There is no other topic of debate more critical to the security of the nation than that of the southern border. Under the Obama, administration kids were being held in cages and dramatically separated from their parents for many years. President Trump has since put a stop to that horrific time and has sought to keep the families together of migrants. This week the president has made changes to the immigration laws that will seek to keep kids at the border for a longer period.

The previous laws allowed children to be kept at the border for no longer than 20 days. This was part of the Flores settlement that was set up in 1997 after a major court case was handled in 1985. The court case would also become the standard of how the detention centers were to be set up and handled. Care would be given to those in the detention centers and to those that were being held pending their deportation date.

These new rules are set to take effect in two months. This new law keeps the families together and keeps the children from being ripped from their parents. Once again President Trump has done what Congress fails to do and that protects the families of America and those seeking to call the country their home.

Critics are quick to respond claiming that a long time in the detention center will harm the child. But no one has even stated the more damaging effect separation from mom and dad would have on the child. Many of these children will only trust their parents as they are used to them providing for their most basic needs. To suddenly remove them from that environment is to damage them beyond reason.

President Trump has also said that the reason so many people are coming is that they know that kids can enter the country quickly. So this becomes an incentive for criminals to traffic children for their gain hoping that they will be admitted to the country because of the stolen kid they are traveling with.

The Flores settlement is the biggest injustice to the security of the country. It has opened a lot of holes that many people are seeking to crawl through. These new changes close that loophole. The dumb Democrats were given plenty of time to fix the loopholes. Which is something they once again have failed to do? The dumb Democrats serving in the House have not once done their job. This has led to the other branches of the government to pick up the slack and solve the problems Americans are facing today.

The insane human rights activists are sure to respond only to prove once again that they do not care about the families staying together. The Trump administration is seeking to do the right thing and keep these people from harming Americans. People that do not support this move are not for America. The citizens of the country will be the ones to suffer the long term if something is not done to keep the illegals out of the country once and for all.

The president continues to make America great by solving the key issues that have been plaguing the country of decades. Under the Obama, administration kids were torn from their families and thrown into cages like wild animals. Recently the dumb Democrats tried to post pictures from a time of their beloved Obama’s rule in an attempt to blame President Trump for all the trouble. But that only proved disastrous for the dumb Democrats as they were exposed as the source of the problem that the president is trying to fix now.

Some experts now believe that this move by the president could cut illegal immigration in half over the next few years. This would be a major victory for the Trump administration heading into 2020. But the election is far from the mind of the president on this issue because he cares more about the welfare and well-being of the American people.

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