The strain between the U.S. and China hasn’t been getting any better at all. This includes the issues we’ve been dealing with regarding trade agreements all the way down to our democratic values. It isn’t as if the President hasn’t been diligent in his efforts to develop better relations with China, it just seems that China has been obstinate. This latest insult might even cross the boundaries of stubborn, it may have been just plain threatening.

One story reported that “China’s Defense Ministry suggested on Wednesday that the government of Hong Kong, besieged for two months by pro-democracy protests, has the legal right to request the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) “maintain social order” by attacking the protesters.”

So what does that have to do with the U.S., right? Well, according to the Chinese Ministry and their accusation, we have been “orchestrating” and apparently supporting these protests. That must certainly be news to the U.S. government despite Mr. Biden’s curious monetary ties to China. It really does seem a bit ludicrous though; what does America have to gain by promoting or empowering a group of protesters?

More importantly, what exactly did China mean by telling the U.S. keeping their dirty hands out of their political landscape? Or else what? From the accusation to the tone and the verbiage used, in any language, this sure felt like a threat. Here is the exact quote as reported by our aforementioned story: “We advise the U.S. to withdraw its dirty hands from Hong Kong as soon as possible… .” How is that not a threat?

This could become an even more curious situation quickly and now with conflict on the business and political sides of our relationship? We should be paying attention. This might also remind us of why Trump wants America to be a more independent nation, relying less on foreign goods, imports and support.

Fortunately for China, we aren’t like them. We won’t consider sending an Army to handle a disagreement like the threat they made to send an army to “maintain” these (peaceful) protestors. We are better than that and hopefully, they are too.

Sure, everyone is all a buzz about the boring and overplayed Mueller thing going on in Washington right now. Apparently, that story is rapidly becoming no story at all but what is developing between China and the U.S., that could be news. Right now, it is a story on the burner and it does seem things are warming up. We will have to wait and see what comes next and how the President responds but this is no boring and drug-out conversation on Capitol Hill, this is about economic stability, national security, and one very tense relationship.

Chinese representatives made this statement regarding our involvement with the protest in Hong Kong, “I hope the U.S. will answer this question honestly and clearly: what role did the U.S. play in the recent incidents in Hong Kong and what is your purpose behind it?”

Now everyone in the world (if they aren’t too distracted by that non-event in D.C.) is watching and waiting for a response. There is a story brewing but it isn’t the one getting all the attention yet.

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