Joe Biden is America’s biggest political failure behind Barack Obama. That’s right they served two terms together. No wonder he is a complete dirty failure. Robert Torricelli is a former New Jersey Senator that just happens to be good friends with dirty Biden. Of course, who wants to be friends with a person that is about to go to prison for illegal and scandalous accusations. Joe Biden has “inexplicable” behavior said, Torricelli. He is just floored that his good friend would choose to involve himself in illegal behaviors.

Joe Biden and his son are criminals. Of course, Hunter, Biden’s son, could claim that he learned it all from good old pops growing up. Torricelli is, of course, having mixed feelings about the whole story. Like a good Democrat Torricelli is responding with his feelings instead of his head. He has had to sort through what he is feeling about Biden for the time being. There is no doubt that he has been hurt by the actions of his good friend Biden as he has stated, “This is a painful thing because I like Joe. And I think he’s a very fine man. I think he’s served his country admirably. But some of this is inexplicable.”

Like every other Democrat Torricelli is blinded by the truth. He believes that Biden is a good person. Biden is a person that seeks to self-serve his interests at the expense of other people. Biden has never served this country well because behind the scenes he has been secretly plotting his exploits with corrupt governments. The United States of America deserves so much better than Joe Biden. The nation deserves President Donald Trump. This is a man that as outstanding character and has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Biden was trying for a long time to self serve his interests and to make sure his son Hunter made a lot of money. It has been reported that Hunter and his company profited hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Ukrainian government. He earned all this money while he was being investigated for fraud and other economic crimes. At the same time, Joe Biden was making deals with the corrupt leader at the time trying to keep the prosecutor from finding out the truth.

Joe Biden has been caught lying to the people as he stated that he never spoke with his son about his business ventures. But wait until the photo is released of Biden playing golf with Burisma’s very own Devon Archer. They were golfing together. This one photo proves that Biden is lying, and he is hiding more information. He is hiding information that will incriminate him and his son for illegal and corrupt business practices. For Biden, these actions all were taking place while he was vice president under baby Obama.

Torricelli is just plan heart-broken to know that his beloved Biden is now a felon and a criminal. It shames him to know that Biden has lied to everyone, including Torricelli, about what he was doing all those years the nation suffered under the oppressive hand of the Democrats. Now the world knows that he was involved in corrupt practices.

Democratic voters love to know that they are being lied to. But when it comes to a Democrat lying to another Democrat, the lie becomes the truth and what is determined to be illegal becomes legal. Democrats have a way of twisting the truth to serve their interests. The liberal voters love to riot about issues. They don’t want their leaders telling tails, they want them causing trouble and giving them opportunities to riot in the streets. After all, the lazy liberal will smash the electronics window of a storefront and steal a television for themselves.

Biden’s actions are going to cost him big. Torricelli has stated “It is hard to imagine a Democratic primary electorate witnessing this spectacle. I’m a Joe Biden friend. Would I have voted for him in the primaries? Probably not.” Biden is finished and so is his presidential bid.

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