In a move that should not surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to the FBI’s Russian collusion hoax for the past two-plus years, the Justice Department has announced that it will not prosecute James Comey for leaking classified information to the New York Times. Comey was guilty of the crime – he admitted it on CNN. So, after years of watching the FBI hound, harass, smear, lie and leak about the President of the United States, and after watching the Mueller team prosecute Trump campaign members for the pettiest and most inconsequential of process crimes, James Comey gets off scot-free.

A source informed several media outlets that the DOJ thought it would make the department “look petty and vindictive” if they prosecuted Comey for taking classified information out of the DOJ, giving it to a friend, having that friend leak it to the New York Times, and then lie to FBI investigators about it. Yes, after two-plus years of collusion queen Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tell us that lying to the FBI is the most serious crime under the sun, Comey also won’t be prosecuted for lying to the FBI.

Comey took his own classified memos home with him when President Trump fired him. Since being fired from your federal job sort of implies that you shouldn’t have classified documents any longer, FBI agents showed up at Comey’s house to seize the materials he had taken. Comey told the agents two of the memos were “missing.” That’s actually three crimes that Comey is up to now. He took classified information after he was fired, gave it to someone who was not authorized to see it and lied about when FBI agents came looking for the memos. But it would “look petty and vindictive” if they prosecuted Comey for that.

Here’s a crazy thought: Perhaps the DOJ should ask Jerome Corsi, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page what “petty and vindictive” actually looks like!
How’s this for “petty and vindictive?” Page one of the Mueller Report refers to Carter Page as a Russian agent. It doesn’t say he might be a Russian agent, or that he accidentally let something slip in conversation with the Russians, or that he is alleged to be a Russian agent. It says he’s a Russian agent. And after smearing Carter Page with that false accusation, the Mueller team declined to actually prosecute Carter Page for any crime.

Paul Manafort is now serving several live sentences in federal prison for the “crime” of not filling out a piece of paperwork. In fact, Manafort is one of only seven people in the US to be prosecuted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act since the 1960s. There are literally thousands of people walking around in Washington, DC at this moment who have not registered as foreign lobbyists – the exact same crime that has Manafort rotting away in a cell. None of those many thousands will ever be prosecuted for the crime Manafort is jailed for. How’s that for “petty and vindictive?”

Likewise, Roger Stone is faced with spending the rest of his life in prison because he got some details wrong when talking to the FBI about an email chain from three years ago. For those who have never had the displeasure of experiencing a “perjury trap,” here’s how it works.

Imagine the FBI is looking for a crime, so they force you to answer questions, day in and day out. Suppose a package was delivered to your home… 15 years ago. The FBI asks you, under oath, whether that package was delivered by FedEx or UPS. You’d better get the answer right. Because if you don’t, you’ll be charged with lying to the FBI and hindering an investigation. Plead guilty, otherwise, the interrogation will continue. Doesn’t that sound “petty and vindictive?” To a normal person, it probably does. But that’s the big “crime” that Roger Stone is accused of.
Stone got some details wrong in a days-long discussion about one of the thousands of emails he received in 2016. He could go to prison until he dies if he doesn’t win his case against Mueller’s angry Hillary fan club that is prosecuting him. George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign advisor, spent 14 days in jail for a similarly stupid process crime.

After watching that injustice being perpetrated on these men, for no crime other than supporting Donald Trump, has been maddening. The so-called “crimes” committed by Trump campaign staffers actually pale in comparison to Comey’s crimes. Comey deliberately lied to the FBI. Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Jerome Corsi got details incorrect when they were being interrogated. So, tell us again, oh wizened Justice Department, about how it would “look petty and vindictive” to prosecute James Comey. We’re all ears.

91 thoughts on “Will Americans Ever See Justice for the Russian Collusion Hoax?

  1. Someone will be accused of this mess, but NOT who we want to be committed for a crime or even treason! An unknown will be the puppet as the deep State is VERY deep. They feel citizens will Not be able to digest all that has been happening in our country AND globally also!!

  2. if i wouldve pulled that crap when i was in the army i wouldve been making gravel with a sledge hammer busting bolders for the roads at levenworth.fry the bum.

  3. The hoax cost us honest citizens a great amount of money. It could have been used for a multitude of benevolent works.

  4. I certainly hope and pray so. Bob Mueller and the rest of his buddies must be held accountable. It was a silent coup thwarted. Thank God!

  5. If not, our system is unjust & therefore illegal, and the traitors must be removed through any means possible, which heis REQUIRED of us by our Constitution, and the reason for our First & Second Ammendments.

  6. Based on the cost of this whole fiasco as well as what is currently taking place the Pelosi’s House of representatives, who cares what is “petty or vindictive”? Ask the General who lost everything for not even lying to the FBI! I for one say get Comey’s ass in court for nothing more then just to watch him squirm. Then get the rest of them, and Comey again after more details come out. And while your at it drag the Professor who was Comey’s associate in this crime. Either we are a nation ruled by the rule of law or we are not! and remove this blanket of security for those who think they are above the law just because they serve in Politics.

  7. There should be no one involved in this attempted coup that should not be charged With Treason. I am talking about starting at the top of the heap: Soras, Obamas, Clintons, FBI agents, NSA agents, CIA agents, Palosi, etc. Right on down the line; including those running for Democratic President.

  8. I’m wondering why this Collusion hoax is being denied. Please Let the American people know who started this Hoax and why?
    Let’s see the ones responsible be shown and then let’s see the Consequences

  9. This is so beyond equeal

    This is so beyond justice words cannot describe the end jucticeas being close to fair every amercian True double standard.

  10. Pure political targets by Mueller and his gang, just to damage our President Donald Trump, with the ultimate goal to find a way to get rid of a duly elected president. I am sick and tired of this behavior, especially coming from the FBI, CIA, Obama administration and many others, to whom we looked up to in search of truth for years. A real shame what they have deliberately done to Donald Trump, his family, his friends and acquaintances, and ultimately the scar they have left on our beloved America!

  11. There is no real justice, just justice that targets certain individuals who are not in favor of the legal system. Comey and McCabe should face the same justice they administered to others–no exception and this petty and vindictive line is just pure B.S. WHAT HAPPENED TO JUSTICE IS BLIND AND NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW? Appears that both these individuals and perhaps more really are above the law. All individuals who do the same things as those sent to jail in the Trump administration should and must be held accountable or there is no Justice and the American Justice System is nothing more that Political retribution for who do not tow the political line of the Lawyers/Judges who go after them, but excuse other of the same crime. So tell me why should anyone obey any law? If the laws are not enforced, then there is no Law and we’re in a 3rd world legal environment—-Might as well be in Russia/Cuba or any other lawless society.

    DOJ is worried about petty/vindictive, but care less about their image of being a “Justice being Blind” and being tarnished.

    I use to honestly think that the DOJ would never bend to the lawless of the current environment, but I see I am wrong!


  12. I really think we all need to stop guessing about what Bill Bar is doing. Let him and his people gather all the facts. I believe once all the facts are discovered and gone over, then we will start seeing people being charged. If Bar were to piece out charges here and there the full impact of the entire serie of crimes will be lost. Let Mr Bill Barr do his job. He is a smart man. I believe he will get the job done and justice will be served.

  13. Add the arrest of the man who threatened AOC, and the NOT ARRESTED woman who threatened Mitch. Now the circle of injustice is nearing completion.

  14. I once thought America was a country that did not produce kangaroo show trials like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc., but watching two years of Mueller and his 17 angry democrats do their act has caused me to rethink that. We now live in a country with government officials as corrupt as any other on this planet. You would think they would be embarrased for what they have done, but no, they say they are just getting started.

  15. No. Because to many that haven’t been exposed are in on it. I’d guess director Wray is one of them and he’s been slowing down and putting up road blocks all over

  16. Victims! Because of this and other pertinent subjects and my conservative comments in the public venue, Google has suspended my YouTube account. And those in our government [along with greed based corporations] have become lawless and are now tyrants. Never forget these tyrants are working very hard to disarm law abiding citizens who do not commit murder while… doing nothing to stop criminals who do murder. Why? They know we the people will make them accountable which will be jail time. When Mueller was head of the FBI, he was the one who gave Hillary a pass on the uranium one deal which was treason against America. Mueller is just one of the many thousands of deep state operators who have committed treason hiding in our FAKE government. We the people must once again band ourselves together and become a united people (under God) as our founding fathers did in 1776. Otherwise the enemy within… wins.

  17. What about Justice For All? This is no justice for America. I don’t understand how you can expect the American people to have any faith in our Justice Dept. Its now become a laughing stock. The word Justice has just been removed. These men deserve more. I’m not allowed to express what I really think of this crap.

  18. Subversive are entrenched so deeply and so much in all government offices I don’t think it’s possible to root them out. They have rigged everything in their favor and nothing short of a nuclear blast in DC and a crap load of bunker busters could end this tyranny..and even then they have spawned their subversive seed all over the country and even internationally via the State Dept and CIA.

  19. i still think barr is part of the deep state. i think he will lie, cheat, and steel. he’s been in the government to long NOT to be part of the opposition. i don’t think any thing is gonna happen. no clinton, no obama, even epstein is questionable. if we want justice to be served, i fully believe we are gonna have to do it ourselves. can only cross my fingers and wait and see. but america had better be prepared for hell week, we cannot wait forever

  20. we as Americans have watched this smear go on and realize their
    is only jail time to people who love our country.
    Our Washington DC swamp people should rot in jail
    I see how the system works so I am entitled to my felony so when
    something comes up against me I will refer them to all the wrongs
    that the American people have witnessed, presto out of jail free

    MUST BE STOPPED OR WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i think barr is deep state. he’s been in government way too long not to be enriched by the cabal. i don’t think we will ever see justice. if there is going to be justice we will have to do it on our own. does anyone think for one second the government will convict some of their own. we are dam close to losing our country and they are dam close to running our won’t see clinton, obama, or any of the rest in jail. trump is one man, the cabal is many

  23. It’s doubtful we will see any justice at all
    for the Russian hoax. Just getting them to squirm out of office, will be sufficient enough.
    20/20 is a vision I have for President Donald Trump, and when he is re-elected…..that’s when the entertainment will really begin.
    It’s possible that deals are being made to force the resignations of key Russian hoaxers.
    It’s just a thought, and don’t forget Most Americans just don’t think like the democratic party…..

  24. Long story short:
    The democratic party has already written the worst book, in history about themselves.
    The fact is, 65 million people agree that they crossed that line of everything goes.
    Laws have been abused to the point of what?
    why?, “and are you serious?

  25. So you still did not tell us when justice will be served. Plus you did not mention the literal 100’s of operatives working in the obama and clinton crime families who shoulkd go to jail or when they will be prosecuted.

  26. WHY IS THIS CRIMINAL NOT BEING TRIED FOR HIS CRIMES. If a Trump supporter had done one tenth of the crimes Comey has done he would be rotting in prison like Manafort is. WHERE IS JUSTICE. Department of Justice should be renamed. It is the Department of Injustice. They wouldn’t look petty if they tried this criminal. They would look like they were doing their job.

  27. Prosecute Comey why let him get away with his crimes you all are crOOks and you should be prosecuted how can anyone obey the fbi ever again when they and you idiots let Comey get away with his crimes. And to let trump get impeached is so wrong. Hillary YOU ARENT OUR PRESIDENT BUT OUT WE KNOW YOU ARE BEHIND AL THAT IS WRONG IN THIS. I HATE YOU HILLARY CLINTON AND OBAMA GO TO HELL

  28. I hope and pray that the I.G. has something SERIOUS on James (liar, leaker) Comey, and that his gluteus Maximus ends up in FEDERAL PRISON, like he so deserves! He is an embarrassment to our great country!

  29. Tha DOJ is creating a double standard for punishing crimes dealing with classified information. I considered that poor sailor’s prosecution for having ( not distributing) classified pics to be petty and possibly vindictive, but it was said laws were broken , so prosecution was justified. Why isn’t Comey subjected to the same reasoning?

  30. The Russian Hoax has been proven to be invalid which makes the FISA documents and authorization of the Mueller Investigation also to be invalid. All those who have been sentenced to prison must be freed without prejudice. In other words the Mueller Investigation never happened. All those who participated in the Hoax must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. There should be no leniency for anyone involved as the Hoax was instigated to removed a duly elected President of the United States.

  31. The response from the DOJ is a total disgrace, not to prosecute that low life is a total travesty. They wonder why we the people don’t trust the people in government. this is a prime example, the whole cache of thicker than thieves clowns is a disgrace.

  32. No justice until we the people band ourselves together once again as a united people (under God) as our founding fathers did in 1776 which made them unstoppable. And as that united unstoppable people, we now (as our founding fathers did in 1776) will once again put an end to the elite deep state rulers of evil over this planet.

  33. The Democratic Party needs to be dismissed, fired. Taken down and replaced with people that have been investigated to hell and back. They are crooks, that did not learn from the crooks already working in the Democratic Party. They are starting out as crooked as can be, and determined to have it their way even if their party does not want it their way. It’s to hell with you and your needs, “it is not what we need.”

  34. How can we expose the hypocrisy of these officials? We need to pressure in no uncertain terms that Americans will not stand for their two tiered justice system, one that punishes those who are subject to entrapment and let the rich or well connected go free! Elect judges, Senators and Congress that have proven they are not political activists! Do your homework, then vote!

  35. For God sake, who is afraid of these crooks, get it right put them in jail and loss the key like he lost the the confidential documents. Mueller and his anti-Thrump pro Hillary team, the Clinton’s foundation personnel, Clapper, and Brennen, these are the scum’s!

  36. If we the people keep helping President Trump we have chance to see justice served like never before. Mueller,Clinton,Comey,Cummings and others.

  37. As someone else said –there are 2(two) criminal justice systems–One for the eliteand powerful the other one for everyone else..Comey should be indicted and prosecuted, as well as Hillary

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