There was once an old skit from a popular animated television show you’ve likely heard of called the Simpon’s? During that skit, one rather clever line was written for the character Bart Simpson. It went something along these lines. Bart was asked to give an example of an oxymoron, upon which Bart grinned before facetiously answering, “Well I’ll be damned if I do, and I’ll be damned if I don’t.”

If President Trump’s mission to make America great again depended on the approval of the Left, that would have to be his motto. Thankfully, as the President continues on his mission now better phrased as “keeping America great,” he didn’t listen to the noise then and he isn’t listening now either. That was evidenced by his latest decision to pull troops back in Syria, which as one story reported, received plenty of criticism. Any guess on where that noise came from?

He’ll be damned if he does, he’ll be damned if he doesn’t.

This latest criticism came from one Susan Rice, also worth noting as the former national security adviser during the Obama administration – and we know how amazing that team was. So, as the story reported, Ms. Rice said regarding the President’s latest decision to remove troops: “I woke up this morning to hear that news, and as I do — it seems like six days a week — I just put my head in my hands. This is “bats**t crazy.”

Seriously Ms. Rice – crazy? And of course, the former national security adviser had plenty of reason for such harsh statements. She went on to explain in the interview saying, “these are the people who for the last four years have been fighting on our behalf, with our equipment to defeat ISIS, and they have done it with enormous efficacy, and they’ve sacrificed immensely, and we basically just said to them, ‘See ya.'”

Let’s start with her idea that these people have been fighting on “our behalf… .” No, Ms. Rice, we are all fighting ISIS and terrorism, not for the safety and well being of the U.S. – but for the World. That means for those people. 

How about her thoughts that they’ve been using “our equipment” as well, to fight terrorism? Damn straight they have and that isn’t something we owe them or anyone else. The United States, Big Brother to the World, has lent millions of dollars worth of support and equipment to help countries like Syria defend themselves – not us. And yes, it is a common enemy and we are grateful for their help but let’s be clear and honest about the facts.

Then when she said towards the end of her sermon that ‘they’ve sacrificed immensely,’ – we won’t even get into that discussion. Not that any of this or her banter has any real impact on what the President will or won’t do or what he does and doesn’t do.

He campaigned when he ran for President, on the promise to not engage our troops in any more unnecessary conflicts. He said that America would see fewer wars and spend more time focusing on building a better America. He has, he is, and that is exactly what this latest decision to pull troops out of Syria represents.

We haven’t had many Presidents who say something then, shockingly, do the very things they said they would. Of course, that sets up any Republican President to be a target for the Dems. If he had chosen to extend troop support in Syria, do any of us really think that there wouldn’t have been noise about that either? Maybe some chatter on the Left about how sad and deplorable it is that he is putting the lives of our young men and women in harm’s way unnecessarily. Of course, we would have heard it, he would have heard it.

And right about now we can almost hear Bart saying, “I’ll be damned if I do and I’ll be damned if I don’t!”


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