Former VP and current 2020 presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, is feeling confident after receiving a CBC endorsement. A member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Texas Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, has decided to endorse Biden, bringing the tally up to six in terms of endorsements from the CBC.

This begs the question: What does this mean for Biden for the 2020 primary race?

Biden is Proving His Commitment

Biden is certainly not one of the Dems who have chosen to stay out of the spotlight. He has proven that he’s committed to sticking it out for the long haul. With another endorsement under his belt, it will allow him to go further.

According to Johnson, she feels that endorsing Biden means voting for someone who can bring people together and get the country on track once again.

The 55-member group has handed out endorsements to both Biden and Harris. Although Biden is committed, Harris has an edge with a total of seven endorsements from the CBC.

He’s Riding Obama’s Coattails (Still)

Biden hasn’t stopped riding Obama’s coattails from the moment that he said he was going to run for president in 2020. Most of his likeability is based on the fact that he was the VP under the Obama administration. Many of his views on healthcare, immigration, and other hot topics mirror those of Obama.

Although he is able to show the black community that he is worthy of their vote, he has yet to be able to prove that to a large population of the Hispanic community. Much of this has to do with being so close to Obama. Obama deported a lot of people while he was in the White House for eight years, and there are too many people in the Hispanic community that still remember that. Biden has failed to let them know that things will be different if he gets in there.

Biden needs to find his own voice. If he continues to use Obama’s words for everything, it will make it hard to stand out against some of the Dems who do have their own voice.

He Still Hasn’t Gotten the Most Important Endorsement

Biden has managed to secure another endorsement from the CBC, which is giving him some confidence. However, many people are noticing that he doesn’t have the most important endorsement – one from Barack Obama himself. Most presidents endorse their VP when it’s their turn to run for president. However, Obama has stated that he’s staying out of the primaries. He’s looking forward to supporting whoever wins the DNC nomination.

With Obama choosing not to endorse Biden, it leads many to question why. The two seemed to get along well enough while in office for eight years. What happened behind the scenes that would lead Obama to choose not to endorse the former VP? What does Obama know that the general public doesn’t? Is Obama questioning Biden’s ability to lead like many other people are questioning?

Without Obama’s endorsement, it’s going to hurt Biden’s chances of making it all the way because people will wonder why the endorsement didn’t come through.

His Chances for the DNC Nomination

Biden, at this time, is still up against 20 some other Dems who want to get the DNC nomination. Some of the ones who are polling high include Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Julian Castro. Biden was looking like the strongest candidate in the beginning, but he’s slipping in the polls.

One of the top reasons why people see Biden as the clear choice is because it’s the only person they know. They know him from being the VP for Obama. If they liked Obama, why wouldn’t they like Biden? This is what Biden is counting on because he has nothing new to contribute to his platform. That, and his age is going to hurt him, making him several years older than Trump by the time he was to go through inauguration.

From the CBC alone, there have been 14 endorsements issued. 7 went to Harris, 6 went to Biden, and one went to Cory Booker. Coincidentally, all three are going to take the stage together on July 31 for the second round of DNC debates.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Biden drops in the polls more considerably. He has yet to grab any real forward momentum, even when it comes to endorsements. It’s another endorsement, sure, but it’s not even the most out of the other running mates.

11 thoughts on “What Does CBC Endorsement Mean For Biden?

  1. Biden too old and don’t remember too well. If you follow his speeches, he doesn’t do well. He will end up like Hillary, losing. Obama campaigned for her, so did Al Gore and she lost. Obama is now in
    the past. So not too many care that much any more. Trump is doing a great job with economy.

  2. Biden Harris Corey and the rest of the dems will lose 2020.why do we have to have dems anyways? they r all a bunch of cry babies. dishonest people and lie right thru there teeth.

  3. Democratic politicians are liar, liar, liar. Wasting Taxpayers money. Instead paying $22 trillions debts of America they spend taxpayers money of their jealousy. American peoples please vote for Republicans and Donald J. Trump. God knows about the Democrats are lying, cheating and dishonest politicians.

  4. What a time water this idiot is. He is one of these people who knows some one and knows nothing. He is in politics just to feather his own nest. Enters politics with nothing and leaves with millions.

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