The liberal media would love to make everyone believe that people are visiting Capitol Hill in swarms to demand the impeachment of President Trump. The Dems have been talking about impeaching him for months, and yet, nothing has happened. The truth comes out with a party thrown by the Dems.

There’s a website called that was calling for an impeachment rally on the House side of the Capitol this past Monday.

No one showed. Zero. Nada. It’s pretty embarrassing for the website and all of the Democrats who continuously want to prove that “most of America” want to see Donald Trump impeached.

The whole “he’s not my President” thing has gone on long enough. He is your President, whether you like it or not.

According to the website that was launching the unsuccessful rally, Trump has abused presidential power, broken the law, and stoop to hatred in the country. If the average person were to do this, they would be in jail. They want Congress to do their jobs and start a formal impeachment inquiry.

The site was supported by plenty of liberal organizations, too. This meant that plenty of people were well aware of the rally, asking people to show up in order to prove that constituents want the impeachment to happen. Some of the liberal organizations that supported the website included MoveOn, Need to Impeach, Democracy for America, and Free Speech for People. The list of supporters goes on and on – which meant plenty of people were well aware of the rally.

It would be very easy to see hundreds if not thousands of Trump haters gathered at the rally, especially since 75% of the residents registered in Washington DC are registered as Democrats.

No one was at the rally. And while going on about unsuccessful events held by Democrats, there was another event on for an hour later on the Capitol lawn, just below the steps to take place at noon. No one showed up for that event, either.

The second event was a little more ambitious, talking for the president and vice president to be removed for impeachment on conviction of bribery, treason, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. The problem is that Congress is not been talking about impeaching vice president Mike Pence. And, even if they wanted to, they don’t have enough on him – they don’t even have enough on President Trump. Further, the Dems who were leading these rallies clearly don’t understand that impeachment is only one part of the equation. The Republican-led Senate would have to approve the impeachment as well, which would bring him out of office – yet that isn’t going to happen.

There clearly isn’t enough enthusiasm in order to impeach the president. Although there are plenty of liberals saying that they want to impeach, it hasn’t happened yet. Even House Representatives have pushed for a vote for impeachment – and it failed. Clearly, there are people who want to keep Trump in office because he’s getting the job done.

The liberal media wants to be a will to pick and choose what they cover. They cover all the things that they don’t like about Trump. They wouldn’t dare admit that he’s actually done a lot of good things, like help the economy, lower the unemployment rate, and create better trade agreements for the country.

The rally could have been huge, with thousands of protesters asking their House Representatives to impeach the president. Then, it would allow Mike Pence to take the presidency, which is another Republican.

Maybe some of the Dems who were planning to go to the rally realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall already: Trump is here to stay to finish out his four-year term. And, if the Dems running in the DNC primaries don’t get their act together, they’re going to see Trump serving as their president for another four years.

Trump hasn’t abused his powers more than any other president. The liberal media needs to know what executive action is – it’s not an abuse of power, it’s a power given with the title of President of the United States of America. And they’re dearly loved Obama was certainly one to wield that power from time to time, too.

Their rally clearly didn’t work. It’s just a sign that even Democrats have accepted Trump as their president. If they want to impeach someone, maybe they need to look within their party and do something about Pelosi or one of the others responsible for tearing the country apart.

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