Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate who is dropping like a dead weight in the polls, has decided to put Donald Trump and the members of his cabinet “on notice.” What? Exactly what does this mean? Well, no one really knows considering she doesn’t hold any power within the federal government.

Harris feels as though the Trump administration is “suppressing” evidence and intimidating witnesses because of wanting to call the whistleblower out. However, Harris is forgetting what we already know about the whistleblower. One, Adam Schiff held onto pertinent information about the whistleblower for weeks before turning it over to his committee. Two, the whistleblower’s information is second-hand information so it’s not entirely valid. Three, the whistleblower is a registered Democrat, proving that they have political bias.

So, Trump and his administration have every right to demand to know more about this whistleblower and their claims, especially if they’re going to be solely responsible for taking him down in the impeachment.

Harris had an early lead in the polls because she attacked Biden during the first presidential debate. She came out as an aggressor, winning some votes in the polls because she was willing to stand up to someone. However, most people didn’t care for what she did because she was seen as attacking within her political party.

Since the initial lead, she’s been dropping in the polls month after month. She’s not even in a double-digit number in the polls anymore, so many people have assumed that it’s only a matter of time before she drops out entirely.

She’s served as the Attorney General of California and as a District Attorney for the city of San Francisco. Now, she serves as a US Senator. However, her putting Trump “on notice” means nothing – and she doesn’t back it up to explain what she’s talking about, either. It’s just words. She’s making a declaration that makes it look like she has more power than she does. She’s not saying that the Senate Democrats are putting him on notice. She’s not saying that the Democratic Party is putting him on notice. She’s making it a statement from her – and the response on Twitter has been hysterical.

Plenty of Americans still have a sense of humor about politics. They’re not jumping in to defend what Harris has to say, either. Comments have been everything from “I’m sure they’re terrified” to “Nobody is afraid of you.”

Harris posts a video of her talking about putting Trump and his cabinet on notice on Twitter, talking about how it’s a process focusing on a “pursuit of justice and truth.” What she’s referencing is the constitutional right for due process when it comes to impeachment proceedings – and she may want to remind her fellow Dems that the pursuit of justice and truth also means that they can’t lie and cheat and feed the media poison. Adam Schiff has been called out by countless Republicans and called out for impeachment because of the various acts he has done to get dirt on Trump, hiding facts and even making up information as he has gone along.

If Harris is going to talk about “truth” – she needs to make sure that her party is being truthful. Every investigation is allowed to happen – but the information must be shared with everyone. Further, Trump is allowed to conduct his own investigations, such as learning about how the whistleblower obtained information since he didn’t receive it firsthand.

The Dems are playing dirty and Harris is believing every word of it. She may need a firm reminder that she’s on the losing side of this, too. She’s not a House Democrat. She’s not involved in the impeachment process. She’s a Senate Democrat, which means she’s part of the minority. Even if the House goes forward with a vote that involves an impeachment, she’s on the Senate side where there’s a Republican majority. She can put Trump on notice all she wants, but she’s going to be a part of the trial that involves acquitting Trump so that he continues to be President.

The Democrats are getting desperate when it comes to explaining the rules to people. Her idea of the pursuit of justice and truth is very different than what the Constitution states. She needs to remember that she is only seeing one side of the truth – and the Dems have twisted that truth to the point that it isn’t recognizable any longer. She may have put Trump on notice, but he’s already put all of the Dems on notice for being truthful, too.

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