The devilish Democrats have reached a new low or at least have put into a film what they wish was legal for them to do and that is hunt down and kill all conservative people. The new movie that shows loony liberals hunting down people known as “deplorable” has been lost in the news with the recent shootings. Hillary Clinton used the term to refer to people that supported President Trump in 2016. Which provides the connection to deplorable being conservative voters. And in the eyes of the Democrats should be shot on sight.

The murderous movie with a Democratic hopeful theme gives a storyline of blue-colored voters murdering red-colored voters. The irony behind this movie is just crazy in that it shows what liberals want to do to those that oppose them. This same kind of behavior can be seen at debate rallies when the only violent people that show up are the blue liberals. They try to attack red-colored voters in an attempt to shut them up. This movie is just putting a fictional storyline to a real-life desire of liberal Democrats.

What is sad is those that approve storylines have not even read the script. One person stated that “the idea seemed crazy” but not crazy enough to throw the script away. This movie promotes violence against innocent people that stand for what America is all about. The innocent people are murdered by people that hate the country and only care about themselves. The movie has been passed off as satire in light of recent news stories. But it does not matter how it is portrayed it is still a movie based on legitimate feelings for many liberal loonies. What is even more disturbing is that the people that filmed the movie and approved the movie were uneasy about its making but after all Hollywood has crossed a morality line that they can never recover from.

After all, mankind is evolving from the need to kill people for the sport to a people that kills for the fun of it in Hollywood. Liberal teachings promote that mankind is getting smarter and more tolerant of oppositions. But this cannot be further from the truth as this movie clearly shows.

This movie promotes a horrific reality of what happened during World War II as Hitler rounded up everyone that opposed him and had them all killed. His secret police rounded up people and had them shot in the dark of night without any reason. This movie has at its core a socialist message. One that the AOC would love to see come to be a reality for them. They would love to see people that oppose them taken from their homes in the middle of the night only to never be seen again. When supporters of the AOC threatened a little girl and her family because they made fun of Cortez only proves their true motives of ridding the nation of red-colored voters.

This movie should serve as a wake-up call to every conservative out there. It should serve to any borderline liberal that cannot stomach what the Democrats stand for to be careful. There needs to be a rally of supporters for those that are serving America from the conservative position. It should serve as a warning that there have already been mysterious happenings at the hands of the Democrats as select people have disappeared and never seen again. The Democrats have silenced those that they can, and they have gotten away with it.

The President of the United States continues to stand in the way of the loony left and their outrageous agenda. President Trump will serve another term in office and will continue to keep the crazy left in check. The Democratic party has provided Hollywood with the perfect storyline that shows what they are truly about. They want to see the conservative voter base wiped out and murdered, so they can run the world as they see fit. There is nothing entertaining about a storyline that seeks to murder innocent people that stand opposed to the crazy agenda of the Democratic Party.

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