes the House.  In the last two weeks, Senate Republicans have been on recess and remained silent as the House Democrats continue to proceed with their “witch hunt” impeachment.  Some of the Republicans have signaled once they return, it will be full steam ahead as the majority relies on the fact it is not an impeachable offense what the Democrats are saying about the phone call with the two presidents.

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