Bernie Sanders is trying everything to convince people that he is the best choice to beat the unbeatable President Trump in 2020. In spite of a recent heart attack, Sanders has been promoting that he put Obama in the White House and many other things trying to show how important and powerful he thinks he is. But people are not buying into his lies. Daniel Clark, who has worked with Sanders in the past asked him “Since it seems like it’s going to be kind of the way that it was last time, where the field seems a little skewed against you, are you willing to take this to a contested convention?”

Clark’s question is one that a lot of people are asking. Will Sanders be able to unite a split and fractured Democratic Party enough to beat a president that is turning out to be a favorite for both liberal and conservative alike. All Sanders could say was “We’re in this race to win it.” Sanders just dodged the question from Clark. Bernie Sanders does not have a clue about what he would do if he were to win in 2020. He is so old that he has lost touch with the younger generation. He is no longer the face of the socialist utopia that many crazy Democrats are hoping to see.

Sanders has been losing support, and he still believes he can win. Many polls show him coming in a long third in popularity. He no longer has the endorsement of the Working Families Party that once supported him in 2016. When Sanders lost in 2016 in the primary races he claimed to have handed Obama the victory. Truth be told no one likes Bernie Sanders, and they had to vote for whoever was left and that person was Obama.

Sander’s age is his biggest enemy. He is just out of touch with the young voting crowd in America. He refuses to believe the polls that show him losing support. It is as if he is living in a dream world where he is king and the world bows to him. But of course, that is what every Democrat likes to think about. Sanders may be able to reach a lot of people and raise money for his demonic cause, but his words are falling on deaf ears. People do not want to hear that he is going to steal their money and give it. The people of the country want to see solutions, and they want to see action.

What is truly sad and Bernie Sanders and his campaign are that his aides are telling him that he can still win. They are feeding this poor old guy a false hope. They are using him for their exploits. They know that if the campaign dies, then so does their job. So why not keep letting him believe that he is winning. Like every good democrat, his aides are telling lies for their gain.

Sanders is pulling every trick out of his old hat in an attempt to win. He is finding people to tell stories that Sanders is the only one that gives them hope. Only if Sanders wins will we live is the cry of so many people. But they are just actors trying to direct people to support Bernie Sanders. He is one of those people that people would like to support, but they just cannot bring themselves to do it. What Sanders is offering is the destruction of the nation. One Democratic person stated about Sanders that he “has no idea how to right the ship and neither does anybody around him.” Even people in his arena question his ability to win and lead.

Sanders is like a person trying to live in a fantasy world. He wants the younger crowd to accept him as one of their own. But that crowd will never accept grandpa Sanders because he just does not fit the mold. He has lost touch with the American people because he is living in a fantasy world that most people will never be a part of.

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