Every year people take to the media and social networking arenas promoting World Suicide Prevention Day, which happens on September 10th each year. Despite all the publicity that the topic receives the United States is seeing an increase in the number of suicide-related deaths. Within the realm of suicide, some cells promote the topic with the hopes of drawing attention to their cause.

One of these cell groups is that of United States soldiers that have found themselves returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What even intensifies the issue is that the day of prevention falls one day before the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Millions of women and men have served in various avenues defending this country. Many of them have seen active combat and have developed some pretty serious problems as a result. When they return home they find in next to impossible to cope with the changes. As a result, it is reported that 20 of these people take their own lives. They have come to believe that there is no hope for them.

This may large impart be to the fact that so much attention is given to awareness of the problem and so little to the preventions and treatment of such stress disorders in the countries military heroes. When the soldiers come home and are diagnosed with PTSD the general public sees it as a label, and they see the person that is emotionally distressed, so they stay away from the person so as not to set off an episode.

It is time for the public to stop being aware of the issue and to start getting involved in helping the nation’s heroes to have victory over PTSD and the increasing risk of suicide.

One doctor reports that when the stigma is removed more people are willing to come forward for help and others are more willing to get involved as in the case with HIV cases. This is not the case with veterans that are committing suicide as what they are facing is drastically different.

Many of the soldiers are not going to care about the stigma of a label. They care more about receiving the help that they need which seems to be lacking in some areas.

Those in politics have gone out of their way to better fund and help the issue of veteran suicide. President Trump has championed the cause and driven lawmakers to get on the ball and provide better funding and help for these heroes.

But there needs to be an increase in the treatments that are needed to treat PTSD and the soldiers that are returning home. In many cases, the issue should be discovered before the person is released into the general public so the help starts long before they get home.

The general public is educated on what PTSD is all about. Doctors can call it what it has been designated, but they still struggle with how to treat the problem. As a result, many of the veterans go home with no help and no hope only to take their own lives a short time after stepping through the door of their own home.

There is not much support for the treatment of psychiatric help. Many new treatments seem to be getting held up or stopped altogether by people with agendas. In the past two decades, there have not been any new more advanced treatments to combat PTSD and the ever-increasing suicide rate.

The increasing suicide rate needs to deal with not as a symptom but at the root of the problem. There are so many soldiers coming back to normal life and are being forgotten about during most of the year until September 10th rolls around and the media sites are flooded with awareness ads.

PTSD victims deserve better than what they are being offered by way of help. In many regions of the country, there is no help because the funds are just not available to put an office or medical center equipped with such help. President Trump is supporting the troops and the veterans as much as he can. Lawmakers need to take action and solve the problem.

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