The Second Amendment is an important part of the Constitution as it allows people to have the right to keep and bear arms. It clearly says that this right “shall not be infringed.” However, there is fear that a Democratic president will threaten this constitutional amendment because of their desire to eliminate domestic terrorism and their inability to understand the difference between lawbreakers and law-abiding citizens.

A National Emergency on Gun Violence?

John Lott, Jr., a gun rights advocate, recently spoke on Hill.TV, talking about the fear that many people have about what would happen if a Democratic president were to get into office. Lott explained that a Democratic president may declare a national emergency on gun violence. This would be the easiest way to confiscate firearms.

As the author of “The War on Guns,” there are already states such as California and New York where registration lists are in place. They’ve identified people who own guns and force them to return them. This could easily happen nationwide, particularly if a national emergency was identified.

President Trump has already tried to create a national emergency at the southern border with Mexico as a way to control the immigration issues. It would provide funding for the border wall while also addressing the various other problems, including tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country monthly. However, Congress is looking to block this. If Trump were to declare a national emergency, it could set a precedent to allow other presidents to declare national or emergencies on various issues as well – including gun violence.

Nancy Pelosi has even issued a warning to Republicans that the next president a very well declare a national emergency on guns. She was quick to remind that just because a Republican president declares a national emergency, so can Democratic presidents. She is looking to prevent such a precedent from happening, though it’s mainly because she doesn’t want funding to go to a border wall.

Action on Gun Control

Some kind of action is going to happen regarding gun control in the near future, particularly with the number of mass shootings that have happened in the past year. Congress is back in session next week, with Republicans and Democrats alike creating plans in order to bring to the floor.

A variety of Democrats within the 2020 primary field have also pledged that they are going to take action on gun control if they are elected as president – and for many, this includes mandatory buyback programs.

Depending upon the Democratic candidate, their actions on dealing with guns vary considerably. Beto O’Rourke, for example, wants to have a mandatory buyback program for “assault-style weapons.” However, this is not an exact category for weaponry, which means that it is not clear as to what types of guns he would mandate as part of the buyback program. AR-15s would fall into that category, but what about hunting rifles? Many Americans aren’t going to give up their hunting rifles when they were illegally acquired and they have a hunting license. This goes against the Second Amendment to the fullest.

Republicans are working on better systems to have in place so that law-abiding citizens can still have their guns while those who are mentally unstable or who have a history of violence would be unable to acquire guns.

As many Republican senators have pointed out recently, the past several mass shootings would not have been eliminated simply with a buyback program because the person responsible for the shooting acquired the gun illegally – or bar the gun from someone else. This means that they, personally, were not responsible for buying the gun.

Not all guns are registered, either. If a person received guns as a gift or they were handed down from family members, they aren’t registered. This begs the question of how a Democratic president would handle a mandatory buyback program. If they don’t know a gun is registered, do they plan on sending people into every home in America to do a search? At what point is this considered dangerous to those who are acquiring the guns? I will point is this search considered an invasion of privacy?

Democrats have ridiculous ideas on how they are going to deal with gun control. However, they fail to understand that people committing mass murderers are already breaking laws. Having laws in place that determine whether a person can acquire a gun or not is not going to stand in their way. Where there is a will there is a way. The same goes for Americans and their desire to continue to want to bear arms should the time come.

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