Congresswoman Ilhan Omar may be more deceptive and untrustworthy than anyone imagined as a recent story suggests and there may be even more skeletons in her closet. To say that there has already been too much questionable activity in her past doesn’t do it justice, which is what could be coming soon. As one story reported, it seems as if the Congresswoman has taken a page out of the Hillary Clinton Guide On How to Destroy Evidence and put it to use. If these suspicions (and quite frankly if any of them) prove true, there will be certain consequences.

Most of us have heard the questions about Omar marrying her brother. What we didn’t know is that it looks as if she destroyed evidence that might prove that – and something potentially more concerning. The story cited this tweet from Omar which said, “Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father a…”

The brother in question, of course, is Ahmed Nur Said Elmi… and as the story went on to explain, “…the typical convention for surnames in many Islamic nations is the name of the father… .” The report cited a Twitter member by the name of Shaikh Tawhidi, as their source for this information. So if Tawhidi’s information holds up, that also means something else.

Is it possible that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar may not be Ilhan Omar, but someone by the last name of, Nur Said? Very possibly. The consequences, the waves, the unprecedented situation this would cause and some very serious charges and questions to face for… Ilhan Omar?

What makes things look even worse (as if that were possible), is that she deleted the evidence and even how that transpired is a little more than curious. As our story pointed out, the Congresswoman went back to 2013 to find this Father’s Day post! Nobody is claiming some grande conspiracy theory here, just delivering the information as it comes in. Forgive us if we occasionally poke fun at the obvious because where there is smoke… well, in this case, the smoke plumes are many.

This isn’t likely to have any impact on the President’s view of whatever her name is, and the rest of the “squad,” Our story reminded us later that “President Trump in July repeated the claim that Omar’s union with Elmi was illegal immigration fraud because he is her brother.” Would it be audacious to say that he saw that one from a mile away?

At the end of the day, however, we will give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we are Americans and here you are innocent until proven otherwise. Congresswoman Omar may not get that but this country does. We also believe in words like liberty, justice, and freedom, and phrases like don’t tread on us. Innocent or guilty though, it has to be questioned, her character and involvement with so many sketchy situations. Even if she is innocent, is she fit for a role wielding so much power and authority? This isn’t a single random case or one small oversight. This is many incriminating situations and more than a few criminal to financial circumstances that send up red flags.

There are honestly too many of those questionable “occurrences” she’s mentioned with to even mention in this space. And now this latest skeleton that has everyone questioning the Congresswoman. Even her identity.

Imagine if you happened to be one of those Minnesota residents who voted for her (our apologies if you did and what were you thinking?). If there are any more skeletons seen falling out of her closet, it may be the signs of her political graveyard.

The big picture is the one that leaves us somber, however, as this is an indictment on our entire government. We have good, capable, strong and smart people available to lead us. Yes, even the Democrats have that quality of candidate. Innocent or not, Ilhan Omar is not that type of credible person nor does she reflect that type of character.

Breaking news, more skeletons in Congresswoman’s closet but does one more really matter?

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