The Second Amendment is an important part of the Constitution as it allows people to have the right to keep and bear arms. It clearly says that this right “shall not be infringed.” However, there is fear that a Democratic president will threaten this constitutional amendment because of their desire to eliminate domestic terrorism and their inability to understand the difference between lawbreakers and law-abiding citizens.

A National Emergency on Gun Violence?

John Lott, Jr., a gun rights advocate, recently spoke on Hill.TV, talking about the fear that many people have about what would happen if a Democratic president were to get into office. Lott explained that a Democratic president may declare a national emergency on gun violence. This would be the easiest way to confiscate firearms.

As the author of “The War on Guns,” there are already states such as California and New York where registration lists are in place. They’ve identified people who own guns and force them to return them. This could easily happen nationwide, particularly if a national emergency was identified.

President Trump has already tried to create a national emergency at the southern border with Mexico as a way to control the immigration issues. It would provide funding for the border wall while also addressing the various other problems, including tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country monthly. However, Congress is looking to block this. If Trump were to declare a national emergency, it could set a precedent to allow other presidents to declare national or emergencies on various issues as well – including gun violence.

Nancy Pelosi has even issued a warning to Republicans that the next president a very well declare a national emergency on guns. She was quick to remind that just because a Republican president declares a national emergency, so can Democratic presidents. She is looking to prevent such a precedent from happening, though it’s mainly because she doesn’t want funding to go to a border wall.

Action on Gun Control

Some kind of action is going to happen regarding gun control in the near future, particularly with the number of mass shootings that have happened in the past year. Congress is back in session next week, with Republicans and Democrats alike creating plans in order to bring to the floor.

A variety of Democrats within the 2020 primary field have also pledged that they are going to take action on gun control if they are elected as president – and for many, this includes mandatory buyback programs.

Depending upon the Democratic candidate, their actions on dealing with guns vary considerably. Beto O’Rourke, for example, wants to have a mandatory buyback program for “assault-style weapons.” However, this is not an exact category for weaponry, which means that it is not clear as to what types of guns he would mandate as part of the buyback program. AR-15s would fall into that category, but what about hunting rifles? Many Americans aren’t going to give up their hunting rifles when they were illegally acquired and they have a hunting license. This goes against the Second Amendment to the fullest.

Republicans are working on better systems to have in place so that law-abiding citizens can still have their guns while those who are mentally unstable or who have a history of violence would be unable to acquire guns.

As many Republican senators have pointed out recently, the past several mass shootings would not have been eliminated simply with a buyback program because the person responsible for the shooting acquired the gun illegally – or bar the gun from someone else. This means that they, personally, were not responsible for buying the gun.

Not all guns are registered, either. If a person received guns as a gift or they were handed down from family members, they aren’t registered. This begs the question of how a Democratic president would handle a mandatory buyback program. If they don’t know a gun is registered, do they plan on sending people into every home in America to do a search? At what point is this considered dangerous to those who are acquiring the guns? I will point is this search considered an invasion of privacy?

Democrats have ridiculous ideas on how they are going to deal with gun control. However, they fail to understand that people committing mass murderers are already breaking laws. Having laws in place that determine whether a person can acquire a gun or not is not going to stand in their way. Where there is a will there is a way. The same goes for Americans and their desire to continue to want to bear arms should the time come.

174 thoughts on “Pelosi: A Democratic President Will Threaten Right to Bear Arms

  1. The Freedom to own and use a firearm also carries with it the responsibility for what the owner does with it. Swift and certain punishment for the illegal use of a firearm is what is needed. I like the idea of a public hanging not more than 30 days after conviction for a violent crime committed with a firearm. We need to have potential violent criminals see what awaits them for a violent crime involving a firearm. To hellsinki with the liberal snowflakes who say hanging is cruel. Murder is, too, but that didn’t stop the crook from committing the act n the first place.

  2. They have already hijacked free speech with political correctness. They don’t believe in private property rights, and they want to confiscate all the money YOU earned with their idiotic policies. Why wouldn’t the y come after your guns. The Constitution means nothing to them.

  3. Can we hold the authorities responsible if they receive all kinds of tips about a mass killing and fail to act on it?
    We all need to be very aware of our representatives lack of competence. They will pass a knee jerk “solution “ to a situation and not think about the ramifications. When they pass legislation which make law abiding citizens criminals, the end is near.

  4. Trump should have HER & the rest of the treasonous NWO socialist criminals arrested for years of many counts of sedition , high treason & theft of trillions of taxpayer funds already used against America by them .

  5. When you get the criminal element off the streets forever. When you get the criminal element to do exactly what they are supposed to do. We still won`t give up our guns there is the Federal government to keep in line. Hey show us something like deporting the illegal criminal problem Do the job you`re being paid for and shut up.

  6. When they convince the murderers and all other criminals to give up theirs. I might consider it very weakly. I believe that Democrats are putting themselves in Harms way for even considering such a stupid idea. That would only increase the odds of young mentally challenged individuals to commit these heinous shootings knowing they can invade any home he or she pleases. Gun violence has nothing to do with guns. It’s about recognizing red flags all these individuals had. Yep, hard to do, but it’s not difficult to see changes, depression, all of a sudden you see them influenced by things you call just a phase. No!!! Question it. Find out what’s on their mind. Your noseyness just might save 15 – 20 + lives. Dumbass Dumbocrats.

  7. Here is one for the news media, including this one. I am a Vietnam era vet, I took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC! Take notice here, that the oath is the same for ALL elected representatives, judges, law enforcement, AND the POTUS! I did not, and these positions mentioned did not, take an oath to uphold and defend the government or any elected official. The oath is to the US constitution, PERIOD!! For any of the mentioned positions in government to abrogate their oath of office is essentially an act of treason! Perhaps Right On News can run a story with this subject matter and also bring in some attorney’s to confirm my allegations. The word treason has been thrown around by the Democrats quite a bit lately and it is about time that the news media report on this.

  8. Well if they are going to make changes to the amendments and the criminals will keep theirs then all politicians should not have bodyguards with guns on them either. What speech which is happening right now!

  9. I say if the Democratic Idiots want to take my GUNS Go ahead and send the Democrats to try and BUY OR COLLECT THE Weapons of SELF SURVIVAL HAVE THEM over for Breakfast and FEED THEM LEAD TEEHEE!

  10. Just so people know, some guns were never given serial numbers. I know this because my father owned a 22 rifle and it never did have a serial number, until the government put it into law. At that time it was required that people owning guns scratch a required quantity of numbers from their SSN onto the barrel. I still have the weapon that has a portion of his SSN on it.

  11. Once placed in your system, it stated that my comment was awaiting moderation. I’m assuming that you will change the comment so it doesn’t violate any of your rules, or so that it will fit your political bent on the subject at hand. If anything is moderated, it will change the intent of my words and will therefore be a non issue to those who read it. This is how your news media are infesting your truths that you present in your words.

  12. Democrats have no concept of right or wrong, only entitlement or they just do not care! What is wrong with a group who lets 60 million innocent babies intentionally die (sell their parts for profit) but want to save bird eggs!!! This is murder and a sin!
    Democrats have made no effort to take any action that benefits the majority of American citizens. Democrats have forgotten that they are committed to WE the People, US CITIZENS, before anyone else. Democrats took an OATH to GOD to serve the GOOD of American citizens and they are to committed yo everyone except US citizens. Term limits, vote them out, repeal the law that Congress passed stating that once in office, ALWAYS GET PAID FROM MY POCKET for the rest of their sorry lives!! Insanity or just plain selfishness.

  13. Millions of Americans are not going to abide by any type of silly law the Democrats come up with. They will start world war 3 plain and simple. Americans aren’t going to give up any firearms

  14. Piglosi can’t do squat! If that evil corrupt witch thinks it’ll be easy to take away the right of law-abiding to protect themselves and their families she’s deluded! The evil and anti-American agenda of the DemonRAT party is becoming more obvious every day. They know that the Deep State, run by Satan’s puppets in the Illuminati, will rig the elections, kill anyone in their way, and control what the people hear and see with the help of their puppets in the lamestream media! They have greedy, corrupt politicians with no consciences, honor, or integrity that are chipping away at our rights a bit at a time in the name of making us “safe” when the TRUTH is that as long as they’re in office and doing the globalist scumbags’ bidding then none of us are safe!!! It’s truly frightening when you can see politicians blatant in their corruption and their brainless followers believing everything they tell them and anxious to usher in the evil of socialism all so they could get freebies!


  16. She has lost her mind attacking law BIDING CITIZEN, there second AMENDMENT RIGHTS to protect thereselfs & family from criminals. She should go after criminal!!!!

  17. There is NO emergency on “gun Violence” . . . There is an emergency with “Nut case violence” Law breaking criminals and The DNC’s STUPIDITY. I believe that these “emergencies” and the ensuing executive orders will be challenged in court and SHUT DOWN since such an order is both unconstitutional and illegal even if a Democrat is elected president, which is highly unlikely . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. Sarah Brady constantly made the comment in the 90’s: “If background checks save just one life, it will all be worth it!” So now let’s ask: “If government gun confiscation of law abiding citizens, COSTS just one life, will that be worth it?” It’s time to register democrats, so they can be the ones to be sued, not the federal government!

  19. The demented Nancy Pelosi is an idiot as usual. She thinks she is so great. She love late term abortions, illegal aliens, I hope the illegals that are in California pee all over her streets that she lives by and throw trash and needles in her yard. She desire every bit of it. She is as crooked as the rest of the Democrats in Congress.

  20. Its a shame the demonic party could not have done something that was worth mentioning in the last century or so. They formed and sponsored all the activities that went against the USA and the people in it, of all color. From the assignation of Lincoln through the things they are doing today to maintain the unrest in this country, form the clan, taking God out of school, lack of border control, sanctuary cities, protecting illegal criminal immigrants, working against the ICE agents, working against the truly elected president, fraud in the press and news papers and many of the colleges that are pushing the trends of optional gender Sam today and later in the rest room Sue. Too many things to mention, please open your eyes, Freedom is not Free. The price that has been paid is awesome and the demonic party has not been a supporter of that just have it their way or not at all.

  21. DEMOCRATS ARE DANGEROUS TO AMERICA!! THE DEMOCRATS ARE PLAIN STUPID!! I have heard many Democrats say that they will not vote Democratic in the next election. If a Democrat is our next President, America will be in serious trouble. Why does the Democrats want to take away our gun rights?? If our guns are taken away from us, it would be easier to take control of America!! I wonder if Nancy Pelosi’s guards have guns. The Democrats are giving our country away by some of the things that they have pulled. I think that the Democrats want to do away with Democracy. I do not trust the Nancy Pelosi nor some of the other Democrats.

  22. I thought that I could print anything that I want to say!! This is Commuism if someone else decdes what I am to say!! Matters like this concerns me!! Is there a reason why Democrats want to take away our guns?? What is their motive??

  23. If I owned guns I would never not ever relinquish them. It’s my right to own as many as I want I’m a law abiding American. With the way the democrats have changed over the past years I don’t trust them won’t vote for any of them. The NRA is not a group that would in any way be a terrorist group and there’s a reason the constitution gives us that right is to defend ourselves from our own government. Healthcare is not in the constitution nor is a right to have. If you want insurance then you pay for it that’s it I have to pay why don’t you.

  24. No Democrat wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment! Stop being naive. But weapons to kill people shouldn’t be protected for killers! Many people cannot control their rage or fear and chose murder to satisfy their anger or ego! Self defense is unheard of in a mass killing! (Hunting for sport is unnecessary.) Guns are hugely promoted for profit but advertised as weapons of self righteous defense. Sellers don’t care about your lives!

  25. Liberal radical socialist deamonRATS grow up- We do not want socialism and we are not interested in the NEW WORLD ORDERwhich Trump is saving us from and of course we do notwantSOCIALISM in this country

  26. Gun control has always been a complete waste of time. More stringent laws won’t bother criminals, because they can always get what they want. All it does is to try to strip away the right of law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves against criminals who Do have guns. Guns don’t kill people- people kill people. Let’s outlaw cars, because they have been used to run down innocent by-standers. Then go for kitchen knives, because they have also been used to murder people. On & on it goes ad nauseum. Give murderers stiffer penalties, & cut way back on the number of appeals they can file. 20 yrs. on death row is Totally ridiculous. Some countries keep the accused in prison for one week, then line them up in front of a firing squad. I would think that someone knowing these penalties might pause before committing a crime.

  27. Democrats think if citizens are did- armed, they think the military will be their protectors. They best be sure that will occur and not be the ones that will be put up against the wall.

  28. Headline should read “ Democratic President could start revolution by threatening the citizens right to bear arms under the second amendment..

  29. Democrats are “TREASONISTIC Traitors” who should NEVER hold office in the U.S.A. America is NOT spelled with a “K” . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  30. Taking We the Peoples Guns would be the Biggest Mistake The Baby Killing Democrats would DO that would start a Revolutionary War in this Country.

  31. We have heard this from the liberal dem bloodsuckers for 80 years We understand your problem, you can’t take the country socialistic as long as the citizenry are armed.
    You can’t force us to do it your way as long as the citizenry are armed.
    We have heard this for 80 years, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro., Kim Il Jong, Mao Tse Tung, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Adolph Hitler, Josef Tito and Josef Stalin
    The above group are responsible for the death of about 220 million people, a few more than we have had killed in mass shootings.
    Then as soon as they got all of the weapons, they passed laws that made it illegal to say nasty things about the government
    Then we had another group, DEMOCRACIES, THIS TIME. Australia, Canada, England, France Germany, Greece, Spain and Portugal.
    In an astounding coincidence, all of these countries passed laws that made it illegal to say nasty things about the government, interesting, yes, seems the 2nd Amendment also protects the 1st Amendment,
    The FOUNDERS, gave us THE BILL OF RIGHTS, then they nailed them to the wall of every government office with the 2nd Amendment
    Liberals the road you travel, whether immediate Boom banning or your current incremental approach will take you to the same place. Civil War

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