The liberal media would love to make everyone believe that people are visiting Capitol Hill in swarms to demand the impeachment of President Trump. The Dems have been talking about impeaching him for months, and yet, nothing has happened. The truth comes out with a party thrown by the Dems.

There’s a website called that was calling for an impeachment rally on the House side of the Capitol this past Monday.

No one showed. Zero. Nada. It’s pretty embarrassing for the website and all of the Democrats who continuously want to prove that “most of America” want to see Donald Trump impeached.

The whole “he’s not my President” thing has gone on long enough. He is your President, whether you like it or not.

According to the website that was launching the unsuccessful rally, Trump has abused presidential power, broken the law, and stoop to hatred in the country. If the average person were to do this, they would be in jail. They want Congress to do their jobs and start a formal impeachment inquiry.

The site was supported by plenty of liberal organizations, too. This meant that plenty of people were well aware of the rally, asking people to show up in order to prove that constituents want the impeachment to happen. Some of the liberal organizations that supported the website included MoveOn, Need to Impeach, Democracy for America, and Free Speech for People. The list of supporters goes on and on – which meant plenty of people were well aware of the rally.

It would be very easy to see hundreds if not thousands of Trump haters gathered at the rally, especially since 75% of the residents registered in Washington DC are registered as Democrats.

No one was at the rally. And while going on about unsuccessful events held by Democrats, there was another event on for an hour later on the Capitol lawn, just below the steps to take place at noon. No one showed up for that event, either.

The second event was a little more ambitious, talking for the president and vice president to be removed for impeachment on conviction of bribery, treason, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. The problem is that Congress is not been talking about impeaching vice president Mike Pence. And, even if they wanted to, they don’t have enough on him – they don’t even have enough on President Trump. Further, the Dems who were leading these rallies clearly don’t understand that impeachment is only one part of the equation. The Republican-led Senate would have to approve the impeachment as well, which would bring him out of office – yet that isn’t going to happen.

There clearly isn’t enough enthusiasm in order to impeach the president. Although there are plenty of liberals saying that they want to impeach, it hasn’t happened yet. Even House Representatives have pushed for a vote for impeachment – and it failed. Clearly, there are people who want to keep Trump in office because he’s getting the job done.

The liberal media wants to be a will to pick and choose what they cover. They cover all the things that they don’t like about Trump. They wouldn’t dare admit that he’s actually done a lot of good things, like help the economy, lower the unemployment rate, and create better trade agreements for the country.

The rally could have been huge, with thousands of protesters asking their House Representatives to impeach the president. Then, it would allow Mike Pence to take the presidency, which is another Republican.

Maybe some of the Dems who were planning to go to the rally realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall already: Trump is here to stay to finish out his four-year term. And, if the Dems running in the DNC primaries don’t get their act together, they’re going to see Trump serving as their president for another four years.

Trump hasn’t abused his powers more than any other president. The liberal media needs to know what executive action is – it’s not an abuse of power, it’s a power given with the title of President of the United States of America. And they’re dearly loved Obama was certainly one to wield that power from time to time, too.

Their rally clearly didn’t work. It’s just a sign that even Democrats have accepted Trump as their president. If they want to impeach someone, maybe they need to look within their party and do something about Pelosi or one of the others responsible for tearing the country apart.

209 thoughts on “Democrats Throw An Impeachment Rally and Something Hilarious Happened!

  1. Strongly suggest that your readers go to Breitbart & read the article on Arabella Advisors. Then you’ll see where all this “stuff” is coming from! It takes $$$ for all these signs & whacko groups to “get organized”. Read & see for yourself…….


  3. i agree with that they should get a handle on the people in their own part they are looking a little stupid with all this crazy talk about socialism it’s just communism and shouldn’t be coming from our congress they need to be pulled out of office by we the people and put out of our country

  4. It is my belief that the Democrats intend to keep the ” IMPEACHMENT” story alive because in the minds of some, of both Parties, that word alone casts a dark cloud over our President and to some it is as effective as an actual Impeachment in putting President Trumps reelection advisability in question. The endless INVEstiGATIONs were another ploy, in my opinion that served the same purpose, we;;
    at lest until it word out it’s effectiveness….BEWARE the Dems.

  5. I am so pleased, that the people of America, had better things to do, like work for our Presidents reelection. When will these morons, get it through their thick skulls, that we do not want America to become a Socialist Country. We love America, the way it is now, the way President Trump, has made America Great Again, & we will work with him, to Keep America Great. God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans.

  6. Look, You have two party’s in Washington one is for making American the greatest it can be, While the other is paid by the American tax payer to implement every policy that they can think of to destroy America or to try an make our president look like a fool to others, at home and abroad. Therefore, you have the Trump Party and the Eldumbo Party, that’s it.

  7. You dumocrats should be impeached!!! You have no right to hold office with the way you waste our country’s money on bogus Russian collusion investigations. Your time will come! You will get your comuppence for what you have done!!

  8. There is NO WAY they are ever going to impeach this great president Trump has done more good for our nation than almost all that went before him we the citizens elected him fair & square

  9. Gee guess that means that all this hype of impeaching our great President is only a Nadler and Green thing. Give it up guys everyone loves President Trump, well everyone but you two and your reasons just don’t cut it. But if you want to continue making fools of yourselves thats fine hope you’re ready for retirement.

  10. Lets face it, most of the leftest lib’s live in never never land plus have low IQ’s for example Nadler is one of many, the only thing driving them is their hate and it will circle back on them, the fools.

  11. Congress needs to be impeached
    They have not done their normal jobs we pay them to do because they are to worried about getting rid of President Trump i think they should have to reinburse the citizens of the UNITED STATES for the money and time wasted creating reason to get rid of Trump they also should get salary decreases and benefits removed and get what we get oh and take down their fences and walls around their property so their illegal friends can come over and do not give the secret service or body guards with guns and they need to surender their guns too

  12. Quit wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous charges that only fools would believe. Donald Trump is doing an excellent job and will be 4 years from now.

  13. Man what a PARTY! . . . for uhhhh, what? I think a LOT of people FORGOT about it. Maybe the invitations weren’t sent out? Maybe NOBODY cared? Maybe – it was just a big FLOP like EVERYTHING else the DEMOCRATS do . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. There is NO valid reason for impeachment. All the Democrats are doing is causing division and hate. Please stop this waste of time and start loving your country and doing something to bring people together in the greatest country in the world.

  15. We CHRISTIANS will continue praying for our chosen leader, and MY PRESIDENT, that HE will continue making America GREAT AGAIN !!!! The Dems are bolting into dumb stuff with their eyes wide open thinking and hoping that pushing and shoving just might work !!!!!!????? We also need to pray that the LORD will give the Dems more smarts to see who is the real problems are here in our GREAT USA. We love you MY DEAR MR.PRESIDENT and a great leader you are!! Bless MR. Donald Trump his family,and his cabinet LORD GOD ALMIGHTY amen !!

  16. Why don’t the demorats get over their obsession of trying to ruin our President and begin working with the President to try to heal some of the hurts that our country is facing at this time? Oh, I know, they are now the obstructionist party, working against the President and turning a blind eye to the “Will of the People.” They should all be tarred and feathered and run out of DC on a rail.

  17. The Democrats have gone totally insane and have done nothing for the good of the American people. Why are we wasting our taxpayer money paying this worthless group

  18. Do the democrats even know how to read. Brett didn’t lie the women was investigated refused to talk. She doesn’t remember and doesn’t recall and her freinds don’t recall any thing happening. Fords father said about her that she lied nothing happen. So she didn’t tell the truth.The Democrats are pushing hate racism not the President. They said it enough it should be true.Trump is different but he gets things done not like other Presidents that promise things and nothing ever happens.

  19. I believe some people showed up, but stayed hidden to see if anybody else would show up.
    That’s what the dems do, half way, and tax the other half, before regulating the rest, and of course don’t forget the fees.
    Abolishing the democratic party would certainly stop some of this chaos, slacker attitude towards anything related to a better country.

  20. You DEMOCRAPS need to look at some of your own for Impeachment!! Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff,Schmur , Al Green!! and of course everyone of those clowns running for President! GO TRUMP!

  21. They are soooo desperate, that they are losing their minds.
    They don’t know what to do next.
    Trump is going to win HANDS DOWN,choke on it


  22. How anyone could vote democratic I don’t know. Always been a republican, but voted for a few dems over the years that were at least in my view more qualified to serve and I was right in those cases . Trump for 12 more years, yes 12.

  23. The American People are tired of paying for the Democrat’s Screaming Ranting Get-togethers, at
    The Taxpayers expense!! This money is needed elsewhere, like cleaning up the streets of the Democrat’s hopeless drug addicted streets of homeless in many states, more especially in California & New York!! We want our money back because we The People should not have to pay for these fraudsters to sit in Our Building, using our electricity & running our water bill up also just do they can have something to rant about or argue with whatever they do not like & do not have the right to execute because of the lack of interest into their Socialistic Ideology, on Our Money!

  24. I’ve heard them saying he lies so much!
    When I hear it I always ask, what lie? Show me just one example.
    If you can show me just one, I’ll vote Democrat in 2020.
    I really am putting a lot of myself on that bet.
    Voting for any Democrat has become a totally nauseating thing to even think of.
    They have gone completely nuts.

  25. 👏 bravo!!!! We’re been fraying to the God almighty for intervention (sending all of the looney Democrats to purgatory hell). Just can NOT fix stupid!we can go on for evermore with the Democrat charades, tantrums,evils deeded, ignorances & on & on, but that’s extremely miserable 😩😩😩.


  27. The Dems. are a Party of “World Government” and it’s social loving tribe don’t have a clue that’s what their promoting. You can’t have Global Government and BORDERS now can you figure out why they hate Putin as much as Trump. Why they hate any Nationalist that means Nations and BORDERS. Nothing is free, if they are going to pay college loans, then will have to pay college sports so they will have a way to attract good players, Scholarships will no longer attract good players. Dem’s are connecting all the dots, the voters are being told a vote against TRUMP will set them up for a free ride. Look at Cuba, Sweden and others to see where the ride ends.

  28. For snyone that believes the majority of the country wants impeachment is totally insane and dilusional seek the rallys and see.Thats all bullshit propaganda!

  29. When do you think that the Liberal Senators and Representatives will stop this impeachment B S and start earning their $174,000 annual salary by actually
    The way a politician sees it, their only job is to get re-elected….Period.
    Let’s push for “Term Limits” and take the re-election worry out of the equation.
    Then, the political hacks can focus on doing their jobs.

  30. They’re all a bunch of clowns, overpaid clowns! They have done absolutely nothing since Trump was elected President except resist and obstruct that promotes hate and division! They should all be impeached!

  31. Stand by the President..and he will stand by you. It’s called TRUMP Power and he’s got it. You can love him or hate him but he will leave his mark. He fought …He tried…He conquered. From SamuraiQueen. Volunteer for Trumps Campaign Team. GO TRU MP..GO…GO…GO..GO……TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! OX

  32. TREASON was plainly committed during the Soetoro administration from uranium one to the unaffordable care act . Are you the people being represented in D,C. if your answer is no it’s first degree TREASON …. And circumvention of the second amendment to the constitution is also first degree TREASON while the first amendment grants free speech it certainly does not allow for us to commit TREASON through what we say …

  33. Excelent ! Excelent ! Excelent!—Zero attendance!!!!!!
    God is telling us something, He wants us to do things. the right way, the right time, the right agenda for the benefit of the people not the ones that are trying only for power and control and mostly the right person to do it and that my fellow Americans is our present President—–President Donald Trump.
    God bless America !!!!!!!!

  34. I think president trump is doing a great job. Keep it up. The Dems are going to cry, no matter what he does. I think it’s great.

  35. Nothing but idiots want Trump impeached.They know that is the only way they can get a Democrat elected as President. People remember the last Democrat President.we had and hope it never happens again.

  36. Of course the impeachment rally didn’t work. The American people don’t want to impeach the president who got them jobs, awakened the economy, improved our trade agreements, pulled the teeth on Obamacare (or should i say Obamacare-nothing), lowered taxes for the working people, and is building the wall to protect our sovereignty and our citizens.

  37. Very true the Democratic party can never be a Christian as supporters of Murder (Abortion, same-sex marriage letting illegals get funds for DNC votes and have done nothing but hurt and divide further the USA and get paid to do it and why do we want another President especially ungodly and corrupt DNC candidates when Trump will and has been making great gains for all races in America.

  38. Let’s face it, EVERYONE, including Democrats, is tired of the bullshit Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, and ALL the rest are doing. NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY PROOF. Mr.Trump should start IMPEACHMENT proceedings against OBAMA. Guarantee there would a massive dismissal by the DemoRats against their chosen leader. Obama needs to be put in JAIL.

  39. People are tired of the Democrats acting like morons he has do nothing to be impeach for and they are just losing more votes everyday,I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live.

  40. Dem’s are not very smart, all they do is go off on Trump they repeat repeat repeat the same scrip, they are unable to give us news of the world real stories, they are their worst enemy. Not too bright blacks hate white people

  41. A no show at Dems impeachment rally is hilarious. It has to be a sign that Democrat voters will be a no show at the voting booths. Sounds about right to me. Go Trump 2020!!! Keep America Great!!!

  42. This is why I stopped voting for Democrats 20 years ago. I could see they were only interested in power, not in good governance. There is a lot wrong with the Republicans, they just do not fight back and support the President as hard as they should. He is doing a good job FOR THE COUNTRY, that is why I will vote for him in 2020. Thank God Hilary did not win. If the Dems win in 2020, I am going back to the mess that is in England, but I could not stomach the Dems being in total charge, the country will be in a disaster area in 10 years or less

  43. Just goes to show that NO ONE wants President Trump Impeached. DumboRATS wasting taxpayers money for over three years now. Time to vote them out of office and have only a REPUBLICAN party

  44. FRAUD OBUNGHOLE (who should of NEVER been POTUS by his OWN admission and the FACT he was NOT “eligible”) broke more laws, and abused his STOLEN power, as well as STOMPED the U.S.. Constitution in a attempt to push his radical agenda, but because he was a DEMOCOMMUNIST, and SHOVED IN by CORRUPT CROOKED, RADICAL DEMOCOMMUNISTS, he was never questioned by the “fake news media” or punished for HIS actions against this country and “We the People”.
    At least NOW we have a POTUS that deeply cares about this country and puts AMERICA FIRST. (and I might add without the help of the same corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS that just cannot get over the FACT that their “queen” crooked HITLERY LOST.)

  45. I have never seen in my lifetime the complete ignorance of Democ-rats! The people of America ought to demand these brainless wonders either do their job or put a hold on their paychecks and benefits! Not any of these miserable minded people have done anything but stir up trouble for this country and its citizens! The four LUNITIC PIGS that are doing their best to RUIN THIS COUNTRY should be fired with no benefits, no retirements, no medical, NOTHING! So should several other useless IDIOTS and there are a few Republicans, such as Romney to name one in particular. I think we need to CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK IN THE NEXT ELECTION!!!


    He has done more for the country and people than any president. If the Democrats would have given him a chance and worked with the rest of America even more could have been accomplished.

  47. How could a President be impeached for making America thriving again with jobs for all, women, African Americans, Hispanic, and also the white people that some of the Democrats have discriminated against, just because God made us white; and unemployment is at its lowest in years. He has had the guts to confront China on the trade deals and has had the guts to do something about illegal immigration. What can they impeach him for–free speech?


  49. Perhaps Pelosi should look in the mirror to see who is the one NOT doing her job for the good of the country. It is her job to get along with the President to further the ideas that are for the good of the country and it’ s citizens NOT only for her agenda. Compromise of issues and the use of common sense on both sides is a perfect solution.

  50. The Democrats have NOTHING to offer any American. The only item they are stuck on is hoping to impeach our marvelous President. The best I can remember in 74 years…..

    They are hoping to deceive people to think they are doing their political jobs & consistently offering impeachment, allows them to get their pay & DO NOTHING……. They are only in office to make sure they have a lifetime income after leaving office. Utter disgrace….

    1. I like Trump, but I also liked the 2nd Bush who supported Israel (I’m a Christian).
      Bush & Pres of Israel both walked out on intl meeting years ago.
      I’m pro-life & most certainly would oppose homosexual marriage which Demo party is ok with

  51. Perhaps a precursor of the 2020 election. Plenty of people say they are against Trump, but his numbers seem to prove differently.
    Bring on the Election to prove Trump is the rightful President of both Democrats and Republicans.

  52. Our Great President Will be re-elected so all the Loosers/Democrats/socialists better get used to it !
    He’s done Nothing wrong and A lot Right for the American People and Our Country !

  53. Maybe the 20 idiots running for the democrats ought to impeach themselves. I have been voting since 1972 I have never seen such a crowd of losers. Some are enemies of country, some can’t figure out why we can’t give everybody everything for free, some don’t even know what sex they are and the rest I believe are in it to get all the money they can grab before the farce is over.

  54. During the 8-year-O-fiasco, it was stated “like him or not he is your president” “respect the office even if you don’t like the man”….where did that go?
    It’s funny, recently I was thinking “suppose the DemRoBots throw a party and nobody came”{…and they did. Now that’s funny.

  55. Great article! I am so sick of the whining deplorables in both parties. And the republican rhinos! Do people not understand Socialism and how it destroys a country? Are they brain dead? We have a great President that loves our country and wants to make it better for all. Thank you President Trump and Vice President Pence!👏🏻👏🏻


  57. The Democrats are the worst law breakers alive and liars of the world and they’re totally obstructing our country from moving forward for the better of the United States Citizens. We the tax payers pay their salaries for what they have done nothing for the people but line there pockets with our money. So me and other Americans are totally disgusted in the way they have severely used their power to gain the upper hand and continue to ruin the American dream.These corrupt criminals of the Democratic Congress have gone off the deep end and the Congress has totally lost the Confidence of the American Citizens because it’s all about them continuing corruption to its fullest.We the American people have to get them replaced with individuals that will be honest and fight for our country and freedom for the Americans.

  58. The whole Democrat party need to be impeached not the President. It is really funny that no one showed up for the party. I bet people would show up if it was for the Democrat Party.

  59. God put President Trump in office to fix the mess these Liberals have made and are trying to make with our country .They can fight all they want but as powerful as they might think they are they cannot overthrow what God has established . This may make some of
    you sick but it doesn’t bother God nor President Trump . You have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on you wild goose chases only to turn up nothing and you just won’t quit. Why Not ? Because these millions of dollars are not coming out of your pockets ; but
    out of we the tax paying citizens who give above and beyond to keep this county free and they greatest country in the world and we
    are able to do this even with having to deal with you leftist hypocrites who say you love America .That’s funny . In the last three years all you have done in try to impeach our President ; but not one piece of legislation voted on for ” WE THE PEOPLE . You don’t even know who we are but you will know next November . Get ready , we are coming for you and you will be going home wherever that country is ; because what you’ve done and what you are doing now you can’t possibly call America your home .

    1. Larry ,
      TRUMP, 2020

  60. HA! HA! HA!
    Folks refuse to make assess of themselves!

    ALAN SCHIFF JUST GIVE US ONE and some of that
    evidence you have about Russian Collusion!
    DEMIs you guys blow!!!

  61. Why cant the senate start their own investigation and call some of the same witnesses that Shift called issuing their own subpoenas and asking the questions THEY want to ask under their own senate rules. Then publishing it all to the public.

  62. May God blessOur country and guide in his second term so we can be aGod fearing nation again. We know satin is against people who belive in Him

  63. May God bless Our country and guide in his second term so we can be aGod fearing nation again. We know satin is against people who belive in Him

  64. I have read a lot of comments made ahead of me and most of the people have said what we feel. We know what President Trump has done for this country and if you don’t see it you need to be honest with yourself. Look around you—-ask your friends. Please stop lying to yourself and please pray for our country

  65. News FLASH. news FLASH
    Democrats lost in basement of the house on the HILL.FIRST RESPONDER’S SAY THERE’S NO WAY OUT. DISASTER. OVERTED

  66. If the democratic president, Harry Truman, would have let us finish our job I Korea, we would not have to worry about that little idiot in North Korea.

  67. President Trump has done nothing to be impeached for. Pelosi your the one in charge of your party. You need to be impeached for allowing your party to do this to our President. You need to be impeached for allowing this mess. Pelosi you Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler should be gotten for treason. And for trying to over throw a sitting President. Pelosi you and Nadler are trying to fade in the background so American people thinks it’s just Adam doing it all but both of you have your finger prints all over it. God spoke this world into existence and he will not let it be destroyed. God and only God has the power to do that. Gods wrath can be mighty and you guys are trying to harm our President who is dear to his heart because he is a professing man of God a Christian man. Try reading the Bible and see what happened to men who touched Gods people. 2020 4 more years. I have ask God to give us President Trump one more time. America Loves You Mr. President. ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

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