Sen Kamala Harris, D-Ca has been pushing for something called Medicare for All, a scheme that would eliminate all private health insurance and lump everyone under a government-run system, much as exists in Canada and the UK. The scheme was first proposed by Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, but has now been taken up by most of the Democratic candidates for president. The conspicuous exception has been former Vice President Joe Biden, who is pretty sure that some kind of enhanced version of Obamacare will suffice to handle all of the healthcare needs of Americans.

Harris, like most of the Democratic presidential candidates, has been campaigning in Iowa, the first in the nation caucus state. She ventured to senior living center to give her pitch as to why she should be president when she ran into the worse nightmare of a politician – an informed voter. Fox News takes up the story:

“Presidential primary candidate Kamala Harris was confronted on Monday by an upset Iowa resident over the California senator’s plan to overhaul health care in the United States.

“The Democrat was speaking to voters at the Bickford Senior Living Center in Muscatine, Iowa when one of the center’s residents challenged her on how she planned to pay for ‘Medicare for All’ and told her not to ‘mess with’ health care.

“Leave our health care alone,” Roberta Jewell, a 91-year-old resident at the senior living facility, told Harris as she was describing her campaign’s health care proposal. “We don’t want you to mess with it.”

Harris hastened to assure Ms. Jewell that she has no intention of “messing with” anyone’s healthcare and that, in effect, if she likes her healthcare, she can keep her healthcare.

However, the Fox News article suggests that the senator is confused about the effects of her version of Medicare for All. The standard version of the scheme would eliminate all private insurance, the theory being that the government would provide healthcare at a much lower cost than the private sector. Proponents have failed to explain where this has ever been the case without draconian healthcare rationing and wait times, as happens in both Canada and the UK.

“But, Harris split from that approach on several fronts. She envisions a role for private insurers as long as they follow the government’s rules. She would slow the transition to a so-called single-payer system to 10 years from the four that her rival in the primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, has proposed. And she has ruled out tax increases on middle-income Americans, an idea to which Sanders has expressed openness in exchange for lowering the price of health coverage.”

The effect of the Harris version of government healthcare would be that indeed Ms. Jewell would keep her plan, but it would certainly be “messed with” with new government rules and mandates, much like the insurance policies under the Obamacare law. It is also unclear whether even these altered private insurance plans would still be around after the ten year transition period. It is also unclear whether one can have a single payor plan without massive middle-class tax increases. One estimate for Medicare for All suggests that it would cost $30 trillion over ten years, an immense sum by any measure. Sen Sanders’ Vermont rejected a similar plan because of the huge costs and the tax burden that goes with it.

Harris has not created much confidence since she previously followed the Bernie Sanders line by proposing to abolish private insurance. She was therefore for the abolishment of private health insurance before she was against it, a stunning flip-flop.

Harris made her ill-fated stop at the senior living center during a bus tour in which she is trying to shed her hard edge, prosecutor image and is trying to demonstrate her kinder and gentler side. After a brief boost in the polls after the first debate, when she demolished former Vice President Joe Biden on the stage on the subject of forced busing to achieve school integration, Harris has suffered a steady dip. According to Bloomberg, the latest statewide poll in Iowa has her at just 11 percent, behind Elizabeth Warren at 19 percent and Biden at 28 percent. Harris is trying to seem both progressive and pragmatic and, by all accounts, is failing at both.

305 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Gets a Talking to From Nursing Home Resident

  1. All of the Democrats have nothing to offer the people of this nation.All they offer is more taxes and out of control spending. They don’t have a clue how to run a democracy. I will be voting for Donald Trump. He has tried to make this country better and has without any help from the Democrats. God have mercy on us in 2020.

  2. Can we find out where this young lady in the nursing home was? Has anyone offered to get her and her constituents registered to vote!

  3. Another dumb ass Democrat trying to make everything government controled. Private insurance must follow government rules. That means no private insurance for people who want their own insurance.

  4. Harris just doesn’t get it!
    Health care for all, wasn’t this obama’s Political pitch?, and how is this going to be paid for?
    With all the failed policies in history, why is she
    picking one that has failed miserably.
    She also was part of the Russian hoax.
    And still no evidence of anything!
    How she became a prosecutor is beyond me.

  5. Kamala Harris is deceptive and pro death or pro murder since she backs abortion on demand. In CA, she tried to squelch David Delaidian of Center for Medical Progress who videotaped Planned Parenthood doctors and directors confessing how they sell baby body parts and organs after taking a live aborted baby and dissecting the child to get their organs and brain and other body parts to sell. Harris, as AG for CA raided Delaidian’s home to confiscate his computer and videotapes. The Senate Judiciary committee has not finished their investigation of Planned Parenthood. What she is not being transparent and honest about is the horrendous cost to the average working class blue collar worker and the middle class who will shoulder the cost for funding of a government healthcare insurance. Currently, the Affordable Care Act is costing a $1 trillion a year until it is either replaced or abolished. The political strategy behind this government over reach and takeover of the healthcare insurance is a double edged sword. First, it is a politically expedient strategy because Obama who was a student of Saul Alinsky whose Rules for Radicals first step for a socialist state is government takeover of the healthcare system. Secondly, Obama’s true goal was to destroy the current private insurance industry and centralize power in the federal government. Heatlh insurance for all sounds very noble, but it is a political ploy and deception to destroy our democracy under the disguise of equality and equal insurance access for all. This is centralizing power first and foremost with the hidden motive of granting more power and control to the federal government.

  6. Since she launched her political career by sleeping with willie brown, it was probably not enough to get her in the white house. She needs to find another bed partner with more influence.

  7. Someone ought to bring up Kamala Harris being a Mistress to a former Mayor of San Francisco and her family from Jamaica being slave owners. In 2019 there are no slaves and no slave owners in the US left from the Civil War era unless they are are over 150 years of age. Kamala wants the taxpayers of this Country to pay reparations to the families of black slaves. How she figures they deserve money because they were descendants of slaves is rather puzzling? Election talk? We give you everything for nothing if you vote for us even though it will bankrupt the Country and you will be poorer than you are now?
    The woman throws BS like all of those Democratic Candidates and if you vote for them believe me you will be very sorry. You will get exactly what you voted for and that is big ZERO.

  8. Go home, Kamala and stop bugging the senior citizens who know more than you do.
    Good for you, Ms. Jewell. I hope that I’m as sharp as she when I’m that age.


  10. We the people must band ourselves together as a united people (under God) and vote those who wish to turn this great Republic into another third world nation out of our governments leadership and the believers must learn to use their authority to repel the evil spiritual forces that are attacking our nation.

  11. “medicare” for all SOUNDS wonderful, but anybody with half a brain would have to admit that IT COULD NOT WORK! That lady asked the question that NOBODY WOULD ASK DURING THE DEBATES, “WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT???” ANSWER: ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR A LIVING AND PAY TAXES! THAT’S WHO WILL HAVE PAY FOR “MEDICARE FOR ALL”!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yep, just like obummer care, you can keep your doctor. What a laugh she is…she has no idea where the money will come from. What a freaking idiot!!!!!

  13. We are getting tired of hearing this “expert” politician promising
    the world,so they can get elected
    without haven a clue on how the healthcare system works.
    The only positive thing that K.Harris as on her favor so far is putting over 2000 people in jail for smoking weed, which so proudly defends by stating that she herself ” SMOKED WEED!

  14. Camel faced kamala harris who screwed her way to the top met someone smarter than her, i love this. This evil snake in the grass is partially responsible for the destruction and lawlessness of San Francisco, her former stomping grounds. As a resident of the city for over thirty years, i’m a bit of an expert on this. Camel faced kamala harris screwed willie brown, a married man to get what she wanted; the city’s district attorney position, for which she wasn’t qualified. then when she got what she wanted from him, she dumped him like last years lettuce. As one of San Francisco’s worst district attorneys, she screwed San Francisco. Then for some reason known only to God, she got the state attorney general position, and again she screwed the citizens of California. And to add insult to injury, she got a state senatorial position. again, the pattern follows suite, and she’s been screwing the legal citizens here ever since. Does anyone see a pattern here? Who in their right mind elected this no good lying, thieving socialist who’ll say and do anything to get to the top despite being unqualified and as for the presidency she’s definitely unqualified..She couldn’t even run a low class brothel in Vegas, where prostitution is illegal despite many outlyng counties in Nevada where legal., so what makes her think she can be president? Hopefully people see through her and all the other liberal buffoons outdoing each other with the pie in the sky promises of freebies and socialist BS that in the long run, need to be paid for and that means the hard working taxpayers who’re sick and tired of footing the bills for illegals, boat people, bums and those too damned lazy to work or refuse to work. I’ve got a great campaign slogan for camel faced ‘pull the race card’, anti Christian and ultra liberal kamala harris: Vote for me, i’m from California and if you want the USA to be just like the golden state, I’d appreciate your vote and support. This should sink her campaign like a Titanic sized iceberg. And if you’ve seen the conditions in California, you’d get the irony and sarcasm of this.


    TRUMP 2020

  17. Hey Kammie, get used to it GIRL ! People far and wide are onto you … As usual, you have no rebuttal when someone challenges you on one of your wild schemes. And it’s only going to get worse. Were you to reach the stage where you would be put in a Debate with PRESIDENT TRUMP, he will wipe the floor with you. Is that what you want ?? So proceed at your own risk !

  18. Kamala Harris is a ‘No Vote’ in 2020. She needs to vacate
    the political arena immediately. She is not a stable
    politician who can maintain a straight line thinking in anything.
    Sorry to the rest of the Democrats, they have no real
    2020 vision either for running anything let alone a country.
    We do not need a socialist system. We need the able
    bodied Americans who have not already stepped up to their
    responsibility to do so or they must be left behind without
    rewards for their failures. We need politicians to make
    this happen ASAP !!! We are tired of the freebies given to
    Americans without merit through politicians who have
    no ‘backbone’ to stand up for working Americans who are
    overtaxed for the irresponsible of our country.

  19. I believe that all the Democrats running for President, that believe Medicare for all with the 10 trillion dollar cost to taxpayers, needs to grow a brain and drop out of the race. The last thing taxpayers want to do is to pay more taxes for something that’s probably not even half as good as what they already have.

  20. My husband and I are both on Medicare. We cannot afford part B since the premiums eat up at least half of any increase we get. I feel sorry for people who think Medicare would be good for ‘everyone’ but they are not talking about that, they want everyone on Medicaid. Those people, who have never worked and earned anything get better medical care than we get and we worked all our lives. Everyone knows that Medicare has been on shaky ground for years so how will it help to put everyone on it? Medical coverage for everyone that is government sponsored will fail and fail in a big way, by bankrupting the country. As long as any Democrat gets on that band wagon and wants to reinstate Obamacare will never get our vote!!!!!

  21. am glad to hear someone calling her out she needs to be asked who pays for it and I hope this happens every time she brings it up

  22. Kampala one of the dems who knows how to spend our tax dollars better than the average citizens of our great USA. As a mater of fact is there any dem who doesn’t want bigger government? All these politicians want is how to promote themselves and get reellected. That said it goes unfortunately for both parties. SAD! We the people have a way to change that by informing our selves and voting!

  23. Lies, lies, and more lies!!! When will we ever see the truth. These people will say and do anything to get elected. They are power hungry.

  24. Ms Harris should see for herself what kind of government guide lines private insurance already follow. She is not truly informed on the matter.

  25. Harris is a filthy dirt bag lying doper whore who sells “IT” on the streets while being a lesbian on the side. She isn’t worth the powder to blow the bitch to Hell where she belongs!

  26. She falling in the polls ,excellent news the last thing we need is a former marijuana user and gold digger liying bit h as president.

  27. How do they intend to pay for all the ‘stuff’ that they want the Government to give free????

    The middle class people who are working????

    Why even work then – if you can get everything free!!!!

    How much more in taxes would this Senator pay from her salary to support that????

  28. All the Democrats are nothing more than Socialists. They don’t care about the American people only about themselves. After all they have their own healthcare program, which means they will get whatever they want and when they want it, all for nothing at the American tax payers expense. They also get the same pay when they retire as they were getting when they were working at screwing the tax payers over. The American goverment is for themselves by themselves , and NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  29. Harris can’t “shed her hard edge, prosecutor image” because she was never a real “prosecutor”, just doing her job. She was, rather a mean, vindictive persecutor out to punish those with whom she disagreed. By the way, real “prosecutors” think on their feet and would not be schooled by a 91-year old. It is not easy to hide one’s “mean” side, as Hillary Clinton found out.

  30. I guarantee that all Sen. Harris heard was, ” blah, blah, blah. Nice work.”
    All that Harris was thinking was, ” shutup, shutup, shutup…..reelect me”.

  31. They all have the worst ideas on health care and their crazy socialist ideas have to be stopped by electing our wonderful President a second term. If any of these democratic candidates were to be in office, our country would be doomed…….bankrupted and ruined for our children and theirs. We can’t let our forefathers down, we have to Keep America Great 👍🇺🇸

  32. Listen to Sally Pipes who has tremendous experience with this crazy medicare system for all
    It is socialism and does not work
    There would be long wait times to see a doctor and longer wait times for proceedures to be done RATIONED CARE—worse than the va system at its worse
    Most of the doctors would not take reinbursement for care and there would be to few MD’s for the population needing care
    people would be deemed to old for treatment and given placebos and other things to shut them up
    People come here]USA]for care they cannot get in other places

  33. Harris says nothing and the s adds emotion and facial expression to make it seem like she knows something. She’s dishonest in that she never disclosed how it will really be paid for and no one has ventured to say that one insurance for all will be so good that even Congress will be covered by the same exact mandates. Until someone says that, I’m not interested in anything they pretend to stand for.


  35. I’m not 91 but I agree. Don’t mess with my private insurance. Just make sure Medicare doesn’t run out of money.

  36. Kamala Harris is ALL ABOUT GETTING POWER.
    She has NO RESPECT for those who WORKED THEIR ENTIRE LIVES and EARNED their right to the medical benefits and Social Security they receive.
    Instead she INSISTS on giving Medicare and Social Security to those who HAVE NOT contributed to the system – Illegal Immigrants, People who live off Welfare so they DON’T HAVE TO WORK and so on.
    As a Political Science major with a HIstory Minor in College, my Thesis was on Socialistic Countries and Third World Countries, I can unequivocally tell you that Socialism stands for 3 things:
    1. YOU OWN NOTHING – the government owns it all (including your homes, your banking accounts, etc.); and
    2. NO MIDDLE CLASS – which has been declining steadily over the last 30 years in the U.S. The Middle Class will be the Class that will pay for all the “Free Healthcare for All”, Free College, STUPID Reparations, etc.

    I NEVER OWNED SLAVES – in fact, my mother and grandmother were immigrants from Argentina in the 1940’s. THEY CERTAINLY NEVER OWNED SLAVES – THEY WERE ON THE RUN FROM HITLER. My Grandmother was Black. No slave-owning in MY family.

    Out of RESPECT for America, they first learned ENGLISH, then became Proud Citizens who were happy to pay taxes for the privileges of living in this once great country. No slave-owning in MY family.

    THE MOST RACIST THING OF ALL – that only BLACK Americans are worthy of “Reparations” – is RIDICULOUS.

    Why aren’t Reparations going to be paid to the American Indians, the Enslaved Far East Asians who built our Railroads in the 1800’s, the Japanese we put in Internment Camps during W.W. 2, etc.?


    They care NOTHING for the Middle Class.

    PLEASE NOTE: AOC WEARS INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE DESIGNER CLOTHING, PURSES AND JEWELRY – LIKE A $7,500 Pant Suit, a $3,500 purse, and $1,500 Manolo HIgh Heels. Where IS that money coming from?

  37. She should listen to him and learn something about what the people want and it isn’t her crap.
    Even her Dad said she is a liar and screwed her way up to where she is not that she earned it any other way.

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  43. Just remember, Hitler’s party was the National Socialists party…like Bernie Sanders, AOC the other three hyenas and the rest of the Dem party. The Democrats use media controlled propaganda to win support, just like Joseph Goebbels. The Nazis also wanted to remove guns, used children to shock the masses and tell their story through pity, and promised free government controlled programs to make everyone feel better,,,,calling it the Thousand Year Reich entrenched to bring back national pride. Doesn’t sound like the Republicans are doing any of these actions. Democrats are the party of the KKK and the party that denied women rights for 41 years. Unfortunately, millions support this kind of thing…how stupid and blind can people be? Apparently, moronic.

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