As the third Democratic debate gets ever closer, more and more Democratic candidates are dropping out of the 2020 presidential campaign. In the last two weeks, four White House hopefuls have called it quits, most after learning that they did not qualify for the third round of debates.

Former Governor John Hickenlooper announced the end of his campaign last week, as well as Governor Jay Inslee of Washington. Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts has also retired his cape. The most recent to announce her failures in the race is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.

Gillibrand, while reaching the minimum number of donors, was unable to meet the requirement in the polls and will be unable to join her fellow candidates on stage.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sets strict rules that to participate; candidates must earn at least 130,000 individual donors and reach at least 2% in four DNC-approved polls.

The debates are not a requirement for any candidate to win the race or even the Democratic nominee. A campaign can continue and also do quite well, depending on your strategy.  However, as Gillibrand said, it can be “fatal” to not participate for most. The debates give each candidate the ability or at least the opportunity to make themselves really stand out, to show they can handle tensions and stress, and to make themselves known to the nation as a whole.

However, rather than continuing forward, as several other hopefuls have in light of the debate, she is choosing to drop out entirely, which is probably for the best. At least that way, she can leave with her pride somewhat intact.

Well, maybe not. After Fox News Host Tucker Carlson let loose on her Wednesday evening, she may not have much left. He called her the “worst candidate ever.” And we can’t be happier about it.

He made it pretty obvious he is not a fan of her. He told a guest, “I sympathize with candidates when they get out, but with Kirsten Gillibrand, it can’t come a moment too soon. I can’t think of someone more false, nastier, crueler, more self-centered, dumber, can you?”

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. So why does he think that?

Well, he explains himself reasonably well and begins by speaking of Gillibrand when she got involved in politics. Then she was a moderately conservative “Blue Dog Democrat.” She was happy to be friends with Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, especially after “being handed Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.”

However, as she evolved, the uglier she got. Soon it was no longer “politically expedient” to be friends with such people. She also started to move much more “to the left on just about every issue.”

And then there was the whole Al Franken deal. Carlson tells his guests about how Gillibrand “led the effort to push Al Franken out of the United States Senate, though there was no evidence he had done anything wrong.” He says, “It was that unfair. But that’s Kirsten Gillibrand in a nutshell, a pampered hypocrite with no scruples, happy to lecture you about your failings and your privilege.”

He then played a clip of “Gillibrand’s greatest hits,” including pieces of her speaking about her endorsement of AOC’s Green New Deal as “our moonshot,” how she wants to “Clorox the Oval Office,” and ending with her infamous lecture of a woman about her son’s white privilege.

Here, Carlson described more of this white privilege nonsense that Gillibrand has made a large part of her campaign. In this instance, she lectured a mother in Youngstown, Ohio saying that she “should be ashamed of her white privilege,” and it was that white privilege that kept her son from being shot.

I’m sorry… What?

How is someone supposed to be ashamed of white privilege and yet acknowledge that it keeps our kids alive? That doesn’t make much sense. Shouldn’t we be thankful for it, then?

We understand that there is a sad history in parts of our nation where some people are given more “privilege” than others, and it shouldn’t be that way. But to get angry at someone who, by the way, happens to be pretty much just like you, for having safe kids is just downright wrong.

For being a feminist liberal who goes on about equality and identity issues, she has a funny way of telling people to proud of who they are.

And she wanted to be president? Oh, Lord, help us all.

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