One of the biggest concerns about the Democratic party as a whole and in particular the members of the infamous squad is their lack of morals and character. A recent news story, that called Congresswoman Ilhan Omar a “homewrecker” is another example of those concerns. That story also kindly reminded us of the growing pile of questionable actions that reflect on the character of Congresswoman Omar.

Some, no, all red-blooded God-fearing Americans still believe that family is part of the fabric of our country. They believe that it is those values that help make the backbone of this country. Values like loyalty, integrity, and selflessness. Family values.

If only some of what we have heard in these latest reports and divorce filings is true, then it makes it difficult to justify her role in representing her state or our nation. Not that people who have made mistakes can’t lead, can’t be politicians or serve in important roles. If we held that as the bar – we might not have enough people left to run the country.

The issue (among others) here is that this is current and ongoing. That the Congresswoman knew this was a family man, that children were involved, that it was wrong. But this wasn’t a fling or a couple of meetings in the back row of the White House library, this was and is an ongoing relationship. Where is the remorse? Why is this still continuing? What does this say about U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar? That news story suggested a few words, like “homewrecker.”

And what about those questionable actions mentioned earlier?

In addition to this current and ugly affair, Omar has also been suspected of wedding her brother. Thankfully, this situation was less intimate in detail but just as damning to the questions regarding her character. According to our story, the whispers that Omar married her brother in order to get him into the country have been heard. The story also said that those whispers have become loud enough to prompt questions.

This isn’t where the questions surrounding the behavior, character, and morality of the Congresswoman end, however, and at this point, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Omar has also been married before. Well, as it turns out, there is also some unsavory activity that has been brought up regarding that relationship.

Citing the Daily Mail the story goes on to report that Omar recently filed for divorce from her first (and third!) husband, with whom she is suspected of having committed tax fraud. Are you keeping up? That is two marriages to the same man which resulted in tax fraud suspicions. Another possible marriage to her brother to illegally get him into the country and now this affair, which will lead to what?

Are you sensing a theme or a trend? They say that one time is just chance. Two times could be a coincidence but three times is a pattern.

This is the person who is one of the key players, a mouthpiece and a leading figure for those Congresswomen the President dubbed as “the squad.” This is an individual people elected into office – voluntarily. This is United States Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, and it has been said homewrecker. Unfortunately, she might be much more and it could be much worse.

Who is this person President Trump has so vocally expressed his aggravation with? Is she really the face and heartbeat of the Democratic party? Is she what this new Democratic left regime is all about? Of course, she hasn’t been found guilty but does she need to be? If the tax fraud proves to be mistakes in filing and reporting. If the suspicions of marriage to her brother are proven false, it still leaves many questions. About her character, her actions and her morals.

While it is difficult to ignore the mounting evidence, this isn’t about running people into the ground or crucifying anyone for mistakes they’ve made. This is about knowing who we are voting for and if they are fit for the job. Democrat, Republican or Independent, we all have our own ideas about how to best run America. But we all want what is best for America. That is what this is really all about.

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