In a move that should not surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to the FBI’s Russian collusion hoax for the past two-plus years, the Justice Department has announced that it will not prosecute James Comey for leaking classified information to the New York Times. Comey was guilty of the crime – he admitted it on CNN. So, after years of watching the FBI hound, harass, smear, lie and leak about the President of the United States, and after watching the Mueller team prosecute Trump campaign members for the pettiest and most inconsequential of process crimes, James Comey gets off scot-free.

A source informed several media outlets that the DOJ thought it would make the department “look petty and vindictive” if they prosecuted Comey for taking classified information out of the DOJ, giving it to a friend, having that friend leak it to the New York Times, and then lie to FBI investigators about it. Yes, after two-plus years of collusion queen Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tell us that lying to the FBI is the most serious crime under the sun, Comey also won’t be prosecuted for lying to the FBI.

Comey took his own classified memos home with him when President Trump fired him. Since being fired from your federal job sort of implies that you shouldn’t have classified documents any longer, FBI agents showed up at Comey’s house to seize the materials he had taken. Comey told the agents two of the memos were “missing.” That’s actually three crimes that Comey is up to now. He took classified information after he was fired, gave it to someone who was not authorized to see it and lied about when FBI agents came looking for the memos. But it would “look petty and vindictive” if they prosecuted Comey for that.

Here’s a crazy thought: Perhaps the DOJ should ask Jerome Corsi, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page what “petty and vindictive” actually looks like!
How’s this for “petty and vindictive?” Page one of the Mueller Report refers to Carter Page as a Russian agent. It doesn’t say he might be a Russian agent, or that he accidentally let something slip in conversation with the Russians, or that he is alleged to be a Russian agent. It says he’s a Russian agent. And after smearing Carter Page with that false accusation, the Mueller team declined to actually prosecute Carter Page for any crime.

Paul Manafort is now serving several live sentences in federal prison for the “crime” of not filling out a piece of paperwork. In fact, Manafort is one of only seven people in the US to be prosecuted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act since the 1960s. There are literally thousands of people walking around in Washington, DC at this moment who have not registered as foreign lobbyists – the exact same crime that has Manafort rotting away in a cell. None of those many thousands will ever be prosecuted for the crime Manafort is jailed for. How’s that for “petty and vindictive?”

Likewise, Roger Stone is faced with spending the rest of his life in prison because he got some details wrong when talking to the FBI about an email chain from three years ago. For those who have never had the displeasure of experiencing a “perjury trap,” here’s how it works.

Imagine the FBI is looking for a crime, so they force you to answer questions, day in and day out. Suppose a package was delivered to your home… 15 years ago. The FBI asks you, under oath, whether that package was delivered by FedEx or UPS. You’d better get the answer right. Because if you don’t, you’ll be charged with lying to the FBI and hindering an investigation. Plead guilty, otherwise, the interrogation will continue. Doesn’t that sound “petty and vindictive?” To a normal person, it probably does. But that’s the big “crime” that Roger Stone is accused of.
Stone got some details wrong in a days-long discussion about one of the thousands of emails he received in 2016. He could go to prison until he dies if he doesn’t win his case against Mueller’s angry Hillary fan club that is prosecuting him. George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign advisor, spent 14 days in jail for a similarly stupid process crime.

After watching that injustice being perpetrated on these men, for no crime other than supporting Donald Trump, has been maddening. The so-called “crimes” committed by Trump campaign staffers actually pale in comparison to Comey’s crimes. Comey deliberately lied to the FBI. Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Jerome Corsi got details incorrect when they were being interrogated. So, tell us again, oh wizened Justice Department, about how it would “look petty and vindictive” to prosecute James Comey. We’re all ears.

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