After mass shootings becoming commonplace in the United States, heads are turning to find out what the president is going to do. Domestic terrorism needs to be addressed. Although the Dems simply want to take away guns, Trump answers with a comprehensive plan.

Trump is working on a series of proposals following the shootings that took place in Ohio and Texas. The proposals focus on everything from background checks to mental health treatment.

Since the NRA is not providing any guidance, where they normally do, it is unclear as to the specifics of Trump’s plan. However, the White House has already mentioned that a package will be coming out in the next few weeks.

There has been a discussion about a lot that can happen with executive actions along with other legislation to deal with domestic terrorism as a whole. Trump has already talked heavily about the importance of mental health treatment facilities – so this is likely going to be incorporated into his plan. Violent video games are also said to be addressed.

The goal is for the plan to be ready for when Congress comes back into session in September. This will make it possible to get everything approved and rolled out to ensure that something is being done about the domestic terrorism that has been plaguing the nation for years.

According to a White House official, Trump has received a formal briefing about some of the options available to him. These options come from various pro-gun groups as well as Senators and Representatives who have been working in subcommittees to address the various gaps within existing laws.

In regards to gun control, and Trump has not had a clear stance. Much of this stems from the disorganization from the NRA. The president has always depended on those within the NRA to guide a pro-gun stance. However, the president is also looking to explore all of the different options, which is why his stance has not been clear as of yet.

While there are strong background checks in place in some states, the goal is to expand background checks and make sure that it is rigid. Trump, as well as several White House aides, have also accused media outlets of inaccurately reporting about what Trump has and has not said about gun control – including telling gun rights advocates that he isn’t going to push for expanding background checks.

Kellyanne Conway, the senior advisor to Trump, also made it very clear that there are different types of background checks. She reminded people that Trump is beholden to the Constitution, not to the NRA. Additionally, she reminded people that Americans who are procuring and using weapons legally cannot have their weapons confiscated without some kind of due process.

Background checks do need to improve in terms of ensuring that guns are not going into the hands of people who have a criminal background or mental health issues. This means that agencies need to make sure that all information is reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Trump has also supported increasing penalties on agencies who fail to report information.

Trump has acknowledged that there are certain loopholes within the gun background checks – and these are the areas that he wants to address. He has no plans to take away Second Amendment rights, unlike the Democrats who would rather eliminate guns entirely.

Mitch McConnell is on board to make some major changes to prevent domestic terrorism, too. The house already has background check bills that need to be reviewed – and these will be discussed as soon as both the Senate and the House come back from their August recess. Meaningful background checks are definitely a part of the plan – and as Trump continues to work with various advisers, the plan will start to take a stronger form.

What Trump is looking to accomplish is a full plan to address all aspects of domestic terrorism, not just guns. Placing laws on guns aren’t going to prevent people who want to break the law from breaking the law, even if it means acquiring guns illegally. However, Trump is being realistic – and looking to establish a stronger plan that addresses why someone would pick up a gun to commit a mass shooting – and this is why he is looking at violent video games, mental health, and much more.

Once the plan is fully created, it will go into the hands of Congress so that America can start to feel safer once again.

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