Many would wonder what has become of our youth.  No one really has an answer as to what changes them or sets them off when acts of violence occur involving them.  Recently, a 15-year-old boy was arrested in Florida, and another 15-year-old girl was arrested in California for threatening to shoot up their schools on social media.  What goes on through kids minds these days can only go back to their lifestyle and interest.

Yes, the parents play a role to the greatest extent, but it is what does the child do and who are they around is what influences them.  The video games can also be to blame as we find with the 15-year-old boy from Florida.  Authorities are looking into the causes now as more information is gathered to understand the meaning behind it all and to help put an end to all of this evil.

Friday, an unnamed teen from Seabreeze High School located in Daytona Beach, Florida was on a video game chat platform threatening to bring his dad’s M15 rifle and kill no less than seven people at his school.  As of Tuesday morning, the principal still has not commented to ABC News about the threat.  The statement was reported directly to the FBI, and Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was also notified.  The teen admitted to what was said, and he allegedly posted it but begged and pleaded with the authorities, that “it was just a joke.”

Monday, the sheriff’s office put out a statement, “Joke or not, these types of comments are felonies under the law.  After the mass violence, we’ve seen in Florida, and across the country, law enforcement officers have a responsibility to investigate and charge those who choose to make these types of threatening statements.”

The moment sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home, body cameras captured the arrest as the boy was handcuffed and taken away.  Upon the release of the footage, the mother of the teen was pleading with the officers and telling them they do have a gun and she understood “threats cannot be taken lightly, but he’s just a little kid playing a video game.”

When we hear stories of this matter, we are all quick to judge the family or the kid.  The fact of the matter is, it was a stupid thing to do and should have never been said.  As parents, we tend to paint our children as little angels sometimes, but this is no laughing matter because it is not a joke.

We think our kids are “just playing video games,” but do they really know and understand the full concept of their actions in these situations?  No, they do not, unless they have been told and made to understand life is not a game.  We do not know if it was just a threat or a “joke.”  Authorities are cracking down due to all the shootings, and social media is being monitored 24/7.

As for the 15-year-old girl from California, she was on Snapchat and stated she was “going to commit a shooting at her high school on Thursday.  The FBI contacted the Fresno Police Department at 5 a.m. warning there was “a post on Snapchat with a photo of a gun and the message, ‘Don’t come to school tomorrow.'”

Police Chief Jerry Dyer of Fresno stated Thursday at a press conference, “During the course of the investigation we were able to determine that the actual location that the shooting was going to occur was at Edison High School.  Using GPS, police were informed at about 6:30 a.m. that previous posts to that Snapchat account were made from a home in Fresno and officers were immediately dispatched. When they arrived at the home, the woman who spoke to police said she was aware of the post and was the teen girl’s aunt.”

A guidance counselor pulled the girl out of class and was face to face with police officers.  Police Chief Dyer also stated, “She, when confronted about the post, admitted to the officers that she did, in fact, make this threatening post, but was not able to determine, or at least convince the officers, as to why that post was made.”

Dyer continued, “The unnamed minor has been charged with making a terror threat in juvenile court. She will be facing a substantial amount of time in custody.”

Both of these students have a bright future ahead of them, and they ruin that future when these stupid decisions are made.

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