Pocahontas, er, Elizabeth Warren is back at defending her native roots. Little Miss “I have a plan for that” actually has a plan that’s worth reading. Her tribal plan to protect the rights of Native Americans is her longest yet. The policy proposal is an impressive 9,000 words.

Elizabeth Warren has always been quick to defend the Native Americans because she feels as though she is part of the tribe. This isn’t the first time she’s felt the need to defend herself, either. She claimed to be Native American on a law school registry, prior to becoming a professor at Harvard University. She has told people that she identifies as Native American because of the different things that she was told as a child.

After a DNA test came back, proving that she was 1/1024 Cherokee, she ended up having to apologize to the Cherokee nation. The bogus test proved that she was considerably less than average to what most Native Americans are – which meant that she had no claim to having any kind of tribal heritage.

However, that doesn’t stop Warren from doing what she can in order to protect the Native Americans.

In one post, Warren talked about America’s mistreatment of American Indians, including native Hawaiians and Alaska natives. She talked about centuries of discrimination, violence, greed, and neglect. Her opinion is that Washington owes native communities a fighting chance so that they can have a brighter future and build stronger communities.

The size of her proposal shows that she has given it some thought, especially considering it’s twice as long as any of the other proposals she’s created throughout her presidential campaign. This includes such proposals as breaking up large tech companies around the world, forgiving over $600 billion in student loan debt, and even ream Pham ping the investment of rural America from the federal government.

Warren has partnered with freshman representative Deb Haaland (D-NM), who has also endorsed Warren for the presidency, on a legislative proposal that would focus on meeting the unmet needs of Indian Country. A comment. Would make it possible for tribal leaders and citizens to shape the final legislation before it goes to the floor.

According to the Cherokee nation’s Secretary of State at the time, Warren undermined tribal interests as a result of claiming triable heritage. Rather than letting it go when she was first told that she didn’t hold the heritage, she continued trying to make the claims – and she made a mockery of the entire process. It’s how she earned the nickname Pocahontas, given to her by Pres. Donald Trump.

As for the details of her plan to help Native Americans, it focuses on criminal jurisdiction, treaties, banking access, the Dakota Access pipeline, Indian health service, violence against indigenous women, and an onslaught of other issues.

Warren’s team is also highlighting that she is the first presidential candidate to really focus on the Native Americans, including an Oliphant fix which represents a decision made by the Supreme Court in 1978 identifying that non-natives found on tribal land aren’t automatically subject to tribal government criminal jurisdiction.

It was considered political suicide as soon as Warren tried to make a racial identity through a DNA test in order to put an end to the political controversy. Plenty of political strategists identified that Warren was doomed as a presidential candidate because of all that she was doing – and upsetting the Cherokee nation in the process.

Although Warren has apologized, her new intense focus on Native American tribes is likely to remind people of that misstep. Just as she has finally started to get a sufficient lead within the polls, she has decided to push forward with a tribal plan that is supposed to improve how Native Americans feel in the United States and giving them more tribal rights.

While it’s unlikely that she is going to try to take another DNA test in order to prove that she belongs amongst the Native Americans, she does have an entire team pushing forward on these plans. As for the details of her plan, they are as nondescript as all of her other plans. If she’s going to take 9000 words in order to create a policy proposal, she should really focus on placing a few more details on such things as how these things will happen, how much they will cost, and where the funding is going to come from. Right now, the only thing she has managed to do is dig up the fact that she isn’t Native American and that her plans are vague at best.

98 thoughts on “Warren Shows Off Her Native Roots Again

  1. Jeez did she do a war dance after this bunch of Bull Shit, and I don’t mean Sitting Bull. Wonder if she has a totem pole in her yard or up her you know what. How did all Demon Rats get to be so crazy?????

  2. I hope there is a Native American uprising in her front yard. They certainly did not approve of her claim the first time and she is hell bent to shove this lie down our throats. She is despicable! She would make the worlds worst president. May God intervene on our behalf.

  3. So Warren thinks by implementing a “plan”, which would guarantee the continued mistreatement of the Indian community by Federal Indian health, education, and infra-structures programs that will make them happy?

    Warren also aims to really piss off the Tribal Leaders and Tribes in general by reversing actions taken by the Trump administration to allow energy development on tribal lands and take away the highly lucrative financial leases they have scored?

    I think the best plan for Warren is to go back to her Teepee and swill a few more brewskis and film another awkward video…Jus Sayin!

  4. She’s a cheat She cheated a lot of real native Americans and she should be ashamed of yourself maybe she should give up all her funds to the American Indians if she feels so bad about the whole thing she won’t though

  5. Damn these so called politicians who think that we can make restitution for events that happened hundred of years ago. It is the same for African-Americans. I have been told that My great Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I know the injustices that were forced on Native Americans and as a whole we should be ashamed. Treaty after treaty was broken sending tribes to the most worthless land the Government could find at the time .White man introduced Indians to alcohol and a great deal of them became alcoholics and worthless.Then there was the Puma Indian ( Ira Hayes) who held the flag high on Iwo Jima
    and wound up a drunken hero in a road side ditch, un appreciated for his dedicated service.

  6. OMG, some people like Elizabeth Warren and Hilary Clinton just can’t get it thru their heads, that they are losers!
    Do you know that Warren used her Cherokee heritage for student loans? Yes, she did!! Now that it’s been a proven hoax, she should be made to pay the $$ back and with interest!!!

  7. Crazy Lizzie should join with Spartacus and push for “reparations”.
    You know, buying votes with taxpayer money.
    There isn’t a low deep enough that a Liberal politician won’t go to make sure they get re-elected. That’s all there is to it. Why work for an HONEST living when you can suck $174,000 a year from the U S treasury for doing nothing.
    Nothing but working for yourself to get re-elected.

  8. She is a joke and anyone that votes for her is off their rocker. Sorry but this women is ridiculous and I am not sorry to say this. She has no class. Anyone is better than her getting elected.

  9. Ms. Warren will not be our next President for she is dishonest and very condescending to the Native Americans of our nation. I am one of those people. I don’t appreciate her using her so called Indian heritage to get her foot in the door of Harvard in front of real Native-American students ! She wouldn’t tell the truth once she was confronted about being a Cherokee . That in and of itself makes her untrustworthy. Her word isn’t any good. Period. I don’t like her way of speaking either for it seems affected , like she is trying to impress people. I am not impressed. I sense that she is out only for herself. I don’t know her personally but I would not want to get to know her after all the shenanigans she was up to about her DNA test etc. Ugh.

  10. it appears she is trying to make up for all her past mistakes towards the Indian Nations. Although we have a great deal this Nation needs to do for the native people.

  11. So,,,, how much government money does she want to give every Native American Indian, Alaskan and Hawaiian? I’m sure that this 9,000 word plan is designed to by the vote…..

  12. I have more Native blood in my body than Elizabeth and I have NEVER called myself Native American. Besides, even the natives invaded America, just at an earlier time. And aren’t we all descendants of one Mother if you believe in evolution or the Bible. Maybe we should quit trying to rebuild the tower of babel!

  13. I have one question to Warren and all her allies and Democrat supporters. I thought there was so much White Privelage ? If White Privelage is so abundant,Why did she need to be a minority to get ahead ?? She is white, so her Privelage should have gotten everything she needed or wanted ?!
    White Privelage is a myth invented by Liberal socialists to divide a nation ,so they can conquer it !! It’s another saying to make the White Male a target ,so they can make every other Race and gender a VICTIM !!!!
    Warren just proved it !!!

  14. Hey look at the numbers as a voting block same thing with Blacks and the LBGQT crowd Democratic need to focus on Americans who live and work on the real world and had rather work than exist on Government Give away programs SNAP EBt and HUD Housing

  15. She is fake, just like all the democrats! I have more Native blood running in my body; but my family never tried to claim any rights. Fact to Warren: women of tribes don’t wear head dress belonging to the Chiefs! That was shameful and sinful of her! All Native Americans should publicly turn her away. Democrats only want votes, and they’ll tell people anything! Ms Warren is a sorry excuse of a human.

  16. Elizabeth Warren 1/1024 Cheroke Indian really. I wonder how many other AmerI can citizens this might fit. She failed tthe DNA test that’s pretty scientific proof that she has no Indian Heritage.

  17. Hey LIZZIE … GET A CLUE: You are a phony and a fake. You have no business even DREAMING that you could run this country ….
    Go back to your “homeland” (wherever you profess THAT IS), go to a dark room, shut the door behind you, and LIE the HELL DOWN.

  18. There are Indian Tribes namely the Choctaw. In Oklahoma there are Casinos, Resorts, Truck stops, all owned or managed by the Choctaw. They are doing very well. Warren should point out the success of these self-reliant tribes. What could Warren add ???

  19. Elizabeth Warren, please go back to washing dishes and drinking beer out of a beer bottle while you were being interviewed at your home. You are not of Indian blood as you lied to all Americans plus the people of Boston whom you represent what an embarrassment to all if us. I will vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and know He will be the winner. Just how amazing how we got a President who promised us so much and came through with all of them. Give it up you are an untruthful human being we do mot need that in America. We want to continue to M.A.G.A.

  20. Didn`t she use her native American background to procure a scholarship like Obamas Afganistan freebie? If I tried that I would still be in jail. You DF Democrats have been caught I`m waiting for the punishment. Get lost.

  21. My mom claimed my grandfather was 100% native American! My DNA proved her wrong! 0%. Live with it Pocahontas and go it on your rock on the crest of the Blue Hills and weep, you are a disgrace to all of those who voted for you in MA.

  22. I wouldn’t vote for this idiot to be head taster in a shit factory . she sets women back generations.
    What a waste of time and money !
    Bitch please !

  23. So Warren thinks by implementing a “plan”, which would guarantee the continued mistreatement of the Indian community by Federal Indian health, education, and infra-structures programs that will make them happy?

    Warren also aims to really piss off the Tribal Leaders and Tribes in general by reversing actions taken by the Trump administration to allow energy development on tribal lands and take away the highly lucrative financial leases they have scored?

    I think the best plan for Warren is to go back to her Teepee and swill a few more brewskis…Jus Sayin!

  24. I’m surprised that Warren isn’t trying to buy black votes by pushing for reparations too.
    Is there no low that a politician won’t go to?
    Kissing babies is probably too obvious eh?

  25. Okay, she had to apologize to the Cherokee Nation. Then she goes right back at “wishing out loud” about her alleged heritage that does not exist?! This person is a “tater shy of a full Happy Meal”, in my opinion. Yes, the American Indian got a raw political deal that goes back to Andrew Jackson. If you want to talk about reparations, that topic needs to be discussed with the American Indians first and foremost. If Warren wants to claim her heritage, she needs to get on the Cherokee roles as an American Indian. Opps… I forgot… she is 1/1024 Cherokee. I believe now you must be at least 1/8th to 1/4 Indian to be considered. I may be wrong but 1/1024 is a far cry from what she needs to be! lol I wonder how many times she dressed up as an Indian for Halloween? In this case, though, “never the bride, always the brides maid” ! Wait… Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy… SHE COULD BE RELATED TO LIZZY BORDEN!!! It’s true! It is true because she has the same first name and the poem is on the Internet so it HAS to be true!

  26. Everyone of those leftist dim0cRATS promote dividing the races. They pit all races against the White race. Dividing the races is one of the tactics included in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, a communist tactic for destroying America and making it a communist country.

  27. She made us so angry by claiming because she had high cheekbones she was native American. My husbands great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. He had DNA testing. Everytime I fill out papers and put Native American they want to know what tribe he belongs to. We don’t know because I don ‘t know who to get in touch with to see if I could find out. He’s very proud of it. So, I would love to be able to do that for him. Unlike faker Warren who stole so much money by her claim. He is on SSDI trying to live off $1326.00 a month. She should be made to pay back every penny she took from us. We could use the money. But, we don’t lie about who we are.

  28. She is as looney as the rest of the addle brained socialist party calling themselves Democrats, meanwhile stealing from the poor to support their lifestyle. She has milked the system all of her life.

  29. She speaks with forked tongue. I was also told stories. My grandfather [on my father’s side] we were told was Native American. Myself along with my 3 sisters always believed this however never attempted any claims to heritage. My father never really knew his father or his mother [she left him & his sister & brother with her parents to raise, his Dad supposedly trained horses in WW1 the ship went down off the cost of England. Sixty plus years later we have investigated through different ancestry sites. Sorry to say no Native American heritage. However they hold a very special place in my heart. The TRUE Americans.

  30. So, Elizabeth Warren is 10 generations removed from her Cherokee ancestor. That means her Cherokee ancestry is from at least 200 years past. If she could provide documentation going back that far that pin points the person she could claim to be Cherokee through lineal descent. Many tribes in Oklahoma have lineal descent instead of blood quantum for inclusion in the tribe (tribal membership). I’m not sure the Eastern Cherokees recognize lineal descent. The Cherokees of Oklahoma may recognize lineal descent.

    After 29 years of working as a non-Indian Forester for the Bureau of Indian Affairs I have some insights other may not be aware of:

    Indians living and working on their own reservation do not pay State Taxes or County taxes. Yet, many states fund tribal projects with taxes collected from individuals living outside of the reservation(s).

    Indian people living on the reservation(s) do not pay Property Taxes (Tribal) even though they may actually own a home on the reservation.

    Homes are constructed with federal tax dollars and given to tribal members to live in at no cost. Repairs and maintenance are on schedules and are free for the homes occupants.

    Local schools are funded by the federal government and adjacent counties at no cost.

    Health Care at the local or other Indian Health Service Units is free.

    Outside contractors working on any construction projects on reservations are subject to Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) fees and Indian preference hiring requirements on those projects.

    Real Estate Appraisals are provided at no cost to tribal governments and tribal members for on Reservation property transfers or leases.

    Tribal members living on a reservation are entitled to a free reservation phone (flip) that has several hundred on minutes of time plus ample texting limits-FREE! The phones work on the reservation and in surrounding ares, there are limits on the locality in which they work.

    I could go on about the Freebies I witnessed during my career but, this should open your eyes a little.

  31. tRump was being racist with her before the DNA test and it did not tell her she was Cherokee even she said a percentage and that is all it gives. She has said since he has insulted the late Pocahontas by using her name to put down another person that she will go above for ALL the tribes. MORE POWER to her for that pointing out the American Government will forever owe out Native American Tribes.

  32. We now have casinos that rake in billions of dollars a year that are owned by native American tribes maybe they need to spread the wealth around to they people after all its mostly white people spending their money at these casinos, Lizard Warren doesn’t talk about this because she wouldn’t be able to pander for votes.

  33. I grew up in South Dakota, on the bank of the Missouri River along with the Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe. I saw discrimination in its extreme forms. When I came to Alabama in 1970, people complained to me about discrimination. I informed them that they really knew nothing about true discrimination unless they saw how we treated our South Dakota Indians. I believe it was somewhere in the ’60s that they were afforded the privilege to vote and also to legally purchase alcoholic spirits. I left in 1953 and joined the US Air Force. I have no idea about how things are done nowadays.

  34. It’s simply amazing that anybody listens to this women. I mean seriously how ridiculous is it to say your something your not when your standing on one if not the biggest stage in the USA.
    What people should demand is that every penny she made off her racist cook book Pow Wow Chow should be given to Native American Charity….
    As far as her plans go,let’s just say they are just like her heritage claims, DELUSIONAL!

  35. Fauxcahontas strikes again.

    America does not want to hear about any more Affirmative Action type legislation or any other legislation giving anyone special privileges based on ethnicity– a perpetual grant to play the R-card forever. The pie is so small now no one hopes for even a slice of it– if you’re lucky, you, your children, and your grandchildren may get a few crumbs. No one has talked about ‘trickle down’ economics for decades. The trickle has dried up. Everyone has to compete based on his or her own skills, education, and what he or she brings to the job. What they look like or who their ancestors were or might have been is a complete irrelevance.


  37. Here she goes again. I think she is Italian, English, German, Welsh, Asian, Black, Jewish, Palestinian, African, Sweedish, Russian, and a tiny, tiny bit Irish.

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