With trade deals being managed by Trump all over the world, there are a few Dems that are now interested in playing ball. With the NAFTA out the window, there are quite a few House Dems who want to see new trade deals in place. Since they want to have their fingerprints on the deal, they’re ready to work with Trump.

Trump has gotten rid of a lot of trade deals that were bad for the United States. While they helped other countries, they ended up taking away significant profits from Americans – and it wasn’t good business. It is situations like this that prove that the United States needed a businessman running things, not another politician.

The new North American trade agreement that Trump is working on has the potential to help a number of Americans, including hard-working farmers.

Abigail Spanberger is one of the freshman Democrats are moderate – and because they are moderate, they are willing to work with the right instead of stomping their feet like AOC and some of the extremist freshmen. Spanberger stood next to a farmer who talked about his profits on soybeans and corn sinking. He is hopeful that the new North American trade agreement can make a difference.

Spanberger is someone who flipped a Republican district in order to get the win – and helped to secure the House majority to the Democrats in 2018. She feels that working on the US-Mexico-Canada agreement this year can help to secure the vote once again. It would also give Trump the policy victory that he needs leading into the 2020 election.

There are a lot of impatient constituents who want to see this agreement go into place. Spanberger has plans to put pressure on Pelosi so that the measure is brought to the House floor. Spanberger wants to see a significant amount of progress – and this includes implementation documents in place by October.

Spanberger is proof that there are Democrats who are willing to work with Trump. With too many progressives loathing Trump and willing to hurt the economy simply to avoid giving him a policy win, the country needs more moderate Dems who don’t look at it as a nod to Trump – they simply want to help the economy and help Americans.

Pelosi set up a working group to negotiate some of the changes to the agreement that replaced the NAFTA, which was established by the Trump administration earlier in the year. However, there are plenty of moderate Dems who are eager to move forward.

The house will reconvene on September 9, and lawmakers are eager to get started – especially since there is going to be another two-week break 13 days after getting back. Time is of the essence and the house stands that are willing to work to make American trade agreements better don’t care about making Trump look bad. This is the problem with too many of the Democrats – they aren’t willing to do anything in order to improve things. They are simply there to be a thorn in Trump side – and the moderates are saying enough is enough.

Passing the deal that the Trump administration created can boost morale with importers and exporters alike. Canada and Mexico are becoming the biggest trading partners for the US, particularly with the Chinese tariffs. Farming, auto manufacturing, and big business industries are pushing Congress to pass the deal – and if Dems have to work with Trump in order to make it happen, they are willing to do so.

There are 14 moderate Democrats who have signed a letter to Pelosi in order to urge more discussions so that a bipartisan agreement can be reached before the end of the year.

Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) is a freshman who wants to see a light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible. He understands that the deal isn’t perfect, but he wants to move forward so that the markets aren’t completely closed off.

Republicans are already in favor of the trade agreements – delays are as a result of the opposing party – and more specifically, the progressive Democrats that are causing a huge rift throughout the entire Democratic Caucus.

Agricultural communities as a whole need trade agreements in place. It’s the only way that they can turn a profit – and with the majority of the house dragging their feet, they are making it clear that they hate Trump more than they love America – and too many moderate Democrats are getting fed up with the deliberate temper tantrums.

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