The Dems have been raising hell, wanting Trump to do something about gun control. However, they don’t want him to use executive actions. Instead, they want it to be worked through the constitutional system. Enter Mitch McConnell. He’s been given the green light to talk about gun legislation on the Senate floor, ensuring that there are new gun laws in place to prevent further domestic terrorism.

With the number of domestic terrorist attacks that happened over the summer alone, it’s clear that something has to be done. While the Dems want to take away guns, the Republicans want to focus on mental health and background checks to determine who should be able to purchase guns. Compromise can be made, but it all comes down to what McConnell is going to propose and how willing the Dems are to actually agree on something.

Before Any Proposals Happen…

Mitch McConnell has reported that, prior to heading to the Senate floor, the White House is reviewing a variety of proposals. By next week, Trump will identify which proposals he is willing to back. At that point, McConnell will take the proposals to the floor. By waiting on Trump, it makes it easier to know exactly where the president stands on gun legislation while also ensuring that something will, in fact, get passed.

With so many Americans wanting to see gun control legislation in one form or another, it is critical that Congress focuses on gun control legislation before anything else now that they are back in session.

Stricter Gun Laws are a Given

One thing for sure is that there are going to be stricter gun laws in one capacity or another. There has been a significant amount of public outcry. Various stores have taken it upon themselves to do something. For example, Walmart has identified that they will stop selling handgun ammunition. Congress already knows that they are facing a significant amount of pressure.

One of the main areas of discussion is what’s known as red flag laws. It would allow law enforcement officials or family members to petition a court so that firearms would be taken from an individual if they are a threat to themselves or others. Democrats don’t feel that is sufficient – and while Republicans are working on plenty of other proposals, they don’t support mandatory buyback programs, removing guns from Americans who acquired them legally. A number of Democratic presidential candidates have elaborate buyback plans that they’re touting as the solution to domestic terrorism. However, Republicans identify that mental health is a huge component – and those who are mentally ill will find a gun whether it is through legal acquisition or not.

Schumer, the Senate minority leader, is calling for McConnell to bring the house bill to the floor. Schumer tends to Tweet more than he actually speaks. He wants to focus on background checks, which is something that the house has already passed.

Another discussion going on is a bipartisan bill that would expand background checks to include all commercial sales. Although the bill has failed in the Senate twice, it may get enough Republican support to pass if brought to the floor a third time.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, is also requesting that the Senate passes his bill, which would increase funding for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System database. This would also allow them to focus more heavily on mental health.

The Democrats are trying to play politics on too much of the gun safety legislation, which is something that Cruz has accused them of. They are looking to regulate private transactions, which isn’t going to reduce gun violence. The only thing that does is appease the take money backers of the Democrats. Too many of the presidential candidates are embracing mandatory federal government confiscation, which only takes guns away from law-abiding citizens. The law-abiding citizens aren’t the ones responsible for a mass shooting. Law-abiding citizens don’t commit domestic terrorism. This is something that the Democrats don’t seem to understand – and something that Republicans are extremely aware of, which is why they are taking their time to make sure that they are passing the correct laws.

As Trump explained, most of the background checks that the Democrats want to pass would not stop any of the shootings that have occurred over the past several years. Most of the people responsible for the mass shootings got their hand on a gun illegally. It isn’t something that they obtained via a background check or a waiting period.

Within the next week or so, more information about how the Congress will be moving towards gun control will be evident, especially with McConnell’s plans to take discussions to the Senate floor.

148 thoughts on “Dems Raising Hell on Gun Control, McConnell is On It

  1. If gun laws are too strict, there will not be a way to protect my family. My concern is that by living in the rural area, rabid animals come around, how do I protect my family? If guns are limited how will we control the wildlife without guns? Another thing that is a concern is with gun control on legal individuals, how do I protect my family against the armed criminals? Those criminals will be able to get guns if they want. You need to look at the mental illness situation, release the mental records and use them in the background checks.

  2. Mental health needs to be addressed. Limit size of clips & Enforce all gun purchases & require a background check nationwide. All law enforcement agencies hve the data and share it.

  3. The liberalist views of non other than the Democratic Party are as much to blame for said gun violence as any other issue going !!! They are a party of no personal responsibility, no discipline, a party where big government and throwing tax payer money at issues is their course of action , where if it feels good then it’s ok !!! They want God taken out of every situation and circumstance ,
    Socialism and all its worthless lies are the talking points of presidential candidates!! These are sick many times useless individuals who have no quality of self and parlay the wasteful ideology to bring notice to themselves!! Much as the sick shooters or domestic terrorizing fanatics who take innocent lives !!
    This gross stupidity is the division within this country. Logical minded law abiding citizens aren’t the folks stirring the pot!! The so called news programs we watch everyday give platform for these idiots all in the name of ratings !!! Our constitution plainly states the facts that built and hold the boundaries of this great nation . And we the people of foundation need to stand strong against these vermin that seek to destroy , for which we stand!!!

  4. Red flag should only pass if one loging complaaint is named so the can not be aboused also complainer should have their guns taken and helt. If false charges were filed the one who complained loses their gun for good

  5. Don’t give them an inch. No red flag, no registry, no magazine limitation. We will end up like the uk or Australia and they’ll be trying 2 ban pointy objects be4 you know it.

  6. The problem of mentally disturbed goes much further than is recognized. Some of the dems are ready to take our guns but they keep all the guns at their house and many armed guards that will probably shoot any trespasser or innocent person who breaks their own personal property demands.We already have laws but some laws aren’t even allowed to be enforced in all of these Sancutary cities and States

  7. Fact 1 of 5: Background checks have been required by law on all retail gun sales including (Gun Shows) in the United States for the past 21 years

    Fact 2 of 5: Liberal’s definition of “Gun control: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft, and murder will MAGICALLY obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm.”

    Fact 3 of 5: Everyone knows that Chicago has just a little bit of a problem with gun violence, which is really weird considering the fact the city has such strict gun control measures in place? After all, isn’t strict gun control supposed to prevent criminals from possessing firearms and doing acts of bloody violence? That’s what the left tells us repeatedly, but it’s obviously not true. Let’s hope these folks start using a little common sense and open their eyes to the fact their strict gun control laws aren’t hindering criminals from doing evil, but are instead, leaving citizens open and vulnerable, easy victims for the picking.

    Fact 4 of 5: A survivor of the Luby’s mass shooting in Texas was speaking before a house committee on behalf of gun rights. Her parents had been killed, so those sponsoring the bill had to treat her with a measure of respect. A Democratic sponsor of the bill said he was sorry for her loss, but that she certainly couldn’t need an AK 47 to protect her home from burglars. She agreed, and stated that we need AK 47’s to protect ourselves from enemies of the Constitution, trying to steal our liberties, such as lawmakers like him. You could have heard a pin drop.

    Fact 5 of 5: Governments have disarmed and executed over 262 million of their own people in the 20th Century..but please tell me again why Governments should be the only one with guns ?

    Fact 6 of 6: On April 19th, 1775, 700 British regulars detached from the garrison of Boston under Lt. Col. Francis Smith marched to Lexington and Concord on a mission to confiscate arms from the English colonists. The attempt sparked a revolution.
    Let that sink in Democrats!

    Final Thought: When the government tells you that you don’t need your guns, that’s when you need your guns the most!

  8. OK for universal background checks, IF there is a provision to “loan” a gun to a relative or guest for hunting or target practice.

    OK for gun confiscation, IF there is due process before confiscation and IF there is compensation and an opportunity to sell on the open market. Other gun owners in a home need to be required to secure their weapons and held responsible for any unlawful acts by the prohibited person using their gun.

  9. I only want restrictions on known felons and those with mental issues. Law-abiding citizens should not have their gun rights “infringed”!

  10. I’m afraid if too many unconstitutional laws are passed by the democrats, who by the way are to ignorant to know better, there will be serious problems. And one more thing, I could show them how to solve this very serious epidemic immediately.

  11. The Demorats,muslims,and the “new world order freaks, Would like nothing better, than us be relieved of our guns !!Look at GB- Over run with Muslims, Attaching everyone ,who isn’t!! We aren’t going to fall for this dumb line of thinking !!

  12. As a “LAW ABIDING, BACKGROUND CHECKED, FINGER PRINTED, PHOTO TAKE, REAL AMERICAN” gun owner since the age of 10, The Dems have it all wrong, AGAIN! Mental health is the issue, every shooter has some sort of issue that only mental health professionals can work on, NOTHIG Dems want to pass would have stopped Sandy Hook, Columbine. Texas University, Orland, El Paso, Odessa, Las Vegas, not a thing they propose will stop this!

  13. I also say it is not just a mentally ill person who kills, it is not just domestic terrorism. The drive by shootings are a part of this problem (look at Chicago for example). The evil heart doesn’t always mean mental illness. The person who has not got a care for the other person or his own life is one who goes out and kills. The man in Texas in the resent past admittedly went after Hispanics. He didn’t outright choose Walmart in his original plan, the way I understand it being reported. The problem is the evilness of the heart. We as humans can’t fix that. I do agree with the mental illness side of this and that would also mean that the Hipaa laws have to be regarded so that also needs to be changed along with the background check. The other thing to the dems don’t consider is the illegal guns on the streets. The amount may be low but they are still a factor.

  14. When will people ever come to realize that Gun Control only provides a false sense of security…
    True Gun Control can never be.
    If a person wants to get their hands on a firearm they will always
    be able to.
    It’s just like Prohibition was for alcohol, it did absolutely nothing to stop the sale and use of alcohol which they finally wised up and gave up.
    Of course, this was only after thousands of people were killed during the process and tax payers spent millions of dollars attempting to fight it…!
    Eventually, people will realize, hopefully, that firearms cannot be controlled either.
    Just look at States such as, California, New York, and Illinois, they all have the strictest gun laws in our Country and yet they haven’t made any difference at all…!
    Another example is our Country’s famous War On Drugs…!
    How many years, how many Billions of dollars, how many life’s were lost, and how many of our citizens have been locked away over the years only to have our Government finally realize that it was fighting a loosing battle and all but a few States have legalized Marijuana…?
    As it’s been proven, law abiding citizens are not the ones out here committing these mass shootings, attacking and terrorizing innocent citizens, or robbing businesses…
    Any new and more restrictive gun laws are only going to affect us law abiding citizens who are already following all of the gun laws.
    Yes, something needs to be done to change an out of control situation but I have no idea how to fix it if it’s even possible…

  15. I hope our president will not sign any red flag laws because that means that if someone doesn’t like someone that they can claim they are a threat to them and have their gun taken away even if they are not hurting anyone. This is a terrible law and will give the democrats more power over the people.

  16. It’s a mental issue!! You lay a gun down does it fire on its own?? No a person pulls that trigger the gun dies not go off on its own some one pulls that trigger. There extreme cases when a guy will go off accidently but that is why most have a safety lock hence if lock is not on it will go off that’s why we have gun saftey practices. But a gun if you lay it it will not go off on it’s own somebody pulls the trigger. There is too much mental problem one anger issues people cant control their anger that’s a big problem. Yes there is mental health issues but I think alot lies in anger issues. Also there are no Morales, no value on human life in todays world. We need to get back to God so we can have Morales, respect for our brothers and Sisters. Love one another, we need to Stop Hatered and Bullying!!!

  17. For anyone that truly want to understand what the fight is all about, I suggest reading the document “Why Gun Owners Are Right To Fight Against Gun Control” published by Harvard Law.
    It is available at the following link:

    Most “liberals” don’t even know what they are arguing for even really understand what they are asking? It’s time that people wake up to reality and understand what’s going on in the world and become aware of how we are being misled as to the true statistics! The research and numbers are out there! It’s just that few even try to understand what the true numbers actually mean!

  18. Forget about gun control. The biggest problem the USA is facing is bankruptcy. Congress needs to cut spending by 25-30%. All government positions are dramatically overstaffed and there is entirely too much wasteful spending on bullshit programs.Do you job Congress or get voted out!

  19. CORRUPT TREASONOUS DEMOCOMMUNISTS have just one thing in mind. ATTEMPT to Disarm ALL Law-abiding citizens so they can easily take over. (just like ALL TYRANNICAL DICTATORS throughout history.)
    They want law-abiding citizens to be turned into UNARMED CONTROLLED SUBJECTS, to be used , abused, or “ELIMINATED” as THEY see fit to do.
    If THAT is ever tried in this country, there will start a civil war that will make the first seem like a walk in the park (and the FIRST ones that will be “taken” are the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST ‘politicians” that are pushing for a “takeover”.) Think about it.

  20. My heart bleeds whenever I learn of another mass shooting, but as a well-informed American, I understand how crucial our Second Amendment Rights are in assuring our remaining rights are preserved, and not eliminated by the Leftist Democrats, which will happen if they regain political control of this country, as they did when Americans foolishly elected Barack Obama in 2008. The Democrats are claiming that we should be willing to accept gun control, and even weapon confiscation, in order “to keep our children safe.” For those who don’t know history, that’s the same excuse Adolph Hitler used to confiscate the weapons of Germans prior to WWII. Once the German people, the WWI veterans, and the German Jews were disarmed, Hitler’s dispatched his homosexual “Brown Shirts” to terrorize the Jews, intimidate the entire civilian populous, and round up anyone who dared to oppose Hitler’s extreme policies. The very same thing will happen in our country if we’re foolish enough to knuckle under to the Demo demands to accept gun control. If either Senate Leader McConnell or President Trump knuckles under, we’ll be doomed!

  21. Just for your information, I’m forwarding my blog, and your censorship warning, to President Trump, as a means of encouraging him to take action against the websites and monopolies that are violating our free speech rights by censoring commentary. Hopefully the internet will eventually be governed by our Federal government just as other utilities are – with needed restrictions and severe fines levied against violators of free speech rights, especially of Conservative Americans! Get my drift, you moronic gatekeepers?

    will EVER EVER fill out a BACKGROUND ”’CHECK”’

  23. Do not…do not pass the Red Flag convicts a gun owner with no proven info of any kind…automatically guilty because a person does not like him!!!!! It will create a great deal of trouble and deaths like the man on east coast that after a strong disagreement with a relative he was turned in as “dangerous” and the police went to take his gun and he ended up dead!!!! There are hundreds of gun laws now for deep background checks…the laws are not being enforced…enforce the laws that are presently written…more laws will not change a thing!!!! The bad guys will always get a gun and millions of laws will never change that!!

  24. The damned Demoncrats want to punish decent, honest citizens for actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America. Lock up the criminals and crazies, problem solved. Oh and re-open the insane asylums. Problem solved!

  25. I am surprised at Walmart. Instead of those with legal permits to not wear them which means there is not no one in the store to stop someone who could give a damn what Walmart says since the shooter now sees a whole bunch of non defenders. I guess Walmart doesn’t care if their customers are unprotected as long as they shop. Of course, they can’t shot being dead after being shot. Why doesn’t Walmart act like they care about us shoppers. Ever heard of having a policeman at the doors and a security system that goes off when a person having a gun. And tell those legally carrying a permit welcome instead of telling a person intent on killing in a soft undefended zone welcome. I think Walmart owes allegiance to law abiding people carrying a gun with a permit not intent on killing but intent on shopping instead of inviting a real killer in. Just knowing Walmart has a couple of protections for its customers the killers will more than likely find another soft spot. I am going to start shopping at stores where I see a cop and/or have even if it is a cheap security system which many stores sell including Walmart.

  26. This is just a ploy by the socialists that have infiltrated the democratic party. I am sure there are a lot of democrats that don’t like the idea of a federal goverment list of all weapons in the country. The socialists want it so when the time comes they can try to have all of them confiscated. Take a long look back in the past and that is the first thing the socialists do when the get into power. This is way the Founding Fathers came up with the 2nd Amendment to protect this right so as to defend against a tyrannical government. Also I think there are some existing laws preventing the Federal Government from enacting such laws. Also if you want to have a Red Flag law you need to make sure that Due Process is included in the law. Currently all the states that have enacted that law do not have it included!!

  27. Unbelieveable. As it’s stated in the “Article”, The ‘MESS’ that our Country is in, with ALL of these “Mass Shootings”, The people “Responsible”, got the gun(s), ILLEGALLY. I DO NOT agree with this B.S. “Gun Control” and I will be out on 9/14; (Waving a FLAG), for “GOD & GUN” Appreciation Day….. I hope I can get a few backers, to be with me.

  28. Any gun control put in place by the government would not be effective. The number of guns in circulation right now cannot be accounted for and with the criminal element in this nation private citizens need what ever protection they can afford. Law enforcement cannot be every where and if you are being attacked in your home you need protection right then. You can’t wait for law enforcement to come to you. The bad guys can get weapons, either by stealing or bringing the gun in from out of country. Finally the number of businesses that would be put out of business with a strict government gun control is out of the question.

  29. It appears that most of the bad stuff happens starting in high school. Does the nics check have access to those years? If not, why not? That would have identified several offenders. Some adjustment to the HIPPA laws might also be looked at. Some of that may not be in the NICS database. Just my .02

  30. Everyone knows by now the demos want to DISARM THE WHOLE COUNTRY! Their AGENDA is to TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY& GOVERNMENT! AND START ANOTHER COMMUNIST COUNTRY!!! This wont happen as long as we keep the GOP & TRUMP in the white house!! If you look at the CITIES that have GUN FREE ZONES or BAN GUNS or types of ! THESE CITIES CRIME RATES WENT UP!!!!! Why ? Because they just made it easier for CRIMINALS TO DO WHAT THEY WANT !! Why does our LAW ENFORCEMENT carry firearms? TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM CRIMINALS WITH GUNS! Common Sense — If a criminal Breaks into your home and has a WEAPON of high caliber AND HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE- IN ORDER TO MATCH THIS -TO MAKE IT FAIR for the citizen to SURVIVE THIS BATTLE — THE CITIZENS NEED TO HAVE THE SAME TYPE OF FIREARMS!!!!!!!!! PERIOD………….. Also more of our Brave Citizens need to have a CCW! In order to help PROTECT THEMSELVES / PEOPLE NEAR THEM WHILE OUT IN PUBLIC!-Why ? If you call — 911 — how LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THE POLICE TO ARRIVE? Answer is NOT SOON ENOUGH! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN within 1 MINUTE!!!! This is why I believe if there were more Citizens at these Shooting s With CCW they COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED and prevented the killings !!! Our Federal Government needs to start a NATION WIDE CCW org.!! Help train Citizens to become SAFE — RELIABLE — CONFIDENT — FEDERAL LICENCE WEAPON CARRIERS!!!!! ACROSS OUR NATION !!!

  31. when a person does a so called mass shooting swift justice should be the answer, also make a spectacle of the result.
    Gun confiscation is the one way to create a real problem for this country .The legislators need to read and understand the constitution every day .
    Look throughout history to see how things work when people are disarmed.

  32. What don’t these wanna be dictators understand about ‘shall not be INFRINGED’, meaning “changed or modified in ANY manner whatsoever” ?
    GET IT STRAIGHT: WE, the people gave ourselves the right to keep and bear arms to be able to fight wanna be dictators.
    And, just so the idiot Demos know, our military will NOT be used to enslave this Free People; they, themselves are sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution. Any officer who gives an illegal order to fire upon We, the people is just inviting Fragging.

  33. I am not against background checks to identify potential problem individuals. I am totally against buy back confiscation. We are Americans and deserve the right to protect our Families and property. Outlaws don’t obey Laws. I know this because I am a 30 yr. retired State Police Officer Veteran. Outlaws will get guns however they can.

  34. I have sent e-mails and made phone calls to Mitch McConnell, and other top congress people to remember their oath to the constitution, not to the mob who is wanting to strip the right of self defense with a firearm out of the constitution. The oath of office is a serious matter. Every attorney knows this. The also know that any law that is belligerent to the constitution is not law and cannot be enforced. None of the natural rights are up for debate on weather the government can take them away because of political pressure. To go against the constitution is an act of treason. That point must be made clear to ALL of the congress people, especially Democrats!

  35. If the dems succeed in getting all the guns away from law abiding citizens, what’s next?? All the knives because that’s what the scum bags & murderers will turn to next and then how will we protect ourselves. There will be a civil war here before true Americans will give up they’re only way to protect themselves and their families if the stupid demorats win on this issue. Guns Are a American way of life bestowed on the public by the constitution. What the dems should focus on is protection for our country to stop the drugs & illegals pouring in here turning weak residents into mindless killers. If Trump can win the next election and republicans take back Congress you will see a country that will be the envy of the world. All lives matter and Trump believes that and I believe in him. The alternative is a disaster for the USA.

  36. Guns are not the problem we need to teach the people that it’s the people that have mental problems and have better back ground checks, you can not take aways the rights of the honest people and leave us with out any way to defend ourselves.

  37. If Congress expects to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights without any legal challenges, we the law abiding gun owner citizens will give them a wake up call… See you in court!

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