Elizabeth Warren isn’t playing around when she tells people that she’s running for president. While she may have started off slow, her numbers in the polls have been skyrocketing over the past few months. She bypassed Bernie Sanders a few months ago. Now, some polls show that she’s taken the lead away from Joe Biden, too.

Her crowd sizes are speaking loudly – more people are looking at the possibility of what a progressive can do.

Although the data crunchers want to say that the selfie-line supporters don’t mean anything, they’re not looking at the sheer facts.

When Warren visited Washington Square Park in NYC, she was able to draw an impressive crowd of over 20,000 people. While it doesn’t have anything to do with polls or who people will vote for, she is able to draw more people to her than any of the other Democratic frontrunners. That speaks volumes. She’s got the name recognition that many of the other candidates don’t have.

Political reporters are one of the first to say that crowd sizes matter. She’s able to be heard by more people. More people will find out what her platform is all about. With more ears, it ensures that her message will be echoed.

Warren is proving that crowd sizes are effective because it shows that she’s breaking out of the pack. O’Rourke, Buttigieg, and some of the other candidates could learn a lot from her. While the DNC debates have 12 taking the stage, the data strategists are saying that only three matter – Warren, Sanders, and Biden. Why? They have the name recognition. They have the numbers in the polls. They have figured out how to pull away from the pack.

There’s another reason why it’s important to keep an eye out on Warren. The Dems have proven time and again that they want to see a woman in the White House. They weren’t able to make their dreams come true by getting Hillary Clinton into office. She was simply too crooked to get the vote, which led to Trump taking office instead.

Elizabeth Warren is another female – and one who knows her way around Capitol Hill. She’s no stranger to politics. She’s not as corrupt as Clinton. However, she wants to change the face of America, and not necessarily for good. She wants to get rid of private insurance and offer “Medicare for all.” She’s also in high support of “two cents” – a wealth tax that will help to even the playing field.

She has had plenty of missteps along the campaign trail. She claimed Native American ancestry and even tried to prove it with a DNA test. While she’s apologized, the Native American leaders aren’t too quick to forgive. It appears the rest of the Dems have completely forgiven her, however – and it’s showing as she’s polling in first place in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

Crowds aren’t everything, however. There could be plenty of Republicans in the crowd who simply want to hear what she has to say without fake news getting ahold of everything first. Sanders had huge crowds in 2016 and it wasn’t enough. Howard Dean had huge crowds in 2004 and it wasn’t enough.

The crowds aren’t following Warren everywhere, either. She’s still struggling in quite a few states – including South Carolina and Nevada. They want someone who is conservative…or at the very least, moderate. Warren is neither of those. Some say she is even more progressive than Sanders. It’s a scary concept, too, when progressive politicians are not the majority. What she’s been proposing could change the country forever – and there are still too many voters who are terrified of that idea.

Ultimately, it comes down to Elizabeth Warren’s crowds identifying that she knows how to rally everyone around her better than the other candidates. She has the charisma that too many of the other candidates are lacking. She’s also an outspoken female – and that is what so many of the Dems are looking for.

While there are still quite a few months before voters can take to the primaries, the crowd sizes prove that Warren has a very good chance of getting the DNC nomination. That would put her head to head with Donald Trump in the general election. Just as Trump defeated a Democratic female in 2016, he can do it again in 2020. As for the impeachment process, the polls already show that most Americans don’t care about impeachment. It’s just a ploy for the Dems because they’re already fearing that even their best candidate can’t beat Trump.

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