Adam Schiff is a Representative in California. He’s also one of the shadier Democrats on Capitol Hill who will do anything to make sure that his side sees a win. He’s been tainting the swamp with his lies and deceit since 2013. Now, a GOP lawmaker has come forward to say that he has audio on Schiff about accepting “dirt” on President Trump as it pertains to Ukraine.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman was involved in a prank call that took place nearly two years ago. GOP Representative Matt Gaetz is the one with the dirt – and he’s had the pleasure of sharing it so that everyone knows what Schiff is up to. An edited clip from the eight-minute call was actually shared on Twitter.

It’s only natural that Republicans are going to rise to defend Trump. The House Democratic impeachment inquiry alleges that Trump pressured the Ukrainian President into providing information on Joe Biden, who is his 2020 rival. However, there’s a difference between conducting an investigation and taking out a rival. Further, calls have already been released to identify that there was no “pressure” on the call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

It all started when two Russian comedians called Representative Adam Schiff’s office. Vladimir Kuznetzov and Alexy Stolyarov, two radio hosts close to the Kremlin, told Schiff about naked photos as well as a fake “Parubiy” who could provide audio about Buzova and Sobchak discussing those photos. Additionally, they said that a former national security advisor from the Trump administration, Michael Flynn, had met with other Russians about preventing the photos from going public.

Schiff asked the callers about the recording of “compromising material on Mr. Trump.” What he likely wanted to know was what it was and just how fast he could get his hands on it so that he could go running back to his committee.

One prankster responded in the affirmative.

Representative Gaetz has since accused Schiff of being a hypocrite because he was so willing to accept information from Ukraine when it is his committee investigating Donald Trump for suggesting that the Ukrainian government conduct an investigation that would have been politically beneficial to his reelection campaign.

Politically beneficial or not, right is right and wrong is wrong. Trump had the right to ask Ukrainian president about the investigation since Biden was the former VP when it happened. Whether Biden is running for president now or not is beside the point. The investigation has to happen regardless.

Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee are taking the impeachment fight center stage. They also have a deal to get the testimony of the whistleblower. The whistleblower’s complaint is the one that set off the scrutiny over President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president.

As for when the committee will hear the testimony of the whistleblower, it has not been identified yet. The name of the person has not been disclosed, nor how they were able to get the information that they supposedly hold.

Schiff’s call with the pranksters in January of 2018 is extremely telling of how quick he was to get some dirt on Donald Trump. At no time during the call did he question their identities. However, Schiff’s office said that they didn’t take the pranksters at their word. Though, of course, that’s easy for them to say now. It would have been more convincing if the call that Gaetz got his hands on had Schiff confirming details or asking a few more probing questions.

Schiff has been on the witch hunt for Trump – and this phone recording is proof that it has been going on for quite some time. With the recording out there for all to hear, it’s hard to deny that Schiff was willing to play dirty if it meant being able to get something on Trump. With the whistleblower information, Schiff and his committee feel pretty confident that they have enough to impeach once and for all.

The whistleblower is what they’re going on – though there has been a transcript of Trump’s call and there was no sign that Trump ever withheld aide from Ukraine. These are simply lies that the Democrats would like to spread everywhere.

Time will tell what the whistleblower really has on Trump once he’s able to testify in front of Congress. Until then, the tweet is out there for all to hear as Adam Schiff asks Russians for some more information on Trump since it’s apparently okay if he does it.

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