Two of Koch Foods’ processing plants were raided in Mississippi by ICE, and over 600 illegal immigrants were detained. It was the largest immigration raid in U.S. history, and it caught the company off guard. Monday they sent out an announcement on social media that they would host a job fair to replace all of the illegal immigrants who were swept up in the raid.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had these small towns on their target list where a large number of illegal Latino immigrants worked and lived in Morton and Pelahatchie. Other plants were raided as well such as Peco Foods Inc. in Canton, Sebastopol, and Bay Springs. PH Food in Morton and Pearl River Foods in Carthage were also on the target list. A total of 680 illegal immigrants were arrested, and by the next day, there were over 300 released to appear before judges on their set court dates.

None of the illegal immigrants will be able to go back to work for months while they are waiting for their court dates. The job fair was set to replace all the workers they lost, and everyone who shows up will have to show two forms of identification and prove they are citizens before they can apply for any position. Something which is the law before hiring anyone, both the companies and the illegal immigrants who worked there are to blame.

The snowflake liberals were not too far behind trying to make the situation look worse than what it really was. On the video, ICE did everything by the book. No one was abused, and everyone was treated with dignity, so there was nothing but a child who they had to exploit on camera to try and make people feel guilty. It is a bad situation for the children who have to see their parents taken away, but what most may not have caught onto in the video is why were all the children at the plant where their parents worked? Something smells like the Liberal Democrats are at it again. Everyone knows the kids cannot go to a food processing plant with their parents while they are working.

Koch Foods’ main office is based in Park Ridge, Illinois, and has around 13,000 employees. They are one of the largest producers of poultry in the United States and has processing plants in Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia, Tennesse, and Ohio. There are no ties or relations between David and Charles Koch, who are heavy conservative donors.

There were no charges for those responsible for hiring unauthorized workers, but it does not rule out the fact the employers who did the hiring will be investigated by ICE and the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Mississippi. HSI New Orleans Special Agent in Charge Jere Miles told reporters in a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Mississippi, “HSI’s (Homeland Security Investigations) worksite enforcement efforts are equally focused on aliens who unlawfully seek work in the U.S. as well as the employers who knowingly hire them.”

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is a civil offense to hire illegal immigrants. Big and small businesses alike can suffer the consequences when this law is broken. The penalty can be as much as $9,472 per employee on a first-time offense. Second and third offenses can go higher, and the employers will get slapped with criminal charges and jail time if there is a pattern of illegal immigrants within their company.

Koch Foods put out the statement through company spokesman Jim Gilliand, “Koch Foods screens employees through the federal government database E-Verify. The company relies on temporary workers vetted through a third-party service.” They also had a lawsuit wherein 2018, the company had to pay concessions and $3.75 million to 11 Hispanic workers at its Morton plant for two discrimination lawsuits. The battle lasted eight years in the courtroom.

Companies in Mississippi must follow the law and use the E-Verify database to go through each applicant with a fine-tooth comb. Violations of this law in Mississippi can lead up to a five-year prison sentence and from one to ten thousand dollars in fines for each violation. If the employers are found to be guilty in this investigation, then a total amount for the fine could go as high as $680,000 across the state of Mississippi where the illegal immigrants were hired at the listed plants. Employers feel for the families, but it is a criminal offense.

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