There was once an old skit from a popular animated television show you’ve likely heard of called the Simpon’s? During that skit, one rather clever line was written for the character Bart Simpson. It went something along these lines. Bart was asked to give an example of an oxymoron, upon which Bart grinned before facetiously answering, “Well I’ll be damned if I do, and I’ll be damned if I don’t.”

If President Trump’s mission to make America great again depended on the approval of the Left, that would have to be his motto. Thankfully, as the President continues on his mission now better phrased as “keeping America great,” he didn’t listen to the noise then and he isn’t listening now either. That was evidenced by his latest decision to pull troops back in Syria, which as one story reported, received plenty of criticism. Any guess on where that noise came from?

He’ll be damned if he does, he’ll be damned if he doesn’t.

This latest criticism came from one Susan Rice, also worth noting as the former national security adviser during the Obama administration – and we know how amazing that team was. So, as the story reported, Ms. Rice said regarding the President’s latest decision to remove troops: “I woke up this morning to hear that news, and as I do — it seems like six days a week — I just put my head in my hands. This is “bats**t crazy.”

Seriously Ms. Rice – crazy? And of course, the former national security adviser had plenty of reason for such harsh statements. She went on to explain in the interview saying, “these are the people who for the last four years have been fighting on our behalf, with our equipment to defeat ISIS, and they have done it with enormous efficacy, and they’ve sacrificed immensely, and we basically just said to them, ‘See ya.'”

Let’s start with her idea that these people have been fighting on “our behalf… .” No, Ms. Rice, we are all fighting ISIS and terrorism, not for the safety and well being of the U.S. – but for the World. That means for those people. 

How about her thoughts that they’ve been using “our equipment” as well, to fight terrorism? Damn straight they have and that isn’t something we owe them or anyone else. The United States, Big Brother to the World, has lent millions of dollars worth of support and equipment to help countries like Syria defend themselves – not us. And yes, it is a common enemy and we are grateful for their help but let’s be clear and honest about the facts.

Then when she said towards the end of her sermon that ‘they’ve sacrificed immensely,’ – we won’t even get into that discussion. Not that any of this or her banter has any real impact on what the President will or won’t do or what he does and doesn’t do.

He campaigned when he ran for President, on the promise to not engage our troops in any more unnecessary conflicts. He said that America would see fewer wars and spend more time focusing on building a better America. He has, he is, and that is exactly what this latest decision to pull troops out of Syria represents.

We haven’t had many Presidents who say something then, shockingly, do the very things they said they would. Of course, that sets up any Republican President to be a target for the Dems. If he had chosen to extend troop support in Syria, do any of us really think that there wouldn’t have been noise about that either? Maybe some chatter on the Left about how sad and deplorable it is that he is putting the lives of our young men and women in harm’s way unnecessarily. Of course, we would have heard it, he would have heard it.

And right about now we can almost hear Bart saying, “I’ll be damned if I do and I’ll be damned if I don’t!”


171 thoughts on “Susan Rice Calls President Trump ‘Batsh**t Crazy’

  1. Hey Susan, you definitely do not know everything.
    You LIED about BenGahzi!!!
    Go away now. No one wants to hear what you say.

  2. If I were Susan ,(Wrong) Rite. I wouldn’t say that Trump wZs Bat Sh**t crazy. It takes one to know one you stupid woman! I thought your position would demand a higher opinion….of YOURSELF!

  3. Ms. Rice, if anyone is “Batshit Crazy”, I submit that it is the libtard left with their unfounded and unsubstanciated campaign against our President. Using profanity with unfounded allegations does not make them true. Lucid voters are on to your smear campaigns and many of you shall soon pay the piper. Good luck LIAR!

  4. There is only one person in this scenario that is “bat shit crazy” (and, BTW, a confirmed outright liar during the Obama “Administration”) and that is Susan Rice. I once ( along time ago) admired her—but her performance and lies and cover-ups during Benghazi, etc. has led me to better a better description than “bat shit crazy”, and that is an intelligent woman who sold her soul.

  5. ……….and AMERICA knows what a pillar of virtue RICE is don’t we??????……..a born liar, fraud, traitor and ass licking bitc_……………………….if there were a more worthless human being on the planet it could only be BILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We have learned that the democrats will repeatedly accuse Republicans of what they are, or are doing. It is apparent that she was up to her neck in the plot to destroy President Trump, and continues to this day.

  7. Rice, a lowlife moron that is little more than another minion of Obummer and the globalists, is the one who is bat**it crazy! The ONLY thing she and her evil cohorts care about is getting rich and powerful, no matter what they have to do or who they have to hurt! They don’t care how many of our men and women die fighting for people who hate us!

  8. well she worked for oboma , so leaving americans to die is no big thing to her , remember benghazi, as for her she is just another worthless n word , who would like to see whites wiped off the face of the earth , as for the kurds , i would have told the turkey president , we want peace and yous starting another war is not peace , secure your borders and leave the kurds along now that isis is just about gone and let them finish it ,you want to get rid of the isis fighters you have locked up , hang them ,the only place in the world where there are wars is in the middle east , draw your borders and mind your own business ,killing innocent men ,women and children only makes terrorists out of yous ,as long as yous in the middle east keep killing innocent people there will never be world peace , just like your free to practice your religion everyone else has a right to practice theirs

  9. I agree with drawing US troops from Syria. The middle east has been fighting for centuries. These wars has cost America money wise & people wise. How many elected officials in Washington has made money from fighting. I’m sure the arms company has & bet so have congressmen/women. Sure those companies had lobbyist. To bad we can’t look at the banking records or their families. We need to spend money at home. Too many homeless, poor roads & bridges. I think President Trump is right—America first. We also need to close the border. Close the UN—get them out of here

  10. sorry Mz. Fool-faceRice – that Bat-S crazy title is already held by most of the Left – along with “maniacal rabid pack of jackals of the Left”.

  11. Yes….remarkable and very commendable…..but the Dems. just do not at all understand this. Making promises and then OMG Keeping them? Unheard of.
    I expect that Susan Rice is still suffering the Hangover of Bengazi…..?

  12. This is so true! No matter what President Trump says, does or follows through on, he is damned by the Democrats. I have never seen a party so unwilling to accept America”s choice. I just hope they don’t redistrict enough states that Republicans can’t win which Barak Obama and his old DOJ are doing quietly around the country.
    They have gone so far left due to Soros (who is trying to ruin this country) and the crazy idea we should not have borders and provide for all illegals hoping they will stay in power. We need term limits!!!!! They actually have more power than the President because they have been there so long. Please get out and vote Republican!!!!!

  13. No Sandra Rice you are BatShit Crazy not Pres.Trump.He has committed no high crimes or misdemeanors! For God sake he has the power to talk to foreign govts.He has all the right in the world to ask foreign govts to investigate corruption believe there is a dark cloud hanging over Joe Biden and his son.The news is saying he done the very exact thing with Ukraine that Trump has done.You are an extreme radical Democrat that wants to crucify Pres. Trump just like Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden Adam Schiff and Barrack Obamaand all the rest of the evil Democrats! Trump will probably be impeached by the House but when it reaches the Senate they will not be able to muster a 2/3 majority to remove him from office.You should be ashamed of yourself.When you were serving at your post under Pres.Obama I thought you were a very intelligent lady and you seemed to do your job well but it appears I was wrong.You are just like the rest of your party. Destroy Trump and hope you can get a Democrat as President.Bull shit!!!

  14. Ah yes, susaN ricE, the delusional self-appointed Psychiatrist General, Arbiter of Sanity!
    Richard William Faith
    central Florida

  15. Susan Rice …. get a life! With your record in the Obama WH, I don’t think I would be commenting on anything. I didn’t think we would ever have a worse President than J. Carter, but Obama squelched that line of thought the first couple of months into his Presidency. Eight years of Narcissism by Obama and most of his minions (continuing to this day, too) has caused more harm to the American way of life. And HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE GREAT UNIFIER . What a joke/hoax on the American People.

  16. Susan Rice is just one more lying wench from Obama land! Interesting how they are using profanity when they run out of lies to tell. They are going to have to pay the piper for being bad!

  17. Well said. Surely most decent honest intelligent people are fed up with the garbage coming from those who were in Administration during the Obama 8 disastrous years? Lies, innuendos, smear tactics, false accusations? Enough already, these Democrats are like people were in Sodom and Gomorah ? Jesus must really be weeping at the sins of this World today

  18. obum was a no good bastars not even a merican citizen the bum and his wife was an ass oooooooooooooooooooooooo he became a millonair being president he stole us blind

  19. Susan Rice is covering for Obama & Benghazi, it was a 13 hr. fight & we had a base 2 1/2 hrs. away, she said we didn’t have time to help. She was part of the Obama deal. Who called “Stand down?” for Obama, Loretta or Susan?

  20. Susan Rice is dumbfounded because Trump withdrew troops from Syria, but nary a word about Obama’s troop withdrawal from Iraq. How ironic!

  21. This coming from a lying bitch, who went on national TV and said the attacks in Lybia that killed four brave Americans was caused by a video. Just goes to show that the dims lie out their asses. In 2020 get out and VOTE GOPAND SEND THE DIMS PACKING, TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY MAGA!!!!!

  22. Susan Rice, the LIAR of Benghazi? If she wants to see bat shit crazy, all she has to do is look in the mirror.
    She lied on every, so called, news program that would have her, and is lying to this day over it. They had, and do not have now, any regard for any of the good people killed in that fiasco. Our Americans were killed, and all to protect the lunatic Hillary. Now that’s what I call BAT SHIT CRAZY. STFU Ms Rice.

  23. national security advisor. what a joke the obama administration was. she couldn’t defend a hen house. on her route to fame was meeting on the tarmac with old lover boy bill clinton and together they shut down the investigation of the most corrupt politician in american history. hillary clinton.

  24. fuck her. She lied to the whole country . She knew she was ling when she did it too. They should put her in jail now ???????



  26. Clearly Rice believes she is superior to President Trump and she is in no position to call anybody crazy. She is the same woman that blatantly lied and dismissed and discarded the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi and then like a dutiful puppet went on every talk show lying through her teeth that the Benghazi tragedy was not a terrorist attack when she knew from the beginning that it was. She continued that lie for months even when the proof came out that it was a terrorist attack and she along with Hillary Clinton and President Obama knew that from the beginning. She was the national security advisor during Obama’s presidency. He not only disgraced this Nation but she disgraced herself throughout the world. The lives of those 4 Americans who were slaughtered in Benghazi mattered but obviously not to Susan Rice.

  27. Anyone who would participate in the catastrophic policies of the Obama administration are the ones who are not only crazy, but they are essentially evil given the tyranny, oppression, and impoverishment that those policy bring. Praise God for giving us a REAL leader in Donald Trump and praise God that He is bringing back our freedoms, liberties, opportunity, and our ability to pursue happiness.

  28. She’s eat up with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don’t know with what ,, but eat up with it!!

  29. Bat Rice. You didn’t do a damn thing, look at your past with Obama. Damn worthless. You, Obama, Clinton nothing but corrupt assholes. Look at your past before opening that big hole under your nose

  30. Susan lied about Benghazi & the deal they made with Taliban & Loretta Lynch, who called “Stand down” to soldiers in Benghazi. Said “We didn’t have time to get help there..”.13 hr. fight & our base was 2 1/2 hrs. away. Lois Lerner needs IRS audit before Pres. Trump, she was paid very well I think.

  31. She does not know Bats fly by Radar and the Radar is now set on Her and Obama and his Administration too and those in it for 8 years and lying to the people about everything including the Bengazi attack too for 5 weeks on T V too

  32. Susan Rice , we are happy to announce that you have won a 1 way ticket to Benghazi where you will stay forever at what once was the U.S. Consulate. We will arrange for you to see for 24/7 for the rest of your life the terrible video you told us caused the problem. I know, Hillary said it was in the past and we should forget it, but you never ever will.

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