Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross have been charged with Contempt of Court and the Department of Justice and Commerce are battering Democrats for this “political stunt.” Barr and Ross were accused of escalating a heated rivalry between Congressional Democrats and the Trump Administration.

They both defied subpoenas to hand over documents on their abandoned efforts to include the question of citizenship on the 2020 census. A party-line vote was approved for the measure 230-198. Only four Democrats voted against the measure, taking the Republicans side.

The majority of the dummies who call themselves Democrats claimed they needed to hold any official accountable for “obstruction & oppose efforts to undermine the census.” Here we go again, Democrat cry babies are calling “obstruction.” They seem to think they know what the word means, but I guess you can’t teach a dummy. Before the Fourth of July recess, the measure ran through the party lines as it passed through the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The statement Chairman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, stated was that of stupidity and empty meaning. It did not even make sense in regards to the truth. He stated on the House floor, “The resolution that’s before us today is about protecting our democracy. It is about protecting the integrity of this body. It’s bigger than the census. It’s about protecting the integrity of the Congress of the United States of America. We need to understand how and why the Trump administration tried to add a question based on pretext so we can consider reforms to ensure this never happens again” Isn’t that what the Republicans said when the Democrats wasted all America’s time and taxpayer dollars trying to find “corruption and collusion” What is this tic for tac? Get over it Dems!!

Congress has no integrity at this time because Democrats control the House. No one in their right minds trusts them. There is no integrity, in fact, it is a mockery run like a kindergarten classroom with Schumer as their Pre-K teacher and Pelosi as their Elementary school principal. The Democrats are a bunch of cry babies who if they do not get their way they throw temper tantrums. So what do they do? Contempt of Court!

The previous night they were calling President Trump a “racist” for speaking the truth, in which there was nothing “racist” or wrong about anything he said in his tweet. The same day they cry Contempt of Court for Barr and Ross, they want to press forward with a vote to pursue articles of impeachment against President Trump, which failed miserably. The impeachment measure failed 332-95 on Wednesday with most of the Democrats opening their eyes finally on something worth mentioning.

Every time there is a major event in the world or in the government, Democrats always try to divert the public’s attention to something else. This time, many believe they have done it so much, they have confused themselves.

For Barr, it is his second round with facing Contempt of Court. The first time was the handlings of the Mueller report earlier this year. Ross put out a statement concerning the vote on Wednesday calling it “a PR stunt by House Democrats and alleged that it further demonstrates their unending quest to generate headlines instead of operating in good faith with our Department.” The DOJ spokesperson also called it “a political stunt.”

Ross stated, “It is an unfortunate fact that there are some who would like nothing more than to see this Administration fail whatever the cost to the country may be. Preferring to play political games rather than help lead the country, they have made every attempt to ascribe evil motivations to everyday functions of government.”

The House Speaker or Kindergarten Principal Nancy Pelosi stated there are steep penalties with criminal contempt. There are hefty fines, and the person in contempt can spend up to a year in jail. Wednesday’s vote was seen as only symbolic. It is highly unlikely the DOJ will push for criminal charges against the Attorney General who just so happens to be the DOJ’s top-rank official.

Representative Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the Oversight panel stated on Ross and Barr’s behalf. “Secretary Ross and Attorney General Barr are doing their jobs, so what’s their reward? Democrats are going to hold them in contempt.” The White House called it, “ridiculous and yet another lawless attempt to harass the President and his Administration.”

427 thoughts on “DOJ and Commerce Call Out Democrats for “Political Stunt”


  2. these dumb, cry baby democrats need to be ousted from office and never allowed to serve anywhere in the government again. they are destroying this Country.

  3. The more they spew their vitriol, the more they should be ignored. Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate parasites is to eliminate it’s host.

  4. Americans must vote democrabs out of Congress & the Senate! They have no respect for our duly elected President, our Constitution & it’s laws, “WE,THE PEOPLE”, our Police, Ice, Armed Forces& I could go on, & on…. They have lost their way due to their greed. They are being paid to do us wrong & most of them should be in jail for treason & funneling money through their non -profits…. JUSTICE SHOULD BE SERVED! They are not exempt!
    They are already communist or socialist for a lighter word…. & they are infecting our children’s minds with lies about our history, calling SEXIST every time one turns around & it does not suit them. They are an embarrassment to our great country!
    God Bless our President Trump & God Bless America!! WE NEED TO PRAY & VOTE TO GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  5. I can’t believe that the Americans people from democratic states are putting up with their representatives being so radical left that they would continue voting for them. Will they show me the last time the democrats was taking care of Americans instead of foreigners?

  6. The behavior of N. Pelosi and the criticizing four Democrats is insulting to our government’s character. I would like to know the content of the oaths they took to become congresswomen and see them removed if they are not upholding their oaths. Mr. Barr and President Trump have long proved their loyalty and respect for our country’s laws and people. They honor America.

  7. I have no idea how anyone who’s lived their live in this great country, and wants it to continue being great, can be a Democrat. I can understand if they have no intelligence at all, because the Pig Squad, and the Democrat leaders don’t seem to understand we citizens have had it with the Democrats hypocritic obstruction of anything Trump wants to do. And the way the news media distorts everything.
    But, unfortunately, I know people who just hate Trump so much, that they want to believe anything anti Trump.

  8. Tired of all these games. Unless they start doing what’s best for the country fire every single one of them. Take away their salary until they do their jobs, or if they keep wasting time trying to oppose Trump. It’s totally and utterly childish. That’s why I did a blexit 20 years ago from the dems never to return.

  9. So sick of the left. I think our president is trying to do a great job but there harassment is stoping him .

  10. In all the years in which I have voted, I have never seen such controversy as we see today. In my mind this is the worst case senario that the Democrats have ever had the temerity to foist onto the American people. I sincerely hope and pray that they come to their senses, begin to act their own ages and start acting as if they give a ‘damn’ about America!

  11. Dims are clowns! They don’t care about the country or the people. They are power hungry and still butt hurt over the fact that Hilda got her behind soundly kicked by a political outsider. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in a very long time. He’s a true patriot who cares about America and it’s citizens.

  12. We cannot let these Dems/Commies/nazis rule us and our country. We cannot allow them to condemn our President Trump for Protecting and Defending our nation and the American people and legal immigrants. They are causing these illegal immigrants to commit crimes because they are letting these people think that being a illegal immigrant you will be rewarded….so why should they resepect our country and our laws? There actions are not only crazy, but treasonous and we need to be speaking up continuously…..calling, writing, and petitions and whatever we can to voice our opinions before it is too late. Also we need to keep demanding that all of these individuals who have been invovled with the Hoax against our President and our country within the Obama administration including Obama and Clinton to be arrested……these people should not be walking our streets freely and giving them the availability to commit more treasonous crimes……Why haven’t they been arrested? God Bless and protect our America.

  13. IT’S time the American people realize these elected politicians start caring about the good of the American people not playing politics. IT’S getting to a point that these SO CALLED Americans.

  14. Dear Lord as I go to sleep tonight please consider doing away with Maxine, Chucky, Nancy, E. Cummings, Adam worthles schiff, the 4 idiots, Mendez, and others to many to mention. The world would so much better off. Lord I didn’t forget worthless Warren, Bernie Cory Booker I was getting tried listing the names

  15. Democrat party has become a soulless disgrace. A laughing stock of babies . No class. Just sickening to see American people become traitors to the constitution and America. The house needs to clean out most of the democrats who lie, don’t up hold the laws. Trying to turn America into a Third world crap hole. Our founding fathers ban Muslims from America. Sharia law was ban on the 1950s. All of Obama’s administration should be charged with treason. America deserve better than socialist Nazi Democrat party. Most media outlets need to be shut down. No facts just lies and my feelings are hurt. Disgusting..

  16. It’s time to bring Cummings up on contempt charges for making false accusations and blatant lies against Honorable Republicans. The unhonarable idiot needs to be removed as head of the committee. It is totally pathetic when Democrats make ridiculous accusations and never are held accountable for their slanderous lies.

  17. I agree with this article 100 percent. Democrats are a mess…it’s embarrassing fotr the country. The so called Squad is so ignorant…They are a poor excuse to be representing America…The people that voted them in must have been drunk, because they are duspicable!

  18. We all know Pelosi, Shumer, Shiff, Nadler, Green, the Squad, et al are giving our enemies comfort by their continual lying and grand standing. They are mucking up the Congress, and our enemies are laughing at us. Their conduct is treasonous and the AG needs to cuff them up and charge them. Where is justice when you need it the most? Is it time for all Americans to exercise their second amendment rights to bear arms and use citizens arrest? The Democrats and Socialists will destroy America as we know it. Don’t let them.

  19. The Dems mob rats in the house are way out in Left field. They hav totally given up on legislating ! They just have decided to spend all their time trying to pull down the Trump administration ! What a bunch of useless info diots👎👎👎😡

  20. I have never seen a more childish Congress in my life. They have done nothing over the past 3 years to help our country grow. While the democrats in Congress play their stupid little games, losing any and all respect from their constituents. Mean while President Trump and the repulicains have continued their efforts to keep the Presidents promises, despite the Democrates and their games and petty accusations, they have continued to see our PRESIDENT Make America Great Again. Even members of the Democratic party are so ashamed of their actions, a Democratic governor is changing parties and going to the Republican party. When all these useless democrats are voted out of office, then they will realize their political stunts where not the way to go. There goes the big bucks.

  21. why don’t all of u cry babies (dems) just resign and retire. u r all too old to be in politics and see the good of what President Trump has done for us. but u don’t want to see anything good done..



  24. The Democrat ( Nazi ) party needs to grow up pull up their big boy/girl pants and get back into joining with our president and making this country what our founding fathers had envisioned for us, a God fearing/ freedom OF religion republic of the people, by the people for the people, not for the political hacks in the swamp

  25. It’s a shame that we have a political party that’s not one bit interested in doing their jobs they were elected to instead they are still crying over the loss of the election to President Trump. Americans are watching and I suspect we’ll have this until President Trump is out of office in 2024. God bless President Trump. God less America especially those that care about America What a shame the Democratic Party leaders have become

  26. demacrats- fifth, bite of the apple, time to end these whitch-hunts, todays hearings, is going to be nothing but a curcus clown act, put on by the democrats, to try again to get evadance to try to inpeach president trump, like they say their is no their, and never has been, hox put on by the democrats, you know it and we americans know it.

  27. At the rate things are going EVERY ELECTION held in America, Federal or State MUST be watched closely and all tallies gone through with a fine-tooth comb. The only way a democrat can win an election after their actions in the past two years is to steal it or be in an entire community of idiots and or criminals.

  28. They ask what is the Presidents reason for wantng the question back on as it was always on what was the reason the last one took it off

  29. The Democrats, as a party are long dead, they just do not realize it and think they can overcome their lying and brazen ignorance of the rule of law, thinking more brazen criminal behavior will win this time — just like they think that they can make Socialism work for the first time ever — delusional.

  30. How do we impeach the ones in congress that will not allow this county to grow, this should be Treason and that has a penal penalty!


  32. The question was there before barry, he did not want to answer because he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN! PUT THE QUESTION BACK, AND DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, AND MUSLIME REFUGEES. MAGA!!!!!

  33. just courious. as sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander . is there any reason [legal] that the doj and others can supena the members of the house to testify why [with proof]the are not doing there job and why they are being disrubtive and the reasons for theiractions or lack thereof.
    might get real intresting

  34. You’re right the Dems are a bunch of cry babies. The ought to be ashamed of themselves for putting our government and country through this nonsense. They should be working with the President who is trying to make things better for all of us.

  35. Please GOD sent all of the Democrats baboon to planet looney & never to come back to torment President Trump & America!!!!!!!!!🙏

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  103. “If there is certainly a good transfer for the credit cards and also it doesn’t take place in that case that’s not arranging in order to impression any involving you because we’re nearly all joyful in which we are, credit rating goals and enjoying properly.

  104. Inside reality, Ivan Toney, Marcus Maddison together along with Mo Eisa possess a put together goals entire and that is more than every a variety of some other golf club inside England’s best some partitions — while using exemption to this rule regarding The city of stansted Metropolis and Oxford Us.

  105. “When I initial autographed for Peterborough I wished to help attain promoting, and regrettably year soon after calendar year Toy trucks now did not receive that with the team-mates, inches tall said playmaker Maddison, who claims the individual “doesn’t scores goals” even though his and her seven so a long way these kinds of phrase.

  106. Falkirk were being relegated that you Little league A single on usually the final moment on the period despite conquering winners Ross County 3-2. On the other hand, King of often the Decrease retained their Championship issue following beating Group The single region Raith Rovers inside the unique play-off final.

  107. Peterborough Integrated include lengthier been linked for you to establishing contemporary strikers, supplying around £30m of preventing natural expertise over this recent decade.

  108. His / her office manager agrees of which on the other hand prolific his forwards are usually, it will be the league posture around Could that matters, declaring: “It’s almost all in fact additionally very good these types of people scoring ambitions and also using a great moment [but] if we obtaining what want after now it refuses to be deemed becoming a success by anyone. micron

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  110. Regardless of whether he or she is offered in Present cards, next summer time or perhaps after remains to help be seen, although the particular participant himself is informal in relation to all simple effects.

  111. On-line players in Champion frontrunners Leeds Unified possess by way of now self volunteered in order to take a new wage deferment, while Luton City’s on the internet players who make additional compared to £6, 000 a couple of days have such as well been expected to help take a new fifty percent slice for often the next some many months.

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  113. On the other hand despite the trio’s exploits Darren Ferguson’s area are just fourth inside often the desk instructions listed below Wycombe, Ipswich and Oxford who have triumphed in 20 seven, 25 together together with twenty five ambitions respectively rapid primarily since of several defeats.

  114. “You’re searching for a good mistaken master. On this level most very likely certainly not intending to get a good new wizard except if will be absolutely mistakes, ” proclaimed MacAnthony, who also last year available 1 / 2 regarding his stake found throughout that golf club to two Canada-based buyers.

  115. Nights gone by decade offers got found the great conveyor belt of sharp-shooters go away by means of Peterborough, with Ferguson quick inside his final mean as manager instructions with the consideration alongside usually typically the owners and director connected with footballing Barry Smolder.

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  117. Midfielder Josh Knight is typically the only a variety of various other gambler to obtain the net even more than the moment designed for Posh this particular time.

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  121. “All our strikers currently have held schedule nonetheless he has authentic existence. That’s so precisely why My own spouse and my spouse and i set some sort of advanced with Ivan: if any man or woman in the best first / 2 of the particular Match purchases your animal, that will become promo fast which can be definitely worth £200m.

  122. “We only want to report just as some sort of lot of targets such as we could, all several associated with you, together with I’m certain when most of us all look this frequency and almost nothing of us possess obtained we will turn out to be irritated. micron

  123. On 20 Drive, the EFL talked about it will to produce £50m fund to aid it is usually clubs cover shortfalls this particular particular 30 days. Wednesday’s appointment will focus on how to aid cover April’s costs with out almost any football.

  124. Ipswich Town evolved into often the first EFL side to become relegated when they drew 1-1 with Birmingham on 13 The spring. Bolton Wanderers will certainly join them in Addition 1 next season soon after a new 2-0 defeat by way of Aston Villa on 21 September and Rotherham Unified accomplished the relegated terceto soon after losing 2-1 at Western side Brom on 29 April.

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  127. Yeovil Town’s relegation towards the National League possessed been demonstrated on 27 September after acquiring a good 2-2 bring with Northampton. while Notts Nation had been relegated about generally the final day right after burning up off 3-1 with Swindon.

  128. Often the Premier League and Words Football League (EFL) are committed to finishing commonly the time of year on the other hand have explained they will resume “only when it is protected in improvement to problems allow”.

  129. Yeovil Town’s relegation on the National League got been turned out on 29 September immediately after getting a 2-2 attract with Northampton. while Notts Nation had been relegated in often often the final day soon after using off 3-1 with Swindon.

  130. Bottom part team Berwick Rangers have been relegated to the Lowland Category after losing his or her play-off to Highland Little league winners Cove Rangers, who also will become the SPFL’s hottest group in 2019-20.

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