Disturbed and insane are the words to describe an 18-year-old teenager that started making online threats towards the government and Planned Parenthood. This young man had been stockpiling weapons and ammo in his bedroom for some time. When the police arrived they found it all and arrested Justin Olsen. This young man had amassed 15 rifles, 10 semi-automatic pistols and over 10,000 rounds of ammo.

The dumb Democrats need this kind of stuff to happen, so they can cry for more gun control. They do not want Americans to have the ability to protect themselves when someone like Justin comes shooting at them. The freaky Democrats need to understand that Justin did not just pick these guns up from the local market.

He found a way to get what he needed in a short amount of time and it would not have been through the normal channels of buying a weapon. But this is the way the bad guys work. They do things outside of the system. So gun control will not work with them. The Democrats are stupid if they think that these people buy guns legally for criminal purposes.

Justin seems to be crazy in that he armed himself as the “ArmyOfChrist.” As if this scheme of his was some kind of religious crusade. Justin has been charged with one count of threatening to assault a federal officer. Justin wanted to kill federal officers and even attack Planned Parenthood by shooting at them with these weapons. His online postings can only cause one to wonder why he would even post such things in the first place. Most of the time these types of acts are not announced they just happen.

This young man also indicated that he supported the bombings in Oklahoma City in 1995 and the Waco compound in Texas, in 1993. It would appear that he believed he was on some religious adventure to purify the surrounding evil. He believed that by taking drastic action to kill innocent officers and people that he could enact political changed. Justin was on a mission and it was a deadly one. But gun control is not the answer and it never will be. Citizens need their weapons to stop this kind of person from taking a huge death toll on the nation.

When the FBI started to act they showed up at his home. Inside of his room was a large number of weapons and ammo to go with the guns. Justin even had his gun safe in his room. Having a gun safe is not wrong. It is a smart idea so the guns are locked up and kept out of the hands of little kids. What was wrong was the actions that Justin was going to take on innocent people.

In some sick fashion, Justin has been telling the FBI that all of his statements were jokes and that they were meant for humor. No person is laughing in the wake of what has taken place over the past two weeks. Justin will have his time in court and will find out how funny his actions are. The Democrats need to keep their noses out of this situation. There needs to be no call for gun control at all. Interesting enough that no one ever talks about gun control until a shooting takes place.

Americans have gun rights because of how the nation was founded. Men were tired of being subject to the harshness of an overlord nation and decided to stand up for themselves. The right to bear arms is a defining right and mark of being an American.

It keeps evil in check and lets the world know that America is here to stay. People that have their guns taken away are left vulnerable to whims of evil people. There is no deterrent when people can no longer defend themselves. The right to bear arms will always be a trademark of the United States and its people. The psychotic Democrats want to disarm the people, so they can institute their corrupt way of rule and abuse the people. It will never happen as long as guns are in the hands of the people.

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