It seems that every day, new evidence is brought forward in the push for President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry. However, it all seems to point out precisely the opposite of what the Democrats led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are claiming.

And their fellow congress members are getting sick of it, saying that it is causing the nation to lose trust in the government and lose faith in our country as a whole. They couldn’t be more correct.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger told “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday that “Everything is a clown show. Everybody in the process is losing credibility, and frankly, the American people have lost and are losing faith in the institutions of government.”

And the Illinois lawmaker continued, saying, “They’re concerned about the treatment of the ambassador, and I have some sympathy for that viewpoint because I think Adam Schiff does a lot of selective leaking.”

This was said in reference to the State Department’s decision to not allow US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland from appearing before Congress in a closed-door session on Capitol Hill.

Sondland, who had been an ambassador for Ukraine and had been in recent contact with Ukrainian officials related to the July 25 phone call in question, had been asked to testify to before and deposition on Tuesday designed to delve further into the Ukraine controversy. However, the Trump administration blocked Sondland from appearing.

As President Trump tweeted later that day in explanation, “I would love to send Ambassador Sondland, a really good man and great American, to testify, but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court, where Republican’s rights have been taken away, and true facts are not allowed out for the public to see.”

And we can’t blame the president for his decision. Just last week, the same committee held a similar closed-door deposition in which they questioned former US ambassador to Ukraine Kurt Volker for over nine hours. And just like Sondland’s testimony is proposed to be, Volker’s account of what actually happened, including proof via text messages, didn’t match up with what the Democrats running this sideshow said.

However, rather than releasing the whole text of the day’s inquiry, Schiff and his cohorts only leaked a few of the text messages to the public and out of context at that.

Naturally, they want to take this push for impeachment all the way, and thus are willing to do a bit lying and hiding of the truth to get it there. So that is precisely what they did.

Volker gave up his entire day, devoting it to the committee in an effort to solve this issue and get to the truth. But after it was made clear that the truth wasn’t what the committee was looking for, they had to redact and hide most of the information given, claiming a false and opposite narrative.

Just like Schiff did when the transcript for the call was released.

Instead of reading the transcript verbatim in his opening statements to Congress, he read a “parody” or his own version of it. And he was called out on it. If you look at the actual transcript, which is now public knowledge, you will see that Schiff’s words stand in stark contrast.

The same can be said for the information given by Ambassador Volker. Thus, it only stands to reason that Schiff and his “clown show” would act similarly when presented with Sondland’s testimony.

Republicans are calling for the full release of the Volker’s testimony. They want to see America’s faith in our government restored. And if it comes at the cost of lying Adam Schiff’s career, then so be it. The House Intelligence Committee has said from the get-go that the whole point of this inquiry is to get to the bottom of the Ukraine phone call and find out if the president acted wrongly.

However, they have been met with the same answer several times now and from different people. Evidence has been given and proved correct. And yet, they refuse to believe it. Instead, they have concocted a story to rid America of Trump and are determined to make every account match their narrative, even if they have to make up the material or omit factual evidence in the process.

This isn’t justice; it’s collusion and treason.

52 thoughts on “Kinzinger Calls Schiff’s Impeachment Push a Clown Show

  1. Bernie is as bats as the Democrats. On election Day the world will find out the truth: Trump did win the election because the Electoral college prevented California and the east coast from dominating the vote. What the Democrats forget is some of us “Did” pay attention in History class.

  2. It is far past time to clean house in Congress. I am 82 years old and have never seen such corruption presented by the Democratic House of Representative. It makes me totally sick to see such lawlesness in our House of Representatives. What the hell are they representing except total lawlesness. The House of Representatives has totally ignored their own people with their daily lawlesness actions. Absolutely nothing has been accomplished by the House in the past 18 months. Pelosi does nothing but travel the world on America’s dime while our government is going to Hell in a handbasket more and more daily. If any true American has access to these statements please join me in an effort to overthrow these lawbreaking outlaws. America has had enough of this daily breaking of our laws and even more destressing is the laws are being broken by our own lawmaking House of Representatives. Please wake up “America”. It is time to put an end to this daily “Bullshit” by these lawbreakers and especially Skiff and Pelosi.

  3. The Republicans in the House and Senate need to stay strong and resist this impeachment farce all the way to next years election. The majority of “we the people” who are the voters who ultimately count are smart enough to see through this charade. With all due respect to Congressman Kinzinger, calling what the Dems are trying to do a “clown show” is being far to generous. This is an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election because their candidate lost. And, they know from the Democratic debates that they don’t have any candidates vying for the Dem nomination who can win in 2020.

    As one of the Congressional Democrats brazenly stated publicly, “ we have to impeach Trump because we can’t beat him in the 2020 election”.

    So we the people say to our Republican representatives, fight this illegal attempt by the corrupt forces in the Democrat party to overthrow the will of the voters. We will support you if you do!!!

  4. it is high time that Schitt for Brains is arrested for treason and seditious conspiracy…he has continually lied to the American ppl and to Congress.. and yes, we, the American ppl, are sick and tired of paying for this traitorous dog and pony show!!!!!!

  5. I agree with this article. At this time I have lost faith in our government. It has been nothing but a kangaroo court, with all the clowns in charge, for 3 years! There are just a handful of those in Congress that are working for this country. I am 68 years old and in my lifetime I have never seen a President who loves this country so much, keeps his promises to the American people, and works so tirelessly every day to do so many good things – not just for our country- but for the whole world. I live on a very limited income, and every year I have to pay a lot of money to the IRS! My dear Dad, who passed away late year at 91 years old and a very proud WWII veteran, had voted Democrat all his life…..until 2016. He voted for Trump. He said that if the Democrats won that election, we would lose our country and way of life that we have known, would be lost. He loved our country so much and he would be so proud of how hard Trump is fighting for us!
    Enough if these stupid investigations…..AMERICANS are tired of PAYING for these witch hunts! Congress does not deserve to even be paid for the last 3 years…..they have done NOTHING but obstruct this presidency! They make me sick! If they want a civil war….they’re going to get it. Trump 2020 🙏🇺🇸

  6. After all is said and OUR PRESIDENT, Donald J Trump, is exonerated, the DNC SHOULD PAY BACK ALL TAXPAYERS MONIES that they spent on all these investigations and pay back their salaries the years of these WITCH HUNTS and not doing the jobs they were elected to do

  7. So cut the he said, we said, they said, I said crap. This is 6th grade stupidity! You wonder why we the people are losing faith in our government??? Look at how childish these assholes act!! Take Volkers statement and release it to the public in its entirety. Have Sondland make his statement in public & to hell with this sideshow in Congress. There won’t be any cherry picking after that.

  8. this whole ordeal needs to stop NOW. It is a waste of time and of taxpayers money. And it was set up to be at this time on purpose to rig the election.

  9. Impeach & jail Adam Schiff & anyone else who pushes a false narrative! It is high time that our lawmakers realize that they are not above the law & they have to pay the same consequences as everyone else!!!

  10. Currently Everything that Occurs in the Deocratically Run( RUINED) House of (NO Constituents) Representatives is nothing BUT a clown show and a poor excuse for one at that! It is no wonder that 15 states have already Ratified A Convention Of States and are many who have already passed the first test in their legislatures and moving into their state senates. Hopefully we will see it pass 19 more in the very near future! GOD knows this country and its people deserve a more represetative government!

  11. SChifft and pelosiand their gang members should be send to FEDERAL PRISON FOR THEIR CRIME IS FEDERAL OFFENSE. WE want president rump to fight back until all enemiesa rese ndto pisorn folyr and conniving to put an inn ocent man, the president removed from offiece after the left conspired with the help of th e corrupt press/media. Evil have taken over the DEMS. proabortion,murder of millions unborn andsame sex marriages. AN abomintion a
    before GOD. PELOSIP RETENDS TO BECXA THOLICAND LOVE EVIL BEFORE the Almighty.UNless theyr eprent theirnames are not in the book ofl iufe. lake of fire.LIars donot belong inth e kingdom f GOD.

  12. I am not at all surprised anymore. I honestly don’t know how the President is able to deal with all of this crap. The stress alone must be incredibly difficult to deal with. I have always been an Independent voter because I believe to vote for the person and not the party. However, due to what the democrats have been doing, I will now vote only Republican. Thank you democrats for showing us exactly what you are before another election comes up.

  13. I am beginning to wonder how in this world if you have a legislature that is not following the Constitution and goes out of its way to hide what they are doing from the public who voted the legislature in to work for the people, how do you get the legislature cleaned up, what power is over the legislature that is powerful enough to step in and clean up the legislature. And don’t say the voters have this ability because the voters voted in President Trump to “clean up” the legislature and the legislature seems to be more powerful than him. It seems the FBI and CIA and DOJ are so incompetent they can’t even stop leakers spying on President Trump and handing over what President Trump does to any newspaper the spys want. Somehow no one knows how to track down who would have access to the President’s phone calls. Our local police can track down a telephone being used by a ill person or someone who has killed someone but the FBI and CIA can’t track down a spy leaking a telephone call being made by the President. I think it is time to either kill these agencies or fire those there and hire new people. My nephew can track telephone calls to tell me who is listening to my phone calls which happen to be a stalker who is now in jail. The gov’t can hire him.

  14. No I am not losing faith in my form of government and faith in the country as a whole, as this article says. I am totally confidence that the democrat socialist communist party has lost faith in this constitutional republic due to the “rule of law” and “due process” gets in their way of creating a democracy of “identity politics” that require all of us to agree that you are guilty until proven innocent. “Witch hunts” and “kangaroo courts” are the way of the democrats. Democrats claim they embrace the rule of law and due process, and then go right out and perform just the opposite. President Trump is being put through the ringer to coverup the corruption of the Obama administrations FBI, DOJ, CIA and the Biden’s. Hunter went with Joe to China to get 1.5 Billion dollars because Joe cannot accept the money himself, so he got his son to accept it for him, so China can get the “Preferred nation status” for the non tariff trade deal. These witch hunts are to cover for the weaponized government agencies against the American people.

  15. These imbeciles should be indicted and prosecuted for their illegal actions! Lets hope that AG William Barr and Trey Gowdy get to the bottom of this travesty very quickly so the country can get back on track and congress can do the job that they were elected to get done.


  17. Pelosi and Schiff are the new terrorist of the people of the United States. These political corrupt criminals are receiving salaries from the taxpayers and they do nothing but waste our tax moneys big time as if it’s theres. The two top Democrats are ruining our country and causing the Americans to no longer put our faith in our government because of their treasons of lying to the American Citizens. These two people Pelosi and Schiff are spitting in the faces of our American Citizens they don’t care about what we think and that’s disgusting. Pelosi and Schiff have to go they never intended to make our country a better place for all Americans thats went out the door a long time ago. I personally would never trust them to carry my Halloween candy bag they would steal anything they could get their hands on.

  18. Despite their treasonous actions, the dumbAcrats keep up the charade of doing what the real Americans want. And just who are these “real Americans” the Squad members? Ha!!!! Get rid of them ALL. Too bad the Senate is full rhinos or this circus would have been run out of town. McConnell get your head out of your A.. halt this witch hunt

  19. He is correct, thought what this is leading up to I fear is going to be a civil war, Americans are sick of the lie’s and the bullshit by the left about a dooly elected President by the people for the people . Americans look at members of Congress with discontent , Because if they are unwilling to work with our President then we don’t need them in office, they obviously Don’t represent the American people is how we feel. take a survey and ask Americans that question and see if Americans don’t say this of members of Congress.

  20. Opening Line for the Moderators at all DEMOCRATIC DEBAES…. After “self introductions and grateful salutation to the audience, a simple statemen could start the sessions by simply saying………”SEND IN THE CLOWNS”!!!

  21. Currently, the Democrats are turning into lying idiots. I watch the news, and I wonder how they can justify all the inuendos and lies.
    Has the voting process become so screwed till these pitifully incompetent elected humans are still put in office?
    They are turning into ‘The Dummy Democrats”.

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