Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate who is dropping like a dead weight in the polls, has decided to put Donald Trump and the members of his cabinet “on notice.” What? Exactly what does this mean? Well, no one really knows considering she doesn’t hold any power within the federal government.

Harris feels as though the Trump administration is “suppressing” evidence and intimidating witnesses because of wanting to call the whistleblower out. However, Harris is forgetting what we already know about the whistleblower. One, Adam Schiff held onto pertinent information about the whistleblower for weeks before turning it over to his committee. Two, the whistleblower’s information is second-hand information so it’s not entirely valid. Three, the whistleblower is a registered Democrat, proving that they have political bias.

So, Trump and his administration have every right to demand to know more about this whistleblower and their claims, especially if they’re going to be solely responsible for taking him down in the impeachment.

Harris had an early lead in the polls because she attacked Biden during the first presidential debate. She came out as an aggressor, winning some votes in the polls because she was willing to stand up to someone. However, most people didn’t care for what she did because she was seen as attacking within her political party.

Since the initial lead, she’s been dropping in the polls month after month. She’s not even in a double-digit number in the polls anymore, so many people have assumed that it’s only a matter of time before she drops out entirely.

She’s served as the Attorney General of California and as a District Attorney for the city of San Francisco. Now, she serves as a US Senator. However, her putting Trump “on notice” means nothing – and she doesn’t back it up to explain what she’s talking about, either. It’s just words. She’s making a declaration that makes it look like she has more power than she does. She’s not saying that the Senate Democrats are putting him on notice. She’s not saying that the Democratic Party is putting him on notice. She’s making it a statement from her – and the response on Twitter has been hysterical.

Plenty of Americans still have a sense of humor about politics. They’re not jumping in to defend what Harris has to say, either. Comments have been everything from “I’m sure they’re terrified” to “Nobody is afraid of you.”

Harris posts a video of her talking about putting Trump and his cabinet on notice on Twitter, talking about how it’s a process focusing on a “pursuit of justice and truth.” What she’s referencing is the constitutional right for due process when it comes to impeachment proceedings – and she may want to remind her fellow Dems that the pursuit of justice and truth also means that they can’t lie and cheat and feed the media poison. Adam Schiff has been called out by countless Republicans and called out for impeachment because of the various acts he has done to get dirt on Trump, hiding facts and even making up information as he has gone along.

If Harris is going to talk about “truth” – she needs to make sure that her party is being truthful. Every investigation is allowed to happen – but the information must be shared with everyone. Further, Trump is allowed to conduct his own investigations, such as learning about how the whistleblower obtained information since he didn’t receive it firsthand.

The Dems are playing dirty and Harris is believing every word of it. She may need a firm reminder that she’s on the losing side of this, too. She’s not a House Democrat. She’s not involved in the impeachment process. She’s a Senate Democrat, which means she’s part of the minority. Even if the House goes forward with a vote that involves an impeachment, she’s on the Senate side where there’s a Republican majority. She can put Trump on notice all she wants, but she’s going to be a part of the trial that involves acquitting Trump so that he continues to be President.

The Democrats are getting desperate when it comes to explaining the rules to people. Her idea of the pursuit of justice and truth is very different than what the Constitution states. She needs to remember that she is only seeing one side of the truth – and the Dems have twisted that truth to the point that it isn’t recognizable any longer. She may have put Trump on notice, but he’s already put all of the Dems on notice for being truthful, too.

194 thoughts on “Ha! Harris Thinks She Has The Power To Put Trump “On Notice”

  1. This is another HABITUAL LIAR ! ¢She LIED when she was a PROSECUTOR.
    Then she said that she ONLY put 4 or 5 hundred people in JAIL for DRUG CHARGES but it turned out to be 1748 people in JAIL on DRUG CHARGES.

  2. No one cares what that disgusting woman has to say. She is a dictator. She is out to control the American people lives. She has been put on notice. You will never be president.

  3. She’s a nasty hateful angry leftist crazy moron I will never forget what she did and how she acted towards Kavanaugh with his young children there

  4. She was stupid now she is just a Lower class moron
    And there is just one of those and it’s her lol lol lol
    She is not even eligibility to be running for any type of political job evause she is a socialist communist trying to take America down

  5. She’s a blow hard low life loser who’s word does not mean a thing. Why do we have to hear from such worthless Democrats?

  6. She was nothing in California. It was sad when they changed our voting to only one party. She had no one running against her

  7. Does any Californian believes what she said, keep in mind, she got her 1st job from the Mayor of San Francisco, as a favor for payment for service. How bright is that? She was a lousy DA.


  9. Kamazaki Harris best day would be to keep her mouth shut and stop embarrassing herself. If flip-flopping is her way of getting around in the political realm, she is not going to make it. Just like Warren will not make it. I give Pete the Mayor a better change than anybody on that stage.

  10. Ditzy Harris….she is delusional She cannot have any affect on
    very much of anything….When you climb the ladder of success on another’s Back, losing that Back can be a problem, as Ms. Harris is finding out.

  11. How stupid are these democrats and especially Harris, if people believe this woman has any idea what our government stands for then they are just as stupid as she. The Constitution will stand and these so called democrats that are running for President will again have failure every time they open their evil mouths !! There is so much hatred coming from the democrats will backfire on them and good riddance democrats and Harris you are done!!

  12. I have been hearing for years now, that the President has broken the law and not any of those saying that have stated what those crimes are and provide the evidence to prove those charges. I also here them talk about “the rule of law”, but much of the criminal activity is in plain sight and ignored. Congress is out of control and it is the peoples money they are spending on nothing ,not theirs.

  13. Married Mayor Brown’s blow up Bimbo. Casting couch, selling herself to the politically powerful, for self advancement. Terrible human rights violations as Attorney General. Lock em up Kamel Toe Harris.

  14. I believe Harris is NOT Constitutionally eligible/qualified to be President due
    to her birth and parents citizenship questions.

  15. Ha! Harris, you nuty Jamacian you don’t have what it takes to be president. Matter of fact there’s not a Democrat running that can be president. Non of you qualify to carry water for President Trump.

  16. The democrats don’t care about truth. Stay in power by all means they don’t care about the constitution just power. Power and money. The people have it they want it. If they get it the people can starve.

  17. Harris is a complete egocentric idiot who is NOT eligible to be POTUS since she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth. See the US Constitution, Article1, Section 2. GOODBYE FOOL.

  18. Kamala needs to go back to prostituting herself out for Heroin, Cocaine, and money, I certainly hope she can still rely on her talent for sucking cock because I do believe any influence she thinks she has in the government as delusional as all her other beliefs.

  19. The United States Constitution, and the associated Bill of Rights, gives any citizen, who is accused of a crime, the RIGHT to face his accuser, the evidence that incriminates him (Discovery), the right to cross examine witnesses, the right to call rebuttal witnesses, and the right to a fair and speedy trial (these rights are found in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments)

  20. We all know that Kamala Harris rise to fame came when she was on her back with infamous Willie Brown. She is a scumbag and a undignified woman. She has a high level of education but unfortunately, chose to solicit sex to promote her career. I wonder how she would negotiate with Putin. Want to guess?…,..Anybody???

  21. This drama queen actually thinks she IS somebody!? Good thing she’ll never see the inside of the oval office, except on the Discovery Channel.

  22. We all have as much power as she has, at the polls. She will not be on any ballets,
    because she is already washed up, I don’t believe her state will even re-elect her
    to the Senate.

  23. Don’t worry, Kamala-toe…we noticed! We noticed you accessing the “halls of ower” by kneelimg between Willie Brown’s legs for a decade; we noticed you are NOT African; we noticed your Jamaican GM owned slaves. Trust me: WE’RE ON NOTICE…!

  24. Harris has a record on being a corrupt lawyer both her and schiff should get along as a lot of her cases she withheld evidence ECT. The only smart thing she ever did is become Willie Brown’s mistress on her own merits she accomplished nothing.

  25. But, but, but…there is no witness. The Whistelblower is a fabrication of schiff’s diseased brain. He has terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sheila Jackson Lee demanded to interview the Whistleblower and was played off. WHY? As we know there is no Whistleblower. The only ones to be put on notice are Democrats; Senate and House. After that childish display Wednesday of Pelosi, Hoyer, and Schumer waking out of important State Dept business, with Pelosi saying, “I’ll pray for the President he’s loosing it. He doesn’t have a plan.” The very next day, VP Pence and Secretary Pompeo announce the signed Treaty with Turkey and Syria. Do you think these things just happen over night? Harris you’re just pandering to anyone who will listen to your foolishness. You’ve accomplished nothing for your Senate District. The Good People of California are putting you on NOTICE.

  26. Never seen so much disrespect for the office of the President by a Senator. She has turned off so many of the citizens of this country with her nasty demeanor. Thank God she is no longer a prosecuting attorney. There are probably dozens of innocent people in jail because of her dishonest actions.

  27. Excerpts from the commentary:
    She can put Trump on notice all she wants, but she’s going to be a part of the trial that involves acquitting Trump so that he continues to be President.

    The Democrats are getting desperate when it comes to explaining the rules to people. Her idea of the pursuit of justice and truth is very different than what the Constitution states.

    The Dems are playing dirty and Harris is believing every word of it. She may need a firm reminder that she’s on the losing side of this, too. She’s not a House Democrat. She’s not involved in the impeachment process.

    My comments:
    Harris is but another example of a politician that leaps before they look and speaks before they have the facts and is typical of today’s “who’s on first” Democrat! She has lost the race before ever getting to the starting block! If only she and the other Demo’ candidates could/would realize the “FACT” that they have awakened a sleeping giant (all the former fence sitting and apathetic voters) to the point that they have now taken notice of and are appalled by three years of underhanded, ugly, relentless disrespect and of a sitting President and now presenting a House Impeachment Inquiry that is unfounded and is illegally being conducted. Also, that the Democratic Party Platform is devoid of any substance and anything remotely aimed at “for the good of the Nation” then they might have a chance in 2020, of course they would have to change all of it and that ain’t happening!

  28. The entire DNC these days is an insane asylum. Harris is one of the biggest lunatics today. And they are all getting desperate. No scandal, no lie they throw at Trump has worked even with the assistance of rinos. That ship of the DNC is sinking and the bribery is just not enough as they promise free everything. The party will lose big time in 2020 and they know it.

    The establishment is real. Rinos and Dim Wits have steered the sheeple for decades. But now we all understand the voter fraud including the vote counters for certain in AZ and Fl. and all the rest of the dead voting, double voting in different precincts and states as in busing them in, antifa which is Soros’ brown shirts. He followed Hitler’s play book. And all the foundation and out right shake downs like Old Joe and Hunter, paid off deep state feds, etc..

    They all knew back in Bozos reign what was going on and we were never to know about any of it. Then Trump came though their little haven with a wrecking ball. And this has been a wer within our government since he was actually elected by the people. And Hillary did not win the popular vote, illegal aliens voted and put her over but not legal voters.

    Thank god for the electorial vote, it indeed checked the cheating dim wits. And now they want to end it so they can let all illegal aliens vote fraudulently. What wonderful elected dim wits by freeloaders and lemmings. The forefathers knew what was possible without the electorial college. Smart men.. So vote em out at every opportunity, vet the ones you are going to vote for and never trust the media since we all know they are just propaganda and a steering devise for Sheeple. Enough is enough!

  29. Democrats have proven themselves to be domestic enemy #1. They all need to be tried for treason and put into prison or face the rightful sentence of death by hanging or firing squad!

  30. She just in DC to talk about being bussed. Like anyone cares. Other Dems are there to talk about their experiences being gay.
    They are so selfish and cannot focus on the majority of their constituents.
    It’s all about themselves.
    Warren was there to bond with the tribes, but now is denying ANY Indian blood.
    She also is trying to bond with ALL WOMEN OF COLOR. I called her office and said Asians make more money than whites, so what is the problem. The staffer couldn’t answer and became argumentative (it was a he).
    Trump, in comparison, is all about the entire country and that is why he is so popular.

  31. Camel a Harryass, put President Trump on notice. She reminds me of a horny gnat on an elephant’s back screaming, take that you beast.

    In 2016, there were 37 states out of 50 that wanted Donald Trump to be President. That is 74% of the United STATES wanted Donald Trump to be President.

    The House wants to impeach our President, they can’t. They can, with their majority vote to say yes their needs to be a trial to decide on impeachment.

    The Senate then decides if the evidence warrants an impeachment. The Republicans have the majority in the Senate and 2/3 of all Senators would have to vote for impeachment. So just between you and I there won’t be an impeachment.

    You can however keep on drinking the koolaid, going to all those sheople meetings to learn all the new lies, and keep listening to MSLSD for your psychedelic twist on the fake news.

    But after we’ve heard from all screaming fruits, all the liberal flakes, and all muslim nuts, tomorrow when you check the paper, the President’s last name is still going to be TRUMP.

    And since there is nobody in your democratic clown party, that knows what time the 3 o’clock train leaves … you are going to have the same problem until President Trump steps down in January, 2025. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  33. Harris If I were in your shoes it would be a lot better for you to start telling the American voters what you think you can do for us. I have big doubts that you have any constructive plans for our future. Simply because all you can talk about is taking down Trump. Keep running your mouth maybe you can talk your way down to 0%. Your doing a good job of that now.

  34. This woman needs to stay out of political anything. She has no clue, about anything helpful for America. She doesn’t even talk a good game. People who lie to get what they want seem all to be politicians, once voted in it’s only about them. The American people have had enough. All politicians need to resign and allow the poor and downtrodden to run this country, not those evil ones that only care about themselves. We the People need to take back America and leave them alone and go back to reality. Vote the person, not the crooks of the parties involved in the process of killing the American people in the long run.

  35. She’s about as worthless as Nancy Pelosi and the REST of the Democrats. And, SHE needs to be “put on notice” – NO VOTE, NO COOPERATION. Get it? You’d BETTER! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  36. No one cares that she was bussed – which was done to HELP blacks. My god, for her to make an issue out of it seemed ludicrous.
    And there are people in her state that ride busses to school over 30 miles one way – or they did when she was young. In the mountainous areas in Northern California.
    She probably doesn’t give a darn about them and they are Indians.

  37. I cannot under stand were these people think they are somebody that can put our President on notice when they are nothing put a low life that will never amount to anything!!

  38. Call out Our President all you want!!! Doesn’t matter the Democrats have made such a circus out of the impeachment proceedings, so that it’s laughable!!! The senate will not impeach the President!!!

  39. Hey Kamala. Do us all a huge favor ok. Please shut up!! This is the USA not mexico , not ussr, not china, or venezuela. If you or your leftist little buddies don’t like more money, jobs, great economy and less government in our lives then it sucks to be a democract. So do your job and keep your asinine opinions behind your lips. NO ONE CARES FOR YOUR IDEAS. They would destroy this great country. Leave the Constitution alone it made this country great and gave you the opportunity to even voice your stupidity and anyone who does listen to you. How bout you give up your big salary, big house,no taxes,free health care and armed bodygaurds and then tell me about real life and how it is to live day to day.

  40. There has already been PROOF that the ONLY ones hiding evidence, and intimidating witnesses in the “behind closed door” sessions, are the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS that just cannot get over the FACT WE the People didn’t want corrupt “queen” Hitery infesting OUR Oval Office, and showed her the DOOR. So, on and on we go with more taxpayer money wasting “witch hunts” to find a crime that doesn’t exist in the secret room where no one is allowed in except DEMOCOMMUNISTS.

  41. I think it is a disgrace what the Dems, the media, and the people who hate him are doing. Would love to ask them what exactly it is that they hate? Or are they just a bunch of “followers” and are unable to give a valid reason. It disgusts me to think that for 8 years we had a do nothing president who only wanted to receive the benefits of the presidency for him and his family. He didn’t care one bit about this country, just how he could enrich his wealth to become a millionaire.
    I could go on and on but I think one knows all the other reasons. I do pray that God blesses President Trump and keeps him and his family in good health and safe. In ordinary language I believe he loves this country and sees the wrong that has been going on for years. I knew from his very first rally he had my vote even when others were saying he is not “presidential”. I told them we had many “presidential” men in office and look at the mess we are in. My hat is off for President Trump for being who he is. He certainly has my vote in 2020.

  42. This is the same witch that sat on the Kavanaugh hearings and thought she was really giving him the what for!! ” Be careful how you answer ” just like he should be really scared of what she might do to him…She is the exact definition of someone who used their sexuality for advancement…This witch would be the worst leader of the free world outside of the squad and the other socialist candidates …After all the people’s lives she ruined for smoking a little weed she should be ashamed to show her face in public much less act like she has some kind of authority over someone else……….

  43. About putting Trump on notice!?, If Kamala Harris can’t put him on notice, Then perhaps we all know who can, and ultimately, who will. there is a higher power than all of us, Even President Trump.

  44. Desperation calls for desperate measures. Harris is a no name Dem that can’t get any traction in the polls and if she were smart she would just stop her campaign now while she’s behind.
    Put this on your notice. The Dems are going to lose big time come 2020 November. They will lose all control, not just of their seats but of their sanity. Let’s watch. Oh and go vote.

  45. Harris is a total nutbag. She has done enough damage to California alnogbwith piglosi, fenklestein, and a cast of others. Maybe she’ll drop into a hole somewhere

  46. There is no Democratic party it is the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PARTY, They have turned their back on our country and the AMERICAN people.

  47. It’s time for KH to hang it up. She should get behind one of her opponents (doesn’t matter which one—none of them are suitable presidential material) and make it easier for Dems to know where to send their $$. If it’s a woman KH favors, then TG would be a logical choice, but maybe she’s not progressive enough.

  48. Ms. Kamala Harris is a NOBODY ! She has NO power to put anyone “ON NOTICE ” ! In essence she is a NO BODY ! Her years as the A.G. of California were VERY UNDISTINGUISHED and in one of the debates Rep. Tulsi Gabbard laid out the TRUTH about her years as the A,G,of California ! Her statements about her years as the A.G. of California were FULL of LIES ! She has a VERY REMOTE chance of EVER becoming the President of the United States ! Thank God for that !

  49. She should simply shut up , she is making a complete fool of herself. When you play the Race Card and being a woman of color for not getting votes, you has reached a all time low. No Harris it’s because you are a moron. Oprah is a woman of color , loved by all Americans and it the richest woman in the world.

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