Michael Flynn is a person that could end up in a heap of trouble for his alleged involvement of being. Russian agent. Since his accusations, the Department of Justice issued a memo that was dated back to early 2017 declaring that he was not a Russian agent. And now when he needs that memo the most it has failed to appear. Michael Flynn may have lied to the FBI but people are wondering if he was an agent of Russia or is he innocent of that charge.

There is no doubt that Flynn lied to the FBI which would lead to his dismissal from the White House. But now there are accusations against him as actually being a Russian spy. The question surrounding everything is what happened to the paperwork that clearly showed Michael Flynn being exonerated from being the Russian agent. Somewhere the paperwork clearing his name has mysteriously disappeared.

Sydney Powel who is the lawyer for Flynn stated that “We’ve … learned that there was a letter dated January 30th, 2017, or an internal memo from the Department of Justice, that completely exonerates Mr. Flynn of being an agent of Russia, and that document has not been produced to us yet.” The questions of the memo only open up more mysteries about missing paperwork. Is it possible that there is a coverup happening against Flynn that the Democrats are trying to stage? That is a question that people are wondering.

When the Democrats were targeting President Trump in the Russian collusion probe it seems that everything settled on Michael Flynn. Honesty is something that marks the Trump staff and the White House and when Flynn lied he was fired by the president for his lying spirit. But that does not mean the White House would try to frame Flynn. The Democrats never got what they wanted out the Mueller report, let alone what Flynn was trying to do.

The Department of Justice mentioned that they would look for the memo that Flynn is saying exists. Another lawyer has pointed out that Flynn was never accused of being a Russian agent when the charges were brought against him in the first place. The prosecutor has stated that “The government has not alleged in any filings in this court or before the court that the defendant is an agent of Russia. That is not part of this case. That is not part of the act that he has pled guilty to. It was lying to the FBI about particular communications involving Russia, not being an agent of Russia.”

In all the charges against Flynn only lying was the one that he was guilty of. No other new accusations of being a Russian agent or other illegal activity has been proven. The Democrats, on the other hand, have tried for three years to convict Trump of being a Russian puppet and when they could not prove anything like that they started purposefully going after people that worked for the president. This is the only case where someone has been found guilty of anything and it was a simple lie. He has admitted his mistake and is willing to take the consequences.

Critics are crying out about the missing information. And others are speculating that there is much more material that has mysteriously disappeared. Under Democrat rule in the House, there have been people that have been made to be silent and even more mysterious people that have turned up missing. Some evidence points to powerful Democrats that would not have any ethical problem secretly doing away with the competition.

If anything is clear, it is that the president does not want to work with liars. On more than one occasion President Trump has dismissed people for not being truthful and ethical in their dealings with others. Michael Flynn was no exception. He admitted to lying and it was not too long afterward that the president dismissed him from his post. The president does not want a staff that lies. He wants ethical people working with him, to be honest, and open to the American people. The people are tired of the Democrats lying to their faces. Another reason why Donald Trump became the president was that he is a man of his word.

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