Anyone who’s ever taken a good look at Bernie Sanders will agree that he’s a hot mess. Now, it looks like his campaign has decided to match him. There are problems around every turn. Sanders is doing what he can, but people are taking notice of the campaign that has become a hot mess. With all of the leaks happening, Sanders can’t fit his fingers into all of the holes and he’s failing at preventing people from seeing it all.

There’s not enough hush money in the world to get everyone to look the other way while Sanders cleans up the mess in his campaign.

“Don’t speak to the media.” That’s basically the messages that Sanders’ aides have been told to relay to allies.

News was out in no time that the campaign decides to reassign the state director as well as say goodbye to a senior advisor. That’s when Bernie Sanders decided enough was enough. He wants to make sure that the various moves about his campaign are not shared with reporters. If he’s worried that it will make him look unorganized, he’s right.

Particularly in New Hampshire, the steering committee has concerns about how his campaign is being run. The angles that most of the news reports are going with are not helping Sanders. In fact, they’re hurting him. It’s no surprise, though. The state is a swing state. While they used to be staunchly conservative, things have changed over the past few decades. Now, most people sit in a moderate leaning – and Bernie is anything but moderate.

The joke about New Hampshire is that politics is the state sport. They’re big on retail politics, which isn’t a game that Sanders knows how to play very well. Retail politics is all about attending local events to target voters on a smaller scale. Sanders isn’t a huge fan of this and it’s showing in the way that his campaign is going within the swing state.

The crackdown on the leaks, however, are not doing much for morale. A member of the steering committee called the whole ordeal overbearing. Another said it “was militaristic.” They feel that it stifles the creative impulses.

Campaign staff members have also been telling members of the steering committee not to discuss any internal personnel issues.

It all comes down to Sanders not wanting anyone to know that something is going on with his campaign. There have been problems from the very beginning. Although he made a big deal of telling the press that he was paying $15 as the minimum wage, he also cut everyone’s hours. Since then, there has been a lot of movement simply because people are unhappy with working with Bernie Sanders. If he can’t even keep his campaign team happy, what chance does he have of keeping the country happy?

It’s not just New Hampshire that is experiencing some bumps within the campaign. The campaign in Iowa recently said goodbye to Jess Mazour, who was the political director there. Plenty of significant shifts have been made throughout some of the early caucuses in order to try to get things right. Every state has a different approach to politics and it’s about finding the right people. However, it may also be convincing people that Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to burn the country down with his progressive left leanings.

Simply telling people to “Shhhh” about what’s going on isn’t going to do anything. If there’s no news coming from the Sanders campaign offices, the news reporters are going to get curious. They’ll either demand answers or make up answers on their own.

While Sanders has been doing well in the polls, he’s not leading them. Biden is still leading most of them because people feel that he’s a bit more moderate. There are a lot of questions as to whether Sanders is actually an electable candidate. This is why Warren has pulled ahead of Sanders in most of the polls. It seems that most people would rather vote for Warren than Sanders if they do want a progressive politician in the White House.

The political director in New Hampshire, will Bateson, is simply asking that what is being shared in the steering committee meetings is not being shared elsewhere to make it easier for Bernie Sanders to get the win. While no one on his team wants to hurt his chances of winning, they shouldn’t be told to stay quiet about various things, either. Sanders should know by now that there is nothing private – and if he wants privacy, he is running for the wrong position.

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