What is wrong with people? That is a ten million dollar question to which no one may really have an answer.  Everyone has a right to protest something, whether the person next to them believes in the other person’s stance or not.  That is what makes America so beautiful.  We all have the right to disagree.  When it comes to snowflakes and people who support the Left and socialism, there is no explanation.  You cannot explain stupid.  Fights broke out at a Trump Rally in California among supporters and protesters.  Guess who started the fights?  You got it!  The snowflakes.

Several people were detained but not arrested during a couple of fights with those who support President Trump and those who oppose him.  Everything was peaceful until protesters went to set an American flag on fire.  The incident took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California outside the building.  Supporters and protesters had been there since 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, and by 6 p.m. things got really ugly.

President Trump, at the time, was at a fundraiser near the area when the fights broke out.  What set people ablaze was the burning of the American flag.  There is no reason on the face of the earth why an American citizen should burn Old Glory.  It is unknown if any veterans were present, but if they were, then it would have been a riot, not just a couple of fights.  It is good to see people stand up for being Americans and standing up for the American flag, but it is heartbreaking the snowflakes would do such a thing.  Their side becomes totally irrelevant in their arguments when they go to this extreme.  We are blessed to be Americans, and if they feel they need to burn an American flag, then they need to pack up and go away.  The ocean would suffice.

Greg Donovan, a strong supporter of President Trump, told CBS News reporter, “All my years, I’ve never seen that. I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt.”

It is times like this when ignorant protesters seem to have more rights than those who are on the right side of the fence.  They cry every day how they do not get their way and how they are so offended by everything President Trump says and does.  Really?  Burning the American flag is burning the freedoms given to each of us by the bloodshed, and the lives lost of soldiers throughout the centuries America has existed and stood tall and proud.  We will continue to stand tall and proud, but how can we stand tall and proud when the growing numbers of people listen to the lies of the Democrats and the media.  That is where the division is really coming from, not the president.

One of the protesters we can kind of feel sorry for because they have been fed lies and led astray.  Tony Blackstone, an anti-Trump protester, told another CBS News reporter why they are protesting.  He stated, “I’ve still got family members who are struggling to pay for their medication. They’re elderly, and they have to decide whether to pay for their medication or to pay for their bill, and that’s sad.”

We can feel for people like this because it is hard, and it is a reality.  But it is the Obama administration that made things worse by bringing out Obama Care.  That is the reality, and it takes time to fix all the damages done through the Obama administration.  Obama Care crashed the American people’s pocketbooks worse than anything put out on the insurance market.  President Trump is working to fix all of this and has done an outstanding job considering the short amount of time he has been in office.  If people who protest would wake up and realize who the real enemy is, then maybe situations like these would never happen.  To take things one step further, everyone can only imagine how much further along President Trump would have accomplished if the Left and the snowflakes would leave him alone and for once in our life work together.

Will we ever see a day where snowflakes will wake up?  They continue to bite the hand that feeds them.  Burning the American flag is the ultimate insult, and all we as Conservatives can ask is, what is wrong with people?

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