The devilish Democrats have reached a new low or at least have put into a film what they wish was legal for them to do and that is hunt down and kill all conservative people. The new movie that shows loony liberals hunting down people known as “deplorable” has been lost in the news with the recent shootings. Hillary Clinton used the term to refer to people that supported President Trump in 2016. Which provides the connection to deplorable being conservative voters. And in the eyes of the Democrats should be shot on sight.

The murderous movie with a Democratic hopeful theme gives a storyline of blue-colored voters murdering red-colored voters. The irony behind this movie is just crazy in that it shows what liberals want to do to those that oppose them. This same kind of behavior can be seen at debate rallies when the only violent people that show up are the blue liberals. They try to attack red-colored voters in an attempt to shut them up. This movie is just putting a fictional storyline to a real-life desire of liberal Democrats.

What is sad is those that approve storylines have not even read the script. One person stated that “the idea seemed crazy” but not crazy enough to throw the script away. This movie promotes violence against innocent people that stand for what America is all about. The innocent people are murdered by people that hate the country and only care about themselves. The movie has been passed off as satire in light of recent news stories. But it does not matter how it is portrayed it is still a movie based on legitimate feelings for many liberal loonies. What is even more disturbing is that the people that filmed the movie and approved the movie were uneasy about its making but after all Hollywood has crossed a morality line that they can never recover from.

After all, mankind is evolving from the need to kill people for the sport to a people that kills for the fun of it in Hollywood. Liberal teachings promote that mankind is getting smarter and more tolerant of oppositions. But this cannot be further from the truth as this movie clearly shows.

This movie promotes a horrific reality of what happened during World War II as Hitler rounded up everyone that opposed him and had them all killed. His secret police rounded up people and had them shot in the dark of night without any reason. This movie has at its core a socialist message. One that the AOC would love to see come to be a reality for them. They would love to see people that oppose them taken from their homes in the middle of the night only to never be seen again. When supporters of the AOC threatened a little girl and her family because they made fun of Cortez only proves their true motives of ridding the nation of red-colored voters.

This movie should serve as a wake-up call to every conservative out there. It should serve to any borderline liberal that cannot stomach what the Democrats stand for to be careful. There needs to be a rally of supporters for those that are serving America from the conservative position. It should serve as a warning that there have already been mysterious happenings at the hands of the Democrats as select people have disappeared and never seen again. The Democrats have silenced those that they can, and they have gotten away with it.

The President of the United States continues to stand in the way of the loony left and their outrageous agenda. President Trump will serve another term in office and will continue to keep the crazy left in check. The Democratic party has provided Hollywood with the perfect storyline that shows what they are truly about. They want to see the conservative voter base wiped out and murdered, so they can run the world as they see fit. There is nothing entertaining about a storyline that seeks to murder innocent people that stand opposed to the crazy agenda of the Democratic Party.

163 thoughts on “And Every Democrat Thinks This Movie is Acceptable?

  1. This just goes to show you how much the Demoncrats are the racist, hateful, bunch of people in America. How many Republicans go on record saying that people are deplorable, Nazis, racists,etc. Not many if any. Wake up America. The Demoncrats are plane evil , just try talking to one about an issue. You will be talked over,yelled at, and then have the issue turned into your fault

  2. Nothing the Left do anymore is shocking. As I’ve warned people, should they ever get into power, with their Socialist agenda. That Free is going to be too expensive. It’s going to be 3rd world services in exchange for your Freedom. I can see them calling for Dictatorship. After all that is what Socialism/ communism is -A Dictatorship. That will cause the enslavement of generations to come.
    Just like Venezuelans are crying now, it’ll take years & years to overturn their bad choices. They too fell for the Free. Now they can’t even find Food but their Dictator is eating prime rib with all the trimmings. People better open their eyes. This is no joke. I can not believe in America in 2019 people would even consider this. They brainwash the lazy youth that want Free rather than work & pay for what they want like all previous generations. But they get so caught up in this Soros funded unruly behavior. I believe Obama & Hillary sold the DNC to Soros. Hence the name change & far left leaning policies. He’s goal has always been to destroy America & collapse economies, thus creating his NWO domination In the turmoil.
    The Deep State is part of his paid off people’s that will like most wealthy , will not be affected. The man in the street will be at their mercy. They could place us in FEMA camps or even load us on FEMA Barges and ship us to China as slaves. Obama, Hillary & Soros are as cold hearted as any snake 🐍. Don’t ever for 1 second believe they wouldn’t do all the above.
    Stay alert & Keep trying to wake the $heeples up. We have to make sure President Trump wins 2020 in a Landslide. He’s all that stands between us & the above. The agenda they have For the children, along with the 14/15 genders. ( I know of 2 only ) it’s going to be a destruction of their childhood and their innocence. An abuse on the youth, they want a transgender freak show.
    Between all the gay / transgenders & the ungrateful rapist Refugees it can never end well. From what I see, a blood bathe & the gay community that follow these Lefts are going to find out how they’ve been lied to & left for dead when the Muslim Refugees start attacking them. It’s common knowledge the Muslims do not take to gays very kindly. Figure out what EU is going to be like. Woman raped now are not seeing Justice. They too scared to leave their homes. Their own Governments with the aid of Scumbag Soros has destroyed their citizens life styles & lives. That’s a fact in a nutshell. Wake up.

  3. I’m sick and tired of the dems period, I own a small business and I’m taxed to death so much it could shut me down, do u think they care or are working on anything to help small businesses like mine, nope, the only thing on there minds is anyone supporting President Trump is racist , and this border wall issue the parents of the illegals know when they sneak into this country when there caught if they have children there gonna get taken from them, a few years ago the dems were all about protecting the border but they have totally forgotten about that. I want to see Barr nail all the people involved in the Russia scam and justice be done, will it

  4. we are so close to civil war right now, this movie will set it off. universal is so dam stupid, but it’s not a shock when these liberal ceo’s totally throw caution to the wind. and sell out their side of the aisle. who in the fuck thinks liberals will even come close to winning this war? they would be stupid, but thats normal for morons. i hope and pray we can come to some solution, but probably not.

  5. Not surprised at all, and just waiting for the we the people,….( the real we the people ).
    The democrats are strange bunch. They have tried, and failed on every effort to impeach the President Of the United States Of America.
    I must point out that the President has done nothing, but the best…(in the last, what? 40 years! His accomplishments are extremely
    Well done.
    Oh!, about the movie, well, it’s going to flop
    just like all the other attempts at nothing.
    The democratic party at its historically worst.

  6. I think I may have finally figured some of this out. Libs think with their hearts (misguided as they may be). Conservatives think with their heads. So it’s no wonder libs scream and rant and rave at all their perceived injustices. Conservatives look at the country and think….we can do better and our country is not perfect so let’s try to think of ways we can keep our American way of life intact while being fair to everyone as much as humanly possible. This would be why you don’t see conservatives attacking libs physically or verbally. This makes libs appear to be very aggressive because they are wearing their emotions on their sleeves so to speak. They want their ways (reparations, free college, universal healthcare for EVERYONE and universal income for EVERYONE) and are willing to literally fight for what they want. Conservatives see what the libs want and know it just can’t happen. We look at the facts and libs go with their emotions. But someday the libs are going to push us too far and then the violence will truly erupt. Right now we look at unanswered questions like why wasn’t Hillary indicted and tried for her crimes when others who have done much less are. I suppose it’s frustrating on either side. Bu it sure seems like conservatives are getting the short end of the stick at this point. Our only solace is that, as of right now, we’re still in control and the country is operating from at least a middle of the road point of view. And I fear for our country if the far left ever gains control.

  7. Very sick individuals that have proved they want a divided Nation. If it can’t be Socialism, nothing else will do and democracy or what is left of it will not fit within their agenda. To all that support these socialistic efforts, keep drinking the kool-aid and eventually when it runs out, you will see that socialism will destroy the United States of America and will most probably destroy you and what is left of your families! Such a pity!!

  8. Sounds like what could happen after the 2020 election. They are already frothing at the mouth, and trying to unarm the only people who truly stop them.

  9. I was a registered democrat at the start of the race for President in 2016. After watching the campaigns from both sides I found myself needing to change my thinking and political Alliances as quickly as possible. I am glad to be a Trump supporter no matter what. WE need to vboycot this movie and Hollywood for what they have become.

  10. This is just unspeakable, and if the conservatives had done this it would be considered the worst of hate crimes.

  11. Hollywood and the dems are so far out of touch with real life and so greedy,immoral,and think they are the only one with an opinion. People come to America because of our opportunities. They leave their country for a reason. Can other countries say that. We are a great country and want to stay that way. Please don’t ruin it.

  12. The majority of the mass shootings have been done by individuals who align themselves with the Liberal ideals. It is not a surprise that this happens as they are easily convinced that conservative ideals are evil and bad for the country. We have had the liberals change the voting age, drinking age, now promoting mind altering Marijuana to be freely smoked. Imagine a young half drunk individual rolling down the highway smoking a joint and you and your family are coming the other direction as we weaves back and forth. This is the result of Liberalism! Where is all the money going to come from to pay off Student “Loans” that we signed for? You want a free education, well you will get what you pay for and it will be worth nothing. You want debt forgiveness on your car, your house, your boat, and what ever else you can’t afford. Perhaps it should be illegal to have a credit card until you are an age of responsibility too as those go unpaid as well. Can’t pay your taxes, call a lawyer and cheat the rest of the tax payers as they seemed to be able to pay theirs. What the hell has happened to this country where responsibility has flown out the window? You can’t have a million dollar house, two new cars, a boat, trophy wife, kids, and all new furniture, plus summer long vacations right out of College. Sorry, it don’t work that way and if you get yourself in a bind, you did it yourself and you should get yourself out of the mess you made. Whiny little snits just don’t cut it anymore. People that make movies like this mean them as training films, just as violent video games are training films for the weak minded. Hollywood has gone off the deep end with liberalism and has lost their ever loving minds. Producers of this kind of material should be arrested and tried for producing material meant to create wide spread harm to America. Murder is not entertainment.

  13. The white supremist republicans have probably made up this lieying movie to try to scare every one into voteing for trump. They are following trumps example. Think about it and use some common sense. Why would democrats want to get health care for some one they want to murder? Stop following trump blindly and use your head!.

  14. I don’t think adults should see it, and definitely not kids of course people with common sense won’t be worrying about it, so that just leave the dimwit dimocrats, because they’ve proven more than once they have no common sense or morals, but they do have an over abundance of hate and ill will, they are the most full of hate party ever, now and at one time there use to actually be some descent democrats but they’ve thrown that out the window, but they do support worthwhile causes in their eyes now like antifa Muslims and a variety of other, terrorist and hate groups but you can’t expect much, from a group that makes hate their only platform.

  15. The Democrats are crazy! That’s one good reason for the Second Amendment. Remembers Democrats. We the Republicans love our God, our Bibles, and our guns. The movie is stupid and sounds like something a Democrat would do. Remember Dems, we will defend ourselves. So if I were you I wouldn’t try anything.

  16. They are playing out this movie in the mass shootings of late. I know they blame the mass shootings on white supremacists. But we all know it’s the commie left cuz they’re all crazy. Plus it’s the neo-nazies the white supremacists n the Dems are 2 peas in a pod.





  20. I believe that the Dems. are just plain crazy, they have NO morals and they do not care about AMERICA, only care about what they want. They do not care about what the majority of the citizens want. They spew HATE with their actions every day!!!

  21. I’m glad this has been written about. Clearly it DOES show desperate the Democratic Party believes it has a right to just throw lives away. It appears they have become fully bathed in the teachings of Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. They will promulgate a new civil war in this country.

  22. Three Liberals attacked a teenage boy wearing a MEGA hat at our county fair two years ago. His father came to his rescue only to be attacked physically and put in the hospital with broken bones. The sheriff deputies arrested two of the culprits, charged them with a felony and were after one that ran away. This happened in Amador County, California. This is really sad for our country.

  23. It appears as though we need our guns more than ever!!!! And these crazy liberals need Jesus!!!! Their hearts are totally deceived by the devil. He is alive and well, and working quite well in the hearts of these crazed leftist liberals.

  24. This movie just proves that the DemocRATS, Liberals, Leftists, Progressives are EVIL TO THE CORE.
    Then you wonder WHY this country is so DIVIDED.
    The Republican’s encourage in following the laws of this country. Then you’re labeled as a Racist Hating Person.
    At least the majority can witness how unhinged the Democratic Party has become. Socialism, Communism & Sharia Law will Never be part of our COUNTRY!!!

  25. This movie reflects the hopes and dreams of the left. A good example of this the antifa movement. At every opportunity they attack and injure Conservatives and destroy millions in property because these people have a different view. The cities where this has happened and probably will happen again instruct their police (who are supposed to stop this from happening) to ignore the mayhem. At some point someone is going to be killed by these antifa terrorists. What will the lefts reaction be at that poing?

  26. The trouble with “playing with fire” is the MUTUAL destruction which follows. I just hope that the police (who have already failed in their duty in Portland and Berkeley) and the Department of Justice can shut down this insanity being sold by the ‘liberal left’ before it becomes a full fledged WAR. If left unchecked, it’s only a matter of time before the ‘conservative right’ starts shooting back.

  27. The more the producers of liberal films, the candidate Democrats in Washington DC want to stop the conservatives among themselves, they will not succeed. In 2016 all the newspapers in the Spanish or English language said that Trump was bad, rude, discriminatory, that he hated Hispanics (seeking the Hispanic vote the Democrats) and everything failed them. Hilary Clinton sought an alliance with a Venezuelan miss Universe (the least indicated because it was of the same kind as Hilary. That failed. Hollywood actors believed that they influenced public opinion in politics in favor of the Democrats by sending negative or communist messages “They failed because the people considered them art workers, not intellectuals in politics. American newspapers and magazines boycotted Donald Trump giving us negative messages and failed to know why? Because the people who voted for Donald Trump were smart voters in this millennium not deplorable and will be repeated in 2020. Never a magazine or newspaper or a television network that are more common for their lies to the public have praised anything about Donald Trump or his excellent work in the White House. That shows how little brain everyone has. The more they say Trump is bad, the more we will support him to see the good. We are not rams of any magazine, of any newspaper, of any television network that has the language that it has, of any article that seeks division instead of seeking unity. We are voters who want the best for our children and grandchildren. And we want to see a country like the United States of America was years ago and we have achieved it with Donald Trump. In 2020 we will get what is missing. At the moment, he has managed to get Americans to open their eyes well.

  28. Did somebody put CRAZY in the water exclusively for anyone who thinks this is acceptable??? The left has forgotten all sense of right and wrong! No morals, no ethics, no GOD!

  29. That Universal Studios would make a movie like this is hideous. They are everything they accuse the Conservatives of being. We (conservatives) would not consider doing such a thing to anyone, innocent or guilty. Every one should have due process. That they would consider such a movie, much less actually take such glee in making it, is an atrocity. Liberals have stoked such hate in this country that it is out of hand. Antifa, needs to be named a terrorist organization. If one person is hurt because of this movie I hope Universal Pays OUT THE NOSE for it. Liberals are trying to destroy our American kind, courteous, generous culture, and replace it with hate.
    I am a Grandmother, and I am horrified! Just try to use me as a target, and you will end up in a bad place. I am NOT HELPLESS.

  30. No I would not – these fools only use mass killings to spout their moronic rhetoric. More are killed with knives and blunt instruments than with guns – even suicides that are about half of the gun deaths and gang killings equal another amount the mass shootings are evil and because of the numbers killed make headlines. How much from the politicians or the media did you hear about the one at Walmart in Miss. – hardly anything because a concealed armed Fireman stopped him. It isn’t the weapon and not even the weapon of choice in murders.

  31. I agree.
    The Demonicrats slander those who oppose them with lies and misdirection to divert attention away from themselves. Dems call other racists to divert attention away from their own racism. They accuse others of being violent and advocating violence to divert attention away from their own desire to do violence to those who disagree with them.
    They claim Trump is like Hitler, when they are the ones who advocate Hitler’s tactics and murderous intents.
    Who are the ones who have done violence, Conservatives or Liberals? It is the liberals who are the ones who have done violence to Conservatives. Conservatives do not do violence but are ready to stand against those who do violence and this is what the Dems hate. They hate people who will stand up against their oppressions, mind control and violence. Let us stand strong and resist the Dems oppressive and repressive agenda. Let us put forth a path of freedom and justice for all which will rid us of the Dems pathological obsession with control over us. Let freedom ring.
    With freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility to do what is right and just for all; the responsibility to stand against those who would undermine or destroy freedom. We must act responsibly, justly and morally. The Law is for the lawless and disobedience and government must be against lawlessness or it will fail out from its own corruption. Righteousness and truth must prevail. Facts must be true or they are not facts. Righteousness builds and undergirds strength. Without righteousness we will surly fail.
    The Dems have left off righteousness, justice and truth. If we uphold the principles of righteousness, justice and truth we will prevail.

  32. This desired action by the liberal wing of the Democratic party smacks of Islamic directives to “kill infidels”. It’s time for the nation to return to its God fearing roots.

  33. The radical liberals are nearer to Hitlers methods than a lot of people don’t realize. Thugs of Antifa who are facist on their own. Seattle will explode this weekend and you can bet that the violent prone Antifa group will start it. This movie is responsible for El Paso and Dayton. More to come .Philadelphia. is the latest

  34. Could be a scare tactic, or a bored producer.
    In real life it couldn’t happen.
    Throughout history the democratic party has only showed failure. This isn’t anything, but a attempt to encourage chaos.
    You have to remember in Hollywood it’s all make believe, and fantasy worlds that don’t exist. Now that reality has set in the liberals
    have lost all hope, and eventually they will see the light. They thought Hollywood had a voice
    but this backfired as well.


  36. This move just shows how much HATE the Democrats have in them. This just proves to the American people how much the Democrat party hates. PEOPLE think before you vote. Dems hate everything America STANDS FOR.

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