Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy led a moment of silence on the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday. The memorial to honor the victims of 9/11 was to be attended by all members of the House of Representatives, and yet, shockingly, not all showed.

Those who did show participated in what Steve Scalise tweeted as an “incredibly moving morning on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.”

He continued by writing, “Members of Congress came together to honor the thousands of Americans who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and pay tribute to the brave first responders who rushed into harm’s way.”

After their moment of silence, the few who showed broke into song, singing “God Bless America.” It was a beautiful moment but one that showed just how broken our country truly is, as was evident by the lack of support by over 300 of the House’s members.

The House is made up of 435 representatives. And yet only a 100 or so showed up.

And Whoopi Goldberg made sure to note this while on “The View” later on Wednesday.

Now, Whoopi is not particularly known for being smart or right all too often. However, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. And she was certainly right in berating those of the House who failed to show up and honor those that were lost 18 years ago.

She started with, “Well, this is going to be slightly annoying to everybody because not everyone is honoring moments of silence.”

And she continued saying, “Apparently, only 26 percent of House members showed up to the moment of silence on the steps of the Capitol this morning.”

Co-host Meghan McCain said, “Shameful.” And it was.

Goldberg continued saying, “You know, we don’t know why folks weren’t there. We don’t know why they weren’t there. But this might not have been the right day to screw around with the optics.”

“I’m just saying, you know, this is a moment that affected everyone in this country, not just New Yorkers. They came for America. Hit us here first and then went to other places to take us, try to take us down.”

She said, “That affected many more people than just us here, and this is an American issue. And every one of you people – every one of you – should be out there, honoring what you didn’t have to do, that they did.”

And she is exactly right.

Nearly 3,000 Americans died that morning when 19 Muslim extremists attacked our nation. And many more followed in the days and years to come from diseases causes from their hard work at ground zero.

We, as a nation stood up and fought against those who sought to destroy us. Thousands went off to fight the enemy at its source, in the Middle East, and thousands have died for that act of bravery.

They all deserve to be honored, to be given reverence, no matter if they died here in the states or somewhere overseas, from a bullet or a disease, or a building falling on them.

The absolute least thing that members of Congress could do was to stand up with the rest of our nation and give 9/11 victims the honor they deserved. The absolute least. It’s certainly a hell of a lot less than any our troops and first responders who died did. Those innumerable heroes gave the ultimate sacrifice for you, for me, for us.

And yet it appears that their acts were not good enough for some members of Congress. Either that or the words we all said, “Never forget,” are just that, mere words. But apparently, they have been forgotten by a majority of our lawmakers that we depend on to keep our nation brave and strong.

Whoopi’s anger should be ours. Our lawmakers have failed us. We asked them to do a job, and they have failed. They have become so callous, so hypocritical that they have forgotten why there are there. And why the brave have fallen.

But we won’t. And if we have anything to say about it, these hypocritical lawmakers won’t be around long enough to fail us again.

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