On Wednesday, this nation relived the attacks of 9/11 that took so many loved ones away from us eighteen years ago. Memorial services were held, and vigils attended, all in honor of the ones who lost their lives or showed us that heroes still lived.

And while many focused on the family members and friends who found themselves victims that day, some chose to honor those gone in another way, by fighting against the politicians that are tearing this nation apart and proving themselves not to be American at all.

Nicholas Haros Jr. was one such man. His 76-year-old mother, Frances, left this world during the attacks of 9/11 in 2001. This year, he was honored to speak at the anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero in New York City. And he held nothing back.

Just to prepare you and the crowd for where his speech was going, he wore a black T-shirt with the phrase “some people did something” printed on it.

He began by speaking of his mother and those who had died, honoring them greatly. But then he turned in a different direction, completely bashing Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar and her cohorts.

He said, “’Some people did something,’ said a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota to support and justify the creation of CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations). Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom.”

The audience erupted in applause before he could continue.

When they quieted, he said, “Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why your confusion?” he asked. “On that day, 19 Islamic terrorist members of al-Qaida killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. Is that clear?”

And he continued, “But as to whom, I was attacked, your relatives and friends were attacked, our constitutional freedoms were attacked and our nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles were attacked.”

“That’s what some people did. Got that now?” he rhetorically asked.

But he wasn’t done.

“We are here today, congresswoman, to tell you and ‘the squad’ just who did what to whom.” And then he ordered, “Show respect in honoring them, please. American patriotism in your position demands it.”

In conclusion, he rose his arms, making the sign of a cross and said, “For God and country, amen.”

If he sounds angry to you, he is. And he has every right to be, just like every other American. As he so clearly stated, he was attacked, we were attacked. Our very freedoms and founding principles were attacked.

And what is even more maddening than the attacks themselves is the fact that we have members of our own Congress who don’t seem to understand that.

On that day, September 11, 2001, America got hurt badly. But for the first time in a long time, we got back up, shook off the dust, and became united as one. We realized that to continue living out the freedoms we were founded on, we would have to come together to fight against those who would seek to destroy the very idea of liberty.

And fight we did.

But people like Representatives Omar, AOC, and Tlaib don’t get that. They don’t see this as an attack on our very existence. Apparently, it’s just an act “some people” did.

And furthermore, they don’t appreciate the freedoms we have fought for. These women experience a life thousands of times better than their ancestors or your and mine. Those people only dreamed of living in a land free from oppression and slavery. Somewhere they could live out their lives in peace, raising their families, and working to provide in the best way they knew how.

And yet, that isn’t good enough for these progressive lawmakers. Instead, they seek to pit one side against the other, brother against brother so that we live divided. Giving up on our dreams and freedoms and readily taking handouts from a government that is losing sight of what we were founded on.

This man, however, hasn’t forgotten. He gets it and thankfully sees these “squad” members for what they are, anti-Americans seeking to tear us apart.

Here’s to hoping more Americans agree with him.

307 thoughts on “Omar Gets Bashed at 9/11 Memorial Service

  1. Fantastic speech. We do know who did it and what they did. For those who want to diminish it or sugar coat it, shame on them and those who voted them into office. Let’s take our government and country back.

  2. Mr. Nicholas Haros spoke for millions of Americans who feel that those members of Congress do not deserve to represent the people of the United States because in reality, they are not Americans, they will never be. With their actions and statements they supported the Islamics who attacked in September 9/11..Let’s not forget that.

  3. These women should not be in Congress. They seem to be anti-American which is
    a terrible shame. We Americans love and honor this nation. A nation of freedom and the greatest nation on earth. May God Bless America!!!

  4. These women should not be in Congress. Their comments suggest that they are
    anti-American. A true American loves this nation and is proud to be an American.
    Hopefully someday they may also be proud to be an American-the greatest nation
    on earth.

  5. We need to remember “The Squad” . . . for WHO they are and WHAT they are during the 2020 elections, by sending them home after they LOST the 2020 elections. They ARE NOT Americans. Americans are because of WHAT we do. And, Americans DON’T hate America. . . . Team Trump and his allies2020.

  6. This woman, and any America citizens who try to humiliate the people who died for and in this country. Those people should be asked to leave, as tar and Feathered… Matters, not a party or race, are religious affiliation… Get rid of this want to be America.

  7. One American with a message that everyone needs to remember and Omar needs to understand. She may hate the America that saved her but she needs t know that there are millions who love this country and will stand and “do something” to defend it.

  8. One American with a message that everyone needs to remember and Omar needs to understand. She may hate the America that saved her but she needs t know that there are millions who love this country and will stand and “do something” to defend it.

  9. I wonder how these people got elected they must have not shown their true colors that they would have been elected. We need to see they are removed from the offices they now hold and their voices not heard ever again. They are not Americans and certainly don’t need to be holding any position in our government as they are trying to destroy us. The democrats and republicans need to get together like we did when this horrible thing happened to our country and our people work together to defeat these people.

  10. AMEN! I have left the un-united states because of this incessant rampage of the left against the conservative values that my ex-beloved country was founded upon. I can’t take it anymore. I’m too old to fight anymore. I want peace to end my years on earth. I won’t live in a “divided states”. Even our public servants are turned against my ex-beloved country. I refuse to live with the democrats` abusive power-grab who are hell-bent upon destroying my ex-beloved country. I have only a few years left to live as I have already experienced a severe heart attack that resulted in destroying my kidneys and since I cannot get a kidney transplant, I am sentenced to live half of my remaining days hooked up to a dialysis machine. It is a terrible existence, but at least it is an existence. I can’t say that it is a life, but the alternative is to try to find a few peaceful last days of my existence here on earth – away from the complete insanity that has taken over. I’m too old and tired to fight against the country that I used to be proud of. I’m just looking forward to the peace and tranquility that only the afterlife can possibly provide me now. I’m tired and extremely sad. These will be my last comments before my end. Ciao !

  11. I hope and pray every night that the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD!!! will wake up enough people in this country to the HORRORS of socialism and communism before ALL!!! our FREEDOMS!!! are chipped away and taken from us by the so called DEMOCRATIC PARTY turned MARXIST SOCIALISTS . PLease people READ YOUR HISTORY!!! on world War II. WE are headed down the same path if we do not WAKE UP!!!

  12. Thank you Nicholas for such a wonderful speech. You said everything I would like to say. The squad needs to be replaced by true American representatives.
    How on earth did they ever get voted into congress, what a big mistake.

  13. this hit the nail right on the head these people are so busy bashing Trump they are not helping America, they figure if everyone gets their money and food from the federal government then they own you, you cannot exist without them and thus they control everything you do. This is not the way or principals our country was founded on, we were founded on work and earn it, but to many people are putting their hand out and asking for everything for free it is not owned to them.

  14. Thank you. And God bless all. The squad is here to get something for nothing. Not for USA. Just trouble makers. If you do not like it here you are free to leave anytime. It would be a blessing for the USA!!! We have enough bad things going on with out trouble makers. Please leave in peace. Thank you!!

  15. We must never let them die in vain!! NEVER FORGET Who did what to whom and when!! This was an attack on the WORLD Trade Center… innocent people from all over the world on American soil… Innocent people on the planes children, spouses, mothers sisters brothers aunts and uncles fathers brothers in laws cousins, friends.. Come on.. why do our CONGRESSWOMEN brush it off like it was spilling a cup of coffee and burning ‘some people” How could they hold that position and adhere to that despicable attitude.. ?? Should we always relate to them as ‘some’ Congresswoman… Where did they learn to disrespect the people they are supposed to represent.. deplorable human beings… wolves in lambs clothing…!! must be that basket Hillary spoke of——————–

  16. Fantastic!!! We need more of these people willing to give their counter points to these Un-American lawmakers, ENOUGH! They need to be held accountable for their remarks, their actions, their choices. They are the source of all the hatred we are seeing in America. Thanks for such an individual willing to stand out and be counted. Now he’ll face for sure bullying!

  17. I agree with everything he just said. Those women may be in our congress but they want power and it is not for the good of the American people. What they don’t seem to under stand is they are no more protected from the bad people then anyone else. So they better hope for freedom.

  18. They are the “linebackers” of the 9/11
    terrorists and should be sent back to their
    Islamic homeland where they can enjoy
    the benefits of Muslim freedom, first hand,
    and true Americans here in the U.S. will
    continue to enjoy living in the home of
    the brave. God Bless America and those
    of us who are Judeo-Christian, by birth and
    heritage, and not radical followers of Allah.


  20. AOC & the Squad should be removed from their jobs & banned from the USA!!!! My biggest concern is where are the IDIOTS that voted her in from & what do they think about her now? It is so sad that people like this are allowed to hold office and say they are doing what is best for the USA!!!! I hope and pray they get these women out soon and they should NOT be able to continue to draw Americans hard earned money after these idiots are sent packing!!!! Take care everyone & Be Safe!!!!

  21. Well said,my friend, Let’s just hope and pray the majority of patriotic Americans realize what kinds of
    lives we get to live because of sacrifices by so many Americans before the evil, corrupt,political enemies
    of our own people get to sink their filthy paws in our mere existence taking everyone of our civil rights away………

  22. Amen! I agree with him. America HELPS other countries. We were founded on fantastic principles. We ARE a people who can be proud of who we are. Obviously some JUST DON’T GET IT !!! When one of us is hurt, we all suffer. We were all horrified on the 11th of September 2001 when “some people did something.” Some people did something all right…they attacked our entire nation. The eagle rose that day and unified our nation against an attack. Got that? AN ATTACK. Attack one of us and you’ve attacked us all….tried to tear all of us apart. It’s time for people to leave this country if they can’t love it and respect our people. Sure, we have internal problems, just like an individual family has problems. If these muslim women can’t understand America, then it’s time for them to leave. They don’t belong in our government, much less being given the right to verbally attack us.

  23. His comments were head on! Thank you for speaking up for our rights and freedom and honoring those who lost their lives. The squad needs to go back to their own countries and then Maybe they will appreciate America!! How in the world did they ever get elected to Congress?

  24. Thank You, Nicholas Haros, for putting those racists in their place! He did leave someone out, though. That Democratic Presidential candidate, Harris, could be included in the group. Every time she opened her mouth during the debate in Texas, she spewed hate and racism and tried to blame it all on Trump, as they all usually do.

  25. Nicholas Haros, Jr. is one courageous man; able to control what must have been anger at the boiling point, to speak, knowing the entire Country would hear every word. My hat is off for him.

  26. Hi, there appears to be some misunderstanding of why Israel chose to ban Omar & friend
    from entering Israel.
    British Intelligence (MI5) & The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A)
    have been well aware for some time that Hezbollah were seriously hoping that Omar & friend
    would gain access to Israel, where they would be executed, & Israel could be blamed!
    Truth told, if Omar was deported to her country of origin, as an alledged adultress muslim wife, she would be stoned to death

  27. Sadly some of our elected officials are un-American and do not embrace our history, customs and beliefs. The people who elected them must either rethink their position for the next election or exercise a recall election.

  28. Its a damn shame that what the people of New York and Minnesota elected to our congress. President Trump was right when he said that those 4 congress woman should go back to the country where they and their ancestors came from. They should try to change their country before attacking our’s. Those woman DO NOT belong in Congress. They should be made to resign along with Jerry Nadler and his bunch. Omar should also remove her head piece if she truly wants to live in America and conform to our rules and laws and mine her own business.

  29. Amen. Thank you for expressing our feelings so eloquently. If you don’t like our country, leave and find one that you do. We do not need nor want you here. May Almighty God Bless America!!

  30. Well said! These “less than Honorable” radical leftist anti-American congresswomen, aka “the squad” should be re-called by the good and patriotic people in the districts they represent. They do not deserve to be members of the United States House of Representatives supported by our American patriots hard- earned tax money….recall these idiots now!

  31. Yeah I agree with the fellow, but my question is, why are muslims in this country and how are people so stupid as to let her run and win that office. It’s as stupid as that idiot that was in office last time as so called president. If our Founding Fathers we’re here there’d be a whole lot of hanging and firing squads happening. Liberals need to be gone!!!😡😡

  32. May God bless you richly, Nicholas Haros, Jr. for what you said and did on 09-11-19. All Americans should feel the way you do.

  33. Screw her and the rest of the Liberal bastards masquerading as being interested in the health and safety of OUR country. They have exploited the loopholes that WE have created for them. They need to be replaced in the next elections that they are on the ballot. F ’em and the horse/camel they rode in on!

  34. God Bless America!!! And may the disciples of the Devil go back to hell. If you do not respect our flag, the symbol of our freedom, then go and live in a communist, socialist or an islamic place. Leave the best country on earth. Do not take the liberty to speak your hateful rhetoric!! Get out and stay out.

  35. I couldn’t agree more with this guy if I really tried. It’s way, way about time that we, as a country, learned who the enemy really is. As far as I’m concerned, this was another Pearl Harbor, and what disturbs me even more is the fact that our government stood by and did nothing!!!! Had we done this at Pearl Harbor, we might all be speaking Japanese right now!!!
    In what other country could this scenario possibly have occurred without some repercussions against the perpetrators??? Time we stopped kidding ourselves about who in the world loves us and who does not!! Are we going to protect ourselves from our enemies, or just be good guys and lie down and be destroyed?????

  36. To agree 100% with every thing said in this post. We AMERICANS need to realize that Muslims in our government is dangerous to our freedom and our country. They have only one agenda as written in the. Koran that is to destroy America and make us a Muslim country. Not just AMERICA but all countries should never allow them to destroy their country. They have been taught to hate and lie to get what they want , full control over all people in the world. We must stop this from happening by removing them all from our government now.

  37. I am so happy someone spoke up concerning omar’s Comment! She should not be representing our country in Congress. I would like to have her ousted from our country as she doesn’t deserve to be here. You are an arrogant self righteous bully ! Please just leave!

  38. RIGHT ON !!

    Good for you to be able to tell it how it is!

    Don’t understand how our government can stand for these women to talk hate.



  40. I praise & commend you Mr. Haros, for standing up & speaking for all Americans & sees exactly what AOC & her “squad” members for what they really are “ANTI-AMERICANS”!! 👍👍

  41. If your not born here you should not be able to hold any public office.
    This woman was taut by terrorist’s. And she is doing her level best to destroy this great country from within.

  42. This woman (omar) needs to lose her job and be deported. She’s lying about 911, she is demeaning our country and the people who died on 911. She always has that smirk on her face, like she knows more than we do. She’s morally evil. I hope we never see her again on the media. Why does she wear a turban? This is America. She just wants attention. Something happened to someone, somewhere. 3000 people and their families know what happened and they will never forget, neither will we.

  43. Mr. Haros Sir all of us Americans – or in todays world – I guess I must say most of us agree with every word you said – our hearts were torn – the grief all of us felt – we couldn’t move – we may not have a loved one as you did – but with tears in our eyes – too wounded to get up for water or to go to bathroom just sat and grieved with our country – and you the people that lost loved ones – never doubt that as the date rolls around that we don’t grieve also – I felt that day as I did back in WW2 – never never again – God bless you and your family to lose the foundation of your family – my heart hurts for you today – I hope with every fiber in my body that our the democrat side of our congress remembers the grief and the heart ache that you and others suffered that day – Norma Lee Olson

  44. Amen, agree a thousand times God be with you! When we were attacked I was taking care of my sweet mother with Late stage cancer,Her and I watch the horror that was done with tears running down ,yet through the horror we saw love! Allen Jacksons song,Where were you when the world stop turning on that sept day? Also just read the article about congress not showing up to honor the fallenI wonder was she one that didn’t show was the squad there?

  45. Amen brother, thank you for having the guts to speak the truth! Anyone that can’t honor our country, fight for our nation, kick to the curb!

  46. Ms. Omar (I can’t stomach calling her “Congresswoman”) knows exactly what she is doing. She and the “Squad” are and intend to be ANTI-AMERICAN! It’s shameful these ladies are making the good Muslims in America look bad. We have Freedom of Religion and the liberty to speak our minds in the USA, but we don’t have the freedom to knowingly lie or be stupid or both. As a personal opinion, I a 82 year old American born man and a Vietnam War veteran who loves this country and its flag and anthem.
    I can see no other observation at my age and experience, that Ms Omar and her “Squad” of IDIOTS have nothing but hatred for America, its Constitution, it Judeo-Christian founding and morality and system of laws. They knowingly use our Constitution and the freedoms it allows to lie, foment anger, be stupid and demonstrate time and time again how stupid and destruction they are. I would like to know who and what foreign money and sponsorship, in my personal opinion, are the support behind the “Squad”!

  47. THANK YOU! Thank you for saying what SO many of us are lthinking and feeling! We are SiCK of these so-called americans living in OUR United States of America!!!! Go back where you came from already!

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