The Murrieta School District in California is not allowing parents to opt their children out of LGBTQ content.

As with any school district, Murrieta has a comprehensive sexual education program in place. However, new laws in California allow those programs to now contain content and material, including the history of LGBTQ communities, masturbation, role-playing, oral sex, and even how to get abortions without parental consent.

And while that in and of itself is bad enough, this particular school district is lying to parents not only about the inclusion of such content, but it tells them that they can opt-out of those classes if they wish.

When a local group, Our Watch, found out about the program and its content, it tried to expose the district. It even made a video about it, in which the group records an ACLU staff attorney instructing teachers on how to help their students get abortions. When the video was released, it received immediate backlash from the community.

However, the school quickly sent out an email warning that there was false information being spread around about their sex education program. In the email, Monica Gutierrez of the Public Information Office included a pamphlet about the program to try and quell such rumors. The flyer let parents know at the bottom that they could opt-out of the program if they wanted to.

However, when Pastor Tim Thompson, President of Our Watch, contacted Gutierrez regarding the program months earlier, she told him while they could opt out of the sex-ed class they could not do so for any other courses that contain similar content.

Gutierrez told him that the California Healthy Youth Act, also known as AB329, requires teachers and curricula to positively “recognize different sexual orientations, be inclusive of same-sex relationships, and teach students about gender, gender identity, and gender expression.”

Additionally, she stated, “For all sexual health education, instruction and materials used in the District’s sexual health and HIV education must be age-appropriate, medically accurate, and appropriate for use with students of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic or cultural backgrounds, English learners, and students with disabilities.”

And she added, “In practice, this means that the above-mentioned criteria must be fused throughout the entirety of the curriculum.”

Therefore, this information would no longer be kept to one singular class (sex ed) but spread throughout all subjects to make it relevant in all topics.

So parents could choose not to allow their child to take sex education courses, but other classes that also talked about and included this material were mandatory, such as history or English.

Thompson and others claim the pamphlet is extremely deceiving, giving parents the idea that they can simply opt their children out. However, it says nothing about the inclusion of such topics in other classes or the fact that those classes are required.

And Thompson says Murrieta is not the only district in the state to be participating in such ploys.

He and others attended a board meeting on Thursday to discuss the possibility of making the district a “Sanctuary School District.” This would mean that in that district state governments would be limited in their effort to “usurp the authority of parents in their children’s lives or to impose an ideology that is contrary to a family’s core values through state-mandated educational policies.”

The idea is to allow parents more control over what their children are taught and how schools enforce district-wide policies.

Also, it would mean that the district would “also reject the enforcement of AB39, SB48, or any other law requiring the teaching, approval, or encouragement of any type of sexual behavior,” according to Thompson.

Senate Bill 48 added that certain groups be added to the California Education Code, including “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans with a focus on what roles these groups play in society. However, while it included these groups, other topics such as any religious doctrine and abstinence-only education are prohibited.

He is pushing for parents to back him on this for the sake of the children of the district. But some such as board president Paul Diffley says he is wasting his time.

372 thoughts on “CA School District Won’t Let Kids Opt-Out of LGBTQ Content

  1. well i wouldn’t have to worry about opting out because i would get enough people to pull their kids out of school that the school would get back normal an not lgbtq B.S.or have to close because not enough attendance to keep it open an pay teachers.

  2. The news media hides facts why people are leaving California, but don’t take my word for it.
    Just listen to the liberals, and you will know what’s happening. So when all of these brainwashed students grow up, how many will sue the districts that allowed this to happen?

    1. Home schooling is not only difficult states have erected almost insurmountable hurdles in the way. As long as you have government funded education it will not only be twisted but expensive as well and will only get worse with time.

  3. California you have the most corrupt politicians and the weirdest acting looking, freaky people in the country with NY at 2nd, you need to remove your unAmerican politicians or reap what you sew…Thank god we don’t live there and that god my grandchildren are homeschooled…

  4. No way in hell I would allow this “school” to teach my kids about perverts and their immoral and freakish behavior. Let alone teach them that it is acceptable in a civilized world.
    I would have an attorney slap an injunction on the entire program o fast it would make the school principle and the board think that 9.0 earthquake had just hit!
    Figures this is in a school in the national sewer.

  5. I know I would be home schooling my children! No one usurps the parents! Bet there are no Muslim kids in that school! Would there be Christian parents there? Both religions need to pull the kids. When those talks come, it is the parents that do it.

  6. You have got to be kidding me! This is absolutely insane. No way in hell would I allow you to indoctrinate my children in your evil crap. It is up to the parents as to what they want their children to know and when. You are bullies!

  7. The schools are getting away with too much s*** the parents or the Teachers Association should band the parents together and protest you don’t want your students are your children to read stuff like this this is disgusting masturbation and self abortions what the hell is wrong with the school system’s boy if I had kids in school I be the first one to stand up and speak my mind

  8. Come live in Indiana where yes– the evil influence is as well. but not as strong or prevalent. And also where Jesus is alive.
    ARE the financial incentives in CA more important than you childrens’ innocence and peace?

  9. Moderation means no free speech… Comme ce n’est pas juste pour les enfants. Tante pis… c’est vraiment domage.

  10. disgusting puke ! I can’t wait for these demon libTURDs to go to hell and burn for eternity! SOB, I hope they drop dead and meet their father…satan! I HATE THEM! HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO KIDS? BASTARDS! I don’t care what they do behind close doors! They should go to hell FAST!

  11. I never let any government control what my kids were taught, I questioned my kids daily on what they learned in school that day. If it was highly questionable, I went to the school and confronted the teacher and the principal, they changed their minds.

  12. This is unconstitutional!! A parent needs to sue they are invading parental rights! Masturbation and role play is too far! I can understand the history i.e. civil rights but masturbation?? That’s not just a gay thing!!

  13. Gee, I wonder why more and more parents are sending their children to private schools or doing home schooling. With a little luck, the NEA and public school system will go out of existence.

  14. Fuck California!!! They should not be part of our United States !!! Make them part of Mexico and defund them completely – they are beyond help !!!

  15. Quit voting for Left Wing Bozo’s and restore your state to normalcy. I like the toss them off the roof concept.

  16. We need to get school districts back to teaching reading, writting and arithmetic. Our children are not proficient in any of those subjects. How about geography, civics and history. Our children upon graduation cannot answer simple questions in any of these subjects without looking the question up on the computer. What happened to being headsmart. Computers don’t always work. Without the cash register working our young people cannot even count back the correct change. I am not blaming the young people graduating today. Put the blame where it belongs with the so-called educators today. With Bachelor and Master degrees and very little common sense they are so worried about sex-ed, abortions, homosexuals and masturbating. Let the parent decide what they get taught in any of those topics. Who the hell is the parents anymore. Worry about teaching the students what they need to function and compete in the world today. Japan and China ,to name just two, are so advanced upon graduation compared to our students. Do not tell me that the parents are not raising the children properly. By your standards I will not allow my grandchildren to be subjected. I will take everyone of them out of public school and homeschool them or private school them. You so called educators are not teaching them to proficient in the real world. Colleges over the years have lowered entrance exams because students weren’t scoring high enough for entrance. Get back to teaching and let the parents do the moral upbringing. REMEMBER THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN, not yours thank God. Parents have got to take back the schools and that includes banning the the so-called sex and other bullshit classes.

  17. This is appalling, This is an abomination. Its not right that they want to push their beliefs on others but when it comes to Christianity, they have a problem with us speaking about Jesus Christ. This is a sign for parents to start home schooling their children.

  18. First my kid WOULD BE OUT, not because I care what other people think or how they live BUT, it’s up to me for their social exposure. I don’t believe it’s right to teach children that homosexual life styles are normal. Humans are the only animals that makes that choice in life style.

  19. The only way to give out sexually explicit information to children and NOT be accused of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor!

  20. I do not believe this should not be taught in the school systems. what I have read that most parents do not wish for this content to be taught. Most parents don’t believe that there is more then 2 sexual types. ! MALE AND FEMALE ONLY! I believe most people could care less about how faffots got started.

  21. My children and grandchildren will be subjected to bully teachers or any course pertaining to homosexuality period.

  22. I have never heard, of a sicker bunch of perverts, pedophiles, and immoral people in my life, well I tell you what if I was in that school, everyday I walked I would have a Bible under my arm and walk right in that class with it then, if the pervert drag queen or whatever other perv that is teaching tried to take it. I would demand to call my parents and they’d have the biggest lawsuit you have ever seen, heck they can take away businesses, so well shut down their perverted schools, and all you teachers that are doing this along with the school board you are all a bunch of immoral very sick people. I feel sorry if you have kids and what you are teaching them because it’s obviously not the right thing. What a disgrace.

  23. Parents if they want let you opt out withdrawal your children and refuse to pay the taxes then take the school District to court. These bulleies must be stoped they are evil this is not about equality this is about Immoral Supiriority

  24. All the information to be taught should be done by the parents. They would know what their child would be ready to learn. This sounds like it wont be long until the kids are being raised by the government! Is this where this country is going. Sounds like something that was done in nazi Germany!

  25. This is not right. Parents should be able to exclude their children from this. It is up to the parents to decide what their child is going to be exposed to. They should promote family values, and these teachings lead to immorality, and not valueing the live of unborn babies. If we are animals why dont we act like it. Traditional Christian Values promotes the value of life, and teaches us that we are wonderfully created, and it gives our lives value to tell others how to get this life, and live a life that is glorifying to God, knowing that they are special. Teaching us how to love, be kind, and build people up rather than the opposite. We learn to depend on the Creator for guidance ( It always leads to preserverance of life). These need to be promoted,not the other.)

  26. Stalinism is alive and well! The school is forcing their views and religions upon the children and their families!

  27. The parents need to jerk their children out of the school and sue the Education System and the school. If enough of the parents ban together they can force the school to revoke to classes.

  28. If you want to over take a Country? You begin with the CHILDREN. What a better place to brainwash CHILDREN than at SCHOOL and COLLEGE. Last time I looked PARENTS are footing the BILLS for ALL the SCHOOLS and COLLEGES. … PARENTS you have got to join the PTA TODAY. We have got to ride SHOTGUN over our Educator’s and what we will allow them to teach our CHILDREN? And what we will NOT ALLOW them to teach our CHILDREN. … The SCHOOLS HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES TO BE INEPT. … NOW, It is up to YOU and ME to take the reins and know for a FACT what is being TAUGHT to our very impressionable young CHILDREN. … This is My JOB. This is Your JOB! Never allow ANYONE to come in and take the JOB of EDUCATING our Own Children From US! … JOIN THE PTA TODAY and Take Back our Schools!!!! IF you do NOT aPPROVE of your child learning a Sexual Subject At School??? Speak Up Immediately and PROTEST IT!

  29. To destroy the innocence of children like this is criminal and an abomination.
    Why any group would want to express pride in their primal urges and the means to gratify them is beyond reason. It’s demonic.
    We all have some thorn in our sides that pushes us. It’s there to force us to find our better selves, our gifts and talents, not the latest fad of perverts whose lives are a mess while striving to destroy others.


  31. This is extremely wrong. As a parent and grandparent I would never stand for this. Every parent has the right to decide what their children are exposed to and at what age the parent feels is appropriate. I would also file a lawsuit because you are usurping a Parents rights. First you throw God out of the schools and now you are educating children in hell. It is each persons right to decide what lifestyle they choose to live but you DO NOT
    HAVE THE RIGHT to expose children to sex that is totally a parental prerogative SEX should not be school curricula for children.

  32. This homosexual assault on the family and especially the children is straight out child abuse. Sex education is a family affair not public schools. AND perversion should never be mentioned around innocent children. This is a sick demonic agenda to warp the minds of children and to remove moral teachings and boundaries. Shame on this school and the state of California.

  33. I’m behind the parent’s right to choose for their children. To force this onto children already trying to figure things out is unbelievable. Do not pretend this is for the child’s sake. This is all about LBGTQ getting THEIR way at everyone else’s expense. Shame on them. There are proper ages to teach these things. Elementary school age is NOT it. Ever.

  34. Why can’t Children just be children? Why should they be exposed in a school setting to things that obviously do not belong in a classroom. What an abomination it is. This is child sexual abuse as a parent I will file a lawsuit against the school if my child is exposed to any of it. Sex education is a parents responsibility. Teach your children what you
    See as appropriate not what some school districts
    Want to do to in a classroom setting or any setting.

  35. Unbelievable I have been telling my Family with Young Kids that this is what’s happening in Schools and they just can’t believe it in fact most of them say I’m tripping that it’s Not True. I told them it’s better to Home School their Kids instead of sending them to Public Schools but they won’t do it until they actually have one of their Kids come home and tell them that they learned about Giving a Blow Job or having Anal Sex!
    I’m glad my kids are all over 21 now and were Home Schooled up until High School and at least by then they were all hip to the Crazy Crap that is going on in Society these days. I really Hope and Pray that Parents will wake up and take their kids out of Public Schools before they are CORRUPTED!

  36. I am certainly praying that our children be freed and protected from this indoctrination because this IS NOT education.

  37. I would pull my child(ren) out of roadblocks immediately and homeschool them! Thank God my children are grown!! I can’t stand public schools these days! They’re nothing more than liberal indoctrination stations now.

  38. It is wrong to teach perversion and confusion in any classroom. Children are innocent’s and should be left out of this type of so called education. The LGBT community wants affirmation that what they do sexually is normal. Everyone knows it is not and never will be. The percentage of people in our nation that are from the LGBT community is less than 1.2 % so why should we allow for their abnormal lifestyle to be taught to our children. This is really ridiculous. There is a big problem with sex trafficking of children in our nation as there is and this is just as bad in my opinion for telling children how to do acts of homosexuality is like teaching them porn….ugh. If I were a parent to any child going to this school I would do everything to pull my child out of the district and home school them. It is the only way to protect their precious children . This is a prime example of why we don’t need big government. Parents have the right to protect their children from perversion. Don’t like that word? Tough. That is what is going on with LGBT people. And don’t call me a hater. I don’t hate LGBT people. I hate that they live the way they do for it hurts them too. SAD…

  39. This is outrageous they should not be able to subject our kids to anything as disgusting as this it’s our right to teach our children what is right or wrong or an abomination . More democratic BS trying to rule our lives an country with their sick agenda fire them all
    I’ve always said to each there own but when you demand that we take this crap it’s wrong where is our rights to it being offensive an a abomination ? 🤢🤮👎

  40. When school districts take over the role of parents in teaching our children about all aspects of sex, and what, or what not, we would teach them, that goes too far!
    The only ones who have that right is the parents or guardians of our children, and as far as I’ve heard, school districts haven’t been awarded those rights yet!
    PARENTS MUST TAKE A STAND ON THIS ISSUE!!! Our children are far too important for us not to!

  41. Only in Ca. I guess it will become interesting when they teach sex positions etc., and want our children to demonstrate how it’s done. Bunch of sick people in CA. We don’t need a wall between the US and Mecca instead isolate CA from the rest of the country.

  42. These homosexuals are pulling what they did to the Boys Scouts. The have infiltrated as teachers and board members so they can indoctrinate children in offering up children to homosexuals for their sexual activities. They are perverts and should have charges brought up against them and parents suing these boards and principals and teachers who have the balls to put their sexual wants on the children especially the little ones who are being prepared for homosexual adults like the homosexual priests in the Catholic Church. Homosexual sexual needs is what they worship and it is not the schools job to be offering children up for sex. It is a form of trafficing children for future homosexual sex and fulfilling the sexual needs and dreams of homosexuals. Why do parents think these board people and principals and teachers are pushing this, it is because of their sexual needs not the needs of the children who need an education to get a job to support themselves as adults. Homosexuals got kicked out of the Catholic and other churches so they have to find a new hunting grounds for our kids, the Boys Scouts and our schools.

  43. This is counter to any reasonable and logical action. If public schools have the right to go against the wishes of the parents in the education of THEIR children, then the parents have every right to pull their children out of these public schools. The parents have a constitutional right to dictate what is acceptable and reasonable for their children to be exposed to when it comes to sex education, and this absolutely crosses the line. This is for the parents to teach if they feel this is appropriate at the right time. The push to include gender, gender identity and inclusion goes too far and is driven by the Left which has gone crazy! Telling young girls how to get an abortion without parental consent? This is simply insane! Parents must pull their children out of the public schools that push this and put them in a Conservative private school (Christian, or Jewish) or home school.

  44. take the schools to court or move kids to another school once they lose enough kids they will either change the schools policy or go broke no kids no money for school.

  45. This is all about destroyng traditional family values. Without these values being taught in school the children are brainwashed and endoctrinized to accept the LGBTQ lifestyle as the normal or even the preferred way of life. The radical liberals have been successful in furthering their infiltration to the elementary school level. The younger the child the easier the lesson.

    Parents: if you don’t want this for your child – home school you child, find a private school, etc.

  46. Whatever happened to individual freedom; whatever happened o take away the rights of parents to train their children in the core values the parents proclaim. California, and any other places that delete parent’s rights and assume the right to train the children in core values decided by whomever! California has gone off the deep end!!! Pity the children; pity our country and its founding principles–trashed in California; Best California take those who want to trash parental rights and float them out the Pacific ocean; God help California and the responsible parents

  47. These people never desist from taking our children down the path of morality destruction. They are sly like the devil and don’t care if they hurt or even destroy the family unit. Parents have the only right and responsibility of educating their children on these topics and if they can’t, they should be consulted about what their children should be taught at school. Wake up parents.

  48. These schools have gone way overboard on what they’re allowed to do !!!!
    The parents are going to have to band together to demand these schools , stop teaching things that go against the grain of the parents !!!

    How about these schools start teaching things that are appropriate for the children’s future benefit !!!!!!

  49. Before I opened up the file, I knew it had to be california just by the headline. Somebody better to a chemical analysis of the drinking water in that state

  50. Democrats have ruined our otherwise beautiful State. My children are all in Church Schoo
    Public school system is, apparently, putrefact. There is only one way, Church School.

  51. I hope every parent who is facing this can just move out of California. It’s a filthy dump anyway. I look forward to the day when either the Hayward or other fault just dump it into the Pacific with all the filthy crazy people there.

  52. Sick MF’ers to be screwing around with kids as sexual objects. They are ALL predator pedos. unless you are a very sick person a child’s sexualiity should not be of such importance to you. parents should remove the children immediately.


  54. Since when did we become a communist country that we do not a freedom of choice. Seems that California had become a part of the socialists world and should be thrown out of the United States.

  55. I really believe it is time for cali-gutless-fornia parents to find where they left their nerve and start fighting these BS laws by school-districts and their more than corrupt politicians. My kids would gone from that school district so fast — the A-holes would be left stuttering.

  56. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ALL of California should suffer the BIG ONE and break off from the United States of America and sink into the Pacific Ocean NEVER to be see EVER again. The people of California a are ALL morons and cowards by letting the government and so called education system destroy the state. SCREW CALOIFORNIA.

  57. Teaching small children about the subject matter as listed is child abuse. But since CA state courts are doubtless as corrupt as their politicians, prosecute their butts in Federal Court for violating the childrens’ and parents civil rights!

  58. The fault lies with Democratic appointed judges and elected officials that sanction and force the filth of homosexuals practices to be imposed upon children that should be enjoying their innocent youth. The time will come when this filthy practice will be put to an end. And for this to end, dirty Democratic politicians and judges must be removed from office for they are the nation’s culprits who sell their souls for votes.

    USAF (RET)

  59. Did you now that when your baby is born, you absolutely own that baby, but when the birth certificate is presented to you to sign, you are signing away your rights to that baby? This is true. You get to bring up that child, but at any time they want, the government can take the baby or child away from you? The birth certificate you signed is a certificate to give your child to the government. Are you angry yet? I was when I found out and I am still upset about it. I am not making this up.

  60. God made man and woman and it was not his intent to change your sex. Parents that allow this to happen to there children are committing child abuse.
    God’s marriage is between a Man and an Woman. Homosexual unions are not part of God’s design for us.
    God loves us so much he gives us free will, but people will be judged (when they die) on there actions and especially if they lead innocent children astray.

  61. It’s no wonder that California is losing population to other states. While it is a physically beautiful state it has become a political cesspool — a total disaster. Now their education system is set to actively destroy the innocence of children with their liberal political correctness crap.
    It should be renamed Calipornia.

  62. People should protest this school. I do not want children subjected to this line of teaching at such an early age. Most young children cannot even decide what to wear to school so mom does. God save us from leftest teachers and school boards.

  63. Jesus has warned everyone to do no harm to “the little children”. Take him seriously you purveyors of the dark side of sexual activity! Pastor Thompson, please continue to Have invincible Faith in Our Lord. We know that all of this wretchedness has not escaped His attention! More than ever, this is the time for home schooling.

  64. Marxism cannot flourish without destroying the primacy of the family unit, the very building blocks of a society. But, like religion, families are a threat to Marxist control and must, therefore, be debilitated. This is a foundational tenet of the toxic Progressive doctrine. The parents MUST resist or lose their children to PC tyranny. But, will they have the stomach, the principle, the spine to do so. The 64,000 dollar question.

  65. Since when will governments STOP dictating our lives? NO school or law should prohibit what i teach any of my children. We have three lost generations from the family being taken OUT of the equation of a child’s education by the courts. The result is PLAIN to see in 2019. I and those i know will vote accordingly.

  66. I and many others think the parents should have a say in this curriculum. That does not need to be taught in schools. Teach them subjects that will help them in life!!!

  67. Of course because only people with outrageous ideas are allowed to speak. So far left they’re falling off cliffs on purpose. Sad! If equality were all that was truthfully being seeked out then there wouldn’t be a fight. EVERYONE IS ALLOWED THEIR OWN OPINION AND BELIEF, THIS IS AMERICA. If I can’t jam my ideas for what’s right for my family down your throat you will CERTAINLY NOT jam yours down mine.
    Also, no one should be taught to have sex in school. That is simply grotesque and not called for. People have been populating the earth all this time without being taught a thing about that. School is for furthering your knowledge of important information that will nurture all aspects of a decent and well rounded existence. Prostitution is only legal in a very small part of the USA ( unless you are in politics or a millionaire ), therefore it’s not very lucrative or worthwhile information.

  68. How sick is this world? If I had kids in that district I would refuse to let them go to that school. I would leave them at home with no school if I had to. No kid should be subjected to any sick sexual content

  69. California is going off the deep end, what’s worse is when California does something the Democrats in New Jersey will Follow just like puppy 🐶. As for California let’s build the Wall down South along the border and might as well keep going north up along California’s border this way they can have the open Borders they want and leave the rest of us alone.






  71. I will tell you this , the school will not be telling me that my child has to that class. I don’t care what they try to pass as a law, LET THE PEOPLE VOTE ON IT.

  72. Approximately half of the people in this country are protestants and catholics and I doubt that they would accept this. type of class. That goes for me too. This stuff is sick.

  73. It’s a government school (public school). Parents should demand school vouchers to send their children where they’ll get an education.

  74. Bull. Find another school. My children would not be taught this garbage. I would work 3 jobs to put my children in s private or Christian school. Sounds like California wants to destroy the mind of the children as it’’s being destroyed by these politicians. Perverts!

  75. We need to stop our tax money from being used to take away parent rights to have their first Amendment rights and values.

  76. Hell no!! The school district works for the people that live in it. If people care enough about their children, they as a whole need to keep their children home. If (all) parents stick together they cannot lock up the entire town until a change is made. Paul Diffley would find out that he has been wasting a lot of taxpayer money and needs ousted from his position.


  78. My Position:
    All USA (50 States), All School Districts of the 50 States SHALL NOT comply nor enforcem AB39, SB48, or any other law requiring the teaching, approval, or encouragement of any type of sexual behavior,”

  79. Diffley I had six Daughters in Escondido Public School system. If you tried to pull that stunt I would have shown you to a Texas style of Education.
    Parents are the only ones to teach their children Standards.

  80. California! I should have known! They have the most people trying to destroy our country’s Rights, Responcibilities, and Morals! New York is next in line. We need to clean up this country from coast to coast!

  81. This is SO WRONG!! We should be able to control this kind of crap being taught to our children!! They shouldn’t be able to teach our children this kind of offensive stuff!!! It should be up to the parent if they want their children to learn about this stuff. NOT THE SCHOOLS OR THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

  82. I am very happy because my children grew up and studied when there was moral in elementary schools. At this time if I have children receiving the homosexual instruction I put the scholar district in the court win the case or not. The elementary school in all state must teach the correct subjects us mathematics, history, geography, etc. For trying to teach like to handle the homosexuality those children are losing the concept that for they self when they are adult they will learn. Schools in California or other states are washing their children brain from the liberals teachers. Teachers in California are brainwashing students from elementary school and parents don’t take them out of those schools or oppose the laws of the corrupt politicians we have. How do they not teach them religion?

  83. Stop trying to push this insane ‘queer-lovers’ agenda on my children. I will not stand for any of this shit. Do not tell me my children must learn of these disgusting “trashy people” and respect their perverted life. GO TO HELL!!!

  84. This is sick. NEVER should happen and the kids are sworn to secrecy because of their parents just cannot understand.STOP teaching our kids this crap.

  85. Time to elect new people to be in charge of the California Education System or home school, or send your children to private schools!

  86. THe district concerned should sue
    School District and their school administrators for lying to the parents about the content of their sex education. Unbelievable. That is what happens when we let the lgbt penetrate our schools and government. THe program of lGBT to desensitize our children seems to be working. We have no time to wait and see this evil work in the hearts of our school children.

  87. The late, great Benedict Groeschel, Franciscan monk spoke about these times. Terrible times. When love for our fellow man is congruent with love of a perverted lifestyle.
    I notice, and am guilty as well, of some of the curse words used in blaming those responsible for this perverse education. It was St. Paul who told us that we are at war with, “princes and principalities”, so while we must resist those propounding this evil, we mustn’t allow ourselves to use language that would offend our children as well. If you’re angry, put on the full armor of God. I can assure you God is mighty angry too.

    Notice the spokeswoman for the district. Does she think that blaming the situation on California law absolves her of implication in this? Perhaps, a lot of us do. Especially when our jobs and livelihoods are on the line. This is a time for heroic faith and heroic courage. We may expect to pay a price to do the right thing. We cannot use, as some of the Holocaust guards, “We were complying with the law.”, “We were obeying orders.”, and expect exoneration because of it.
    We are in a struggle for common decency in the midst of total depravity. We mustn’t become clanging cymbals in our efforts to change it. If we do we only exacerbate the problem, becoming part of it.
    We should keep all those who are facing difficult choices, choices many never expected, in our prayers. Ask the Lord to strengthen them, giving courage to do the correct thing. I’m thinking of the great Dr. King, fighting with prayer and non-violent resistance, taking the blows along the way and eventually paid with his life. Amen

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