Joe Biden is America’s biggest political failure behind Barack Obama. That’s right they served two terms together. No wonder he is a complete dirty failure. Robert Torricelli is a former New Jersey Senator that just happens to be good friends with dirty Biden. Of course, who wants to be friends with a person that is about to go to prison for illegal and scandalous accusations. Joe Biden has “inexplicable” behavior said, Torricelli. He is just floored that his good friend would choose to involve himself in illegal behaviors.

Joe Biden and his son are criminals. Of course, Hunter, Biden’s son, could claim that he learned it all from good old pops growing up. Torricelli is, of course, having mixed feelings about the whole story. Like a good Democrat Torricelli is responding with his feelings instead of his head. He has had to sort through what he is feeling about Biden for the time being. There is no doubt that he has been hurt by the actions of his good friend Biden as he has stated, “This is a painful thing because I like Joe. And I think he’s a very fine man. I think he’s served his country admirably. But some of this is inexplicable.”

Like every other Democrat Torricelli is blinded by the truth. He believes that Biden is a good person. Biden is a person that seeks to self-serve his interests at the expense of other people. Biden has never served this country well because behind the scenes he has been secretly plotting his exploits with corrupt governments. The United States of America deserves so much better than Joe Biden. The nation deserves President Donald Trump. This is a man that as outstanding character and has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Biden was trying for a long time to self serve his interests and to make sure his son Hunter made a lot of money. It has been reported that Hunter and his company profited hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Ukrainian government. He earned all this money while he was being investigated for fraud and other economic crimes. At the same time, Joe Biden was making deals with the corrupt leader at the time trying to keep the prosecutor from finding out the truth.

Joe Biden has been caught lying to the people as he stated that he never spoke with his son about his business ventures. But wait until the photo is released of Biden playing golf with Burisma’s very own Devon Archer. They were golfing together. This one photo proves that Biden is lying, and he is hiding more information. He is hiding information that will incriminate him and his son for illegal and corrupt business practices. For Biden, these actions all were taking place while he was vice president under baby Obama.

Torricelli is just plan heart-broken to know that his beloved Biden is now a felon and a criminal. It shames him to know that Biden has lied to everyone, including Torricelli, about what he was doing all those years the nation suffered under the oppressive hand of the Democrats. Now the world knows that he was involved in corrupt practices.

Democratic voters love to know that they are being lied to. But when it comes to a Democrat lying to another Democrat, the lie becomes the truth and what is determined to be illegal becomes legal. Democrats have a way of twisting the truth to serve their interests. The liberal voters love to riot about issues. They don’t want their leaders telling tails, they want them causing trouble and giving them opportunities to riot in the streets. After all, the lazy liberal will smash the electronics window of a storefront and steal a television for themselves.

Biden’s actions are going to cost him big. Torricelli has stated “It is hard to imagine a Democratic primary electorate witnessing this spectacle. I’m a Joe Biden friend. Would I have voted for him in the primaries? Probably not.” Biden is finished and so is his presidential bid.

159 thoughts on “Former Senator: Biden is My Buddy, But This is ‘Inexplicable’

  1. The Dems are corrupt from top to bottom which is really F_cked up! I guess they thought their owth was a booze drinking song and license to steal.

  2. I never thought I would see the day that one liberal would throw another liberal under the bus, but I have respect for Torricelli that at least he has become aware of what the Democrat Party is all about. It isn’t just Biden, liberals are Communist Fascists who are grandiose of the New World Order.

  3. We hope Biden and his son are indicted and prosecuted, but so far, bad people who are powerful escape the consequences of their crimes until they reach 95 years of age and are going to die anyway. Biden’s crimes in the Ukraine and China, among others, cannot be ignored, so we will see if any of the federal government’s employees will work on a case if the targets are powerful people. 50% of the DOJ and FBI and CIA need to be fired anyway since they are traitors.

    1. Susan – Don’t forget about the Clintons. They have been criminals for decades (including hiring murderers, something that ALL other AMERICANS go to prison for).

      We need (and, this is coming from a registered Democrat) to have TRUMP-like presidential candidates for the next 20 years, els this Country is lost to the New World Order “Illuminati” pervert culture

  4. I hope this will be reported in all of the media channels. It’s time for the truth to prevail. The Democrats have got to be exposed for the crooks they are. The good old boys group needs to end.

    1. It’s about time the good old boys club is exposed. I hope someone in the media has the guts to expose the Real Crooks.

  5. Really is amazing that he has been able to fool so many for so long….just shows how gullible American people are. Maybe this mess going on these past few months will cause American people to be more informed. Just maybe!

  6. Thank you for coming forward about the crooked ex-vp (intended lower case). More people who know the truth about this Mafia wanna be needs to come forward also. Obama plays a role in this also. He did not get rich just by being president.

  7. The actions of Biden are a prime example of how easily the public can be duped. He, along with Obama,duped enough of the public to get elected TWICE to the highest office in the land. Doesn’t speak well for over half of the population. Perhaps we get what we deserve. Can the same thing be said about Trump? Possibly so, but when you consider the alternative being HRC, we didn’t have much choice.

  8. Joe Biden is corrupt in allowing his son Hunter to
    take money 💵 from China & Ukraine 🤥🤥🤥🤥,
    Using his fathers position as America’s Vice President👎🏾🤷‍♀️💪🏾😤🙄🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤥🇺🇸🇺🇸‼️

  9. I can’t believe that I was blinded to the corruption of Obama and Biden and the whole Democratic swamp but never again will I vote for a swamp dweller like Biden ! It is time all Americans woke up to what the Democrats are up to and that is to take away our freedoms!

  10. Yes he and his son are criminals & yet the Dems.continue the witch hunt going to take the crimes of Biden off every ones mind, but not working, voting time we remember very well Trump 2020

  11. Biden bragged about withholding our tax dollars until the prosecutor in the Ukraine who was investigating Hunter Biden was fired. It is on tape!

  12. I do wish columnists would preview their work. A person is a “who” not a “that”. “Telling tails”? Starting sentences with And and But? Ending sentences with a preposition? Hunter made more than hundreds of thousands…it ran into millions.

  13. Torricelli were you all heartbroken with the shenanigans that were pulled under the Obama administration? Hard to believe that you are just now catching on about Joey!

  14. We’ll see if anything will be done about it!!!
    O bumb A was an illegal president and He’s still running loose???
    You are right the Dumb O Craps can’t handle the truth they’d ALL
    end up it jail!!
    They continue to throw Trump under the bus to take the heat off themselves!!

  15. Biden may not become the president, however nothing will happen to him or his son. That is the problem of this country, There is no law enforcement. Not from the Federal level, State, County, or City levels. No one is punished for their actions.

    1. Great comment, you nailed it, all levels of government are corrupt, we had liberals who put our town in debt 170 million+ it first went to investigation by the town, to county, to state, none of the crooks was punished, every local, state, and state are all Liberals, the crooks charged on the credit cards they got from our town, gasoline for school buses were used for their cars, now the town raised our taxes which is a burden for us seniors, we are a small town, we should move but no one will buy our homes because of the high taxes, senior citizens got a break,, instead we can pay payments every three months. Pennsylvania, is a,state of lying, cheating crime, our politicians are very wealthy, we need to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  16. Joe Biden & His son Hunter Should be Investigated, as They are Investigating our President. & no holds Barred,.& give them the same crap which they are dumping on our President.. Also some Other Democratic Politicians Who are on the take.. Lets Investigate Every Politician No matter their affiliation. Demo or Repub..
    Let’s clan up Washington..

  17. Finally, a Democrat who understands what BiteMe has done . . . . BiteMe and son are simply LIARs and Thieves . . . . and, his son is/was, but probably IS, a druggie.

    Just the guys we want representing the USA in foreign affairs.

  18. Biden is such a liar. He’s dangerous. He along with Barak hussein Obama have influenced so many people to lie, believe crap meant everything with no accountably.. How stupid can American citizens be. Get jobs n work for what you need n want

  19. Didn’t Obama give Biden an award for his exceptional service to the country? Did Obama know how corrupt he was?

  20. I think that the democrates think they have. Done nothing wrong they have no one ia above the law there spending are tax dollars. Fighting against trump that none of them have kept there promises for the people what has been accomplished. Nothing other then there selfishness. They dont ralize that if they keep this up then nobody will show up to vote. Obama should be investigate the bidens should be in prison hillary she needs to be prosecuted for her crimes all of congress has let the people down stop the nonsense fight the fight on. The issues not against the president i know all place my vote for the presedentual election. But not in any other elections no ones worth my vote

  21. Joe Biden should be indicted and convicted for the Ukraine deal and China if evidence is found of guilt in China. This country needs Trump and many more who are true honest patriots of this country in behavior and deeds and not just verbal comments. We as a country deserve better.

  22. Biden has been a crook since he almost lost his law licence in law school for plagiarizing his Thesis. He had a glib tongue then too and threw himself on the mercy of the professors. He was kicked out of the 1988 presidential campaign for plagurizing passages from the speeches by Neal Kinnock, a member of the British Labor party. He’s been an embarrassment all through his political career with his kissey, handsy, smell ladies hair behavior. Off sided quotes from members asking to remain anonymous called him a joke. .

  23. The whole Democratic party is in a state of deep denial. It is so deep that they do not know how to extricate themselves. A pretty sad indictment of half of the electorate. They don’t seem to understand that they need to earn from the people the right to govern. From their latest spectacles they should not be elected as dog catchers and my apologies to dog catchers.

  24. Joe Biden is also stupid! He voluntarily became the star witness against himself when he bragged on camera about his crime. I don’t know when he did it, but presume it was before November of 2016, when everybody assumed Hillery would succeed Obama, and he would be immune to prosecution..

  25. Evidently Torricelli is ill informed. The entire Biden scam has been debunked; it was begun by Bannen and his extreme right wing cronies and was aimed at encouraging Trump to do his usual bit to spread false accusations and fake news. Jane Meyer explains it all in the current New Yorker Magazine; of course the likes of Torricelli and Sean Hannity and the entirety of the Republican Party never reads The New Yorker no doubt out of fear that they might learn something. This web site “Right On News” has an extremely poor relation with the truth and clearly never fact checks their bullshit stories before putting them “out there”. What amazes me though is the Republicans in the Senate who will believe, or pretend that they believe every word Trump tweets or utters. I can’t wait to see them bailing out when the fecal matter hits the fan and Trump is indicted and lead away in cuffs and an orange suit.

    1. Your completely blind – Obama & Biden are crooks !! Wait til Barr & Durham’s investigation is completed . The whole truth will finally put the Dems, Media & Deep State in criminal peril . It’s going to be all over !!!!!!!!

  26. About 2 or 3 years ago, FOX late night news had a guest who wrote a book including prof that Biden took his son with him to Japan (I think Japan) and they returned in on separate planes and then his sun made a ENORMUS deposit in his name……several million is I remember!!
    I never heard about it again and often wondered what business his son was profiting from! I look forward to JUSTICE FINALLY!!

  27. Those all 8 years were the longest of my life. They all should be in jail NO DOUBLE STANDARDS and idiot Biden brags about his last 6 hours there. They are all crooks DRAIN THE SWAMP

  28. It hurts when a friend is untrustworthy to the entire world. If you are in politics it means you have hurt your country and millions of people.

  29. Joe Biden and his son Hunter have committed some very serious crimes and both of them should be held accountable

  30. I was a Democrat now im a Republican i would not vote for a Democrat cause they are only for themselves not the american people


  31. I want President Trump to win re-election. But, don’t count your chickens til the eggs are hatched. The Dimocrats are going to pull every cheating angle they can think of, & if we aren’t careful, we’ll be cheated out of the election. So be VIGILANT at the polling booths, & if you see something, say something. If that doesn’t work, call the police, then the Republican headquarters. Especially if you see Mexicans in line. If they aren’t legal, then call ICE. But, remember that it is a FELONY to have a gun inside a polling place. So keep your eyes peeled, & have somebody with you that can watch your back.

  32. Biden should DROP OUT of the RACE. Not sure if BERNIE WILL Be able to go on? But it’s hard to keep him down! IF BERNIE STSTAYS IN THEN BIDEN WILL BE OUT. I THINK IT WILL MATCH UP TO BE WARREN OR BERNIE TO RUN AGAINST TRUMP!!

  33. Like Quid Pro Joe (Biden), Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were also great individuals with awesome people skills.

  34. Why is it possible that even politician’s that are no longer in office can see the offense of dirty Joe and son. Yet people like asshole Adam Schiff hide their heads in the dirt. Democrats please get back to doing your jobs and leave President Donald Trump alone. Allowing him too do his job or all your dirty deeds will be exposed.

  35. Let’s expose all the family members of congress & senators that are on the tax payer teet. Let’s audit every congress man & women. Millions of dollars being stolen from taxpayers by politicians giving corrupt contracts to their family members. #auditcongress

  36. On 01/20/09, Biden knew when being sworn in as VP, that this gig was going to be his last political rodeo. He knew that in 2016 that he would be deemed too old to run as Prez, and the Dem political apparatus had already determined that Hillary would be the next nominee. Biden knew that this would be his last chance at making a big score. The question was how to do it? Enter the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Obama appoints him the point man on all things Ukraine, a country totally dependent upon US aid. Combine that with a ne’er-do-well son, Hunter, who just got booted out of the Navy due to drug use, and voila, you have, what Biden thought was his Midas, or should I say Bernie Madoff moment. Face it folks. Hunter was a Naval reservist and the son of the VP, whose boss is the President and Commander-In-Chief. Don’t you think that Obama could have stepped in and told the Navy to squash the Dishonorable discharge and send Hunter to rehab? I mean, it wasn’t like he was steering a ship, sending F-16s off a flight deck, or being a Navy Seal. He was a pencil pusher. But Ukraine was a mess, Biden was in charge and glad handed corruptocrats, and knew that Hunter was his “in” to score big. Fast forward to 2018, and the ever bragadocious Joe Biden cannot let a camera moment go by without relating how tough he was with his Quid Pro Quo scenario. After all, we all know how tough Joe is since he told us how he “handled” that “really bad dude” Cornpop. I guess Joe had a Senior Moment in 2018, as he forgot there was a new Sheriff in town, President Trump, who campaigned on exposing and draining the swamp.
    So Torricelli, a guy who had his own honesty issues, is “shocked” about this incident. Hmmmm. What ever happened to the old saying “It takes one to know one”?

  37. “the Torch” has a unique angle when he commented on the Biden spectacle and you omitted that from your narrative.

    The Torch was forced to resign from the US Senate and then serve his prison sentence.
    Would he vote for Biden? I do not know if he is out of prison yet or had his voting rights restored.

  38. Biden and his son BOTH belong in PRISON for the TREASONOUS acts they have done AGAINST this nation. Biden has ABUSED his power to keep his son out of trouble!!!

  39. Now that Biden is in the news. Let’s get Hillary Clinton. It’s time the news tells what most people know. Time to get off of Trumps back and let him do his job. Praise him for what he has accomplished while being lied about and crucified by the Democratic Party. The truth will set you free. God has chosen Trump. With God. All things are possible.


  41. Joe Biden? You mean creepy uncle joe and traitor to America. What a liar. Just sickening to see him stand there and lie. His wife must be just as bad. She knows what he is doing. Her son is now a traitor to America. Congrats joe.

  42. Never liked neither one of tham; inc Obama ! Never voted for tham; one thing is true; they are corupt ; should get off for good and media should leave alone Trump; the onlypresident who cares about the big USA

  43. American people are worn out from all of this political challenges thrown to slow down the progress of this Presidency. Is this going to happen each election? For each political party? The truth SETS US FREE. Even in politics

  44. Creepy, handsy, and shifty…It’s a window in his face…You can see he is lying…The louder he protests the guiltier he looks…He’s golfing with his son and the Ukraine participants in the scandal and never spoke of what was going on…Really Joe ??? You can’t fix stupid…

  45. The Biden involvement does not pass the smell test. It looks corrupt but evidence has not yet substantiated that he did anything that was criminal and we should hold judgment until we obtain the full facts. I believe an investigation would be the right thing to do.

    By the same token there is no evidence that clearly shows that Trump has done anything wrong either. I realize that Pelosi’s announcement of an impeachment inquiry was not submitted to the full house.It should be and then both sides can call their witnesses to get to the truth.

  46. Trump is the best for America right now the Democrats do not care for Americans only worry about illegals and giving them everything free for the last 3 years the House has done nothing but try to get Trump out of the Presidency with false accusations

  47. I believe Joe Biden son in the majority of the Democrats are the deep state all they want is power in to rule the people into what they want



  50. Really sad for the Biden family…praying for their souls. But REALLY sad for our fine President who is almost daily assaulted and harassed. I pray for his safety in light of this obvious coup…his life most certainly may be in danger. If I were him I would never be without my body guards…never! The Dems are very scary people…if they would go as far as this to oust this President, I do believe they can do even darker things to our President or Vice-President. Yes….I believe they are capable of it. I pray people will open their eyes to this and consider changing parties if they are now registered Democrat. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

  51. Once a crooked, always a crooked. And his son Hunter became a very good alumni.
    Both should go to jail for what they did. If nothing HAPPEN, NO one will ever trust these Demorats.

  52. Don’t believe all you hear until it is substantiated.
    Good friends are there through thick and thin !
    Give him a call and here his side

  53. When will the Democrats start acting like they care about Americans ? Instead of using their powers to scam US Citizens , making themselves richer by the day !
    Obama is a prime example !

  54. Biden and his son should be investigated for these crimes and if found guilty be both incarcerated. There is no excuse for this behavior.

  55. Biden saw the Clinton’s and their dirty dealings getting away with laundering money.. I’m sure ole Hil helped him get started. I’m a conservative and we need to rid the government of the deep state, scrap the democrats and start fresh with Christian’s who walk the walk and talk the talk. The Lord is coming back if things dont straighten up. All this mess is coming to fruition. Pray for our nation.

  56. You Hit It on the HEAD! He’s blaming a president that does not deserve the problems he’s gotten since becoming the PRESIDENT of the United Sates. Hillary also helped onthe process.

  57. “We the People” are tired of “scum” running or trying to run this country!!!! Mainly democrats/liberal socialist!!! AMEN to President TRUMP for taking on the idiots of this country!!!!! GOD has HIS hands on the President and vice president. Biden is just another Hillary (hitler)

  58. Biden is a Self Serving Dirt-bag, and so is His Son… I hope They Both get whats coming to Them…. No wonder these Sleeze-bags can Leave D.C. Millionairs… They Know how to play the system… .Just Like Obumma, Hildabeast, Waters, Peelosi…Cummins and All the Rest of their Ilk… Their All Out for Number One…. NOT AMERICANS Or AMERICA…. Period Obumma!! Can’t Wait for Nov 2020… Their All be Pulling Their Hair Out, Banging Their Heads on the Desk…Can’t Wait… BIG RED WAVE COMMING… TRUMP ALL THE WAY!!!

  59. i guess we, only thought our intelligence and enforcement agencies were dependable. but they now, are being a proven corrupt failure also. when they, are only supporting this kind of corruption in our government.

    do, they actually think it is their job to support corruption and chastising honesty? this makes them, more dishonest than obama, hillary, biden and pelosi together.

  60. So finally a Democrat speaks the truth and is not hiding his opinion.
    Why don’t you speak to fellow Democrats like liar Schiff and liar Pelosi.

  61. I think it is so sad that we have so many crooked politicians in our Government and I believe that President Trump knew it and that is why he ran for President.These corrupt Politican are the ones that want President Trump impeach.I pray for my President everyday and I believe God answers prayers and President Trump will win in 2020

  62. Biden is a disgrace and he should be prosecuted for his underhanded actions to enrich his son! It should also be investigated as to how Biden became a multi-Millionaire!

  63. Liberals are so obvious. Here we have Joe Biden, who like most liberal dems. lie to everyone for their own personal gain, and brags about his actions in the Ukraine and the liberal socialists refuse to investigate. Next we have the President, supposedly asking the Ukraine to look into the Biden Ukraine issue and they want to impeach him. We have Hilary, the DNC and Obama paying for a false dossier on the President and again the liberal socialists refuse to do anything about it. We have 4 men murdered in Benghazi and Hilary and Obama, refused military aid then lied about what happened. There was also Hilary’s classified emails, sent on her private server, but that was OK . It certainly indicates a double standard, and hypocritical.

  64. Totally disgusting Biden and son are guilty so why have they not been arrested now if that was me I would already be in prison….I understand Pelosi’s son also worked on some company in Ukraine so are they connected and corrupt sure looks that way!!!!!! And they want to impeach Trump what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America will pay for all this!!!!
    All you oldies on congress just think of your grandchildren…………


  66. Wonder who Biden will throw under the bus when he is facing punishment. This is the beginning of the end to the cesspool. I knew it was coming and that the dim wits would pull every dirty trick out of their playbook but seeing it unfold is almost funny. Biden is mad at the press who is reporting all this. He demands they stop.

    Of course Biden wants all this discovery to end because he knows when this can of worms is opened up there will be real crimes that surface and he is going to be taken down with the other criminals involved in all the messes of the Hillary emails, the FISA, now his mess, and so on. What is funny is everything the dim wits accuse Trump of, they have done and thought they got away with it.

    Get some popcorn and a drink, the show is starting! Here comes justice. And the dim wits are scared, it is so obvious. Wonder what Shifty has done?

  67. This is good news, a corrupt government officials should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A if found guilty in the court of law, should serve his sentence behind bars without parole. Biden is a powerful hypocrite who was hiding for a long time as a VICE PRESIDENT, and before this, was a SENATOR. He is a shame to the American people.

  68. Interesting story, if true. I’m a independent and have been for 15 years. I believe both sides (parties) are lying to us. However, the comment that:
    The United States of America deserves so much better than Joe Biden. The nation deserves President Donald Trump. This is a man that as outstanding character and has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever.
    That is so far from the truth it’s laughable.. President Trump has lied his way thru life. And the only reason he hasn’t been convicted of any wrongdoing is his continuing to obstruct justice by forbidding people to testify.
    If your not guilty, let people talk. Where’s the wall, health care, better trade agreements etc…

  69. Always thought they picked Creepy Feely Joe because he wasn’t the smartest one in the litter, but didn’t figure he was smart enough to try to pull that criminal deal off,
    Wasn’t surprised at what he did when the scandal surfaced. The poor sap tried to deny despite it being on irrefutable recording. Think it’s called boasting, but maybe his life has been so filled with losing. he couldn’t resist bragging about his one win, never dreaming it would come back on him.
    Suspect he & son Hunter are about to learn telling a lie long enough does not make people start thinking it is truth.
    Think a whole lot more more top democrats are fixing to learn the same thing & many of them are still on the federal payroll.

  70. I think the Democratic Party must distance themselves fm Biden NOW!! If Rudy Giuliani testifies to the Senate Committee with Senator
    Lindsey Graham Biden will be destroyed!! He says he has documentation about the Biden’s n Ukraine illegal actions that could put Joe Biden in the Big House not the White House!!

  71. I don’t understand why the politicians can get away with all they are doing. They are harming our country and really could care less about the people they are “working for.” THEY ALL BELONG IN JAIL. They can’t stand our president because he is doing all he can to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  72. Joe Biden is a disgrace but his kids are a disaster! Joe, the original “Mr. Bullshit” has lied, connived, bribed and participate in “pay to play” his entire political life. He helped manage back-room deals for his shady brother at the same time bilking people out of their money to line the pockets of the Biden family! As to the Biden kids, they are a parent’s worse nightmare. Hunter and Jill Biden are nothing drug addicts, liars, and thieves. If not for Daddy Joe, these kids would still be in prison. Joe has intervened many times and in Hunter’s case also got him released from the Navy on drug charges instead of heading to Levenworth Federal Prison! Truly a great family for representing America!

  73. Any person with a brain who follows what’s happening in this country knows biden is human garbage. Just like obama both hate this country and have utter contempt for all of us.

    If you vote for a democrat candidate in 2020 you are knowingly supporting the destruction of this great country.

  74. can the Republican Senators send subpoena to Biden and Hunter to testify in front of Senate for their crimes and deals while being vice-president, and his son for taking place on the U.S. 2 airplane?, he has to answer under oath what he has done against our country. He did not serve our Cuntry, HE SERVED HIMSELF.

  75. It is time for all Americans to turn against the corruption in the Democratic Party. Not just Republicans but, honest hard working Democrats who have been tainted by the corruption in that party. Every single Democrat whose up for election in 2020should be voted out of office until it is cleaned up. That should be Federal and all 50 States. California should lead the pack with a recall of the Democratic Governor. If we don’t wake up then what are we leaving for our children and grandchildren. We should be ashamed if we allow this to continue.

  76. Yes, Biden is a liar but so are so many other Dummicrats. A couple are Pelosi and Clinton. They are all horrible and should be in prison.

  77. All these Democrats shouting Impeach should be investigated for treason. You know if one of them is dirty, all that protect him are also dirty. Rat on one and, they will rat you out too.

  78. My comment to this writer is As an elected official you chose policies party over the truth and even you like Joe, you were too blind to see the Truth of the Obama administration.

  79. it’s about time to hear a dem admit that Biden has brought shame to our country & should pay his dues for the crime. now how about his boss Oboma how much did he know about the Biden get rich scam. it’s hard to believe he was in the dark about it. I think he left the office rich also didn’t he?

  80. Ukraine is telling truths, doesn’t Pelosi have a son that works for a company in Ukraine. Does Maxine Waters have money in a Global investment Co. that has mostly Russian depositors? On & on.

  81. No he did not serve his country with this crooked dealings His son would never got the posistions if Joe did not go with him over there on our TAX money either and work with Crooked Obama too who knew about the Hillary emails and lies about it and involved in the FBI Covering Up with Hillary Email Corruption too and the FBI not finding anything to prosecute on even Bats can see that period

  82. They don’t want their leaders telling “tales” not “tails”! Do not rely on your spellchecker because they can’t always tell the difference!

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  84. Why don’t we investigate all politicians
    Like we get investigated for a top secret
    clearance. When I got investigated for my past 10 years. When I got investigated I was only 20 years old. When i got told if
    I diveludged any information about my
    Duties I would be face in 10 years and
    10,000 dollars and that was 1968 when money was worth something. We could
    Drain the swamp before selecting them.

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