There are constant reports about people committing welfare fraud. It’s entirely too easy to receive the benefits, and some people are working the system so that they can live their best life – at the expense of millions of hard-working American taxpayers.

What’s worse is that there are some people who not only commit welfare fraud but brag about it online to anyone who will listen.

A woman in California made an online video to talk about how well she’s done for herself by taking advantage of the welfare system, as well as all of the “perks” that she gets. She explains how, with EBT, she is able to get food, go to fast-food restaurants, and more. She’s also able to get free daycare.

The welfare system has been broken for quite some time. Democrats are the ones responsible for keeping citizens, like this California woman, working the system. She’s fully able to work – she just doesn’t want to.

Democrats are allowing the system to stay broken because they know that they’ll get the vote. People who enjoy the benefits of a broken system will keep voting Democrat so they don’t have to get up and get a job.

The worst is how brazen this California woman is when she’s talking about how she uses all of the money. She explains that one of the benefits that she gets is daycare money from the state. She gets money for each child so that they can go to daycare. She then uses a friend for daycare and splits the money with them.

She has spent more time trying to figure out how to get money out of the government than trying to get a job. After all, what kind of incentive is there for her to work when she is getting as much money as she is from the state? She goes on to ask people, “Who would want to work in America?”

The problem isn’t anything new, either. Unfortunately, there has been significant abuse of the welfare system for decades. A number of politicians have added it to their platform in order to address – but they can’t seem to get it passed by both the House and the Senate.

Often, the problem comes from welfare breeding welfare. There are entire generations of people being on welfare because they are being raised to believe that it is okay to live on welfare as opposed to going out and getting a job.

At one point during the video, the woman says that it is her “God-given right” to burden the taxpayers. Either she has a considerably high opinion of her self or she was raised to think this way. At no point does she show any remorse for taking advantage of the system. She feels entitled to the money because it’s what taxpayers are paying for. She isn’t a taxpayer, so she doesn’t care if she is taking the money from hard-working people.

The woman also explains that California is the best place to get all of the money – and with California having such a large population of Democrats, it’s not surprising. However, with this video out there, politicians from California really need to re-think what they are creating when they are allowing the welfare system to remain as broken as it currently is. This woman talks about having children simply for the sake of being able to get more money out of the state – and this is yet another issue that politicians have been talking about for years. People who are on welfare are continuing to dig themselves into deeper financial holes by adding more mouths to feed.

Being on welfare often entitles a person to WIC as soon as they have kids. This provides even more money for such things as formula, milk, juice, cheese, and other items. There are plenty of videos out there of other bold thieves who talk about getting so many WIC checks that they end up buying more products and then selling them in order to get more money. Often, people breast-feed but still use WIC to get formula – giving them an extra source of revenue.

In Los Angeles, the welfare system uses EBT to provide funds on a card. In addition to the food, they provide GR (General Relief). The woman breaks it down to what she gets, per person, as GR in the amount of $221 and $179 for each person for food. This adds up to $400 a person (the adult and, then, each child) plus free daycare. The EBT card works at fast-food restaurants, too, making it easy for people to enjoy an easy life. Combine that with the Section 8 free housing and it’s easy to see why Welfare is absolutely broken.

299 thoughts on “Woman Committing Welfare Fraud Brags About Her Purchases

  1. No wonder California is deemed a “Democratic” state. It’s very sad. I had the unfortunate experience of needing food stamps about 11 yrs. ago because I could not find work. I went to the EDD classes everyday looking for work, taking 2 buses to get there because I didn’t have a car.

    What amazed me the most were the people driving up in Cadillacs and sporting the most expensive brands of sneakers while talking on their IPhones saying “yea, I’m just here getting my free money”.

    California need change and needs it now!

    I pray someone will step up and drain this swamp.

  2. I know it’s hard being brought up on welfare and to get off it but in California, they get Cash, WIC, Housing, Utility’s and Day Care, why do they need Daycare if not working. Why not if paying for Daycare put the people to Work (oops a Bad word) there is plenty of work for them to do . So if on welfare give them a job and guess what I think most people would want to work and not depend on welfare once they brake that chain of entitlement. If no work no Welfare that simple.

  3. We had that same hillbilly, ghetto welfare in Michigan. Some 90 thousand lazy ass welfare breeders got thrown off the public dole with Governor John Engler. This was the only thing Engler did right. Known as pothole john or orange barrel john.
    He lied, said he would drive his Oldsmobile. Ended up flying on State Police jets. 3 time greedy bastard.

  4. That made me want to throw up! Welfare skank! I’m 66, get a check my deceased husband payed in! No EBT or any other help except Medicare that I get because I’m 66, which is not free! She disgusts me🤮 Do other states allow this?

  5. This woman deserves a jail sentence for her fraud. She takes assistance away from those
    who really do need the help and she is obviously capable of getting a job, however, I pity
    her employer. If you feel stealing is ok…you will steal from anyone anywhere.

  6. They are not better than thieves. What is this world coming to for sure.
    We have become a Nation of anything goes and that is nonsense for sure.
    These people are thieves and they should be prosecuted instead of being rewarded
    for their corrupt actions.

  7. Disgusting. CA better start addressing this. I have always worked for what I get. I pay my bills first and if anything is left over (which there never is) then I can go to a fast food or some other restaurant. My mother raised me that way. Where is their pride. I guess gaming the system makes them proud.

  8. First thing I noticed is that the woman is African-American. Doesn’t she realize that there are working African-Americans paying taxes into the welfare system? She is robbing from her fellow African-Americans plus all other working Americans. It was dummycrat LBJ that started the welfare program under the false “war on poverty.” LBJ quietly said welfare was a way to keep those (racial slur) voting democrat. At least the woman isn’t aborting her children. One of the founding nags of planned parenthood (who had ties to the KKK) said abortion was the best way to exterminate the black race. This woman is very ignorant, but being raised in California it’s not hard to figure out why she’s that way.

  9. And they want us to pay them ,because there family was a slave at one time over 100 yrs ago,my grand parents won’t in this country then! They never had slaves ,but this person and others white or brown ,black need to work or starve as some of my family did before coming to the great USA!

  10. I hope this Creep is arrested ! It’s her type that are probably more common than we think . Time to start drug testing anyone who is Taking from us hard working , tax paying Americans !

  11. This is a total disgrace, needs to be addressed immediately and these low life democraps should be removed from office. To allow someone to go on social media and brag about committing outright fraud and not only throwing them off welfare and prosecuting them is a travesty of justice. These people allowing this to continue make me sick.

  12. This is why damncrats need to be voted out of office, if all hard working people quit voting for dems and vote for the GOP this crap would come to an end. Carter was the last dem. I voted for Trump and lots of GOP in the house and senate.


  14. people who fraud the welfare system are thieves just as if they went in store with gun anr robbed. they have no pride, no dignity. it is all about them and how much they can steal, sneak and rob. how do these people live with themself? no one is too good to work. i am 90 and have never ask anyone for a dime in my life. my husband and i both worked. there will be a payday some day. you will stand before our lord and answer to him. may god have pity on your totten souls.

  15. California and all the liberal actors along with their politicians deserve this piece of shit! That’s why POTUS is going after these low life that are like a virus and just seem to spread.

  16. I understand completely if you lost your job, and you have no choice but to collect benefits
    to survive. To sit, and not try to find another job
    to take advantage of the system really sucks.
    These are the people that need some discipline in life. No wonder the leftist are pissed off, because they have been discovered taking advantage of tax payers.
    How wide spread is this problem with welfare recipients?????????

  17. I’ve been a landlord of and on for decades. I’ve actually stopped taking section 8 housing because of all the abuse.

  18. Get a job then you may progress someday when welfare is completely cut out and it should be cut out completely. Try helping yourself for a chance and quit begging. No sympathy for you if you ever starve which you should starve.

  19. This makes me want to barf! This is why I don’t don’t live in California anymore. The CA taxpayers are getting screwed!

  20. Hard working people do without and she has more then they……God will deal with it in his timing. In the mean time give her a Bible to read.

  21. Why isn’t anyone going after this skanky bitch ?? They have all the evidence they need for a conviction ! This is you a liberal Democrat snowflakes at their best these assholes are one to keep giving these piece of shit people our tax paying money. Pass this on people let’s put this skank on jail . For you DEMOCRATIC supporters you still want to support them ?? While then don’t complain about the taxes you pay you helped make this skanky bitch!!

  22. When all is said and done, the USA is the easiest country to get benefits from the government——–an estimated 170 000 000 citizens receive some kind of benefits every week

  23. This is a disgrace that our politicians use this “scheme” in order to get votes and make people weak and dependent on the government instead of themselves.
    This is how you make a country weak and become socialistic.
    I hope President Trump can change this so the people will have more pride in themselves and set better examples for their children as they grow up and become strong adults.
    I am 83 years old, a retired teacher, a widow and have never taken any govt. assistance.

  24. It’s so true and unfare to the people who worked hard to succeed without any goverment subsidy.
    I understand the disabled people, elderly and our veterans may need government subsidy, but the rest who unwilling to work and think the working sosaete own them just for their existence it’s absolutely wrong. Every one need to contribute, work and pay taxes.
    It was time when our nation faced economic downfall and wasn’t many work available, but now it’s so many jobs around and companies hire, how come welfare exists for those who declined to work?
    For immigrants, English should not be excuse, to avoid employment. Immigrants should have a time limit like four to six month to study basic and be able to produce. It’s so many jobs around and required minimum of language. When people working, they absorb different language much faster. I am strongly believe welfare system need to be overlooked and stop to be permanent source of living for yang and healthy people.
    I was shocked to learn about money for day care!!!!
    Money should go directly to day care of mother choice , or to the baby sitter who will fully signed application with social security number and all nessasary information.
    It’s ok if any family member can be a baby sitter, but money should go directly to the baby sitter, not to the mother and mother need to go to work or study some skills at that time, not just to have a free ride.
    If mother sit at home with kids, father need to work ! No way the whole family sit on the neck of others. Health care should be given to kids, but parents need to buy something for their money.
    About benefits for legal immigrants, if they came under status of family reunion, their relatives are solely responcible for them for at least 3 years or till they become the citizens. The elderly eligible for Medical only, no welfare or food samps , or other benefits.
    If they apply for government benefits and illegally get these, their relatieves will be charged.
    How come people who win the immigration lottery immediately start getting the government benefits and without any time limit?
    This is also wrong, it should not be more than six month to start working!
    For illegals, no benefits it all! They break the law to enter illegally , why they should get anything.????
    But if they cross illigaly and already here, they should be vetting hard and allow permission to work only in the field of any low skills job for three years. Cleaning, chore, laundry , helping farmers, etc.
    if no criminal history within three years they can get permission to apply for the green card but not for any government benefits it all because they broke the law yo enter illegally into our country.
    Also , if they will engage in any wrong activity , or break any law , they should be immediately send back to the country they born.

  25. Why are we paying these people not to work and to have more children? Why doesn’t their requests for welfare include the requirement to work and if the job doesn’t pay enough, then they are supplemented with welfare. Then if they refuse to work; all welfare is cut off,rather than encouraging them not to work and have more children.

  26. This is why Americans voted for Donald Trump. We are sick of the lawless Spanish speaking lifetime welfare breeders called illegal immigrants sucking up our tax dollars with extra large families. Needy needy needy. Hispanics need everything. That is why they smuggle for the Cartels. I live in South Texas, lawless Rat hole of criminals.

  27. Please People, vote republican!!! Do it for your kids and grandkids. This world is going to hell and democrats don’t care about you as long as they cater to what’s popular to win your vote, especially these illegals coming across. Take it from a life long legal Mexican American.

  28. I know a woman and her husband in PA who fosters 5 children at a time. They get $1,000 a month tax free for EACH child, free medical care and free college. So neither of them ever had to get a job and they make $60,000 a year tax free + the perks. When one child gets out of college they come off foster care this couple gets another one to maintain their income. Everyone else would have to make $100,000 a year and pay taxes on it to make what they make. We had 4 children and I only made $32,000 a year and had to pay taxes and medical care, and by the time they went to college I was still only making $42,000 a year BEFORE taxes. Some always want to play the system and they are proud of it. Our taxes could be so much lower without all those democrat give aways!

  29. The Bible teaches that if you don’t work you don’t eat! Lazy is not a disease or reason to receive free money food and housing! Go to work or don’t eat!

  30. It is way past time to reform the Welfare system. Work need to be required or no benefit of any kind. There are truly some people who need the help from Welfare but people like this woman and many more need to be removed from the system and it shouldn’t be that hard to do checks on recipients to see if they really need it or are just taking advantage. There seem to be mega employees in the Welfare System so put some of them to work doing audit. There also should be a limit to the time you are on welfare-especially people in the age range that th
    ey could work. It is shameful to have our benefits ravaged by cheaters.

  31. This needs to be stopped once and for all. She blatantly made a video describing how much she is making etc. why in the hell would fast food restaurants take EBT? They too should not be permitted to do so. Anyone found to have gotten welfare benefits when they are capable of working should be prosecuted, made to pay fines along with paying back every red cent they stole from the american taxpayers.

  32. First time to be on welfare ok everyone makes mistakes, but second time they know what their doing. I know when I rode the public transportation I heard a lot of women say I got to get pregnant didn’t care by whom just as long as she can get welfare for ever!!! Now in temporary hardships ok for welfare only temporary though.

  33. YES this does make my blood boil. I have heard about this “people knowing how to play the system” and wonder why it hasn’t been stopped but do understand that it keeps going because the Demorats don’t want it to stop. I know you can understand how I feel – I am elderly worked all my life and now am on fixed income. I did see on TV that our great President was going to make some of these people do some work if they were receiving welfare. How far did that get??

  34. This is so unfair us as taxpayers, because as a head of my household I struggle to by food for myself, pay ten t, car note, car insurance, utilities, etc. But yet I don’t even qualify for food assistant and struggle each day trying to make it off of the little salary I make working for the State with no raises over years and each year the cost of living going up but pay grade staying the same. Trying to work with disabilities but can’t get disability. This is not fair at all.

  35. Didn’t this program have a two year limit cutoff?? What happened to supervision to avoid unnecessary extension of the benefits? Congress has avoided that supervision in all these give away programs. What happened to the job requirements?? Term limits anyone??

  36. This has been going on for years not only in California but almost every Democratic controlled state in the USA .

  37. This is terrible. I’m sure there’s are many more who are doing the same. The system needs to be cleaned up of those who are capable of working and have used the system long term

  38. Same goes on right here in Michigan. I had 2 mothers tell me how they were working the system and that was over 10 years ago


  40. Is this two timer in jail yet. Probably not because she’s black and we have to feel very sorry for them. I don’t not when they are stealing from my hard earned tax dollars, and taking that money away from someone that probably really needs it. Throw her all in jail and take her kids away from her before they learn to be thieves.

  41. AS LONG AS WE HAVE PEOPLE LIKE jUAN wILLIAms with his cockamnia ideas simply because he is a democrat with no common sense and encouraging the left extreme Dems to keep talking their idiotic plans that I cannot believe that they really think this is correct.

  42. TERM LIMITS for POLITICIANS!!! Let them (Politicians) start earning their money like the rest of Americans and this kind of Bull**** will stop. Democrats needs to get their heads out of their butts and start legislating for all the people and America. Democrat voters and a lot of Independent voters need to quit voting for free things and understand the consequences of their vote. It’s all about POWER with the Democratic Politicians and they are very willing to sell America down the river for their own benefit and the people that support them or either to ignorant or stupid to realize it. No one in their right mind would want to continue supporting people (regardless of ethnic background, sex, etc.) that is capable of taking care of themselves. It’s time we demand accountability from our Politicians and the American Leaches that are always looking for a handout instead of a job.

  43. Is anyone surprised by this? That’s why liberal voters keep electing these same assholes, to continue the freebees from hard working taxpayers. I don’t know what it’s going to take to “wake up” the stupid voters in this state!

  44. Why don’t our representatives address this problem and stop this endless parade of people taking our money for themselves. I’m not one to take any advantage of this sort of thing and I am angry at these people for taking my money and not EARNING their own money. What would happen if the rest of of tax payers went on welfare??????

  45. The irresponsibility is about our politician around the country that they do not like to enforce the laws. People in the Welfare program are better than us that we worked hard for all of them. The same thing is occurring in California that is full of stool and the politicians don’t are doing anything. The same with the immigration laws. All responsible for those immoralities are the politician together with the Governor. They have a plot against Donald Trump and are permitting all kind of disorder in our state. The same thing is occurring in other states that the politician only think in their political position and not in the people. For all of this, I will vote for Donald Trump again .2020 is the best option that we have for to trying to rescue our states from the corrupts politicians. Voting for DONALD TRUMP 2020 is our big HOPE

  46. boy she really has balls making a video of this Has the POTUS seen this someone who knows how please get this to him or hannity or tucker so they give our money to the illegal immigrants and to people who work the system wow!!!! how dishardening this really is she does or they do not want to work and will take away from the elderly and the veterans and never bat an eye what a wonderful set of parents this young lady had you should be really proud NOT!!!!

  47. What the hell is wrong with our government? I own a small business in Kentucky, work my ass off everyday so don’t my 4 employees! I pay more in quarterly taxes than I make a freakin quarter, explain how that can be fair! Are government weather state or federal needs to grow some balls and do something

  48. Anyone who is healthy & can work should NOT get Welfare, GR or FoodStamps longer than six weeks during which time they must enroll in a State mandated training program to learn new skills to be employable! I bet if they knew there wouldn’t be anymore “Free Anything” they wouldn’t have children they couldn’t afford and would find a JOB ASAP!
    I have two Bachelors Degrees and worked as a paralegal 17 years when I became totally & permanently disabled. We lost our beautiful home and I eventually had to apply for Food Stamps after many years of living only on my SSD check. Was supposed to get $120/month; got a whole $38 instead then cut off! All of these free-loaders are STEALING & their days are numbered! #TRUMP2020

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