Protesting, as we very well know, is a legal and often very persuasive form of expression. It has been used over the decades to make unjust acts known, to bring change and reform for those who have been wronged, and to create an equal society in this nation, as well as countless others.

However, it is not always used for good and can often turn ugly in a matter of mere seconds. All too often peaceful protests, given the right provocation or slightest nudge, transform into rage-filled riots that end in violence, danger, and unfair acts of reciprocity, which is what happened recently on the campus of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

The university decided to create their own private campus police force, as have many other colleges and universities. In protest to this decision, liberal activists from a group known as Students Against Private Police or SAPP barricaded themselves inside the university’s main administrative building, Garland Hall.

The building’s basement houses a significant number of the university’s servers, which are needed to be in good working order for much of the research that is conducted on campus.

As the protest continued, it became apparent that several of these servers were beginning to crash, and many were concerned that if left without attention much longer, the entire research infrastructure would follow suit.

So one professor, Daniel Povey, decided to do something about it. Povey was an associate professor for the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) and was in charge of maintaining those specific servers’ integrity. According to Povey, those servers were “used by me and a large group of researchers in CLSP.”

So he used a pair of bolt cutters to get through chains on the doors of Garland Hall and gained entrance into the building and its servers.

However, it didn’t take long for the riled protestors to find out, get angry, and take action against Povey and the small group he brought with him.

They literally attacked and carried him out of the building.

And only a short time later, the wounded professor received a letter from the university’s administration announcing his termination.

The letter from Vice Dean for Faculty Andrew S. Douglas read:

“As a faculty member at John Hopkins University, you created a dangerous situation that could have ended in serious harm to our students, yourself, and others in the community.”

“You acted in deliberate defiance of the administration’s directives. You have flagrantly and unapologetically violated JHU directives and your actions have endangered the University community. Further, you stated that fee no remorse or regret for your actions.”

And while the administration is correct in saying that the situation could have caused more physical harm than it did, it’s hard to believe that a professor would be fired for trying to serve his school and keep it running as well as possible.

After all, the administration themselves were against the protest from the beginning. But as usually happens when leftist thugs start carrying out an agenda, everyone else just stands back and watches, afraid of getting involved.

Povey, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid. He knew what needed to happen for the sake of the school as a whole and without hesitancy did it.

And now he is being punished.

As he writes on his website, “essentially I am being fired for what might have happened, while the students are getting off scot-free for things that actually did happen.”

He continues by saying, “They actually made false allegations against me, both in public (on Twitter) and to university authorities. They actually attacked me and hurt me; many of you saw the big scratched on my back. They also threw a lot of punches at the people with me.”

Yep, that sure sounds like a typical Democratic angry mob. The second things are no longer going their way; they get violent and abusive. How many times have we seen their leaders lose it on social media or even live TV, exposing the lengths and lies they will go to protect their agenda? It’s no wonder that with role models like that, these students simply followed suit, reacting in whatever way they saw fit and then getting the media involved to cover up their mistakes.

But what is even more deplorable is that the university took their side, still too cowardly to go against them, incriminating an innocent and courageous man instead.

340 thoughts on “John Hopkins Professor Fired for Standing up to Liberal Activists

  1. Povey should apply at that school that teaches the Constitution. I can’t remember the name, but it has “Hill” in it.

  2. What a surprise! What’s next? If you happen to be conservative you won’t receive medical care. Are they going to check your voting record? Check to see if you are a member of the RNC… NRA
    This PC culture needs to be curbed.

  3. ABDURD!!!

    If you don’t agree with the way the twisted, sick, corrupt DIMWITS, they will shut you down. Heaven forbid, ANYONE disagree with them. Standing up against the liberal loonies, is the right, true American thing to do. Yes

  4. When are people going to have enough of this crap? I believe in non violent protests until you start to tread on other people’s rights and unfortunately the only way I see to get back to that point is that there’s going to be bloodshed . It’s coming and a lot of people aren’t going to like it like those student mobs
    who think that they can do anything they want. NO MORE

  5. Is Johns Hopkins University being intimidated by SAPP? This university needs to rethink their decision regarding Daniel Poley.

  6. So wrong! Every thug should have been arrested and if they were really students they should have been expelled. It seems wrong is right if a few thugs are involved.We need school authorities who are courageous enough to stand up against the law breakers.Give this man his job back and maybe a raise for what you have put him through.

    1. The times are here when things that were wrong are now right and the right things are now wrong. M. Jagger sang it a long time before this date and so says the Bible, for those whom believe in wisdom of the Bible, some do not. ” All cops are criminals and all the sinners saints.” Rolling Stones………….

  7. This is ridiculous!! If they were students they should have been arrested and expelled!! At JHU the inmates are running the asylum!!This isn’t even close to justice and needs to be reviewed by someone with some authority over the university!!CRAZY SITUATION!!

  8. I have heard that many of the colleges are being run by Demorats and that is what they are teaching the students. Along with this most of the problem starts at home POOR PARENTING. Kids are not taught respect and there is no such thing as discipline. I am elderly and I thank God I was raised in a good time and we were raised with faith, religion that today has gone out the window. God please save our country as this is a very scary time.

    1. Stop all TV, Shut down all Universities (I taught Chem at 3 universities, never again) Einstein said don’t let school interfere with your education.

  9. I used to be a Democrat. When I migrated here in the States, legally, my perception about American politics is the best in the world. That our government is run by Honest, dedicated people whose integrity is undeniably outstanding! Then, came President Reagan. My curiosity got me, finally. I used to just vote Democrat because I thought one person changing party won’t make any difference.
    Now, I’m 100% Republican! I’m proud to say that I’m no longer a blind follower. With President Donald J. Trump, I am, indeed, a proud American! God Bless 🇺🇸 and God Bless President Trump!

  10. I’m sure the good Professor is going to be living in the lap of luxury after suing the school, and each administrator, personally, and the participating students for the terrible, unjust attack on him both physically, financially and emotionally.
    His lawyer is going to do alright as well.

    1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give boldness and wisdom to his lawyer. That He will teach and instruct him the way he should go.

  11. The school’s motto is (in English) “The truth will set you free.” Sounds like it’s no longer the Hopkins I attended. Shame.

  12. The university deserves anything that happens to it. You had a bunch of idiots trying to wreck the school and you had a few men that had guts enough to try to do something. You don’t even have guts enough nor common decency to support them. You took the side of the idiots protesting instead of doing the right thing.

  13. I thought that these kids attended college to get an education? It seems like they have way too much time on their hands !

  14. I hope this professor hires a good lawyer and sues john hopkins for a lot of money, that is only way these schools are going to grow a spine and stand up to these crazy liberal violent students.

  15. Sue the college. Until these ridiculous job terminations start to hurt their bottom line they will keep coddling the mobs.

  16. Only at this point in our nation’s history can something like this actually happen! Shame on JHU and shame our country for continuing to allow such childish behavior, we are missing cool heads in our leadership roles that actually have reasonable boundaries. Bullying is the name of the game in our current culture, sad to say.

  17. It’s a shame the University Administration did not stand behind this professor! This is the problem with our society today! The far left has way to much power in our Country today and this needs to be stopped cold in its tracks!!

  18. What the hell???? This is what’s WRONG with our Universities The professor did what THE POLICE should have been doing. SHAME on John’s Hopkins. Used to have a good name. Sounds like it’s giving into MOB RULE, like the other LIBERAL Universities.

  19. The state of Universities in the USA has taken on a face that even those of us who came of age in the 60’s are ashamed of. What a hypocrisy this has turned out to be. Who hires and fires the cowardly administrators that do not defend their home base.

  20. None of my family will EVER attend JHU! I hope that good man gets on at a better university. He, his family, and any others harmed by those spoiled students will be in my prayers!

  21. This should be unbelievable, but in this climate .. not so much. The world turned upside down. Universities are administered by liberal wimps. What should have happened is the activist/terrorists be rounded up and all involved ….kicked out of the school permanently…let them get a job and they won’t have time to protest whatever comes their way

  22. Higher education my ass! Those pantywaists should be sent home to their parents. No refunds on what ever they paid, be it tuition or bribe to faculty.

  23. Educators?…how can people so stupid educate anyone…just proves the old adage, those who can, do; those who can’t do, teach; those who can’t teach, administrate and those who can’t do anything go onto welfare or into politics….

  24. Ah, its make the old history lessons of the 30s return. Only then, the protestors were called protectors of “Fatherland”, Alis The Brown Shirts’, for Hitler’s rise to power. Same tactics, next we will see the “Night of Glass”. Schools were then the Arm of Power, that allowed Hitler to come in full power. Yet its’ been said, “Good becomes Bad and Bad becomes good. John Hopkins, I am so proud of you! However, you should study what happens to all the ones claiming higher “Degree in This and That. Oh yes, study the history of “Russia”, Motherland.

  25. This is another sick example of the liberal attacking a conservative and is NOT sounding as it has been thoroughly investigated by proper unbiased officials. Very discouraging to learn a Professor is dismissed from his position without a proper due process. We should not be forced to fear the left in a civilized country. Wake up people and use your authority to stop mistreatment.

  26. Actions like this take place far too often. It seems that it is always that the schools take the side of leftist protesters. Wasn’t the Professor’s action in the school’s interest? Does media ask the school to justify its actions?

  27. We need to take stronger action with all these protest. They have no place on a college or university campus. They should not be allowed PERIOD. This is not a question of Freedom of Speech, it is a mob of spoiled brats thinking they know better. A bunch of nothings that didn’t get their way. This is what the democrats are teaching our youth. Aggressive action needs to be taken with no reprisals from anyone. You take over property that isn’t yours you pay the price. No more babying these bums, no more putting up with the millions of dollars in damage they cause. Jail for many of them is the answer, because they are too stupid to learn.

  28. JHU is a disgrace. This man did nothing to deserve losing his job. The dean of the school should be the one that got fired. Maybe the dean should grow a set of balls. Typical liberal bastard

  29. Should have just let them destroy all the computers, after all what difference does it make students don’t learn anything anyway but propaganda.

  30. Mr. Douglas, shame on you, u r creating SunChips of thugs. Isn’t it your job to teach them how to a t like adults and not spoiled brats when there confronted with the truth or an opinion that differs from there’s they go bombastic. What kind of of country r u creating. Those kids should have been punished instead u fire a prof. It’s people like u who r destroying our young and u should be fired!!!😈😈😈

  31. To allow students to cause harm to expensive equipment and research in progress is the epitome of malfeasance and the President of the University is culpable, not the professor. A student protest should never be allowed to damage property and protesting students who caused physical harm must be prosecuted as a lesson for the future. Students are not in charge. The University administration must assume its responsibility in assuring a peaceful protest and prosecute students who cause damage and injury.

  32. what happened to my coment i posted 30 minutes ago is that how you work dont like the truth so you take down my post.

  33. What even is the use of commenting anymore. Our comments only go to each other doing the commenting and NOT to the people that need to see it-like the law, lawyers, and the good guys in government. We are losing more and more every day to the liberals/ When you cannot be a good, kind, helpful and patriotic person without being beaten, murdered or have your life destroyed just for being human. The left is turning this great country into a third world communist, socialist and soulless country. We are lost! We have lost. UNLESS we unite and all fight together for our rights and freedom, we WILL lose everything, including our homes, valuables, bank accounts and sanity. There is not much we can o about it but go after those evil entities and make them be the ones to lose.

  34. I think Daniel Povey is a hero. He was standing up for what is right. The mob
    was definitely in the wrong and went unpunished which is usually the outcome of “Mob Rule”. Andrew S. Douglas was too swift in condemning Mr. Povey.
    He took the cowards way out. Three cheers for Daniel Povey who stood up for his belief in what was right. His termination was unjust. Shame on Andrew S. Douglas. I have no doubt which is the better man.

  35. I started college in 1955 at a small state college that had its own police force. They were respected by faculty, staff, and students. They kept us safe, controlled traffic, and coordinated with the local police when appropriate; we loved them. The stupid-ents at John Hopkins were a mob just looking to happen. For them to brutalize a professor, shows more of a sheep’s penchant to follow the crowd than earning a sheepskin. Their pretense of a peaceful protest shows their immature, thoughtless excuse to make headlines rather than to make headways into an education. As far as the administration’s firing of Professor Povey, they need him more than he needs them. The administration should have nipped the “protest” in the bud with an admonition that anyone who joined that protest just bought themselves a ticket home to mama.

  36. How despicable. Braindead pathetic wimps and bullies that should leave the country they hate. If there is a God or Source of some kind, I thank him/her that I am not one of them.

  37. When will the liberals be responsible for their actions instead of a professor who tried to protect private property?? Never I guess.

  38. The students should have been kicked out of the college for good. That behavior should never be allowed. Especially on a college campus. What these students are being taught is all you have to do is be violent and you will get your way.

  39. “…We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places….”
    “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:10-13).

    We need many more Professor Poveys to DO what MUST be done to save the nation that for well over 200 years — the longest of any nation ever —has represented Liberty and Justice for All. And had everyone obeyed the Constitution there would have been no slavery and the native Americans we called Indians or “redskins,” would have been paid and treated justly and rather than treated as pagans, won to Jesus Christ by exhibiting Christlike attitudes toward them. Women would not have had to have the “Suffrage Movement” to gain the rights already guaranteed under the Constitution.

  40. Professor Povey should be given an award/rewarded for doing the right thing and his job back, if he still wishes to work for the University. Students need to be accountable
    for their actions – not rewarded. This is outrageous to treat a person doing the righ
    thing like this.

  41. call all your family, friends and ask them to reconsider whether they will send any of their children to JHU! Spread the word! JHU is friends with “AntiFA”.!!!

  42. Too many of the collegess in our country have lost all of the common sense they ever had and tthis is obviously one of them! This Professor should be honored for doing the right thing!

  43. You can always trust a commy to be a commy! If John Hopkins could, he would like his name to be removed from what has become the so called “university” which consists of egotistical brats!

  44. I posted a comment on your site about the professor that was attacked by students I received a reply my post was being moderated and not posted yet this is censorship nothing in my post was offensive you are censoring your posts I will forward this back and forth to Fox News so they can make public aware of your tainted policys

  45. We have let them get away with too much. Our children minds poisoned with a devilish ideology and their brains eating by pot. I remember those unfortunate men in my country, hooked in Marijuana, they couldn’t think. Regardless of what the propaganda tells you. They want them and aggressively idiotic. Time will prove it.


  46. Typical LIBERAL IGNORANCE run Amok as usual. Blame those trying to fix the LIBERAL IDIOTS mistakes. He should SUE for wrongful termination and go after those who made the decision to fire him not the School which would just pass the cost on to students. Well given what those Students in their INFINITE IGNORANCE did to him and the School they deserve to be charged ten times what they are paying now for their STUPIDITY.

  47. This is ridiculous! It only encourages more of the same violence and destruction of property with the knowledge they will not be stopped and if someone tries to stop them, that person will be punished. This world is becoming upside down. What happened to common sense and moral values? We should be very afraid of what is happening to the United States of America!!!! Soon we will no longer be a democracy with any rights.

  48. We need more people like this professor who will stand up against this nonsense. These students who assault him and destroy property should be kicked out of school and prosecuted.

  49. This is pathetic. When are decent people going to start standing up for what is right and denouncing these mobs and individuals that think their way is the only way? The university should be ashamed of itself. Stand behind your staff, don’t give into the unruly thugs. The professor deserves his job back and an apology from the administration.

  50. The protestors need to be in jail and the professor back to work. Where were the police and I do not mean the campus police. The kids were rioting and holding up in a building they did not own. There are charges for this. The professor was beat up with witnesses. Come on, get the police involved and there are law organizations that will defend the professor for free. Start fighting these deranged kids back. Do their parents know these kids were disrupting the peace.


  52. How disappointing. I had considered Johns Hopkins one of the centers of higher education who could be counted on to defend what is obviously heroic deeds. But, no, it has gone the way of institutions, allegedly universities such as Berkeley, and Georgetown who were once prestigious and now are travesties. Shame, shame, shame.

  53. John Hopkins University should be shut down. Vice Dean Douglas is the one who should be fired. The professor’s job is more important than the Vice Dean’s. It is obvious the Vice Dean has no backbone.,

  54. The Leftists want to silence and eventually wipe out all Christian-Based
    ideals we stand for. There are no heroes at the top of Administrations
    of most entities anymore. The hero in this case was a beloved professor.
    When majority of Americans choose to stand idle about Christian ways of combatting evil and chose silence America is on the brink of disaster,
    losing all control of orderly conduct. Our nation is in critical condition
    The Leftists-Communist-Socialists have taken over eliminating God
    and His Commandments to become mobs of gross lawlessness
    to destroy everything that once had order and calm in it.
    These brats have come not bring true Christian peace to America but to bring pure hell to America. Turn back the clock please.

  55. God be with this Professor and hopefully he will lawyer up and take them to Court for gross injustice. Rather the Protesters should be punished for disturbing the peace. Sue the University

  56. The colleges allowed all the protest and sit ins and disruptive behavior in the 1960s and now it’s happening again. They allow their school to be taken over by irresponsible thugs and just lets them beat up the good, decent people and they punish the ones getting beat. Another weak college deans and faculty that probably still wet their beds

  57. Why did the school not expel the rioters better known as protesters. They are there on their parents money, and also protest everything their parents are and stand for.


  59. God bless this Professor. Until the Conservatives start standing up ti the liberals for their bullying, slander & makke them accountable for their actions I am afraid this will continue Dod bless Oresident Trump Trump 2020.

  60. Hopefully,
    Professor Povey will file a wrongful termination suit against the university. This rogue behavior by malfeasant children must stop.

  61. I would never ever send any of my Family too one of these “ALT-LEFT” INSTITUTIONS, they have ceased educating our youth, they are “PROGRAMMING THEM IN THEIR SOCIALIST AGENDA”, I would opt for a Conservative Institution , where they are interested in really drawing out “MENTAL CHALLENGES” and are really trying to “EDUCATE THEM” , so we have “FREE THINKERS” and with that the United States of America, gains 100% because they are “OPEN MINDED” and will go forward with a “DESIRE TO ASK QUESTIONS AND DEMAND ANSWERS THAT ARE FACTUAL, AND THIS ALWAYS “MAKES AMERICA GREAT” and keeps these “LIFER POLITICIANS” in check, unlike “THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES” where they “ABUSE THEIR PEOPLE” !

  62. Obviously, these administrators are fully aware of “who butters their bread”!! The income from student tuition and fees rates higher than upholding an ethical instructor whose salary loss is now has been added to that column. Thanks to their cowardice, the bottom line just improved!

  63. Absolutely pathetic, shame on John Hopkins, Povey was a hero, John Hopkins administrators and these thugs that attacked Professor Povey for trying to protect school property are true cowards. The irony is the administration was supposedly against the protest from the beginning.

  64. I think this is fake. It is not John Hopkins University. It is Johns Hopkins University. A top administrator at the university would not make this mistake or send a letter with misspelling.

  65. No surprise at all. Our Universities have been taken over by ignorant, brain-washed liberal Dimoceaps, seeking total socialism.

  66. I say find those students and kick them out of the university. I’m sure there must be some rules on how THEY should behave on campus. How UNFAIR for the professor!

  67. Sue the college and get every student that man handled you and bring them to court. If liberals keep getting away with thing like this, then they will never stop. It’s time for liberals to pay for there actions.

  68. Keep standing tall. Eventually, those will be stopped by TRUMP. He is getting enough of this crap & he CAN STOP IT>

    More people need to keep standing tall & stay committed to their rights. If not, these criminals will take away every right the Conservatives have left. We can’t do that.

    I recently had an incident in a Dealership, where a black individual refused to allow me to go into the lobby area as she had her feet placed on a chair & I couldn’t walk into the lobby. There was no other way to get into the lobby area to wait for my vehicle.

    I said, please excuse me, as I have to wait in the lobby. She told me to step over her feet.
    I have a medical problem where I can’t raise my legs but so high. I again, asked kindly & she called me a f….ing white bitch. At that point, I shoved her legs off the chair & asked everyone in the lobby area to defend me. They all stood up & made sure she didn’t attack me. This is what we must do or we will not have any rights left, whatsoever. What a shame to treat people in this manner, but, if they do, defend yourself. I was determined I wasn’t walking away from that situation. I think she learned herself a clear decision that people weren’t going to take her crap. These people are starting violence & think they can bully us into their thinking mode.

    Stand tall people, stand tall.

  69. We must stop these liberal lunatics. They are no match for people like this professor and the American Patriots/deplorables.

  70. Unfortunately, the liberal thinking is well set up in the new generations since about 50 years ago.
    Now is the time to re-do things.
    We can not accept this kind of behaviors by the liberals.

  71. For SHAME JHU administrators! You fired the wrong element! Reign in your students! Protest is fine…but your Professor tried to help out the administration end by protecting your…YOUR ASSETS! You took away the lively hood of a professional and gave the protesters the green light to commit violence and bodily harm to a man YOU should show some gratitude to. I think you acted hastily and WRONGLY! Give that man an apology and his job back and root out the violent protesters and show them their violence shall NOT BE REWARDED!

  72. If even most of this is true, this professor has a great lawsuit and should sue Hopkins into the next century. He was not taking sides but doing what he was in charge of doing and thats taking care of the computers. Any student or anybody who laid a finger on him should be arrested and sued also.

  73. John Hopkins University I feel so much shame for your actions. I hope people quit donating to you until you get back on tract with the true America that has given you so much.
    (Don’t be part of what is destroying this wonderful country our forefathers fought for.)

  74. Congratulations to the brave professor that took a stand for truth and justice. The mob has taken
    over the universities of our nation with progressive professors who lie and deceive their students
    with a flagrant disregard for history and facts.

    Shame on the University for caving in to spoiled rotten kids who certainly are not volunteering
    to serve their nation or joining the police forces that are in desperate need of new recruits.

    Too bad I am not on that Board of Directors… I would fire all those who made that decision.

  75. Isn’t it about time for these prestigious schools’ Administration to back up their Professors? Is it cowardice that prevents them? Is it a fear of their school being singled out for, actually, standing up for one if their own? Would things have been different if the professor had been, or seemed to be liberal and the protestors were conservative types? I really have a problem with this type of weakness.

  76. I would like to know why? Is it because you are against freedom of speech? Shame on you too. I will wait for answer.
    Facebook is this you stopping my comment.

  77. Liberals are afraid of anyone who stands up against their deliberate attempts to destroy this country. This is a perfect example why parents should not waste their money sending their little darlings to liberal institutions. They will not learn, they will be brainwashed. A waste of money and the students will never become productive members of society. All they will excel in is hate, disruption, lies, and protesting. That’s it. A prefect example of this is AOC or graduated with honors and the only job she could get was bar tending. She displays her ignorance every time she opens her mouth.

  78. Noone is allowed anymore to have personal thoughts if they are not condoned by the education system; you must conform to ultra-liberal zany ideas or you are out of a job and and banished forever never to be heard from again.

  79. Awaiting moderation???!!!!There was nothing profane, harmful, or sadistic. What kind of standards do you dorks have???????

  80. Will these schools never learn? What is the point of campus police if not to protect campus property? Confront the students, arrest them, expel or suspend them. There has to be a penalty for those who misbehave.

  81. So, there must be cameras that caught the faces of these students to identify them, So why are they not being Expelled from the university?! Because liberals are all a bunch of braindead cowards to cave to the leftwing radicals every chance they get because most of the administration actually are just like them and are responsible for teaching this crap to begin with.
    Parents do not waste your hard-earned money or your precious kids on these Universities, let them do an online university or training program- anything else they need to learn is easily available in this communication age- they do not need to be sent to a $70+ yr crap hole just to be indoctrinated and get their liberal degree to prove they have passed the sheeple training and are now ready to be a non-contributing member of society.

    So these privileged brats are mad the school took action to try to protect them from crime and harm…and what do they do, commit crimes and harm someone who then gets fired for having the guts to use his own courage and face down the mob to try to defend the school…liberals deserve what they get. Professor- go to a conservative school where your independent thinking will be valued.

  82. For far too long the “sensible” people, those who understand that there are consequences, have stood silently while the angry children of the 60’s destroy America. We have passed the “tipping point” as there are far more selfish “children” in this wealthy privileged nation (built through hard work and self discipline) who have never had to discipline themselves for any reason. Schools such as JHU, Harvard, Stanford et al have been run by the left and far left for the last 40 years. These are , by virtue of both education (indoctrination without any critical thinking) and cohort grouping, the future leaders of our corporations and political offices. Witness the people running as Democrats, specifically Pete and Beto, who display impressive credentials that , judging by what they say and do, have not a lick of common sense between them. That neither seems to care or abhor the antifa mob speaks volumes, all hollow rhetoric that seems to get attention to the vast population of stupid people in America. They will not get elected, but that leaves the rest who are as bad if not worse and they might get elected. If so, bend over and kiss your a$# and Ameirica goodbye.

  83. This is wrong on so many levels! I hope he sues the university! Where are his rights?, the left wing nuts physically attacked him! They are out of control. If this continues, the American we know and love will cease to exist.

  84. The cowardly Universities and their staff are the problem because common sense has been tossed out in order to keep the peace and acquiesce to the thug radical democrat students. Professor Daniel Povey deserves an award for trying to do something to save the school belongings and this is how he was treated by the school. You sir will find where you belong and are appreciated in your efforts to do what’s right. I can only say thank you for trying and all the best in your journey to find work. I also hope you take this school to court.

  85. The dean, etc al, were cowards. Only Povey had enough guts to try to do something about it. He was not fired because of that, he was fired because he stood up and showed the dean, etc al that they were cowards. Cowards cannot have heroes in their mist.

  86. we the people should take action against these schools that we the people support and we the people should remove these deans and all of the administration that support the radical left. and to teach our kids what is right and just. Not from their own agenda.

  87. This is ridiculous and we are expected to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to send our grown kids there for an education in how to become radical
    criminals!! I’m so sick & tired of paying taxes for schools that do not teach Math, History, Proper Language, and how to evaluate & reasoning!! The liberals have done our schools, our children, our families, our communities, and our governments an injustice & they need to be tossed aside and made to pay for their inept abilities to lead, and especially their incapabilities to teach!!

  88. As a member of the media, a lone segment of conservatism, I will say as much as I can on my programs about what happened and how the apparent socialist leaning administration, is tarnishing the image of what once was, a great institution of learning. No doubt some other university that promotes education not insurrection will be proud to have the professor on their faculty. What a shame Johns Hopkins has used the vernacular “john” to dump such a load on a very sensible educator.

  89. There are those who know nothing of the Reformation and history. There are those who know nothing of why there was trouble in different countries, why there was slavery or terrible crimes against humanity, torture and murder. They know nothing of right and wrong because they have not known what makes for peaceful living. “Tyrannists” follow quietly doing insidious things to get people to turn away from freedoms we were born to have. Christ’s and God’s Ten Commandments are not taught by some and so peace is absent easier. Some bad work away in colleges and toward those who lack knowledge and lie or present their so-called “peaceful” ways instead of filling them with good stuff to make determinations and true leaders out of themselves. Our founders had 20,000 Bibles printed and placed in our early schools in USA because they knew the Bible is the beginning of wisdom because to know God’s ways is to know wisdom toward peace.

  90. All of the administration needs to be terminated because they did nothing to stop the incident and when one of their own did something, they terminated him. That is the action of cowards and people like that do not need to be in positions of authority.

  91. It is absolutely disgusting what is blatantly happening in America at this moment. Academia has been very “lefty idealistically” for many years but NOW it is even more shameful.
    They have gotten to the point no return.
    America, wake up!!!
    Our America is being destroyed.
    We definitely have to fight it!!!!


  93. Does the university not understand by that action, they are teaching and promoting, lawlessness. Our laws and justice for all is the reason the world is dying to get into our country.

    The administration just blew it . . . Shame on them!!

  94. To JHU Administration,
    In case you haven’t noticed, you have created a pack of monsters. If I were that professor, I would sue your asses off for allowing those demonic, out-of-control snowflakes to endanger the entire computer system that belongs to the university and the paying students and faculty members who are entitled to them. Just curious – why did you not have the protesting, dangerous mob arrested for damaging school property? I hope your behavior is put before a board of donors of JHU and your paychecks adjusted accordingly. You, the administrators, not the professor who tried to right the wrong of the protestors, deserve nothing less than immediate dismissal.

  95. This administration is so cowardly. The entire mob should be arrested and in jail. This professor is a hero. I cant believe how mob rule is being allowed to take over this country.

  96. Someone once said, “They hate the ones who make them feel their own inferiority”.
    Professor Povey is a courageous man. He stands head over heels above the lesser of his colleagues. He will surely survive this episode and find greener pastures.

  97. Has he got a lawyer yet? He should sue everybody remotely connected with the attack, and with the damage done to the computer system. Sue, sue, sue — it’s one thing that will make bigots shut up and go away.

  98. Our colleges are being ruin by a bunch of idiots (College Admin). When the money stops, then the craziness will cease.

  99. Johs Hopkins U is a place scratched off my list as acceptable for my tuition money to support my three grand children’s education. I will spend my money elsewhere and encourage others to do the same.

  100. The university is gaslighting this issue and making Prof Povey the villain. The Vice Dean for Faculty Andrew S. Douglas should be fired and the “students” expelled, thrown out of school and prosecuted for destroying private school property. Will this ever happen, not in this political climate with the Socialist ult-left Democratic leading the charge on our college campuses today. This is a disgrace in higher learning. The Federal Government should cease all ferderal funding to private colleges and universities and stop all student loan programs as well as going after all delinquent borrowers.

  101. I think the names of these sorts of schools should be changes from universities to thuggeries. What else are they learning? I would pull my child from such a place. That’s not what I would be paying for.

  102. This professor took action to preserve the important information stored on the servers and the “protesters” were committing a crime in that server interference and also attacking those attempting to preserve it. The (liberal?) administration apparently cowed by the protesters made the wrong decision to penalize the professor and his few helpers instead of penalizing the protesters and even supporting them in their criminal acts.

  103. John Hopkins used to be a respected name; but when they show obvious bias by firing that professor, they lose my respect.

  104. What a bunch of Cowards, school Administrators, fellow Faculty, and the privileged little Bastards who caused this…!
    I hope the he and the group that went with him, file suits against the school and this Bullshit group for the injuries they caused him, wrongful termination, willful destruction of school property, lost time and wages, and anything else his Lawyers tell him he’s able to…!
    This needs to be a president setting case for all schools…!

  105. Shame on JHU for falling into a liberal trap by firing a professor tasked with computer reliability & security! Firing him after he did the job the university was supposed to do? What a crock!

  106. Professor Daniel Povey will be recognized in the long run as a true scholar, brave American, and great patriot for trying to keep the university servers functional. If the report here is true, shame on Dean Andrew Douglas and his cowardly protection of the bullies and trespassers like the Students Against Private Police. Evil triumphs when “good” men do nothing. Povey will be remembered as a courageous martyr for freedom and sanity on campus. Our young students need more role models like Povey.

  107. Liberals/Socialists running the university will obviously protect the offspring of their teaching, even when the actions are not in the interest of the University. Where is the outrage of the Campus Security for not dealing with the angry protesters? Who is running the asylum?

  108. Students should boycott this university. We all constitutionally have freedom of speech. Where are the professor’s rights????

  109. Sounds to me that the patients are now running the hospital! Shameful on the part of the university administration for allowing the students to get away with this criminal conduct! They need to vacate their letter to the professor and restore him to his position. If not, things will only get further out of hand.

  110. Cowardice must be taught in the college’s staff sessions in many colleges. One cannot go against those darlings of destruction. They have the right, nay, the obligation to demand whatever their hearts desire and it is the college which needs to acquiesce to whatever cavil the factious little tyrants want to designate as their point on which they stand, frivolous or not. When will those cowards realize that the students cannot be allowed to usurp the school’s rules and regulations. If they do not like the direction, then it should be their right to petition the decision, not to take the college hostage as the SAPPs did. Daniel Povey should sue the college for their yielding the governance of the college to violent students instead of standing up to students who are intolerant toward anything they do not like. He was the injured party.

  111. This mob violence with no consequences has to come to a crashing halt.This small group who were trying to do the right thing for the school, not only get beaten but lose their job as well. I hope this professor Sue’s the group that assaulted him and the school.This intimidation by a group of thugs needs to be dealt with or it will get progressively worse.

  112. Is this a good example for the students? Guess they learned how to
    take the easy way out. Cowards!, Guess having a backbone is
    Out of style! Sad.

  113. AAUP should fight against this but no doubt it is controlled by liberals and not free thinkers. What use is the organization today?

  114. This is a disgusting display of the continuous hypocrisy seen in the academic left. The bolt cutters would have been better employed in cutting the tenured contracts of the irresponsible and arrogant liberal-collectivist “professors” who committed this outrage. I have taught for many years at prestigious liberal arts colleges and know exactly what mischief is happening here. I would be happy to perform a “competitive and public ” series of debates with these doltish people, focusing on the history of academic freedom. Their heroes are half-baked pseudo-intellectuals like Saul Alinski, C. Wright Mills, and Noam Chomsky, none of whom created an intellectual legacy of merit. The Board of Directors at .the nation’s oldest Ph.D.-granting institution must wake up and fire Leftist Toad Andrew S.Douglas, his drooling superior, and a bus load of juvenile delinquent “academics.” The true SAPPs here are the parents who worked to amass the astounding annual cost of attending Johns Hopkins in its current state. They continue to labor while their children are instructed on how to pauperize them in the near future, by academic wannabes who have never held a position of gainful employment.

  115. The cowardice of today’s University’s Presidents is appalling . The barricades erected by S.A.P.P. is not freedom of speech, but an intolerable infraction of campus rules, and it is their action which endangered the University Community. How far will these students be allowed such thuggish antics ? These very students need to be taught a lesson, a tough one, and the administration needs to get some ……… spine, to be polite.
    I hope Professor Povey gets deluged with offers from more prestigious Universities , than this one.

    This is a big blot on John Hopkins University.

  116. Professor Povey, You are the Hero here. John Hopkins has caved into doing abortions, too!
    They are not worthy of you! Please don’t give up. May Jesus and the courts of law prevail.

  117. Who are this students ?(what they roots are from?) Look like now students criminals and pieces of shit are more valuable and very important for University CEO like smart, highly educated professor, graduation is based on the skin color (keep wright percentage)!!!!!!!
    This country going very fast to third World section, welcome in Idiots-communist Democratic States!!!!!!
    If you criminals, ignorants, uneducated idiot you are very welcome in Democratic Communist party!!!!!

  118. The decline of universities in the USA, has reduced freedom of speech. Only SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST speech appears to be free to be spoken. The unruly mods of ultra leftists need to be arrested and prosecuted for their violent actions.

  119. This is why I have stopped donating to a college I once loved! When I read that one of our professors was our giving lectures on the benefits to children of pedophilia I immediately vowed to never give another dime to such a “college”! It has been taken over by idiots such as this!

  120. I am glad that you survived, but I am not surprised of the way the University treated you. They are cowards and worse by allowing this to go on and not calling the police in to stop it all. I hope President Trump starts taking away money given to schools that allow this kind of action to go on without throwing out the students and making their parents pay for damages. You were very courageous and I hope you will get another position with a University that will appreciate you. God Bless You.

  121. A great school like Johns Hopkins sinking to this. It used to be a Great College, People like Ben Carson served the University well, I wonder what he thinks. God knows the situation in the US with the far left can only lead to turmoil. How long can calmer Conservatives hold back.

  122. Well done professor..Sue their Lib asses..Abuse, slander…….Yellow belly lib schools…lib puppets….Really, no backbone at all.

  123. Professor you should be glad that you got fired. I am sure that the university will never back any one who will stand up form what is right. Where was the private police force? How will they react when the hoodlums turn on them? Lets hope that the school and the private security guards [police] will be able control the next disturbance.
    Mr. John

  124. Fascism is not right wing not left wing. It is taking the rights of others to empower one person or group. The left is working over time to demolish the right to free speech of the conservative by systematical deleting online conservative opinion and firing a professor who had a profesional duty to protect the srevers.. As such the left today are the fascists

  125. He should sue the individuals who are responsible for is firing. Ask no less than $1 Trillion plus all court costs and legal fees. Don’t go after the school since it will be passed to the students and some may not have anything to do with his firing. This will punish those who fired him and make them pay. The amount will cost the guilty any lawyers since all will want that big payday from getting 45% of a TRILLION dollars.

  126. I’d like to know what is the matter with the college administrators that would encourage and promote this type of anti social behavior and agendas. The administrators should all be fired themselves and the professor that went in to save those computer from mob mentality should be promoted to their positions. You never reward anti social negative actions. Kindergarten teachers even know this.


  128. I think it is disgusting the direction our country is headed because of the militant few bullies and the rest of us law abiding citizens get punished for standing up for what is right. We need to start standing up for ourselves and start pushing back. First of all by getting all these namby pamby weak minded liberals, who by the way are probably getting paid to support these bullies and their agenda, out of their positions of power and putting in people who are strong enough to stand up for what is right.

  129. Sounds like time for a lawsuit, but also time for right thinking americans to abandon the soon to be inundated shores of America. What ? Can’t you see where climate change is leading. The Dutch at least built dikes. What is the commie congress doing proactively?

  130. This is disgusting!
    I hope the Alum’s really come down hard on the staff for this stupid left wing bull shit.
    Firing the Professor for trying to keep these critical systems running………..


  131. As a retired university I am not surprised at the schools administrations behavior. Way to many university administrators have little or no management experience ub the real working world.

  132. Either FIRE THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATORS and install some with “intelligence”, or the current bunch of numbnuts need to, IMMEDIATELY expel ALL the activists and reinstate the professor. END OF STORY!

  133. I agree with this Associate Professor. He was doing the proper thing keeping the research servers running n the University research alive n well. The protesters should have been dispersed long ago or arrested. Instead the university awarded the protesters n fired the loyal professor.

  134. Multimillion dollar law suit must be filed against the antiAmerican communist Board and Trustee members for condoning Anti American violence , like firing, against professors who do not drink the Koolaid of communism. Shut down John Hopkins University now and every communist institution that raises its Anti American destructive evil head against Constitutional American supporting professors. We have laws against this. Let’s apply them and stand up and Roar for Justice. Let’s find out who the perpetrators are and criminally prosecute them for subversive ness and abusing their position of power.

  135. Parents should start showing up in groups. We are paying taxes and WE should be in charge, not students with no money!
    It’s not their world to control, it’s OUR WORLD.

  136. Most colleges are run and own by the nazi party. Parents are to blame for what is going on in these schools. Lazy useless parents who really don’t want to bother to raise decent human being. Never say no. Now your rotten children don’t respect their own country . Congrats you fools are helping destroy America.

  137. Once again a university has caved and come down on the wrong side. Reinstate this professor and let go anyone who has a problem with it. Show a little moral fiber.for Pete’s sake.

  138. Sounds like something spineless people will do. They are afraid to do the right thing.I M sorry for your loss professor and I hope they come to there senses and reinstate you.

  139. Why should you be surprised? Rodent infestations in Baltimore are common place and the libs just ignore it and blame the hard working blue collar and middle class. You need to put your anger towards the left wing elected officials responsible for all the failures and the rest of the mess. Don’t have these problems in well managed cities.

  140. “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”
    Sadly, the university, that I once admired, took the side of evil.

  141. THIS is all INCREDIBLY STUPID… THERE SHOULD be a LAWsuit filed for WRONGFUL termination at the very LEAST. THE LEFT WING LUNATICS should be INDICTED For an act of TERRORISM too… THEY (LEFT WING LUNATICS) should never been allowed to do what they did (ILLEGALLY) nor allowed to STAY in the place they illegally were in!!!!!! WHERE was the (pathetic) LAW ENFORCEMENT through this STUPID UNLAWFUL situation.. BOOOOOOO JHU

  142. Another University down the drain, I refuse to send my children to Universities here in the United States, Administration is all afraid 😱 of mobs and even when they know what is right from wrong they go hide and blame the innocent as usual, all a bunch of no it alls who hide in closet . America was brought up to stand for your rights not mobs knocking down your rights. My Children will be going to Europe for school a better Education then being forced to join a MOB.

  143. Need to stop supporting these universities and colleges that allow and uphold the action of the students that are left and threaten and commit violence. They disturb the innocent that are there to get their education and this should be allowed. They all so get innocent people fired and this has to stop. It seems these trouble makers attend universities and college’s just to protest and commit violence. It shows they are learning nothing. Stop supporting them. Why should they be allowed freedom of speech when no none else can?

  144. Our institutions of higher learning need to be taught a lesson. I say let THEM pay off the student debt with all the money they have racked up by raising their fees EVERY YEAR! Colleges are some of the most grandiose structures/ mass of structures in any city/town, location in which they exist! Personally, if I were an employer I would higher someone who worked to pay their way through college sans loans as evidence of so much more character!

  145. Shame, shame, shame on John Hopkins Univ. Obviously the administrators have no back bone. I would have given the students a certain time frame to surrender and if they didn’t, send in the SWAT and forcefully remove the students. Enough of this nonsense.

  146. Fire the Vice Dean who terminated the good professor. Expel the protestors who attacked the good professor and his group. Let Justice be served.

  147. This is ludocrous and unacceptable. What, exactly do we have running our colleges today? This man needs to file action against the campus administrator at John Hopkins.
    Lastly, xhe did not create the actions that led to the violence as the students initiated that in batracaiding themselves in the building.

  148. Typical democratic actions bully and violence and then accuse others . It’s called deflection they call trump supporters as haters and racists and everything else but if they looked in mirror they would see themselves . It’s called socialism in the making by the demonrats teaching our children to be dim witted snowflake radical socialists while we werentcwatching . Now everyone needs to keep awake r waken to the fact what the demonrats really are and what they use our universities and media to brainwash the masses .
    The Great Awakening hopefully !

  149. I left Baltimore for that very reason. The Dumcrats were taking over. Baltimore deserves John Hopkins and John Hopkins deserves Baltimore. Hope the prof finds a better job!

  150. John Hopkins University administration should be replaced for not protecting the infarstruc public investment for not having the back bone to stand to students (inmates) I enforcing their own rules

  151. This goes on everywhere. Liberals run the U.S. colleges and universities. They encourage the left outrage that goes on, and only take action when a conservative or NORMAL person is involved, by punishing the person for doing the right thing. It is a dangerous and terrible world we live in.

  152. When things don’t go their way it’s the Republican’s who do any kind of damage they want to make…just look at Trump…it’s his specialty, and he’s leading even some gifted people out of the realm of sanity. Sorry Professor..

  153. Violence of any kind is not acceptable, ever! The students need to be dealt with by responsible adults who make known such actions will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Colleges should not be government funded in any way.

  154. When Americans understand that it is much more efficient to go to a trade school and become extremely efficient in certain aspects of work RATHER than going to college to write a paper on a given poem the American attendance at colleges will significantly drop. Professors will demand that the college slots be taken up by foreign students simply to guarantee their enormous salaries. HOWEVER, it will only be a very short time before the professors and administrators realize that THESE students can’t vote. Use of anti-depressant medicine will go through the roof.

  155. Every single American should ban Johns Hopkins and go to other hospitals! Teach the a lesson in humanity that hospitals should be doing anyway!

  156. These radical Dems have gone off the deep end…there is a strong possibility that their anger and hate can lead to more serious confrontations which can lead to someone being not only injured, but killed. If they know what’s good for them, they better back off and start behaving like human beings instead of deranged dummies!

  157. Get to know what narcissist-psychopathy is & how it bears such an uncanny similarity to regressives, other commie-leftists, SPLC & Jihadists::
    YouTube channels:
    Michele Lee Nieves.
    Narc ology unscripted (David).
    Surviving Narcissism (Carter)
    Conservative channels are being blocked, demonitized, unlisted, deplatformed, so you need the exact channel name to see it:
    Stefan Molyneux.
    Amazing Polly.
    Bill Whittle.
    American Intelligence Media.
    Golden State Times.
    One America News Network (and Liz Wheelers book: TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple The Lefts House of Cards)
    The John Birch Society.
    Jesse Lee Peterson.
    The Glazov Gang.
    Apostate Prophet.
    Jihad Watch.
    Liberty Doll.
    Black Out Media.

  158. That hospital administrator should be severely reprimanded for this action because he is either blind or incredibly stupid to dismiss a professor who was attempting to protect the hospital’s property! The professor should be reinstated with a full apology for the administrator’s irrational action. Furthermore that administrator is gutless.

  159. This what we call ‘ANARCHY’. The willful ignorance of the law that allows the criminals to get away with breaking the law and to continue breaking it. The Politicians and school administrations are allowing these thugs to do what they want with no or little accountability or responsibility for their actions and they become traitors to the people…. When this happens more and more, comes the breakdown of law and order and we will become just like the third world countries that exist all over the globe. This is what the New World Order wants to happen….. America needs to wake up and see what is really going on and who really is involved in all this, they won’t like what they see!

  160. I hope that he sues the administration for ten to twenty million dollars and files Civil Assault charges against every single student involved. Hit them ALL in their pocketbooks.

  161. The university’s action to dismiss Daniel Povey encourages and approves the violent hate filled action by the Liberal students so why didn’t they just give in to their demands to begin with and avoid the consequent actions that occurred. After all….what Liberals want…Liberals always get even if it is by violence. We NEED to be standing up to them more and more.

  162. Apparently, Johns Hopkins has a SISSY LEFTIST administration and should be left living with the jerks that caused this. Hopefully the US government’s taxpayers will not pay for any restoration. Let the elite administration shoulder the cost.

  163. sad to see how low our higher institutions have sunk. I am ashamed by John Hopkins lack of moral fiber and lack of backbone.

  164. What is more striking and idiotic is that boards like a JH board back up administrations
    who support these liberal protestors and College contributors (sometimes very large) continue
    to make contributions that are antithetical to their causes and would not be supported by
    people who have helped make them financially successful and able to contribute………

  165. This is typical of tiberal private colleges and universities in America. I’m appalled at the way these institutions of higher learning treat professors and students on the conservative side of the aisle. Shame on you, JHU! You owe the professor a huge debt of gratitude and profound thanks for thinking of the University and disregarding his personal well being. This is not how a great University continues to be great. This is how a one time great University is viewed after its fall from grace. I guess we will find out which direction JHU takes.

  166. This just goes to show how wrong this way of trying to take the easy way and please the people who are violating the University and may have damaging the research. This Brave Professor tried to fix the matter while nobody else did, only to be fired for having the guts to help. THIS IS SAD!!!

  167. My personal opinion is that we have let the entire Educational system fall into the hands of liberal fools, who intent is not education, but indoctrination of our youth, an indoctrination that does not tell the truth of our history, does not teach the concept of free thinking and tries to mold our youth into their little puppets. I think that every University, College and schools 12 grade and under should purge itself of liberal administrators and teachers. We need to stop the dumbing down of our youth and start teaching again.

  168. Thank you for standing your ground we need more people to stand up for what is right and announce what is wrong you’re very courageous

  169. My grandson visited at this university a while back and this type of bad feeling is why he decided against applying there! Very upsetting for young people moving away from home for the first time!

  170. The ‘education system’ was taken over by the politicians to expressly teach the students that minding the stupid politicians was the required method of behavior. It has taken a bit over 100 years but we are nearly there. Unfortunately a man named Trump ruined the ‘take over’ of the stupid community by beating the chosen idiot, ‘Hillary the Horrible’, in the last election. The Democrats are appalled and are now acting like the stupid children they actually are. They want to run a socialist/communist country where the citizen will bow to their stupidity and say, yes master oh please beat me with a club for I am unworthy of your pleasure. As Schrooge said, “BAH HUMBUG”, or as the rest of us say, “Kiss our asses”.

  171. Now that is totally unfair , that the university fired the professor for what he was tasked for, protecting the main frame servers. John Hopkins should take another look at his action as he was trying to protect the schools property. and rehire the man back

  172. I have personal knowledge from a college situation, in which they expelled a student rather than help him, just because they did not want to expose themselves to a potential campus problem/situation. John Hopkins University took the easy way out by terminating the professor rather than deal with the situation! Hopefully they will grow a “set” and beg his forgiveness! He needs reinstatement if he will accept it.

  173. Standing up for what is right is a hard thing to do. However, our US Constitution allows us the opportunity to do it!

  174. Somebody needs to get a handle on the protests that are going on at all college campuses today. The founders of our country allowed for Freedom to speak out but I am sure to the degree this has been taken was not comprehended by our constitution. It is a disgrace and most of the protesters do not really know the true reason or in reality what it will accomplish. Spineless college officials are afraid to speak out or control these situations. It is a real shame that our country has come to this and will eventually destroy our democracy.

  175. This is not right to fire this professor! He was correct in what he did! These Universities are getting carried away with their protests and liberal views and a lot of the liberal professors are to blame! This University should be ashamed of itself for firing this professor! TRULY Disgusting !

  176. Daniel your courage and loyalty should be appreciated by Johns Hopkins. I am sure their are other institutions would benefit from what you bring to their facility and I pray God will open a path for you.

  177. Classic inmates running the asylum.They are students. Not faculty.They are law breakers .Preventing researchers from using needed tech equipment and allowing to lose value.Unreal and immature to believe they know how to run an institution as well regarded as John Hopkins.They committed .serious criminal acts.Assaulting faculty in a brutal fashion.John Hopkins Alumni should fire all involved with firing the professor.Prosecute the criminal students,rehire professor who defended the rights of all other students.

  178. God bless the associate professor and those like him who courageously defend common sense and respect for property. All Johns Hopkins University parents and alumni should call the school to voice their opinion. If JH does not reinstate the associate professor and punish the students, its funding should be revoked. Criminal behavior should be punished, loyal behavior rewarded.

  179. These so-called people that know what is correct for our colleges, and also our teaching to these young people that look to these liberal, insane people that are trying to change their way this country is , we Americans are not , believe me NOT going to take this from these so called intelligent college heads that think they know all that is right… let them tell us how intelligent Obama and Hillary, and all the stupid individuals that put this country in such a disgrace, and horror. our forefathers would be .mortified . more important the parents of these young people should get a brain also, and put the university in order…it is about time we get some brains and get rid the goof that these schools teach our children.. we are paying them to change this country to socialism.. that is not going to swing with REAL AMERICANS… IT IS ABOUT TIME THIS STOPPED

  180. The radical liberal left-wing democrats are cowards and have allowed idiotic student protesters to take over what once were respectable institutes for learning. This is the results of years of radical, left-wing liberal democratic indoctrination on our young people.

  181. I am disappointed in the leadership at Johns Hopkins. You should be ashamed. The professor should has enough been heard.
    Best to rethink your options.

  182. This information should be circulated as widespread as possible so people are cognizant of what is happening when individuals try to do the right thing and then get penalized for their actions. We often do not hear why a certain outcome has occurred because of fake news networks or agendas being endorsed by groups having a financial interest in certain outcomes. Baltimore certainly seems to be a city headed in a very destructive ending because of the unlawful internal activity allowed to occur at its institutions.

  183. Sounds like the people who fired you and to grow balls, protester were the ones who should have been arrested but were not, sad you lost your job but I pray that God opens other doors for you and you can better off.

  184. Professor should start a go fund me account to raise money to sue JHU and all the known activists and their families. They will stop when they have to pay!!

  185. The mob of bullies should have been met by a barrage of pepper spray and stun guns and tasers. That is the only way to deal with violent delinquents. This coming from a former police sergeant.

  186. After reading about this incident at JHU, I felt sickened about how a professor standing up to these immature, left wing bullies and trying to protect University property got treated. I am a graduate of JHU, Class of 1948. I have been contributing to the various schools of the University for the past 71 years……but NO MORE. If we can’t have free speech without liberal and left wing bullies creating havoc, you lost my support JHU !

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